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If you find yourself on the road, please think about how you can use your experience to help future visitors. Consider the following checklist. Feel free to pick and choose from the items below for things you can do to help.

The lists below assume you are traveling to a destination covered by a single article. If your trip covers multiple articles (as most do), repeat for all such articles.

Before you go[edit]

  1. Look at the existing page for your destination. If it doesn't exist, go ahead and create it.
  2. Is there anything obviously wrong (vandalism, external links, spelling) that you can fix right now?
  3. Are there pictures of the destination? If not, pack your digital camera so you can upload images to Commons when you get back.
  4. Print out a copy of the article and pack it.
  5. Read the articles from Wikipedia and other sources linked to on the left sidebar. Think about what things they mention that are useful to the traveler that are missing from Wikivoyage.
  6. Is there a docent for the article? If so, consider contacting them and asking what you can do to help.
  7. Consider posting a note on the talk page for the article letting people know that you'll be in the destination and asking what people are interested in seeing added.

While you're there[edit]

  1. First of all, enjoy your trip. Don't get too distracted by research.
  2. Take pictures. After you take a picture of your family in front of the local piazza, have them move out of the way so you can get a picture suitable for Wikivoyage.
  3. Grab a business card from any local restaurants you'd like to add.

When you get back[edit]

  1. Does the existing description in "Get In" fit with your experience of arriving? If there is no description of your mode of travel, start one. What was unusual about the experience that other people should know?
  2. How did you get around town? Look at the "Get Around" section and see how helpful it would be to a stranger to the location who was using the same mode of travel.
  3. Did you stay in a hotel or other paid accommodation? If so, would you recommend it to others? If so, please add it to "Sleep". If not, please delete it from "Sleep" if it's there, but explain why in the Talk page.
  4. Is there a docent for the article? If not, and you feel you have gained sufficient knowledge of the destination, consider becoming a docent.