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Eastern Wuhan is the eastern part of Wuhan. It includes the administrative districts of Hongshan (洪山区) and Qingshan (青山区), as well as the easternmost portions of Wuchang District (武昌区)

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

  • 1 Wuhan Railway Station (武汉站), Baiyun Road, Hongshan District (洪山区白云路) (Metro Line 4).

By metro[edit]

Three metro lines run through Eastern Wuhan, including Lines 2, 4 and 11.


Around the East Lake[edit]

Occupying much of the north-eastern part of Wuchang, the East Lake Scenic Area (东湖风景区, Donghu fengjing qu) is larger than either New York City's Central Park of Hangzhou's West Lake. In 2017-2018, its system of landscaped trails ("the East Lake Greenways", 东湖绿道) was expanded. Most of the area is free, with the exception of some attractions (such as the Botanic Garden), where admission is charged.

The most easily accessibly areas of the park (close to subway stations, bus line, or parking lots) may get very crowded on good-weather weekends.

The park is huge, and can be accessed from many directions. From the northwest, the Liyuan Subway Station (on Line 8 of the Wuhan Metro) is the easiest access. From the north, the Wuhan Railway Station Subway Station and, even more, the nearby Yangchun Hu Subway Station are, in theory, within the walking distance from the park's bounds; however, as of early 2018, due to construction, pedestrian access is somewhat difficult; instead, you can take bus No. 643 from Wuhan Railway Station. From the southwest, you can walk to the lake from Wuhan University (see below). From the south, several buses go to Molu Street Moshan stop (鲁磨路磨山站), including 401,402, 413. From the east and southeast, the park can be accessed from several stops of bus route 513, which runs from Wuhan Railway Station to Guanggu Circle (光谷广场) along the park's eastern and southern border. More bus routes for individual sites in this article (in Chinese). See also listings below for individual sites.

A popular swimming area in Liyuan Park on the East Lake, as seen in 2008
  • 1 Liyuan Park (梨园公园, 梨园 Li Garden), 189 Donghu Rd, Wuchang District (东湖路189号) (take a train to Liyuan subway station (Line 8); or take trolleybus no. 8, which terminates right in front of the gate (you can catch trolleybus no. 8 from Wuchang Railway Station); if coming from Moshan Hill Scenic Area or Wuhan Botanical Garden, take bus no. 402), +86 27 86773706. 07:00-18:00. One of the oldest and most accessible parks on the East Lake, all summer long it is a popular swimming area for the youths and families alike. Elsewhere on the lake, there are fancier beaches where admission is charged. Free.
  • 2 Hubei Museum of Art (湖北美术馆), No. 1 Sangongdian, Donghu Road, Wuchang District (武昌区东湖路三宫殿1号) (next door to the Hubei Provincial Museum), +86 27 86796062, +86 27 86796067, . 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:00, closed on Mondays. Free.
  • 3 Hubei Provincial Museum (湖北省博物馆), 160 Donghu Road, Wuchang District (武昌区东湖路160号) (about 1 km south-east of Dongting Subway Station (Line 4). Bus routes 14, 402, 411, 552, 578, 701, 709 and 810), +86 27 86794127, +86 27 86790329. Tu-Su 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:00, closed on Mondays (except legal holidays) and New Year's Eve. Exhibit of ancient Chinese artifacts excavated from throughout Hubei Province. Displays range from pottery, jewelry, clothing, and even ancient human skulls. One of the highlights are the well-preserved musical instruments, and a brief concert is played daily on replica instruments. Also houses one very famous weapon: the Sword of Goujian. Free. Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng (Q4902549) on Wikidata Hubei Provincial Museum on Wikipedia
  • 4 Mao Zedong's East Lake Villa (东湖毛泽东故居), East Lake Hotel, 142 Donghu Road, Wuchang District (武昌区东湖路142号东湖宾馆内). The East Lake is home to another one of Chairman Mao's villas. He returned here annually and typically stayed a few months. The decor was designed in the 1950s fashion, which strikes many visitors as odd, yet there are plenty of indicators that it is no ordinary person's home. One of the most interesting sites is Mao's large indoor swimming pool. Mao's pool seems to no longer be accessible. Also, the villa is not where Google Maps says it is, and it is difficult to find since there are no signs (not even in Chinese). To get there, get to Hubei Museum first. As you face the museum main entrance, turn left and walk along the main street. Immediately a street will branch off to your right - take it (the museum will be on your right). The street will lead to a roundabout, on which you should turn right, into a narrow shaded alleyway with some dilapidated houses and chicken coops. Eventually you will come to a gate (may look closed but will have an opening). Continue through the gate and straight along a causeway with water on both sides. You will get to an intersection - turn left. You will come to a parking lot in front of a large building complex - you want to get behind that complex, i.e. pass it so that it's on your left (there's a road with a blue forward-pointing arrow going there - take that road, then turn left). You will see an unremarkable-looking building with Mao's old car in a glass enclosure - this is Mao's villa.
  • 5 Museum of Hydrobiological Sciences (水生生物博物馆, Museum of Aquatic Organisms), 7 Donghu South Road, Wuchang District (武昌区东湖南路7号) (in the southwest corner of the lake. On the north side of Wuhan University's main campus; the nearest bus stop is Donghu South Road & Institute of Hydrobiology (东湖南路水生所), which is served by bus no. 402), +86 27 68780029, +86 27 68780985, . M-F 08:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30, no entry in last 30 minutes, closed on weekends. A museum attached to the Institute of Hydrobiology, a research institute run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The museum holds over 400,000 individual specimens, including some from extinct species such as the Yangtze River Dolphin. Visitors are required to make an appointment at least one day before visiting. Free.
  • 6 Wuhan University (武汉大学 Wuhan Daxue, Wuda), 299 Ba Yi Road, Wuchang District (武昌区八一路299号) (take a metro train to Jiedaokou or Guangfutun stations on Line 2; the closest bus stops to the main gate are Luojiashan Road Quanye Square (珞珈山劝业场) and Ba Yi Road Luojiashan (八一路珞珈山), which are served by bus routes 340, 413, 552, 572, 586, 587, 591 and 724; once inside the gate, you can use the university's internal bus network to get around the sprawling campus)). If you are in Wuhan in the spring, be sure to check out the cherry blossom (sakura) in Wuhan University, a famous tourist attraction. Any time of the year, you can also take a tour among the palatial buildings in "one of the most beautiful campuses." ¥20 during sakura festival; free otherwise. Wuhan University (Q1108197) on Wikidata Wuhan University on Wikipedia
    • 7 Former Residence of Zhou Enlai (周恩来故居), No. 27 Zone One, Luojia Hill, Wuhan University (汉大学珞珈山一区27号) (on the eastern slopes of Luojia Hill (Luojiashan); about 750 metres west of the university's East Gate. There is a bus stop outside the gate, which is served by bus no. 402). Tu-Su 08:30-11:30, 14:30-17:00, closed on Mondays. Communist Party statesman Zhou Enlai lived here with his wife for four months in 1938 while helping to coordinate the war against Japan. The residence has been fully restored and is open to the public. Free.
    • 8 Wanlin Art Museum (万林艺术博物馆), Keji Road, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Wuhan University (武汉大学文理学部科技路) (about 700 metres northeast of the university's main gate; you can take the university bus here from the gate. Get off at Weiming Lake (未名湖); the museum is opposite the lake), +86 27 68756413, . Tu-Su 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:30, closed on Mondays. Free.
  • 9 China University of Geosciences (中国地质大学), 388 Lumo Rd, Hongshan District (洪山区鲁磨路388号) (about 1.5 km north of Guanggu Guangchang Subway Station (Line 2); bus routes 59, 72, 340, 401, 625 and 709). This is the Wuhan campus of a national university that also has a campus in Beijing. The campus has three sections: the eastern and western ones are connected by a pedestrian bridge over Lumo Rd, the western and northern, by a pedestrian tunnel under Fujiashan/Nanwangshan. The well landscaped area around the university's main buildings (on both sides of Lumo Lu) also has the university museum. China University of Geosciences, Wuhan (Q48880933) on Wikidata China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) on Wikipedia
    • 10 Yifu Museum of China University of Geosciences (中国地质大学逸夫博物馆), China University of Geosciences (中国地质大学) (On the west side of Lumo Road, near the university library), +86 27 67848584, +86 27 67883347-8666 (tourist enquiries), +86 27 67883347-8555 (ticket sales). Weekend opening hours: Oct-Apr 08:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00; May-Sep 08:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30. Weekend and public holiday opening hours: 09:00-1700. No entry in last 60 minutes. Has a large collection of minerals and an impressive display of dinosaur skeletons. ¥40.
  • 11 Huazhong University of Science and Technology (华中科技大学 Huázhōng Kējì Dàxué), 1037 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞喻路1037号) (take a metro train to Huazhong University of Science and Technology Station (Line 2); the campus' main entrance is just outside Exit D of the station; from there, electric minibuses circulate around the campus along several routes), +86 27 87541114. The campus is decorated with a number of parks and lotus ponds, and plenty of public sculpture, including the monuments to Mao Zedong (at the main entrance of the main campus), Albert Einstein (near the dorms and the dining hall on the Eastern Campus, 东校区), and Confucius (in front of the Academic Building West 12, 西十二教学楼, in the western part of the main campus). The forested Yujiashan Mountain (喻家山) at the campus' northern edge offers pleasant hiking trail and a viewpoint with great views of most of the East Lake region (in the right weather, of course). Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Q1711196) on Wikidata Huazhong University of Science and Technology on Wikipedia
  • 12 Moshan Hill Scenic Area (磨山景区), 665 Lumo Road, Wuchang District (武昌区鲁磨路665号 (south of the East Lake (Donghu); take bus no. 401, 402 or 413 to the final stop), +86 27 87510139, +86 27 87771302. Daily 09:00-18:00. A large park area filled with monuments, temples, and various shops. While most of the monuments in the area were built in the 1990s, Moshan Hill is still a great place to go hiking and enjoy the natural scenery. The Botanical Garden (separate admission) is nearby. It is an important part of the national key scenic spot East Lake, which is surrounded by water on three sides and six peaks, and has both beautiful picturesque natural scenery, many exotic flowers and rich humanistic landscape of Chu culture. It is the most beautiful tourist and leisure resort in Wuhan. Beautiful landscape, rich plants, chic garden are the four characteristics of the Mo Shan Scenic Area. Free. Mount Mo (Q58089387) on Wikidata Mount Mo on Wikipedia
    • 13 East Lake Cherry Blossum Park (东湖樱花园), Moshan Hill Scenic Area, 118 Luomo Road, Hongshan District (洪山区鲁磨路118号东湖磨山景区内) (the park lies just beyond South Gate 1 (南1门) of the Moshan Hill Scenic Area, which you should find easily enough if you walk west down Lumo Road after alighting at the Moshan Hill bus stop; that gate is closed when the cherry blossums are out of season), +86 27 87510139, +86 27 87510179, +86 27 87510189. Open when the cherry blossums are blooming, which is usually between March and April. Regarded as one of best places in Wuhan to view cherry blossums other than Wuhan University. ¥60. East Lake Cherry Blossom Park (Q5328769) on Wikidata East_Lake_Cherry_Blossom_Park on Wikipedia
  • 14 Wuhan Botanical Garden (武汉植物园), Lumo Road, Wuchang District (武昌区鲁磨路) (Buses 401 (from Guanggu Square subway station, Line 2); 402 (from the NW side of the East Lake; bus crosses the lake on a causeway), 413 and 625), +86 27 87510783, . Daily 08:00-17:00. The Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in 1956 and is known today as one of China's top research botanical gardens. There is an impressive variety of gardens and greenhouses within the grounds of the botanical garden. It is in the Moshan Hill area south of the East Lake, next to a number of other scenic sites. Adult ¥35, child 6-18 or senior 60-65 ¥17, child under 6 or adult over 65 free. Wuhan Botanical Garden (Q10874031) on Wikidata Wuhan Botanical Garden on Wikipedia
Monkeys at Houshan (Monkey Mountain), Chuidi Scenic Area
  • 15 Chuidi Scenic Area (Ma'anshan Forest Park) (吹笛景区(马鞍山森林公园)), 619 Luoyu East Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞喻东路619号) (southeast of the East Lake (Donghu), bordering on Huazhong University of Science and Technology; to get to the main gate of the scenic area, take bus no. 18, 25, 28, 101, Shuttle Bus 101 (101路区间) 340, 513, 518, 536, 702, 703 or 781, or walk 1.2 km east from Guanggu Square Station on Metro Line 2), +86 27 87804351. 07:30-17:00. Another large forest park area, with lots of walking and biking trails, hilltop gazebos, and various waterfront attractions (many of them set up in 2017-2018). Yujia Lake (喻家湖 Yujiahu), a bay of the East Lake west of the park, is regularly used by dragon boat teams for training; their shore base is on the west side of the bay (outside of Chuidi's limits). A group of monkeys resides in an enclosure near the appropriately named Monkey Hill (猴山); a few particularly trusted individuals are allowed to roam outside and interact with visitors. There are a couple of villages inside the park, but the trail network is laid out in such a way that the visitors don't need to cross the villages; they just see them and their fields from the outside, without interfering with the residents' life too much. Free.
  • 16 Shimen Peak Memorial Park (石门峰纪念公园, 石门峰名人文化公园 Shimen Peak Famous People Culture Park), 9 Shimenfeng Road, Hongshan District (洪山区石门峰路9号) (entrance from Shimenfeng Rd (石门峰路), about 1.5 km NE from the crossing of Senlin Rd (森林大道) and Qingwang St (青王路). Take bus no. 513 from either Wuhan Railway Station or Guanggu Boulevard Metro Station (Line 2). Get off at Qingwang Road & Shimen Peak West Gate (青王路石门峰西门)), +86 27 87635632. Open all day. The slopes of the Stone Gate Peak (石门峰) are occupied by a large cemetery whose owners apparently are very serious about sponsoring public art. As a result, the hill's foothills are home to what may be the largest sculpture park this side of Skopje. The 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution were commemorated by a series of monuments to its participants. Another memorial complex commemorates the heroes of the war against Japan (1931-1945), and, closer to the entrance, yet another sculpture garden honors the marshals and generals of the People's Liberation Army. The famous personages of more ancient history are not forgotten either: deeper in the park, forty-plus statues of China's kings and emperors, from the earliest beginnings and to Empress Dowager Cixi (apparently, the only woman in this alley), not omitting Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, have lined up a mountain path in the style reminiscent of a tradtional spirit way (神道). And, of course, there is plenty of more light-hearted statuary around the park. You can also walk up the steep stairs, through the actual cemetery to the top of the hill (marked by a tower with a star on top), for a fairly decent view of the surroundings. Free.
  • 17 Jiufeng Forest Zoo (九峰山森林动物园, Nine Peaks Forest Zoo), No. 1 Shizifeng, Jiufeng, Hongshan District (洪山区九峰狮子峰特1号) (the nearest bus stop is Senlin Avenue Baogaifeng (森林大道宝盖峰), which is served by bus nos. 18, 25, 28 and 750; ou can catch bus nos. 18, 25 and 28 from the bus stop outside Exit B of Guanggu Boulevard Station on Metro Line 2), +86 27 87639763, . 08:30-17:30, ticket office closes at 16:30. ¥60.

Around the South Lake[edit]

  • 18 Museum of Huazhong Agricultural University (华中农业大学博物馆), Huazhong Agricultural University, 1 Shizishan Street, Hongshan District (洪山区狮子山街1号华中农业大学) (there is a bus stop near the university's West Gate; the bus stop name is Luoshi South Road & Huazhong Agricultural University (珞狮南路华中农大); buses stopping here include bus nos. 567 (inner circle route), 567 (outer circle route), 571, 576, 591, 905 and 908; you can catch bus nos. 571 and 908 from outside the Wuchang Railway Station; once inside the West Gate, catch the university's no. 1 bus and get off at Shizishan Square (狮子山广场); the museum is on the west side of the square), +86 27 87281019, . M-F 14:30-17:30, public holidays 08:30-11:30, 14:30-17:30. May be closed during summer and winter vacation periods. Visitors are expected to make a booking before visiting the museum. If you need a guided tour (which might only be available in Chinese), you should book at least 2 or 3 days in advance. Free.
  • 19 Museum of Chinese Monetary and Financial History (中国货币金融历史博物馆), Level 2, Yifu Library, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 182 Nanhu Avenue, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Hongshan District (洪山区东湖高新技术开发区南湖大道182号中南财经政法大学逸夫图书馆二楼) (the nearest bus stop is Nanhu Avenue Chashanliu (南湖大道茶山刘), which is very close to the university's North Gate; the bus stop is served by bus nos. 327, 538, 567 (inner circle route), 567 (outer circle route), 570, 590 and 785; the easiest bus to catch would probably be bus no. 538, which terminates here and originates from the Wuchang Railway Station), +86 27 88387113, +86 27 88387105, . M-F 08:00-17:00, closed on weekends and public holidays, as well as during the whole of the summer and winter vacation periods. Free.
  • 20 Ethnology Museum of South Central University for Nationalities (中南民族大学民族学博物馆) (the nearest bus stop is Nanhu Avenue Chashanliu (南湖大道茶山刘), which is near the university's No. 3 South Gate (南3门); the bus stop is served by bus nos. 327, 538, 567 (inner circle route), 567 (outer circle route), 570, 590 and 785; the easiest bus to catch would probably be bus no. 538, which terminates here and originates from the Wuchang Railway Station), +86 27 67842750, +86 27 67843940, . Tu-F 09:00-11:30, 14:30-16:30, closed on Mondays and weekends. The museum displays a collection of cultural items from several of the major ethnic minorities in southern China, including the Miao, Zhuang, Li, Tujia and Yao minorities. Visitors are required to make an appointment at least one day before visiting. Free.

Other areas of Eastern Wuhan[edit]

  • 21 Museum of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corp (中国武钢博物馆, WISCO Museum), 30 Zhijin Avenue, Qingshan District (青山区冶金大道30号) (take bus nos. 782 or y782 from Renhe Road (仁和路) - on the north side of Renhe Road Station on Metro Line 4; get off at either Yangang Road & Qingshan Youth Palace (沿港路青山少年宫) or Zhijin Avenue & Ezhou Street (冶金大道鄂州街)), +86 27 86488873, +86 27 86805808. Tu-Su 09:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00, closed on Mondays. The official museum of the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corp (WISCO). Founded in 1958, WISCO was the first iron and steel company to be established after the founding of the People's Republic. The museum has exhibitions about the history of the company and the Chinese steel industry in general. Free.
  • 22 Zhanggongshan Village (张公山寨), Yanxi Lake, Baiyushan Subdistrict, Qingshan District (青山区白玉山街严西湖畔) (take bus no. 525 from Wuhan Railway Station; get off at the final stop and transfer to bus no. 407; bus no. 407 terminates at Zhanggongshan Village), +86 27 86411117, +86 27 86411119. Open 08:30-17:30. Tour boats depart at 10:30, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. A tourist resort on the north shore of Yanxi Lake in eastern Wuhan. One major attraction here is the Li Zhuang Museum of Ancient Architecture (李庄古建筑博物馆), also known as the Zhanggongshan Museum of Ancient Architecture and Folk Culture (张公山寨古建民俗文化博物馆), which consists of a variety of traditional houses and other old buildings that have been relocated here from other parts of China. In addition, the resort provides a boat tour of the lake and surrounding wetlands, which includes a visit to a reconstructed temple from the Threee Kingdoms period. Visitors can also engage in activities such as fishing and rowing. Music and dance performances are held here too. The standard fee is ¥90. Persons over 65 pay ¥60. There are no charges for children under 1.2 metres in height. The fee includes general admission charges plus a boat ticket.


Festivals and events[edit]

  • Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival). fifth day of the fifth lunar month at the East Lake. The famous Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated throughout China however, its origins lie with the ancient Chu Kingdom that resided in Hubei Province and surrounding provinces during the Warring States Period. The festival was brought about from the story of Qu Yuan, advisor of King Huai, who had made many predictions about the dangers of the surrounding kingdoms to their own. Qu Yuan had advised the king on ways to protect the Chu Kingdom, but the king refused to listen and instead banished his advisor from the court. Years later, when word reached Qu Yuan that all of his predictions had come true, he committed suicide in the river out of despair over the fall of his kingdom. It is said that the people of the town loved him so much that they paddled down the river in dragon boats making music and throwing rice into the river so that the fish would not eat his body. This event is believed to have occurred on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, and the festival is celebrated in much the same way today as the event had occurred with the dragon boats and music in the river. People eat zongi, special rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, on this holiday. Although Qu Yuan is said to have drown himself in the Miluo River, just outside of Hubei Province, the festival is believed to have originated in Wuhan.
    Throughout the rest of the year, one can often see teams of dragon boat paddlers exercising on the city's lakes and rivers. For one of the sites, see Chuidi Scenic Area in the "See" section.
    Duanwu Festival (Q1254268) on Wikidata Dragon Boat Festival on Wikipedia

Amusement parks[edit]

  • 1 East Lake Ocean Park (东湖海洋乐园), 20 Yanhu Avenue, Wuchang District (武昌区沿湖大道20号) (about 1 km east of Liyuan Station on Metro Line 8), +86 27 86772929. 08:30-17:00. Standard ticket prices are ¥100 for Ocean World, ¥80 for Happy Water World, ¥100 for Bird World, ¥130 for the International Grand Circus, and ¥20 to ¥30 for the rides at the Children's Amusement Park. Discounts of up to 50% are available for adults over 65 and children between 1.0 and 1.2 metres in height. There is also a special combo ticket, which includes Ocean World, Bird World and the Grand Circus (but not Happy Water World or the Children's Amusement Park). This costs ¥200.
  • 2 Happy Valley Wuhan (武汉欢乐谷), 196 Huanle Avenue, East Lake Eco-Tourism Zone, Hongshan District (洪山区东湖生态旅游风景区欢乐大道196号) (take a subway train to Renhe Station on Line 4, then walk or transfer to Bus #545; other buses that come here include buses # 316, 392, 534, 566, 734, 782 and yx782), +86 27 88518861. 09:30 to 21:30 (rides have varying opening hours; some rides open as late as 12:00 and some rides close as early as 16:00). If you like roller coasters or just rides in general, be sure to check out this amusement park. It has some of the fastest and most scary rides in Asia. The gem is a Strata Coaster 30-story tall and reach 135km/h when it launched. Other notable rides include a wooden coaster and 3 other steel ones. ¥200 (adults), ¥140 (children between 1.1 and 1.4 metres in height plus adults aged between 65 and 69), ¥180 (children over 1.4 metres in height). Children under 1.1 metres in height and adults over 70 enjoy free entry. Happy Valley Wuhan (Q11124693) on Wikidata Happy Valley Wuhan on Wikipedia

Conference and exhibition centers[edit]

  • 3 China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center (中国光谷科技会展中心), 787 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Hongshan District (洪山区东湖新技术开发区高新大道787号) (850 metres northwest of Optics Valley 6th Road Metro Station on Line 11; the nearest bus stop is Gaoxin Avenue & China 15th Metallurgical Construction Group (高新大道中国十五冶), which is served by bus nos. 301, 536 and 913), +86 27 59596188.


Books and maps[edit]

  • 1 Optics Valley Book Store (光谷书城 Guanggu Shucheng), Level B1, Optics Valley Capital Building, 1 Minyuan Road, Guanshan Subdistrict, Hongshan District (洪山区关山街道民院路1号光谷资本大厦B1层) (Optics Valley Square subway station (Line 2)), +86 27 67885215, +86 27 87650028, . 09:30-21:00. A major book store, next to the numerous shopping malls of Optics Valley Square (Guanggu Guangchang 光谷广场). Has a small section with books China in foreign languages (mostly English), and books for foreigner studying Chinese. The actual book store is, as of 2018, part of the national Xinhua chain. This is the part of the city where all the universities are, so if you look like a Westerner, you'd occasionally encounter a student who'd like to practice his/her English.
  • 2 Changjiang Book City (长江书城, Changjiang Shucheng), Changjiang Chongwen Plaza, 268 Xiongchu Avenue, Hongshan District (洪山区雄楚大道268号长江崇文广场) (near Loushi South Road (珞狮南路), about 3 km east of Wuchang Train Station; take bus nos. 556, 777 or 908 from the station), +86 27 87679000, +86 13397199597. 09:00-21:30. Two separate medium-sized book stores run by the same company, on two separate floors of the same building. While pleasant enough, these two stores combined are much smaller than the huge Chongwen Book City (崇文书城) that used to occupy an entire floor of this distinctive building (Chongwen Plaza) more than a decade ago.


  • 1 Desi Masala (德西玛莎拉巴基斯坦餐厅, Pakistani Cuisine Restaurant), F1-002 Future City Building, 147 Luoshi South Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞狮南路147号来城购物公园F1层002) (exit from Jiedaokou Subway Station, Line 2, B Exit, take U-turn towards main square and turn left towards Future City Building (Joy Park); enter inside the Future City Building and come upstairs to F1 floor (WeChat: DesiMasala)), +86 27 87560708, . All week 10:00-22:00. Traditional Pakistani dishes such as Chicken/Mutton/Beef Karahi, Vegetable Pakora and Samosa, Cheese Naan, Garlic Naan, Shahi Kheer, Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Raita, Daal Makhni, Beef Handi, Pizza, Burger, Salad, Soup and Tandoori BBQ with a vegan option. The restaurant also hosts a weekly buffet on Saturdays for which the price for lunch is ¥52 and the dinner for ¥68. The restaurant is co-owned by Pakistani and Chinese owners. Its environment has a Mughal Empire theme. The staff speaks both English and Chinese. ¥50-60 for a reasonable meal.
  • 2 Kebab Kingdom (烤巴巴王国), Shop 1, Zone A, Manjianghong Building Annex 1, Central China Normal University, 152 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞喻路152号华中师范大学满江红大楼附一楼A区1号门面) (the university may be accessed via Jiedaokou or Guangbutun stations on Metro Line 2), +86 13638648346. 11:00-21:30. kebabs in Turkish style plus some Indian dishes. Deliveries from 11:30-21:00, free a 2-km radius and ¥4 for orders more than ¥30 for a 3-km radius. ¥20.
  • 3 Real Taste (Real Taste 巴基斯坦餐厅), 14-66 Shizishan North Street, Hongshan District (洪山区狮子山北路66-14号) (near Huazhong Agricultural University in Hongshan district, on the south side of South Lake; the nearest bus stop is Lanhuayu Lakeshore, South Lake Avenue (南湖大道澜花语岸), which is served by bus nos. 72, 371, 567 (inner and outer circle routes), 570, 590 and 777; you can catch bus no. 570 from the west end of South Lake Avenue, just outside the Hubei University of Technology Metro Station on Line 7), +86 18271813481. All week 10:00-22:00. Traditional Pakistani dishes such as Biryani, Chicken Curry, Cheese Naan, Gol Gappay, Seekh Kebab, Chicken Handi. The restaurant also hosts a weekly buffet for ¥55 per person which is quite popular in international students of Wuhan. ¥50 for a decent meal with a soft drink.
  • Indian Marka (印度玛咖餐厅). Traditional Indian cuisine with a vegan option. Indian Marka is a quite popular chain of restaurants in Wuhan with at least three franchises in the City. ¥60 for a decent meal.
    • 4 Indian Marka World City Plaza (印度玛咖 世界城广场店), 5th Floor, World City Plaza, Optics Valley Square, 766 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞喻路766号世界城广场5层) (close to Luoxiang Road Station on Metro Line 2), +86 27 87781899, +86 17839167207.
    • 5 Indian Marka Yintai Creation City (印度玛咖餐厅 银泰创意城店), 7F002 Yintai Creation City (near New world Department Store), 35 Luoyu Road, Mingnan Street, Luonan Subdistrict, Hongshan District (洪山区珞南街珞喻路35号银泰创意城F7) (Exit C, Jiedaokou Metro Station, Line 2), +86 27 8788842.


  • 1 Grammy Club International (格莱美国际俱乐部), 124 Minzu Avenue, Optics Valley Square, Hongshan District (洪山区光谷广场民族大道124号) (about 470 metres south of Optics Valley Square metro station), +86 27 87173333. 19:00-03:00. One of Wuhan's international clubs, playing R'n'B, hip hop and rap music.
  • 2 Helen's Cafe Zhuodao Spring Branch (Helens小酒馆 武汉卓刀泉店), Level 2, Building 1, Zhuodao Spring Antiques & Jewellery City, 370 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞喻路370号卓刀泉古玩珠宝城四合院1楼2层) (east of the Zhuodao Spring Intersection (卓刀泉立交), 900 metres southeast of Guangbutun Station on Metro Line 2), +86 27 65383878, +86 27 62437445. 19:00-02:00. Pizza, pasta, hamburgers that are fine for the taste and great for the price. Beer, shishah and a wide variety of cocktails means the dance floor fills up as the night gets on. Wednesday night is ladies night and it is the place to be. Lots of foreigners, good pizza, good drinks. Can play your own music if you like - sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. Ladies night Wednesday night - a weekly highlight. Helen's Cafe also has around 10 other branches in the city besides this one. Cheap.
  • 3 Pin Club (品酒吧, formerly known as Top One Bar), 88 Luoshi North Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞狮北路88) (on the north end of Luoshi Road (珞狮路) close to Wuhan University. 300 metres northeast of Jiedaokou Metro Station on Line 2), +86 13016464840. 08:00-04:00. Chinese style club, lots of tables, live entertainment and not a lot of dance floor. Beers start at about ¥30.
  • 4 Queens Bar (妖后酒吧), 82 Luoshi North Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞狮北路82号) (near Pin Club), +86 27 87878799. As of December 2019, the bar is reportedly closed for renovations. In Wuchang's own little club district, refurbished. Limited dance floor, plenty of tables, liquor by the bottle. Friendly atmosphere towards foreigners. Beers start at about ¥30.
  • 5 VOX Livehouse, Guoguang Building, 118 Lumo Road, Hongshan District (洪山区鲁磨路118号国光大厦) (about 1.6 km north of Optics Valley Square Metro Station on Line 2; the nearest bus stop is Lumo Road Caojia Bay (鲁磨路曹家湾), which is served by bus nos. 59, 72, 340, 401, 625 and 709), +86 27 87596030, +86 13437251621 (Chinese), +86 13163308577 (English). 19:30-02:00 (extended till 04:00 on weekends). The most popular bar in Wuhan for non-Chinese, VOX is a small bar which regularly has shows on the weekend playing host to underground Chinese acts ranging from rock, punk and indie to experimental. Has a DJ after shows playing electro, indie-dance-rock among other things. Beers start at ¥5.
  • 6 Wuhan Prison, Block A semi-basement, Guoguang Building, 118 Lumo Road, Hongshan District (洪山区鲁磨路118号国光大厦A座半地下室) (next to the BBQs and VOX Livehouse on Lumo Road; beneath the 7 Days Inn), +86 15902773437. 18:30-02:30. A dirty, frenzy free for all anything goes dive bar. They have absinthe. Good luck getting out of there sober. Staff is friendly (by Chinese standards); clientele includes locals as well as European and (to a slightly lesser extent) Anglophone expats.


  • 1 Lovely Journey International Youth Hostel (暖途国际青年旅舍), 264 Maowu Ridge, Lumo Road, Hongshan District (武汉洪山区鲁磨路茅屋岭264号) (take line 2 to the easternmost stop, Optics Valley (光谷广场); get off at stop C and walk south along the east side of Renmin Ave (人民大道) until you get to the 625 stop which will take you north; get off at the Lumo Rd. Bigeshan stop (鲁磨路毕阁山) and walk north), +86 27 87886151. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A friendly hostel with a warm and cozy interior. The area is somewhat shady (some prostitutes hang out south of the hostel) and noisy (dogs will sometimes bark late at night) but the staff is friendly and they offer laundry, internet and plenty of bathrooms and showers. You will probably need to speak some Chinese to talk to the receptionist. Room rates start from ¥115, Dorm bed rates start from ¥45.


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