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Wikivoyagers sometimes utilize a couple of public mailing lists in order to make general announcements or conduct public discussions about Wikivoyage, its missions, the underlying MediaWiki software and/or the greater Wikimedia movement. Anyone can subscribe to the mailing lists or their monthly email digests to receive information. As with any public discussion forum, anyone found abusing the mailing list services, such as for spam or vandalism, is subject to kicking and banning by moderators from the mailing list they originally subscribed to. This includes breaches of Wikiquette.

For more information, please see Wikipedia's article on mailing lists or Meta Wiki's documentation page on the Wikimedia Foundation's official mailing lists. For the complete list of all mailing lists used by the Wikimedia Foundation, please see Mailing lists/Overview.

Mailing lists[edit]

Some mailing lists typically used by the Wikivoyage community (the full list is at Meta Wiki):

General announcements and discussion about Wikivoyage. Supposed to be multilingual, but mostly in English.
Generic mailing list for all Wikimedians.
"Official" announcements about the Wikimedia movement, usually from Wikimedia head office.
Generic mailing list for mobile users.
Technical discussion about the MediaWiki software, the underlying software that runs Wikivoyage. See for more details.
Technical discussion specifically about Wikimedia wikis' particular installation of the MediaWiki software, which may or may not be different from the mediawiki-l mailing list. See Mailing lists/Overview which highlights the differences.