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Wikivoyagers have knowledge about our destinations that sometimes goes beyond what can be included in a guide. Often, visitors to Wikivoyage have a very specific question that is not answered buy our usual guide format. To connect these folks, it would be great to make an explicit connection between some articles and contributors.


None of the existing Schemas (FOAF, Dublin Core, etc) quite nail down the feeling of "docent" quite right. We would need to be extended using the Wikivoyage schema to define our specific use. I suggest


Note that we are defining a place as having a docent as opposed to the other way around.

For the user identifier, using User page urls has an advantage over using general/public email addresses.


For Kathmandu

<place:Kathmandu :hasDocent User:Maj>




Other notes[edit]

The duties and policies should be documented at Project:Destination Docents. If an article has no docents (or maybe even if it does?) there should be a link explaining what a docent is and how to become one.