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To download GPX files from Wikivoyage click on this icon located at the top left part of almost any article on Wikivoyage (works only if the article has at least one listing with latitude and longitude data)

The English Wikivoyage contains a feature which enables the users to create GPX files that include all the listings included in specific articles which the users can take with them to use off-line on trips. For example, in this way a user can create in a matter of seconds GPX files for all the Rome city district articles that contain all the points of interest, restaurants, accommodation, etc that exist as of now in the English Wikivoyage for the Rome area that you can use even when there is no Internet connection available. GPX files can be easily loaded in applications such as OsmAnd,, and Google Earth on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Alternatively, you can also load the GPX files on dedicated GPS devices.

The GPX format (short for GPS Exchange) is a standard format that allows one to store geodata (usually data recorded via GPS devices/applications) which was developed in 2004 by TopoGrafix. GPX is an open format that can be used without the need to pay any special fees.

GPX files allow users to view points of interest (eg tourist attractions, camping sites, parking lots, etc.) and/or routes (eg the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Inca Trail, etc.) in multiple applications that read GPX files, including most of the dedicated GPS devices.

Software for converting and editing the exported GPX files[edit]

The exported files could then be converted and/or edited with many various apps and websites.

Software that runs on Windows operating systems only[edit]

  • ITN Converter - A tool that can convert between many formats, including GPX.
  • GPX Editor - Allows you to edit, modify, and simplify routes in GPX files. A free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • PoiEdit - A tool that allows you to edit the Points of Interest data in GPX files.

Software that runs on multiple operating systems (Windows / MacOS / Linux)[edit]

  • GPSBabel - a tool capable of converting between many formats, including GPX. A free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • JOSM OpenStreetMap - the offline map editor of the OpenStreetMap project which is capable of loading GPX files

Web based software/sites[edit]