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We have a nice 1-5 measurement of article status on Wikivoyage, which we use for evaluating the maturity of an article. If we represented this status in RDF, we could query article status, if we could query.


There's not a clear vocabulary for representing document's development stage, so we'll probably have to make up our own in the Wikivoyage schema. Something like wts:stage, with either literals ("stub") or resources (wts:Stub) as the range.

We will use the following representations


 <> wts:stage wts:Stub .


 <> wts:stage wts:Outline .


 <> wts:stage wts:Usable .


 <> wts:stage wts:GuideStage .


 <> wts:stage wts:Star .

Though we use different templates to indicate the article status for different types of articles (city, country, travel topics, etc.) we will not do the same in our RDF representation, as we don't wish to repeat what Project:RDF Expedition/Article type will be doing.


For Lausanne,

 <> wts:stage wts:Star .


It should be easy and expedient to add this code to the existing article status templates.