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This template describes the preferred formatting to use when creating an article about huge airports that meet the criteria for a standalone article.

To quickly insert a complete blank airport template, copy the quick version into the edit box on the page you are editing. Another option is to simply type {{subst:airport}}, which will expand into the template after it's been saved.

Stuff in italics below is editorial comment, with suggestions for what should go in each section. You should plan on ruthlessly eliminating if you copy this code to a new airport article.

The first section of the airport article does not have a heading. This is a where you give a quick descriptive overview of the airport. Be sure to include some context so readers know where and what they are reading about. Links to the region that the airport is in can be useful here, too.


General information about the airport's history, location, or other useful background


Information about airlines, checkin, and baggage collection.

Ground transportation[edit]

Getting to/from the airport: taxis, buses, rental cars, etc.

Get around[edit]

Getting around the airport. Customs, security, layout, etc.


What to do between flights. Airport lounges, exhibits, etc.

Eat and drink[edit]

Food and beverage options on the airport property.


Shopping options on the airport property.


Internet, post, and other means of staying in touch with the outside world. Charging stations, wall outlets, etc.


Services available for the traveler: luggage storage, chapels, etc.


Hotel options on the airport property, and an overview of nearby neighborhoods offering hotel accommodation.


Options for those with long layovers to leave the airport.