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[NOTE: this is an article skeleton for creating articles about itineraries. Itinerary articles should be about travel along a specific, recognized route, such as Hajj or Route 66. Itineraries should not be sightseeing schedules or personal travelogues; content that would be included in an article such as "One week in Barcelona" should instead be placed into the Barcelona article.

[NOTE: To quickly insert a complete blank itinerary template, copy the text between the lines into the edit box on page you are editing. This text is general, change it as needed. Alternatively, place {{subst:itinerary}}] to automatically substitute the template.

{{pagebanner|Itinerary banner.jpg}}
'''Itinerary''' is in [[Region_name]]. 
==Get in==
==Go, walk, or drive==
==Stay safe==
==Go next==

[NOTE: Text in italics is editorial comment, with suggestions for what should go in each section, and not part of the eventual article. If you copy the text below, you should plan on ripping out everything in italics when you start your article.]

The introduction to an itinerary does not have a heading. This is where you give a quick descriptive overview of the itinerary. Be sure to include some context so readers know where and what they are reading about. Links to the countries, regions or cities the route passes through can be useful here too. Also include any background information particular to the route, but try not to duplicate too much information that already exisits in the country, region or city pages.


A more in-depth overview of the route -- its history, political and ethnic areas it passes through, cultures you're likely to meet. The deeper context that makes the trip worth making.


Anything you should take care of before setting off: permits, equipment, ...

Get in[edit]

Details on how to arrive at the starting point. Try to include as many options as you can think of. Also include getting to and from transportation centers to the starting point and destination.

Go, walk, or drive[edit]

An in-depth description of the route. The title of this section reflects the main mode of transport. If the itinerary is a trek, use "Walk", if it is mainly done by car, use "Drive". If you'd use different types of transportation or if it is up to the traveller to choose, use "Go". This section can contain several sub-sections describing successive parts of the route, different alternate routes and important or interesting side trips

Point 1 to Point 2[edit]

Point 3 side trip[edit]

Point 4 to Point 7[edit]

Via point 5[edit]

Via point 6[edit]

Stay safe[edit]

Specifics on safety during the trip

Go next[edit]

Details on how to leave the destination. Try and include as many options as you can think of. Also include information on getting to transportation centers at the destination.