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Hanyang (汉阳) is in the southwestern part of Wuhan. It is one of the three formerly independent municipalities (together with Wuchang and Hankou) that merged to form the city of Wuhan in the early 20th century. Our article includes not only contemporary Hanyang District, but also the neighbouring districts of Caidian (蔡甸区) and Hannan (汉南区), which were historically part of Hanyang.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

  • 1 Hanyang Passenger Transport Centre (汉阳客运中心,汉阳客运站, Hanyang Bus Station), 211 Longyang Avenue, Caidian District (蔡甸区龙阳大道211号) (Just outside Exit A of Hanyang Bus Station Metro Station on Line 3), +86 27 68841281. Mainly serves bus routes from other cities in Hubei Province and some neighbouring provinces.

By train[edit]

The Hanyang Railway Station does not convey passengers. However, a new passenger rail terminal will be built in Hanyang in the near future.

By metro[edit]

Lines 3, 4 and 6 connect Hanyang and Caidian districts to the rest of the city.

By boat[edit]

There used to be a ferry service between Wuchang and Hanyang. The service was terminated in April 2019.


Hanyang District[edit]

  • 1 Bridge Museum (桥梁博物馆, 武汉桥梁博物馆 Wuhan Bridge Museum, 中国桥梁博物馆 China Bridge Museum), Ground floor, Bridge Science & Technology Building, China Zhongtie Major Bridge Engineering Group Co Ltd, 6 Sixin Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区四新大道6号中铁大桥局桥梁科技大厦一楼) (Take a metro train to the South International Expo Center Station (Line 6), then walk to the Expo Center bus stop on Jiangdi Middle Road (江堤中路) and catch bus no. 517. Get off at the bus stop named Meilin 3rd Street / Bridge Science & Technology Building (梅林三街桥梁科技大厦)), +86 27 84596549. 09:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00, no entry in last 60 minutes, closed on Sundays. Opened in December 2019, this is one of Wuhan's newest museums. It's said to be China's first comprehensive museum about bridges. Has exhibitions about the history of bridge construction in China and overseas. Visitors are supposed to make an appointment before visiting. If you understand Chinese, you can make a booking on WeChat (follow '武汉桥梁博物馆' and select '约桥博'). Free.
  • 2 Guishan Televsion Tower (龟山电视塔, Tortoise Mountain TV Tower), Guishan Park, 1 Guibei Road, Hanyang District (汉阳区龟北路特1号龟山公园) (The nearest bus stop is Yangtze River Bridge Hanyang Side (长江大桥汉阳桥头), which is served by bus nos. 10, 61, 401, 402, 411, 413, yx10, as well as trolleybus nos. 1, 4 and 7. The nearest metro station is Qintai Station on Line 6, which is 2 km from the tower), +86 27 84713691. 09:30-20:50. The 221-metre high tower on Tortoise Mountain (Guishan) is a major landmark on Hanyang's waterfront. There is an observatory and a revolving restaurant at the top. ¥120. Tortoise Mountain TV Tower (Q1407294) on Wikidata Tortoise_Mountain_TV_Tower on Wikipedia
Guiyuan Temple
  • 3 Guiyuan Temple (归元禅寺), 20 Cuiwei Road, Hanyang District (汉阳区翠微路20号) (in Hanyang, a few blocks west of Zhongjiacun subway station (Lines 4 and 6)), +86 27 84844756, . May 1st to Oct 7th 07:30-17:30, Oct 8th to Apr 30th 08:00-17:00, no entry in last 30 minutes. Built in 1658, Guiyuan Temple is known as the first zen temple to be built in Hubei Province. The most famous and impressive building in the complex is the Arhats Hall, which contains 500 arhat (Buddhist saints) statues. When you enter, from whichever part you choose to begin exploring, you are supposed to count the arhats. When you have counted to your current age, you are then supposed to write down the number above the statue that you stopped on and you can then present it to the small shop outside to purchase a golden card with your fortune, as well as a depiction of that statue. The statues inside are all quite different and intricately designed, so it's well worth the time to thoroughly explore the temple. Entrance is ¥10. Guiyuan Temple (Q5616939) on Wikidata Guiyuan Temple on Wikipedia
  • 4 Hanyangzao Art District (汉阳造艺术区, 汉阳造广告创意产业园 Hanyangzao Advertising Creative Production Park), 1 Guishan North Road, Hanyang District (汉阳区龟山北路1号) (180 metres southeast of Exit A of Qintai Station on Metro Line 6), +86 27 84710886. A former industrial site that has been transformed into an artist village. Has a fair amount of outdoor art on display, including graffiti, as well as sculptures made from household items and industrial parts. Free.
  • 5 Museum of Zhang Zhidong in Wuhan (张之洞与武汉博物馆), 169 Qintai Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区琴台大道169号) (About 900 metres northeast of Wulidun Metro Station on Line 4), +86 27 84582013. 09:00-16:30, closed on Mondays. Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909) was a prominent government official during the late Qing Dynasty who was known for his advocacy of limited reforms to the Chinese imperial system and is credited with enacting reforms to the bureaucracy and helping to modernize Chinese industry. In Wuhan, he established China's first iron and steel mill, the Hanyang Iron Works. He then went on to found the Hubei Arsenal and a number of other industrial plants. In a sense, he was the father of modern Wuhan. The museum is artistically designed and great to look at even if you are not that interested in the history. Free.
  • 6 Old Lute Platform (古琴台 Guqintai, Ancient Lute Platform), 10 Qintai Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区琴台大道10号) (About 500 metres southwest of Qintai Metro Station on Line 6), +86 27 84834187. 08:00-17:00, no entry after 16:45. The Lute Platform is a memorial to the famous musician Yu Boya and his close friend Zhong Ziqi who lived in the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period. It was originally built during the Song Dynasty but has been rebuilt several times. The present structures date from the late Qing Dynasty. The nearby Qintai Grand Theatre and Qintai Concert Hall are named after this place. ¥15. Lute Platform (Q10913488) on Wikidata Lute_Platform on Wikipedia
A bixi turtle at the Qingchuan Pavilion, and the Turtle Mountain TV Tower
  • 7 Qingchuan Pavilion and Temple of Yu the Great (晴川阁,禹稷行宫, 晴川阁景区 Qingchuan Pavilion Scenic Area), 86 Ximachang Street, Hanyang District (汉阳区洗马长街86号) (in Hanyang, on the Yangtze waterfront, north of the main bridge. There is a bus stop less than 50 metres from the site, which is served by bus nos. 30, 531, 532, 535, 553, 559, 561, 711 and 803), +86 27 84710887. 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:30, closed at 15:00 on Thursdays. A temple complex dedicated to Yu the Great, a legendary ancient emperor who overwhelmed the great flood and, with the help of a yellow dragon and black turtle, created the geographical features of today's China. Includes a stele-bearing bixi turtle (one of the few such creatures within Wuhan's urban area; see also Baotong Temple and Longquanshan); good views over the river. Free.
  • 8 Wuhan Zoo (武汉动物园), 60 Dongwuyuan Road, Hanyang District (汉阳区动物园路60号) (in Hanyang, about 2 km SW of Hanyang Railway Station (Hanyang Huoche Zhan subway station on Line 4). There is a bus stop outside the main entrance, which is served by bus nos. 42, 273, 361, 413, 553, 556, 580, 608, 622 and 646, as well as trolleybus nos. 5 and 7), +86 27 84844610 (enquiries), +86 27 84844187 (tickets). 08:00-20:00, no entry after 17:00. Although it is a zoo, there is more to this zoo than just animals. The zoo contains a small area of amusement park rides, and a beautiful bonsai garden. Of course, those who are interested in seeing the animals will not be disappointed, as the zoo features a Giant Panda (be aware that they occasionally take the panda out to travel to other parts of the country), red pandas, hippos, wolves, zebras, and many other popular zoo animals. No visit to this zoo would be complete without seeing one of the daily shows! Well-trained animals performing unbelievable stunts, from puppies doing tricks to bicycling bears. ¥20 (standard adult ticket), ¥10 (children aged 6 to 18 and adults aged 60 to 65). Children under 6 and adults over 65 can get in for free. Wuhan Zoo (Q11124472) on Wikidata

Caidian District[edit]

  • 9 Hougong Lake Wetlands Park (后官湖湿地公园), 58 Pengjiashantou, Caidian District (蔡甸区彭家山头58号) (Metro Line 4, Xinnong Station, Exit A. The entrance to the park is right outside the station), +86 27 69112210. Open all day. There is a musical fountain in the park, which is switched on at 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights. General admission is free.
  • 10 Jiuzhenshan Scenic Area (九真山风景区, Mount Jiuzhen Scenic Area), Lufang Village, Yong'an Street, Caidian District (蔡甸区永安街炉房村) (Take a metro train to Linzhang Avenue Station on Line 4, leave the station via Exit A, then take bus no. 227 to Mengyong Highway Archery Club (孟永公路射箭馆). The entrance to the scenic area is about 1.3 km west of there), +86 27 63903030. 08:30-17:00. ¥60 (adults), ¥30 (children over 1.2 metres in height and adults aged between 60 and 65). Children under 1.2 metres in height and adults aged over 65 enjoy free entry.


Performing arts venues[edit]

  • 1 Qintai Concert Hall (琴台音乐厅), 6 Zhiyin Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区知音大道6号) (Exit C, Qintai Metro Station, Line 6), +86 27 81880089.
  • 2 Qintai Grand Theatre (琴台大剧院), 7 Zhiyin Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区知音大道7号) (Exit C, Qintai Metro Station, Line 6), +86 27 84803018, +86 27 84810888. The ticket office is usually open from 09:30-17:30. Performances are typically held in the evenings.

Conference and exhibition centers[edit]

  • 3 Wuhan International Expo Center (武汉国际博览中心), 619 Yingwu Avenue, Hanyang District (汉阳区鹦鹉大道619号) (Metro Line 6; North International Expo Center Station and South International Expo Centre Station), +86 27 86655088.




  • 1 The Toucan Bar (爱尔兰巨嘴鸟酒吧), Ground Floor, Holiday Inn Wuhan Riverside, 88 Ximachang Street, Hanyang District (汉阳区洗马长街88号晴川假日酒店1楼) (The nearest bus stop is the Qingchuan Avenue & Qingchuan Pavilion (晴川大道晴川阁) bus stop, which is served by bus nos. 30, 531, 532, 535, 553, 559, 561, 711 and 803. The nearest metro station is Qintai Station on Line 2, which is about 2 km west of here), +86 27 68845495. 18:00-24:00 (weekdays), 14:00-02:00 (weekends). Irish bar, pool table, watch sports, Guinness on tap. ¥25 for a something which resembles a pint..


  • 1 Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan (馨乐庭武汉沌口服务公寓), No. 159 Dongfeng Avenue, Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Caidian District (蔡甸区经济技术开发区东风大道159号) (A short distance southwest of Dongfeng Company Metro Station on Lines 3 and 6), +86 27 84218000, fax: +86 27 84218008, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. All 249 apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedroom layouts, have separate living and dining areas, a kitchen, broadband internet access and a home entertainment system. Daily rates starts from ¥279.50.
  • 2 Holiday Inn Wuhan Riverside (武汉晴川假日酒店), 88 Ximachang St, Hanyang District (汉阳区洗马长街88号) (2 km north of Lanjiang metro station), +86 27 84716688 4105, toll-free: +86 400 8302766 (China), +1 18884654329 (US), . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. On the banks of the Yangtze River, clean slick business hotel with 315 rooms - try for north-facing to see the riverfront light show at night. A 40 min walk to the metro and not much nearby, but the footpath onto Yangtze Bridge starts opposite the hotel, one hour to walk across to Yellow Crane Tower. B&B double ¥450.


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