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The idea was raised to allow users to create auto-generated travel maps to document their travels. A registered user would be able to navigate to a guide about a location they have previously visited, and click a button near the Search window, similar to how the Watchlist button appears now. The destinations that the user says they have visited would be plotted on a dynamic map in a new, special page in their userspace.


  • Add a more fun, social side to Wikivoyage and engage visitors from simply reading to contributing
  • Encourage readers to register an account
  • Encourage travel bloggers to contribute their knowledge to Wikivoyage, as they are usually interested in documenting their travels
  • Replace the underutilised docent system

Further potential[edit]

  • Automatically generate lists of users who have visited certain places
  • Integrate with the docent system to allow readers to ask questions to those who have visited
  • Through notifications and other new WMF features, provide suggestions for users to edit the articles of places they've been
  • Add options for "I want to go here" and/or "I live here"

Technical issues[edit]

  • If a user has been to Walt Disney World/Epcot, should they then go about adding all 9 places in the breadcrumb hierarchy, or will this be done automatically? Or will users only be allowed to add the lowest levels in the hierarchy?
  • Will the map be pinpoints of specific coordinate destinations, or will it shade in regions/countries the user has visited? Or both?