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Map of the Southern United States modern definition.png
Capital Richmond (Virginia)
Currency US Confederate dollar (CSA)
Population 69 million
Electricity 127V/60Hz (rural party line)
Country code +1
Time zone UTC -5 to UTC -7
Emergencies CB radio channel 19

Dixieland, also known as the Confederate States of America, The Bible Belt, Jesusland or Neoconservative Hellhole, is a large country south of the Mason-Dixon Line in North America. It boasts the world's largest Republican population, with the seceded nation The Democratic People's Republic of Alaska following closely behind. The country is comprised of 11 states, all of which are not very impressive at all. The vast majority of Dixieland consists of farmlands, dirt roads, megachurches and good, small town values. The few cities blend into miles of urban sprawl, that the locals navigate with cars with a gas mileage never exceeding 10 mpg. Do not attempt to use a high mileage car or god forbid walk.


Texas: Home of Eternal President for Life, George W. Bush.

Arkansas: Land of the Ozark mountains and home to the turncoat traitor, Bill Clinton.

Lousiana: Consists of swamps, crocodiles, and a very messy coastline.

Mississippi: The place where gamblers go if they're too lazy to visit Las Vegas.

Alabama: The suckiest state in the confederacy. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile here. If you're passing by hoping to see something interesting, then you're just shit out luck. Move on.

Georgia: This state is a lot like Alabama, but marginally better because of their overabundance of peaches and their university's football team, the Georgia Bulldogs.

Tennessee: Home of the two separatist nations of Graceland and Dollywood. Both areas should be considered a war zone and extremely dangerous for travel.

North Carolina: Pork barbecue is the only endearing quality of this state.

South Carolina: Home of the dumbest sport on earth, NASCAR.

Virginia: Home and resting place of the great war hero, Robert E. Lee.

Florida: Where college frat boys go to party and get laid in the spring, Panama City in particular.

The country also lays shaky claim to the disputed territories of Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia. But truthfully, these states suck, so the yankees can keep them.

Travel Warning WARNING: Non-believers are strictly prohibited from entering the town of Memphis. The penalty is deportation from the country. Documentation will be checked upon entry and anyone not showing proof of loving Jesus will be refused entry. As a solitary exception, the Memphis Holiday Inn (outside city limits) is open to all.


Due to the devastating effects of the Civil War, no major cities have been reconstructed, because the construction workers would rather sit on their fat, lazy asses and watch Larry the Cable Guy instead.

Other destinations[edit]


Dixieland was created in 1861 by a bunch of whiny, old white guys who wanted to keep their slaves. When told by the US government that they couldn't do so, they threw a gigantic hissy fit and declared themselves an independent nation. With the help of their guns, cannons and nuclear warheads, the south was able to attain victory against the northern oppressors. They would not get to keep their slaves however, as Harriet Tubman led every single one of them to freedom on the underground railroad.

Travel Warning Visa restrictions:
Passports with visas or entry stamps from the Underground Railroad are not valid for entry to Dixieland. In particular, any Canadian visas, indications of transit of the Windsor-Detroit rail tunnel or Rosa Parks Transit Center or entry stamps from Ohio or the Land of Lincoln may be grounds for inadmissibility to Confederate territory.

Get in[edit]

Dixie Highway in St. Johns County, Florida
By land
You will need a United States visa to get past the demilitarized zone at the mason-dixon line. If you attempt to sneak in or out without permission, you will be shot on sight with no questions asked. So be prepared!
By sea
Board the CSS Robert E. Lee, one of a series of blockade runners, in order to get past Union lines and reach the Dixie confederacy.

Get around[edit]

Getting around in a Dodge pick-up truck is the most preferred method of travel in Dixieland, even if they do waste a ton of gas.


  • The Alamo, historic site where Confederate forces successfully fended off a New Mexican invasion of Texas.


Go to church and praise the lord. If you're the more adventurous traveller, you can go huntin', fishin' and honky-tonkin'. If you're going out to a bar (honky-tonkin'), just remember not to wear a condom or take birth control, as use of contraceptives down here are against the law and God's will. Remember, be fruitful and multiply!


Firearms. Much as all vehicles in the northern states are required to carry studded tires and snow chains year-round, vehicles in the Confederacy are required to carry a full gun rack and proudly display the Confederate flag at all times.


Biscuits, grits, fried chicken, collard greens, okra, and chitlins.


Coca-cola. Water is not even an option down here. If you drink pepsi, you will be branded a traitor and sent to a concentration camp.


Just follow any tornader directly into the local trailer park to find quality segregated accommodation.

Stay safe[edit]

Travel Warning WARNING: Under no circumstances whatsoever are you to say something that could be perceived as an insult to George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Christianity, Creationism, the southern people or their government. If caught, you will be thrown into a secret prison and be subject to waterboarding and other forms of "enhanced interrogation". For your safety, just assume there's a huge policeman behind you, watching your every move at all times. Even in the shower.