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The following text is outdated. It needs to be updated to reflect the current situation.

This article describes the goals and processes of Wikivoyage's technology infrastructure development and maintenance, including software development, graphic design, and system administration.

The technology infrastructure for Wikivoyage includes the Web and database servers that run; the databases that hold Wikivoyage content; Wikivoyage software, including MediaWiki; and graphic design and page layout.


The technology infrastructure should support Wikivoyage's goals; to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable worldwide travel guide. The strategy for getting to this goal, implicit in our use of wiki, is to get contributions from a large number of Internet users and organize them into a useful whole. Some targets that come out of this strategy:

  • Increase the number of people who read Wikivoyage articles
  • Increase the number of readers who "convert" to editors
  • Retain contributors
  • Make contributors more productive
  • Provide maintenance and monitoring tools to retain the high quality of guides

These goals are best met by a Wiki Web application that is pleasant to read and to navigate; delivers important information in an intuitive way; is easy to use for new and experienced contributors; has good tools for maintenance and monitoring; and runs quickly and reliably. Our hardware, software and design should support this application.

Platform upgrades[edit]


Wikivoyagers seem to be happy with MediaWiki and we intend to keep using it. We'll try to keep up-to-date with new MediaWiki versions. New versions will be rolled out on Wikivoyage soon after they're released. Typically there will be a delay as the new software is tested for compatibility with local customizations.

Upstream MediaWiki developers may add new features, remove existing features, change default values, or make formerly optional features mandatory. We'll try to maintain continuity for Wikivoyage users where possible, and customize the code if some upstream features are really unusable for Wikivoyagers.

See also the Bug reports and feature requests page for MediaWiki software.

Local customizations[edit]

Ideas for work that's going to be done for Wikivoyage comes from several sources:

  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Other on-site discussions (talk pages, travellers' pub)
  • Upstream MediaWiki changes and other MediaWiki software
  • External factors like service outages, vandalism attacks, etc.

Ideas for new projects from the first 4 sources will be catalogued under the wts:Technical requests page (ask in Travelers' pub for now, till this gets sorted), and will be open for discussion. Although there are equivalent pages on en: and other language versions, we expect go-betweens and other concerned Wikivoyagers to copy requests and bugs from the other language versions to shared:.

Ideas, comments, suggestions from Wikivoyagers before or after implementation of projects is encouraged; it's the best way for Wikivoyagers to get the software they need to make Wikivoyage great. Typically, prioritized bug fixes and feature requests will be implemented unless there's overwhelming opposition to the idea. It's best to find a solution that works for everyone.

Some bug fixes will be tested off-line and committed directly to the live servers. This will typically be for making existing systems work as advertised. Some features will be tested off-line and committed directly to the live servers; these will typically be for new tools (like docents, breadcrumb menus, or related pages) that the community can choose to use or not.

When a feature or bug fix impacts the usability of the site, we'll put up a version of the new interface for community review at . Typically this will be a read-only copy of the English Wikivoyage site, unless experimenting with the changes requires editing and/or another language version of Wikivoyage.

Most technical changes will be documented on the Bug Report or Feature Request pages. Some high-profile changes will be documented in the Wikivoyage logbook.


Emergencies -- service outages, hardware failures, spam- or vandal-bot attacks -- will be dealt with ASAP. Please contact an active administrator for assistance.