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Dawan Ancient Buildings

Yunfu (云浮, wàhn fàuh in Cantonese, Yúnfú in Mandarin), also known as Wanfow based on the Cantonese pronunciation, is a city with excellent mineral resources in Northern Guangdong. A center for stonework, mining, and related industry, Yunfu is nicknamed the "stone capital" of China. It's well off the beaten path for international tourists, but it does have some natural attractions.


Yunfu includes the central districts of Yuncheng (云城 Yúnchéng) and Yun'an (云安 Yún'ān) and the counties of Xinxing (新兴县 Xīnxīng Xiàn) and Yunan (郁南县 Yùnán Xiàn). The city of Luoding (罗定 Luódìng) is also under its jurisdiction.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Yunfu has three stations on the high-speed rail line between Guangzhou and Nanning.

  • 1 Yunfu East Railway Station (云浮东站 Yúnfú Dōng Zhàn). Yunfudong Railway Station (Q19851796) on Wikidata
  • 2 Nanjiangkou Railway Station (南江口站 Nánjiāngkǒu Zhàn). Nanjiangkou Railway Station (Q24837589) on Wikidata
  • 3 Yunan Railway Station (郁南站 Yùnán Zhàn). Yunan Railway Station (Q20064141) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

Lots of buses from Guangzhou and other cities in Guangdong. Yunfu covers a large area, so try to find a bus going to the specific town, county, or district that you want to visit.

By plane[edit]

The nearest major international airport is Guangzhou Baiyun.

Get around[edit]

Map of Yunfu


Panlong Cave
  • Panlong Cave (蟠龙洞 Pánlóng Dòng). A long karst cave named after the "coiled dragon" of ancient Chinese legend.
  • Dayunwu Mountain (大云雾山 Dàyúnwù Shān), Yun'an District.
  • Guo'en Temple (国恩寺 Guó'ēn Sì), at the foot of Longshan (Dragon Mountain), Liuzu Town, Xinxing County 新兴县六祖镇龙山脚下. Literally "temple of national mercy" and also known as Lóngshān Sì (龙山寺, "dragon mountain temple"). A big temple covering more than 10,000 square meters, originally built in the year 683 in the Tang Dynasty. Kokuonji Temple (Q10926100) on Wikidata
  • 1 Dawan Ancient Buildings (大湾古建筑群 Dàwān Gǔ Jiànzhù Qún), Dawan Town, Yunan County 郁南县大湾镇. A couple of old villages built around the end of the Qing Dynasty. Free. Historical Buildings in Dawan (Q15916257) on Wikidata
  • Zhanggong Temple (张公庙 Zhānggōng Miào), 郁南县连滩镇城东路65号 65 Chengdong Road, Liantan Town, Yunan County. A small Ming dynasty temple, originally built in 1587. Free. (Q96074708) on Wikidata




  1. Yunfu Rice Noodle with Sausage(云浮粉肠): This is a specialty snack made primarily with rice noodles, complemented by sausage, peanut sauce, and other seasonings, providing a rich texture.
  2. Yunfu Beef Offal Rice Noodle(云浮牛杂粉): Beef offal rice noodle is a dish that combines beef offal, rice noodles, fresh vegetables, and flavorful broth for a delicious taste experience.
  3. Yunfu Fish Ball Rice Noodle(云浮鱼蛋粉): Featuring fish balls as the main ingredient in a rice noodle dish, accompanied by a specially crafted broth, offering a delightful flavor.
  4. Yunfu Beef Meatball(云浮牛肉丸): Beef meatball is a classic snack, served with sauce or included in rice noodle dishes for a delightful combination.
  5. Yunfu Rice Roll with Sausage(云浮肠粉): This is a traditional snack where rice noodle sheets encase a filling of minced pork, shrimp, and other ingredients, typically served with a special sauce.
  6. Yunfu Steamed Rice Cake(云浮扒粿): Steamed rice cake is a glutinous rice-based food that can be paired with various fillings, representing one of Yunfu's traditional snacks.


YunFu Cloudy Pomelo Tea(云浮柚子茶): A tea beverage made from locally grown pomelo, offering a refreshing pomelo fragrance.

Taro Pearl and Sago Soup(芋圆西米露): A traditional dessert beverage featuring taro pearls and sago, often served with milk and honey water, providing a delightful and sweet taste.

Yunfu Green Bean Soup(云浮绿豆汤): A cool and sweet soup made from green beans, rock sugar, and other ingredients, perfect for consumption in hot weather.

These are just a few examples of the delightful beverages you might encounter in Yunfu. Each of these drinks reflects the local flavors and culinary traditions of the region.


  • Yunfu Hotel (云浮大酒店). Located in the city center of Yunfu, it is possibly a major hotel offering comfortable accommodation and basic facilities.
  • Wanda Realm Yunfu (云浮万豪国际大酒店). As an international brand hotel, it may provide high-quality services and luxurious accommodation.
  • Yinhu Hotel Yunfu (云浮银湖酒店). Situated in the picturesque Yinhu Scenic Area, it might be a resort hotel offering a tranquil environment and recreational facilities.
  • Jinjiang Inn Yunfu (云浮锦江之星酒店). Jinjiang Inn is a chain of economy hotels in China, likely providing relatively affordable accommodation.
  • Century Golden Source Hotel Yunfu (云浮世纪金源大酒店). This could be a well-equipped modern hotel, offering comprehensive services and convenience.


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