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Cities from Himachal Pradesh#Cities[edit]

Star Guide Usable Outline Redlink
Article Status To do
Shimla Guide Featured as a Destination of the Month in June, 2007. However, it could do with some updating (e.g., is the table of flights - a rather unusual feature in a WV article - current?), and it has no city map.
Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) Outline "Get in" is usable. Otherwise, lacking in information except in "See" and "Do," which are very user-unfriendly walls of text that also seem to be copied widely around the internet. Summarizing and copy editing these sections to create more readable text that's quite a lot more differentiated from other websites should be a high priority for the India Expedition.
Bir Outline This article actually has a good deal of information. I think what's keeping it from being Usable is that none of the "Eat" listings has any contact information. In addition, only one of the "See" listings has any location information (Geo). Also lacks a city map, "Buy", "Eat" and "Stay healthy" need to be listified, and there are a 3 footnote-style links that need fixing. But the reader does get some sense of what the town is like from the article.
Dalhousie (India) Usable Lacks a map. However, a lot of good work has been done listifying entries. Everything should be checked and updated as needed, with additional useful information, such as opening hours and more exact locations (preferably Geo) entered as appropriate.
Dharamsala Guide Guide and previously Dotm. Should be updated as needed, and more locations (either geo and/or on a possibly updated static map) should be given for listings. A few footnote-style links need to be converted to front-links.
Jogindernagar Outline Lacks pagebanner, map. Might profit from more well-chosen photos. Climate chart is non-standard. "Get around" is empty. There is redundancy between "See" and "Do", so that has to be sorted out. Listings could use more precise location info.
Keylong Outline Super-lacking in information. Removed from the list of cities, but if anyone has more information, please add it.
Kullu Outline Irregular structure and the list of bulleted names without description in "See" and "Do" is awful - descriptions are needed. Also needs thorough copy editing, a pagebanner, photos and a map.
Manali Usable Needs a pagebanner. The article has a good deal of content, but listings need more locations and those which aren't yet listified need to be. Some copy editing may still be needed. A few more well-chosen photos would be good.
Mandi Outline The intro, "Get in" and "See" are the only sections which are even close to adequate, and even they need painstaking copy editing. This article is far from Usable.
Palampur Outline The "Sleep" section was useless - just a list of names - and is now empty. "Get around", "See" and, at least in substance, "Go next" are improved sections now, but every other part of the article probably still needs proofreading if not copy editing, and several sections could use expansion.