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Ya'an, also known as Yucheng, is an unremarkable city located 2 hours southwest of Chengdu on the Sichuan-Tibet highway. It is an emerging tourist city, known as the "rainy city", "the throat of western Sichuan", "the gateway to Tibet", "ethnic corridor", Lungs of Tianfu"", "the hometown of the panda", the territory of Mengding Mountain is the birthplace of the world's tea culture, the birthplace of the world's tea civilisation, the world's tea culture sacred mountain.


This prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province is located in a mountainous area on the western edge of the Sichuan Basin. At the end of 2022, the city had a population of 1.433 million.


Ya'an has a long history, and has been under the jurisdiction of the Central Plains since the pre-Qin Dynasty. The history of human activities in the area can be traced back to the Paleolithic period, and the "Fulin Culture" is an important cultural site of the late Paleolithic period in southern China.

Ya'an City is located in Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan-Yunnan highway junction, 120 km from Chengdu. It was the gateway to the ancient Southern Silk Road and was the capital of Xikang Province.


Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Ya'an has a subtropical monsoon humid climate. The average annual temperature is above 14℃.
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

Ya'an is located on the southwest edge of the Sichuan Basin and has a subtropical monsoon climate zone with abundant rainfall. The annual rainfall is about 1,180 mm. Most rainy days are concentrated from June to August, accounting for more than 60% of the total annual rainfall. Heavy rainfall is one of the characteristics of Ya'an's climate.

Ya'an gets less sunshine than anywhere else in China

Get in[edit]

Fast buses from Chengdu’s Xinnanmen bus station (07:30-19:00, every 35 min, 2 hr, ¥46) leave throughout the day.

Even though your ticket says Ya’an, there is a possibility you may be directed onto a bus bound for the inane Bifengxia Nature Park near Ya’an. If you are the discerning type and forgo the park's dancing tigers, the driver will drop you off at the first intersection inside Ya’an. From here you can flag down a Shangli-bound minivan or get a taxi to the Wangyu minivan depot.

  • 1 Simon Motor Station (西门汽车站), No.17, Ximen North Road, Yucheng District, +86 8352612327.
  • 2 Ya'an Bus Terminal (雅安汽车客运站), Beihuan East Road, Yucheng District, +86 835 2632702. 10:00—22:00.
  • 3 Ya'an High-speed Railway Station (雅安高铁站), +86 835 12306. 10:00—22:00.

Get around[edit]

  • By bike. There are communal shared bikes everywhere, so if you'd like, you can try to take a ride, using WeChat to scan the code, which is basically $2.
  • By bus. As of 2020, there are more than 10 bus routes in Ya'an, covering basically all urban areas, and bus drivers stop at every stop to pick up and drop off passengers.

By taxis[edit]

Various forms of transport ply the street willing to take you to your destination at maximum speed for a minimum cost. Taxis charge around ¥5 to anywhere.


There is a wall-size map in the bus station; this includes Labahe Nature Reserve.

Parks and nature[edit]

  • 1 Menghuo Castle (孟获城), In Liziping Township, Asbestos County (adjacent to the Ya Xi section of the G5 Jingkun Expressway, it is about 4 hours' drive from the provincial capital of Chengdu and 2 hours' drive from Xichang, with a special high-speed exit for Mengwu City Scenic Spot), toll-free: +0835 8859025. 24 hr. There is the largest alpine ecological meadows in Southwest China, the meadows are golden in autumn, the scenery is rich in levels, everywhere you can see the free-range cattle and sheep, you can camp in the meadows, horse galloping, like a Chinese version of Tanzania, Africa, is the photography enthusiasts to play cards destination! free.
  • 2 ShenMuLei (神木垒), Stony Township, Baoxing County,. 08:30-18:30. It is called "the place where the immortals live". Forests, snow-capped mountains, streams, alpine meadows, and alpine caliche pools are the main scenery. You can visit the Sequoia Forest, Natural Bonsai Garden, Natural Root Carving Garden, Peak Meadow, and Colourful Pools, which offer a variety of sceneries throughout the year. ¥60.
  • 3 Mountain Jiaoding (轿顶山自然景区(汉源轿顶山)), Hanyuan County Huangmu Township. With an average altitude of more than 3,000 metres, you can look out over the king of Shushan Mountains - Gongga Snow Mountain, see the sunrise and sunset, the sea of clouds and the starry sky. ¥30.
  • 4 Dawagengza (通天路--达瓦更扎), Baoxing County, stony soil Tibetan Township, Gari Village territory. 08:00-17:30. It is famous for its sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha's light, fog and song, meadows, alpine azaleas and other landscapes, and is regarded as "Asia's best access to the 360 ° viewing platform". ¥60.
  • 5 Erlangshan Horn River Scenic Area (二郎山喇叭河风景区), In Tianquan County. Rich in wildlife and known as "Noah's Ark of Quaternary Glacial Species", it is full of wildlife. ¥70.
  • 6 Niubeishan (牛背山). Formerly known as Big Mine Mountain and Bison Mountain. The top of the mountain is 3666 metres above sea level. Because one side of the cliff at the top of the mountain has a boulder protruding like a bull's head, the ridge is long and thin like a bull's back and so named. This place is very suitable for photography. ¥160. Niubeishan 牛围山 on Wikipedia
    Niubei shan
  • 7 Huanglong Lake-Red Bean Valley (黄龙湖-红豆相思谷), In the territory of Houyan Village, Bifengxia Town, northern Yucheng District. There is a famous thousand-year-old red bean tree here. Tree height of about 31 metres, chest diameter of 2.6 metres, crown diameter of about 30 metres, the age of the tree has been more than 1,400 years, so far, standing upright, lush growth, very rare.
  • 8 Longcanggou Forest Park (龙苍沟森林公园), Jinshan Group, Development Village, Longcanggou Town, Yingjing County (there is a direct train from Ya'an Bus Terminal to the scenic spot), toll-free: +0835-5805777. 08:30-16:00. Longcanggou is located deep in the mountains. The average temperature in Longcanggou in summer is only 23°C, and the forest coverage rate of Longcanggou is as high as 97.5%. It is full of negative oxygen ions. It is an excellent virgin forest. ¥48.
  • 9 Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area (碧峰峡), Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area, Bifeng Town, Xiali Township, toll-free: +0835-2318091, +0835-2318077. Peak season (March to October): 08:30~16:30 Low season (November to February): 08:30~16:00. The scenic area is only half an hour's drive from Ya'an City. The Bifengxia Giant Panda Conservation Base is located in the scenic area, where you can see more than 60 innocent giant pandas. You can also go to Bifengxia Wildlife Park to see hundreds of wild animals up close. Ya'an Bifeng Gorge ticket is ¥100 , Wildlife park ticket ¥180.
    Bifeng Xia
  • 10 Fengtongzhai Dengchigou Scenic Area (蜂桶寨邓池沟景区), Northeastern Baoxing County (on the western slope of Qionglai Mountain, a 2-hours drive from Ya'an). This is where the giant panda was discovered. You can watch giant pandas in a semi-wild environment. There is also the town of Dawei, named after the discoverer of the giant panda and the Catholic church where he once worked.
  • 11 Mount JiāJīn (夹金山(甲金山)), West of 210 Provincial Road, Baoxing County (drive). 09:00-18:00. Road conditions on the mountain is better, the temperature at the top of one or two degrees with snowfall, pay attention to cold and warmth, the altitude of more than 4,000 will be a little high reflex, appropriate rest and then downhill, downhill slippery road with dark ice, rock potholes road more, careful driving, pay attention to safety.

Historical and archaeological sites[edit]

Anshun field
  • 12 Anshun field (place name) (安顺场), Near Anshunchang Township, Asbestos County (Bus: public transport from Sichuan Railway Station to Anshunchang Ancient Town 1 hour 35 minutes K9483 2 hours 39 minutes 5619 3 hours 4 minutes K9455), toll-free: +0835-8871777. The scenic area is open all day, and the scenic indoor arena is open Tu-Su from 09:00-17:00 and closed on M. Anshun field used to be known as Zidadei, a place where wars were fought as recorded in the Qing Dynasty.
  • 13 Ruins of the ancient city of Yen-Dao (严道古城遗址), Guchengping, west of Xingjing County, on the third terrace of the south bank of the Xingyang River under the Zhongjun Mountain. The ruins of Yandao Ancient City are the well-preserved ruins of an ancient city of the Han Dynasty, from which many various types of tombs and excavated artefacts from the Spring and Autumn period to the Qin and Han dynasties have been found.
ShangLi old town


  • 14 Ya'an Museum (雅安博物馆), 15 Wending Street, Yucheng District (Traffic route: by bus No. 1 and 5), toll-free: +0835 2352309. Tu-Su 09:00-17:00 Last entry: 16:30. It is as modern as almost any museum in China, but its archaeological collection is understandably small. free.

Ancient towns[edit]

  • 15 ShangLi old town (上里古镇). One of the top ten ancient towns in Sichuan Province, the town is surrounded by two waters, the back of the mountains, facing the fields, wooden houses for the house, forming a "well" type streets.
  • Wangyu Ancient Town
    16 Wangyu Ancient Town (望鱼古镇). Wangyu Ancient Town is located on the upper reaches of Zhougong River, 35 kilometers south of Ya'an City, adjacent to Wawushan Town, Hongya County.
  • 17 Xintian Ancient Town (新添古镇). Xintian Ancient Town has hundreds of blue-tiled huts, courtyards, dozens of traditional inns, and many ancient grocery stores.
  • 18 Qingxi Ancient Town (清溪古镇). Qingxi Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town, one of the famous ancient towns in Sichuan, and the famous "Hometown of Jasmine". Many Ming and Qing buildings still exist, retaining the original layout of 22 ancient streets since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, covering an area of about 0.5 square kilometers.


  • Picking tea ya"an
    1 Picking tea and enjoying the scenery (采茶). If you come to Ya'an in April or May, the most important thing you can't miss is picking tea, admiring the scenery and smelling the fragrance.You can carry a small backpack and tea-picking clothes, go into the tea fields and pick new tea leaves. You can also observe the traditional production techniques of Mengshan tea, which is also a national intangible cultural heritage project. Recommended destinations: Mengding Mountain.
  • Fishing (垂钓). Fuyunhaizi is a good place for fishing. You can also take a popular transparent glass boat to row to the center of Haizi. From a distance, people seem to be floating on the water, which is fantastic and beautiful. You can not only play in the water freely on the boat, but also be the protagonist of eye-catching photos. ¥100.
  • 2 Hot springs (泡温泉), Zhougong River in Zhougongshan Town. 1400-2400. Soaking in hot springs in winter is probably the most comfortable way to relax. There are many good hot springs in Ya'an, but the hot springs in Zhougong Mountain are the most famous. Dip into the warm hot soup. ¥98.
  • 3 Escape Rabbit Room Escape (Ya'an Wanda Store) (逃亡兔密室逃脱(雅安万达店)), Room 4065, 4th Floor, Wanda Plaza, Panda Avenue, +86 13330607438. 10:00-22:00. There are secret rooms with puzzles and multiple themes to choose from. ¥98.
  • 4 Fun DIY (趣玩DIY), No. 404, Hanque Road, 2nd Floor, First Jiangan Jin Street, +86 15508291196. Tu-F 13:00-19:00, Sa Su 13:00-20:00. There are many handmade items, thousands of small accessories, and more than 30 kinds of cream glue. Suitable for DIY in free time.
  • 5 Moonlight Tavern·Immersive Board Game Script Killer (Concord Square Store) (月光酒馆·沉浸式桌游剧本杀(协和广场店)), No. 13, 4th Floor, Building 2, Xiehe Plaza, No. 2 Zheng Street, Hebei, +86 17602844080. Daily. The name of this store reflects the fun, and there are many scripts to choose from, making it a famous local place for young people to play. ¥95.
  • 6 Wanda Cinema(Wanda Plaza ) (万达影城(万达广场店)), F4, Wanda Plaza, No.645 Yazhou Avenue, Yucheng District, toll-free: +86 835 5899030. The environment is good, in the Ya'an Wanda upstairs, belongs to the new cinema, the door has a self-service clothing storage cabinet, of course, is free.


If you go to BiFengXia, you can buy a hat made from a fern frond. It's not much good for keeping the sun off your face, but you will fit in with the crowd.

  • Mengshan tea (蒙山茶). Mengshan tea, a specialty product of Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, is a national geographical indication product of China. The planting of "Mengshan Tea" began in the Western Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 2,000 years of tea cultivation and rich cultural heritage. It is known as "the water in the Yangtze River, the tea on the top of Mengshan Mountain".
  • Hanyuan Sydney (汉源雪梨). Hanyuan Sydney, a specialty product of Ya'an City, is a national geographical indication of agricultural products. Hanyuan Sydney pears are large, and the flesh is fine and crispy.
    Hanyuan Sydney
  • Hanyuan Zanthoxylum bungeanum (汉源花椒). The Hanyuan Zanthoxylum bungeanum origin located at the foot of Niba Mountain has very suitable soil and climate conditions for the growth of Zanthoxylum bungeanum. The flowers have been cultivated for more than 2,100 years. It was listed as a tribute in the Tang Dynasty, so it was also called "tribute pepper". Hanyuan was also called the "hometown of tribute pepper".
  • Asbestos loquat (石棉枇杷). Asbestos loquat is a famous specialty of Shimian County, Ya'an City, and is known as the top quality loquat in China. Shimian County is located in the southwest of Sichuan Province, the southernmost tip of Ya'an City, close to Hanyuan County and Ganluo County, connected to Yuexi County and Mianning County, to the west Jiulong County and Kangding County, and to the north Luding County. Asbestos loquat is characterized by its large fruit, sweet taste, soft and juicy flesh, and extremely high edible rate. It has the advantages of early production and late maturity (harvested and marketed from April to July), and it is also resistant to storage and transportation.
  • Lushan bacon (芦山腊肉). Lushan bacon is a specialty of Lushan County. It is famous both at home and abroad for its bright red meat, tender texture and pure aroma. Lushan Bacon's pigs adopt a fully ecological feeding model, with a feeding cycle of 1-3 years. The main feed is locally produced corn, radish and other green vegetables.
  • Baoxing Sichuan Achyranthes (宝兴川牛膝). Baoxing Sichuan Achyranthes is one of the origins of Sichuan Achyranthes in China. It began to be cultivated spontaneously as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets for its excellent quality and regional characteristics. In addition to selling well in major domestic traditional Chinese medicine markets, it is also exported to Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.
  • Baoxing Bee Sugar (宝兴蜂糖). Baoxing Bee Sugar is a specialty agricultural product in Baoxing County. The honey produced in Baoxing County is available in yellow and white varieties, both of which have the characteristics of high concentration, strong coagulation, pure taste, easy dissolution, and a medicinal aftertaste. Baoxing County relies on the unique local natural ecological environment, selects high-quality nectar raw materials, and uses traditional techniques to produce honey.
  • Luhuo yak jerky (炉霍县牦牛肉干). The Luhuo County yak jerky series uses pure, pollution-free fresh yak meat from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as raw materials, supplemented by natural fine spices, and is carefully crafted according to traditional techniques. It has the characteristics of rich wild aroma, delicious color and delicious residue. It is suitable for all ages, ideal for high-end banquets, traveling, and as gifts for relatives and friends.
  • Hanyuan jar meat (汉源坛子肉). Hanyuan jar meat, a specialty of Hanyuan County, and a national geographical indication product of China. Hanyuan jar meat is preserved in pottery pots fired with Hanyuan native methods. In addition, Hanyuan's unique climate environment (dry in winter and spring without severe cold, rainy summer and autumn without extreme heat) makes Hanyuan jar meat have the ability to be stored for one year without deterioration. specialty.
  • Yucheng kiwi (雨城猕猴桃). Yucheng kiwi is a specialty of Yucheng District, and a national geographical indication product of China. Yucheng kiwi fruit has emerald-green flesh, purple-red core, moderate sweetness and sourness, is tender and juicy, and has a delicate fragrance. The flesh of the Jinyan type is golden yellow, tender and juicy, with a sweet and delicious flavor.


  • Mubla Xiaoyuan hot pot
    1 Mudba Xiaoyuan City Hot Pot (Han Que Road) (泥巴小院市井火锅(汉阙路店)), No.161, Hanque Road, Yucheng District, +86 18981635552. 10:00—01:00. Environment: ancient Chengdu hot pot restaurant, pot bottom bottom flavour is just right, cooked with eagle tea. ¥100.
  • 2 Hibachi Grill (日白烧烤), No.151, Yucheng District, Yancheng District, +86 835 2873649. 14:00—03:00. Various kinds of kebabs, and spicy flower nail. ¥70.
  • 3 Hung Ping Blood Wanted Chicken & Pepper Fish Restaurant (Founding Store) (洪平血旺椒麻鸡雅鱼饭店(创始店)), No.8, Dazhong Road, Xicheng Street, Yucheng District, +86 15984537668. Daily 10:00-21:00. ¥89.
  • 4 Yipin Soya Bean Pudding - Yafu - Local Delicacies (Xiao Bei Jie Shop) (一品豆花·雅鱼·地方美食(小北街店)), No.63 Xiaobei Street, Yucheng District, +86 13551558243. 10:00-21:30. The signature casserole fish soup tastes good, made with the most authentic Rongjing casserole and traditional methods of simmering, the soup is fresh and flavourful. ¥100.
  • 5 Marinated Skewers (鹵班長卤串串), No. 11, Jiefang Road, Yucheng District, +86 18599994739. 12:00-22:00. Traditional Sichuan hot pot with marinated food. ¥100.
  • 6 A handful of fire tart noodles (一把火挞挞面), Next door to Feitian Graphic Printing on Yazhou Avenue (opposite to Wanda Plaza), +86 15181205651. Daily 06:00-21:00. The signatures are chicken noodles and beef noodles, which have a unique taste and strong noodles. ¥17.
  • 7 Wei Zhi Xuan Claypot Ya Fish Soup·Ya Fish Specialty (Head Office) (味之轩土砂锅雅鱼汤·雅鱼专卖(总店)), No. 311-313, Middle Section of Xikang Road, +86 18783564220. Daily 11:00-22:30. Special fish, fresh and tender taste. per person ¥72.
  • 8 Aunt Yuan Plateau Specialty Yak Meat Asbestos BBQ (袁大妈高原特色牦牛肉石棉烧烤), No. 20 Yingmo Road, +86 15284788106. Daily 13:00-01:00. The ingredients are fresh, the specialty is the asbestos iron plate barbecue, and yak meat is a popular dish. per clperson ¥69.
    Aunt Yuan BBQ
  • 9 Fat Brother Egg Baked Cake (胖哥蛋烘糕), Inside Sichuan Agricultural University, +86 18683580051. 11:00-21:00. The egg skin is sweet and soft, and there are about 40 flavors to choose from. ¥7.
  • 10 Tianquan County Three Toast Pepper Chicken Restaurant (天全县三土司椒麻鸡餐厅), No. 52, Guangjian South Road, +86 15378683916. 06:30-23:00. The Chicken Soup Shou and Spicy Chicken Nuggets are the most outstanding dishes, and the prices are quite reasonable. ¥44.
  • 11 Qingxi Gongjiao Fish (Old Restaurant) (清溪贡椒鱼(老店)), 1/F, Building 4, Hantu Huafu II, No.2, Hanque Road, Yucheng District (taxi or drive), +86 15681616835, toll-free: +86 835 2226333. 10:00-22:00. The sting less flavour is good, the soy beans are crunchy, the garlic is oversized and thinly sliced with Hanyuan's speciality gong peppers. Business is good.
  • 12 Master Lan's Tart Noodles (兰師傅撻撻面), No. 68 Xiaobei Street, Yucheng District (taxi or drive), toll-free: +86 835 2231625. 07:00-19:30. The environment is average, the noodles are sinewy and chewy, with spiced fried sauce noodles, braised beef noodles, veggie pepper beef noodles, pickled pepper and chicken noodles, and sanshin noodles, which are fragrant and flavourful, with a good taste and good kimchi texture. ¥20.
  • 13 Grilled Bone-in Meat and Yakiniku Restaurant (扒骨肉雅鱼饭馆), No.13, Jinmao Lane, Healthy Rd, Xicheng St, Yucheng District, +86 13208357449. 10:00-20:00. Local people's fly tavern (meaning the environment is not good, but the taste can be affordable), seafood is not good, peanut rice is very good, stir-fried seasonal vegetables are very fresh, salty and light moderate, more people can order more dishes. ¥50.
  • 14 Jihong Shunhe Dumpling Famous Snacks (继红顺河抄手名小吃), No. 31, Xikang Road Middle, Yucheng District, toll-free: +86 835 2243868. 07:30-19:30. Ya'an's local traditional dumplings are tasty and slightly expensive. ¥25.
  • 15 Yang Laosan Family Cuisine - Fish Culture Theme Restaurant (Peach Blossom Lane) (杨老三家常菜·雅鱼文化主题餐厅(桃花巷店)), No.1, Peach Blossom Lane, Dongcheng Street, Yucheng District, toll-free: +86 835 2229857. 09:00-21:00. A Sichuan based restaurant with an ok ambience, mainly affordable and good taste. Fish is one of the specialities of this restaurant.


  • 1 Jinghe Teahouse (Xiao Bei Jie) (竟和茶馆(小北街店)), 4 Xiaobei Street, Yucheng District, toll-free: +18683425599. 10:00-23:00. The environment is very beautiful, you can slowly drink tea and feel the city.Minimum spend from ¥20.
    Cassava Coffee
  • 2 Cassava Coffee (袈蓝咖啡), Xinxing Village Store, Mingshan District, +86 18283502161. Daily 09:00-18:00. The coffee shop is located on a hillside surrounded by tea mountains. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has an excellent 360° viewing position. You can drink coffee in the shop, and there is also a cultural and creative exhibition and a spiral staircase with a high space. ¥35 per person.
  • 3 Square inch teahouse (方寸茶舍), Next to the lobby of Yadu Holiday Hotel on Yazhou Avenue, toll-free: +86 835-2886588. 09:00-23:30. The environment is comfortable, suitable for chatting and drinking tea alone or with two or three friends. ¥100.
  • 4 Not Late Camping Tavern (不晚露营酒馆), 4th Floor, Xikang Commercial Plaza, No. 383 Panda Avenue, Qingjiang Street, +86 18383561625. Daily. The rooms set up with tents where you can drink are unique and very suitable for young people to gather. ¥150.
  • 5 Erma Tavern (贰麻酒馆), No.50 Place de la Concorde, toll-free: +0835-2627666. 18:30-02:00. Plenty of drinks, good service, and a good bar atmosphere. ¥163.
  • 6 Le Zai Ice Shop (樂崽冰铺), No. 1, Zhenshui Alley, Shangli (opposite the ancient stage), +86 15692886016. 10:00-22:00. A delicious ice noodle shop, recommend the iced bean curd and hand-made ice noodle. Very popular. ¥16.


About a block due south of the museum on the south side of West St (Xidàjiē), a family-run establishment has satisfactory rooms and WiFi for ¥90/night, but the proprietor will want to escort you to the local police station about a block or two away some time after you've checked in for registration purposes.


  • 1 Holiday Inn Express Ya'An City Center (智选假日酒店), No. 38 Wenhua Rd, toll-free: +86 8352626666. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. The hotel has family rooms. Guests at this hotel can enjoy a continental breakfast. The accommodation provides ironing facilities, a business centre and a 24-hour front desk. ¥200-400.
  • 2 Juyuan Colour Hotel (聚源色彩酒店), No.33 Cheng Hou Road, Yucheng District (Taxi or drive), +86 835 3667000. Check-in: After 14:00, check-out: By 12:00. A European decorated hotel with a nice ambience at an affordable price. Comes with free breakfast.There is a free car park offering free breakfast. King Room $129, Twin Room $153, Theme King Room $142-218, Theme Bed Room $192. ¥153-219.


  • 3 Atour Hotel Ya an Era Street (时代天街亚朵酒店), No. 6, Middle Heping Road, Zhenghuang Commercial Plaza, toll-free: +86 8358508888. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. All rooms at this hotel are equipped with a seating area and a TV. Rooms all offer air conditioning and a desk. The front desk at this accommodation can provide information to help guests explore the area. Twin Room ¥343, King Room ¥343R, Executive King Room ¥386, Several Woods King Room ¥429, Several Woods View Family Room ¥670, Several Woods View Suite ¥1015. ¥343-1050.
  • 4 Doubletree By Hilton Ya'An (正黄希尔顿逸林酒店), No.385 Panda Avenue, Yucheng District (30-minute walk from the high-speed railway station and an 8-minute drive), toll-free: +18004458667. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. ¥600.
  • 5 Xikang Hotel (西康大酒店), No. 132, Xikang Road East (taxi), +86 835-2239333. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. The hotel has a special tea house. They make use of antiquities and historical materials for decoration. Hundreds of metres of "Xikang Tea Language Promenade", the world's "Xikang Tea Language House" and the "Tea Culture Health and Wellness Room" focus on the strong regional culture and tea culture and tea history, effectively promoting the charm of tea. ¥400.
  • 6 Ibis Hotel (Langqiao) (宜必思酒店(连锁)), No.158, Xikang Road, Yucheng District (taxi), +86 835 2225555, toll-free: +86 835-2225555. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. ¥400.
  • 7 Ya'an Helen Light Residence Hotel (Langqiao) (雅安海伦轻居酒店(廊桥店)), No.22, South Road, Yucheng District, +86 835 3587333. Check-in: After 14:00, check-out: By 12:00. The location of the hotel is in the city centre location and it is quite convenient to go out for shopping and shopping. The whole thing looks like a motel and it seems that the soundproofing is not good in the rooms on the ground floor. King Room ¥196, Tatami King Room ¥184, Special Twin Room ¥184, Courtyard King Room ¥275, Multi-functional Courtyard Suite ¥443. ¥196-500.
  • 8 Vienna International Hotel (Ya'an High Speed Railway Station) (维也纳国际酒店(雅安高铁站店)), No. 166, Heping East Road, Yucheng District (Taxi or drive), +86 835 2851666. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. It is a detached hotel, which is also well-equipped with facilities, and is close to the high speed train station and bus station, providing convenience for those who take the high speed train and get off the train, without having to run to the city centre.King Room ¥244, Twin Room ¥248, Business King Room ¥288, Business Twin Room ¥306, Deluxe Family Room ¥397, Chess Twin Room ¥435. ¥244-430.
  • 9 Ya'an Yishi Ranshe B&B (雅安怡诗然舍民宿), No. 256, Oasis Road, Yucheng District (Taxi or drive), toll-free: +86 15928176030. Check-in: After 14:00, check-out: By 12:00. Has its own car park. On the quiet and secluded side of the hotel, it's just too dark at night, the hotel is Zen themed and clean inside the household. Rates with balcony can be close to the nature, the.King Room ¥228, Enjoy King Room ¥287, Twin Room ¥227, Terrace Twin Room ¥253, Mountain View King Room ¥312, River View Family Suite ¥593, Two Bedroom Suite ¥763. ¥227-763.


  • 10 Crowne Plaza Ya'an (雅安皇冠假日酒店), No, 9 South Ring Road (Taxi or drive), toll-free: +86 8352888888. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. All rooms at this hotel are equipped with a private bathroom.The appearance of the hotel is very design, the hotel is located on the riverside and all the rooms have a view of the river.Superior King Room ¥681, Superior Mountain View King Room ¥648, Superior Mountain View Twin Room ¥595, River View King Room ¥696, Deluxe River View King Room ¥854, Deluxe River View Twin Room ¥853, Business Suite ¥1399, Executive Suite ¥3099. ¥681-3099.
  • 11 Banshan Yard (cottages), No. 22, Group 4, Babu Village, Babu Town. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. This courtyard is halfway up the hill on over 2 acres of land. The interior and exterior are minimalist in style, decorated mainly with wood. There is a fish pond, vegetable garden, wooden tea pavilion and thatched pavilion. Four uniquely styled guest rooms in the courtyard surround a common area with kitchen, fireplace and dining room, surrounded by 200 metres of quiet courtyard. Mountain spring water is used to make the summer temperature is 5-8 degrees lower than Chengdu and Ya'an. Suitable for large groups. ¥2000.
  • 12 Ya'an Langqiao - Impression Rain City Hotel (雅安廊桥·印象雨城酒店), Yazhou Langqiao 2nd Floor (on a bridge over the Qingyi River), +86 835-3668666, toll-free: +86-835-5197888. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. This hotel is on the longest gallery bridge in the world. The hotel features river view rooms, high quality facilities and a gym.Exquisite River View King Room ¥230, Exquisite River View Twin Room ¥230, Elegant River View Twin Room ¥230, Garden River View Style King Room ¥290, Elegant River View Family Suite ¥470, Family Fun River View Suite ¥515 (actual price varies with holidays and weekends). ¥600-1000.
  • 13 Ya'an WestNet International Hotel (西网国际酒店), Zone 1981B, Public House, Junction of Zhenghe Road and Yazhou Avenue (adjacent to Ya'an Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Ya'an Government Affairs Centre), +86 835-3586666. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A whole detached hotel with everything in it. Gym, restaurant, that sort of thing. King Room ¥389, Twin Room ¥389, View Twin Room ¥439, View King Room ¥439, Shangya Lady Room ¥520, Deluxe King Room ¥599, Deluxe View King Room ¥629, Moonya Parent-Child Suite ¥934, Deluxe Suite ¥2888. ¥649-3200.
  • 14 Ya'an Yudu Hotel (雨都饭店), No. 157 Tingjin Road (taxi), toll-free: +86 835-2601999. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A hotel for middle and high-grade business, conference and tourist guests. It has been awarded "Star Hotel" by Provincial Tourism Bureau for many times. The hotel is decorated in modern and simple style, rich in Ya'an local cultural characteristics. The hotel has more than 100 rooms. ¥300-3182.



There are internet cafes and other places in many places, but there are limitations on the internet and many foreign websites cannot be accessed.

1 Time sea esports (时光海电竞), No. 49, Heping South Road, next to Gate 1, Phase 1, Zhenghuang, +86 18783572150. Daily. The Internet cafe has very fast internet speed, clean environment, and a lot of delicious food. ¥10.

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  • Chengdu bound buses (07:30-19;00, every 35 min, 2 hr, ¥46) leave throughout the day from the tourist bus station.
  • Shangli bound minivans (20 min, ¥6.5) can be flagged down on the main road outside the tourist bus station.
  • Wangyu bound minivans (1 hr, ¥8.5) leave from a secret location known only to the local taxi drivers who park near the Tourist bus station (10 min, ¥5). The minivans leave when full but will continue to pick up passengers along the way. Hopefully the road has been repaired by the time you go.
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