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This article is intended as a reference for implementing Routebox navigation. New icons created or imported for use in Routeboxes should be added to this list so that others can find them easily.

Also available on Wikimedia Commons at Wikivoyage route icons.




CR Northern Line.png CR Southern Line.png


Jingguang Railway icon.png Jingha Railway icon.png Jinghu Railway icon.png Jingjiu Railway icon.png
Lanxin Railway icon.png Longhai Railway icon.png Qing-Zang Railway icon.png


See commons:Category:Diagrams of route signs of India

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway icon.png


JR Shinkansen Routes[edit]

Akita Shinkansen icon.png Hokuriku Shinkansen Icon.png Joetsu Shinkansen icon.png Kyushu Shinkansen icon.png
Sanyo Shinkansen icon.png Tohoku Shinkansen icon.png Tokaido Shinkansen icon.png Yamagata Shinkansen icon.png

JR Designated Main Lines[edit]

JR Chikuho icon.png JR Chuo icon.png JR Hakodate icon.png JR Hidaka icon.png
JR Hohi icon.png JR Hokuriku icon.png JR Kagoshima icon.png JR Kansai icon.png
JR Kisei icon.png JR Kyudai icon.png JR Muroran icon.png JR Nagasaki icon.png
JR Nemuro icon.png JR Nippo icon.png JR Ou icon.png JR Rumoi icon.png
JR San-in icon.png JR Sanyo icon.png JR Sekihoku icon.png JR Senmo icon.png
JR Shin-etsu icon.png JR Sobu icon.png JR Soya icon.png JR Takayama icon.png
JR Tohoku icon.png JR Tokaido icon.png JR Uetsu icon.png

National routes[edit]

Japanese National Route Sign 0001.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0002.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0003.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0004.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0005.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0006.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0007.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0008.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0009.svg Japanese National Route Sign 0010.svg
Akita Expwy Route Sign.svg Ban-etsu Expwy Route Sign.svg Chugoku Expwy Route Sign.svg Chuo Expwy Route Sign.svg
Doto Expwy Route Sign.svg Hachinohe Expwy Route Sign.svg Hamada Expwy Route Sign.svg Higashi-Kanto Expwy Route Sign.svg
Higashikyushu Expwy Route Sign.svg Higashi-Meihan Expwy Route Sign.svg Hokkaido Expwy Route Sign.svg Hokuriku Expwy Route Sign.svg
Ise Expwy Route Sign.svg Isewangan Expwy Route Sign.svg Joshin-etsu Expwy Route Sign.svg Kan-etsu Expwy Route Sign.svg
Kinki Expwy Route Sign.svg Kita-Kanto Expwy Route Sign.svg Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expwy Route Sign.svg Kochi Expwy Route Sign.svg
Kyushu Expwy Route Sign.svg Matsue Expwy Route Sign.svg Matsuyama Expwy Route Sign.svg Meishin Expwy Route Sign.svg
Miyazaki Expwy Route Sign.svg Nagano Expwy Route Sign.svg Nagasaki Expwy Route Sign.svg Sasson Expwy Route Sign.svg
Snimanami Expwy Route Sign.svg Oita Expwy Route Sign.svg San-in Expwy Route Sign.svg Sanyo Expwy Route Sign.svg
Seto-Chuo Expwy Route Sign.svg Shin-Meishin Expwy Route Sign.svg Shin-Tomei Expwy Route Sign.svg Takamatsu Expwy Route Sign.svg
Tohoku Expwy Route Sign.svg Tokai-Hokuriku Expwy Route Sign.svg Tokai-Kanjo Expwy Route Sign.svg Tokushima Expwy Route Sign.svg
Tokyo-Gaikan Expwy Route Sign.svg Tomei Expwy Route Sign.svg Yamagata Expwy Route Sign.svg Yonago Expwy Route Sign.svg


See Category:Diagrams of route signs of the Philippines for all numbered highway signs and expressway logos.


AH26 (E1) sign.svg AH26 (E2) sign.svg AH26 (N1) sign.svg AH26 (N10) sign.svg AH26 (N70) sign.svg AH26 (N120) sign.svg

Metro Manila rapid transit[edit]

Manila Line 1 WV icon.svg Manila Line 2 WV icon.svg Manila MRT Line 3 WV icon.svg

Philippine National Railways services[edit]

Bicol Express WV icon.svg Mayon Limited WV icon.svg PNR Bicol Commuter Line WV icon.svg PNR Metro Commuter Line WV icon.svg

South Korea[edit]

See also commons:Category:Seoul_Subway_route_icons

KTXGyeongbuLine.png KTXHonamLine.png


State Railway of Thailand lines[edit]

SRT Eastern Line icon.png SRT Northeastern Line icon.png SRT Northern Line icon.png SRT Southern Line.png
Mae Klong Railway icon.png

National routes[edit]

Thai Highway-1.svg Thai Highway-2.svg Thai Highway-3.svg Thai Highway-4.svg


Tabliczka E4.svg Tabliczka E6.svg Tabliczka E8.svg Tabliczka E10.svg European route E12.svg Tabliczka E16.svg Tabliczka E18.svg Tabliczka E20.svg Tabliczka E22.svg Tabliczka E39.svg Tabliczka E45.svg Tabliczka E47.svg Tabliczka E55.svg Tabliczka E75.svg Tabliczka E80.svg Tabliczka E84.svg
Tabliczka E87.svg Tabliczka E89.svg Tabliczka E90.svg Tabliczka E105.svg Tabliczka E134.svg


ICE-Logo.svg Bundesautobahn 1 number.svg Bundesautobahn 2 number.svg Bundesautobahn 3 number.svg Bundesautobahn 4 number.svg Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg Bundesautobahn 6 number.svg Bundesautobahn 7 number.svg Bundesautobahn 8 number.svg Bundesautobahn 9 number.svg Bundesautobahn 70 number.svg


NL-A1.png NL-A2.png NL-A4.png NL-A5.png NL-A6.png NL-A7.png NL-A8.png NL-A9.png NL-A10.png NL-A12.png NL-A13.png NL-A15.png NL-A16.png NL-A17.png NL-A18.png NL-A20.png
NL-A22.png NL-A27.png NL-A28.png NL-A29.png NL-A30.png NL-A31.png NL-A32.png NL-A35.png NL-A37.png NL-A44.png NL-A50.png NL-A58.png NL-A59.png NL-A65.png NL-A67.png NL-A73.png
NL-A74.png NL-A76.png NL-A77.png NL-A79.png


Norwegian national road (Riksvei)[edit]

Riksvei 2.svg Riksvei 3.svg Riksvei 4.svg Riksvei 5.svg Riksvei 7.svg Riksvei 9.svg Riksvei 12.svg Riksvei 13.svg Riksvei 15.svg Riksvei 19.svg Riksvei 20.svg Riksvei 21.svg Riksvei 22.svg Riksvei 23.svg Riksvei 25.svg Riksvei 35.svg
Riksvei 36.svg Riksvei 40.svg Riksvei 41.svg Riksvei 42.svg Riksvei 44.svg Riksvei 47.svg Riksvei 52.svg Riksvei 55.svg Riksvei 70.svg Riksvei 73.svg Riksvei 77.svg Riksvei 80.svg Riksvei 83.svg Riksvei 85.svg Riksvei 92.svg Riksvei 93.svg
Riksvei 94.svg Riksvei 110.svg Riksvei 111.svg Riksvei 118.svg Riksvei 120.svg Riksvei 150.svg Riksvei 156.svg Riksvei 159.svg Riksvei 162.svg Riksvei 163.svg Riksvei 190.svg Riksvei 191.svg Riksvei 200.svg Riksvei 282.svg Riksvei 354.svg Riksvei 420.svg
Riksvei 451.svg Riksvei 502.svg Riksvei 509.svg Riksvei 510.svg Riksvei 518.svg Riksvei 555.svg Riksvei 562.svg Riksvei 580.svg Riksvei 616.svg Riksvei 617.svg Riksvei 658.svg Riksvei 681.svg Riksvei 706.svg Riksvei 827.svg Riksvei 833.svg Riksvei 853.svg
Riksvei 862.svg Riksvei 881.svg Riksvei 887.svg Riksvei 892.svg

Norwegian county road (Fylkesvei)[edit]

Fylkesvei 116.svg Norwegian-road-sign-723.16.svg




A4-PT.svg A27-PT.svg A28-PT.svg
IP1-PT.svg IP9-PT.svg


Baikal Amur Mainline Railway icon.png Trans-Siberian Railway icon.png Western Siberian Railway icon.png


Glacier Express.png


TR-010.png TR-400.png

United Kingdom[edit]

London Underground routes[edit]

Bakerloo line flag box.svg Central line flag box.svg Circle line flag box.svg District line flag box.svg Hammersmith & City line flag box.svg Jubilee line flag box.svg Metropolitan line flag box.svg
Northern line flag box.svg Piccadilly line flag box.svg Victoria line flag box.svg Waterloo & City line flag box.svg

Docklands Light Railway[edit]

Docklands Light Railway banner.svg

North America[edit]


Trans-Canada routes[edit]

See commons:Category:Highway shields in Canada and commons:Category:Trans-Canada Highway

Provincial and territorial routes[edit]

See commons:Category:Diagrams of road signs of Canada by province or territory


National Highways[edit]

See Commons:Category:Diagrams of route signs of Mexico

United States[edit]

See Project:United States route icons.



Oodnadatta track icon.png

Great Southern Rail routes[edit]

The Ghan route icon.png The Overland route icon.png Indian Pacific route icon.png

National Highways[edit]

Australian National Route 1.svg Australian National Route 23.svg Australian National Route 31.svg Australian National Route M31.svg Australian National Route 87.svg Australian National Route A87.svg

National Routes[edit]

Australian Route 1.svg (Australian Alphanumeric State Route A1.svg - Victoria) Australian Route 23.svg (Australian Alphanumeric State Route B23.svg - Victoria)

South America[edit]


National Highways[edit]

Br-010 Rodovia Highway Signs.svg BR-101.png BR-116.png BR-230.png