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This policy supplements but does not replace the Wikimedia Foundation's global oversight policy at Meta:Oversight — nothing here may override that policy.

Oversight, or suppression, refers to hiding revisions so that only local oversighters and stewards can see them. It uses the same interface as RevisionDelete, but also hides content from local administrators as well. The oversight tool is executed only by very few trusted community members. Oversight is only done in extreme cases with the potential for real life negative effects, such as libel and the posting of personal information. The suppression log will be only accessible for the selected oversighters, Ombudsmen, stewards, and Wikimedia Foundation staff. Local administrator rights are not sufficient to access the oversight log.

There are currently 0 local oversighters on the English Wikivoyage; requests for suppression of material can usually be forwarded privately to stewards via #wikimedia-stewards connect or through private email correspondence. You can post a message to the VRT queue for stewards at

Oversighters must meet the Wikimedia standard requirements documented at Meta:Oversight.