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Votes for Deletion

This page lists articles, files and templates that are nominated for deletion. Any Wikivoyager can make a nomination or comment on any nomination. Nominations or comments should follow a rationale based on our current policy.

If our deletion policy leads towards a merge or redirect, then coordinate this on the discussion page of the article.

The purpose of this page is limited to the interpretation and application of our deletion policy. You can discuss what our deletion policies should be on the deletion policy discussion page.


  1. For the article, file or template being proposed for deletion, add a {{vfd}} tag so that people viewing it will know that it is proposed for deletion. The {{vfd}} tag must be the very first thing, right at the very top, before everything else.
  2. Add a link to the article, file or template at the end of the list below, along with the reason why it is being listed for deletion. Sign your recommendation using four tildes ("~~~~"). List one article, file or template per entry.
  3. If you're nominating a file for deletion, make sure it's actually located on the English Wikivoyage and not on Wikimedia Commons.

The basic format for a deletion nomination is:

* Not a valid travel article topic. ~~~~


All Wikivoyagers are invited to comment on articles, files or templates listed for deletion. The format for comments is:

* '''Delete'''.  Not a valid travel article topic. TravelNut 25:25, 31 Feb 2525 (EDT)
* '''Keep'''.  There is a town in [[Alaska]] called Chicken. ~~~~

When leaving comments you may elect to delete, keep, or redirect the article. If you recommend redirection, you may suggest where it should be redirected to. Sign your comment using four tildes ("~~~~").

Deleting, or not[edit]

All nominated articles, files or templates are guilty unless proven innocent. If, after fourteen days of discussion, the consensus is to keep, redirect or merge, then any Wikivoyager should do it. If you are redirecting, please remember to check for broken redirects or double redirects as a result of your move. Remove any VFD notices from that page, and archive the deletion discussion as described in the next section.

If no consensus has emerged to keep the article, file or template, an administrator can delete it. Check if any article links to the article, file or template in question. After removing those links, delete the article, file or template. However, if the file is being deleted because it has been moved to Wikimedia Commons with the same name, do not remove links to the local file, as the links will be automatically be pointed to the file on Commons.

When deleting a template, consider first replacing it wherever it's been transcluded, especially if it served a formatting function. You can do this by adding "subst:" before the template name. Once that's done, you can delete the template without affecting individual uses of it.


After you keep/redirect/merge/delete the article, file or template, move the deletion discussion to the Archives page for the appropriate month. The root Archives page has a directory. Note that it's the month in which the action was taken, rather than when the nomination was first posted, that should be used for the archived discussion; that way, recourse to the deletion log can lead subsequent readers right to the discussion (at least for the pages that were deleted).

If the nominated article, file or template was not deleted, then place another (identical duplicate) copy of the deletion discussion on the discussion page of the article, file or template being kept or redirected.

See also:

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November 2014[edit]

Template:Link GA[edit]

Template imported without attribution, likely from en.wikipedia. Doesn't work anyway; User:נהוראיי מבורך כחלון, the importer, tried to use it on Italian phrasebook to no avail. Also we should delete Template:Link GA/doc. Powers (talk) 14:26, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

Delete Pashley (talk) 12:02, 13 November 2014 (UTC)
  • Comment: This likely depends on site-wide .js in MediaWiki: and will not work without it. The template just sticks some sort of tag in the article saying language xx: is the featured version; the Javascript then looks for the tag, finds the interwiki link for xx: and plops in a * or other indicator. Without the JS, it's dead in the water. K7L (talk) 04:52, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Blanc Sablon-Forteau[edit]

I understand that policy says it's okay to lump two small neighboring towns together in the same article, but I think crossing provincial lines to do so is a bridge too far - particularly when it messes with our breadcrumb structure. The article tries to justify it by saying that "while Blanc-Sablon is technically part of Québec, as of 2014 the town has proposed to secede from the province and join Labrador", but realistically, the chances of that ever actually happening are roughly equal to the chances of Vermont seceding from the United States.

Policy says to redirect real places, but the question then becomes whether to redirect to Blanc-Sablon or Forteau. I say split the content of the current article into two articles separated by the provincial border, then delete the original.

-- AndreCarrotflower (talk) 23:11, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

If we delete the history, we also need to discard the content. Red Bay is notable because of the UNESCO listing, but all that's in Blanc Sablon is a ferry crossing from Newfoundland to Labrador. The road westward is a dead end, and the village itself is too tiny to matter. K7L (talk) 01:37, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
Sounds like the article should just be called Forteau then. Powers (talk) 13:38, 19 November 2014 (UTC)