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This page intends to organize efforts to make a Dutch version of Wikivoyage. Until the version is created, all discussions should be in English, so others Wikivoyagers may join the discussion.


Dutch (Nederlands) is a Germanic language mainly spoken in 3 countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam. With about 22 million native speakers it is a major language in the European Union.


  • Make a travel guide for Dutch speakers.

Attention should be spent on using general dutch (AN) and not Netherlands-dutch words or Belgian-dutch words.


Why not translate also the name.

  • because that would require a dedicated server
  • to reinforce and join forces in the brand wikivoyage
  • wikireizen?


See the Language version policy for see what it takes to start our own Wikivoyage.

Gather a minimum team[edit]

Members who would gladly like to contribute:

Next Steps[edit]

The interface localization file has to be translated (or modified from the one on Wikipedia), checked for correctness, and then we will vote for a go-between.

LanguageNl.php is for creating this collaboratively. It's started with the Wikipedia language interface file, but it needs to be changed to match Wikivoyage.

For comparison, the English file is at Project:LanguageEn.php. Major things to watch for:

  • Replacing "Wikipedia" with "Wikivoyage"
  • Differences in license policy (GFDL versus CC by-sa)

Hier is de versie: nl:Project:LanguageNl.php Nog aan te passen (dit wegdoen als de file compleet is)...

  • Hopefully correctly done this now. Let's get this thing started..! (WT-en) Guaka 15:53, 15 Dec 2005 (EST)


We need one more step -- a go-between. Some language versions have just had someone come forward to do it; others have voted. It's up to the group here.

  • (WT-en) Guaka - If noone else wants to take this responsibility and noone has objections I am happy to be "go-between". 18:18, 15 Dec 2005 (EST)

Translate those pages[edit]