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The Portuguese Wikivoyage version was relaunched in January 2013. This page is historical and does not contain current information.

This page intends to organize efforts to make a Portuguese version of Wikivoyage. Until the version is created, all discussions should be in English, so others Wikivoyagers may join the discussion.


Portuguese (português) is a Romance language spoken in 23 countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and East Timor. With more than 200 million native speakers, Portuguese is the fifth or sixth most popular mother-tongue language in the world (depending on how you count), and the second-largest Romance language, outnumbered only by Spanish.

These speakers could be well-served by travel guides in their own native language. In addition, contributions by Portuguese speakers could be translated to existing Wikivoyage language versions to give better local coverage of Portuguese-speaking destinations.


  • To create and maintain a Portuguese-language version of Wikivoyage.


According to the language version policy, these are the steps needed to start the new Wikivoyage version.

  1. Get three (3) Portuguese-speaking users to commit to helping with the project. Status: Complete. There are more than 3 users signed up below.
  2. Choose a go-between who can keep users on the other Wikivoyage sites up-to-date on developments on Portuguese Wikivoyage, and vice-versa. Status: Blocking. See below.
  3. To translate the interface file for Wikivoyage into Portuguese. Status: Unknown. One or more of the Expedition members need to review and approve the interface file.
  4. To launch the new Portuguese-language Wikivoyage. Status: Pending. Waiting for the above steps to be finished.
  5. To translate the pages and create the infrastructure necessary to make Portuguese Wikivoyage useful and friendly for new Portuguese-speaking contributors. Status: Pending launch. This has been prematurely started on the English-language Wikivoyage; the above steps should be finished first.
  6. To make Portuguese Wikivoyage an integrated part of the Wikivoyage family with frequent go-between reports and good interlanguage links. Status: Pending launch.


Expedition members are listed below. You can volunteer to help by creating a user account on English Wikivoyage (see Project:how to create a user account) and adding your signature below using four tildes (* --~~~~).


The go-between will be responsible for keeping Portuguese Wikivoyage users informed of developments on other language versions and vice versa. They should:

  1. Be able to read and understand Portuguese and write Portuguese well enough to be understood.
  2. Be able to read and understand English and write English well enough to be understood.
  3. Be familiar with Wikivoyage's community policies and manual of style.

The main responsibilities are to be a point of contact between Portuguese Wikivoyage and the English one; principly this means making a go-between report once a month on the state of Portuguese Wikivoyage. Most go-between reports are a few sentences left in the Project:Logbook.

Choosing a go-between has been left up to the Expedition members for previous language Expeditions. Most have used a voting system (see Project:German Wikivoyage Expedition) but for some a volunteer has stepped forward and taken the job without opposition.


The interface file for Portuguese needs to be matched to Wikivoyage. References to Wikipedia should be changed to {{SITENAME}} and reference to the GFDL should be changed to the CC by-sa 1.0.

Expedition members can edit the file here: Project:LanguagePt.php. It may be worthwhile to compare here: Project:Language.php for the English version.


Launching the new site will be extremely quick once the above two steps are finished.