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Érd (German: Hanselbeck; Croatian: Andzabeg) is a suburb just southwest of Budapest in Pest County. It has the largest population in Pest County with about 67,000 inhabitants.

Neighboring town Százhalombatta (Croatian: Bata, Serbian: Бата) is also described here.


The area has been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeological findings indicate that prehistoric men lived here 50,000 years ago.

Érd itself was first mentioned in documents in 1243. The name comes either from the word erdő ("forest") or from ér ("stream").

During the Ottoman occupation of Hungary, Érd was captured by the Turks in 1543, after the castle of Székesfehérvár fell. The Turks built a motte castle and a mosque here. In these times, the place was called Hamzsabég (Hamzabey). In 1684, the army led by Charles V, Duke of Lorraine defeated the Turks near Érd.

In 1776, Érd became an oppidum (town). It is possible that it already had been oppidum before the Ottoman occupation. In the early 20th century, Érd became the property of the Károlyi family. The town grew, but remained mainly an agricultural town until 1972, when several new facilities were built and the touristic value of Érd grew. Érd was the fastest-growing locality in Hungary between the 1991 and 2001 censuses (up 30.6%). Érd granted the rank of city with county rights in 2006.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Érd has five train stops and stations: two are in the center, Érd felső (upper Érd) and Érd alsó (lower Érd); three other are in the outskirts, Érd, Érdliget and Tétényliget. There are two train lines, so you better figure out beforehand where you want to get off.

Érd alsó[edit]

Trains  S30  and  Z30  are available in every 30 minutes (weekdays) / hourly (weekends) from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Székesfehérvár via Martonvásár and Gárdony. The journey from Budapest takes 16 minutes and costs 370 Ft.

Trains  S36  and  G43  (only on weekends) are available hourly (weekdays) / in every 30 minutes (weekends) from Kőbánya-Kispest (Budapest) to Tárnok, Székesfehérvár. The journey from Budapest takes 37 minutes and costs 560 Ft.

1 Érd alsó Train Station, Budai út 13, +36 1 349-4949, . Ticket office: M–Sa 05:10–16:40, Su 06:10–16:40. The train station is at the center. Érd alsó railway station (Q21996850) on Wikidata

Érd felső, Százhalombatta[edit]

Trains  S40  and  S42  are available hourly from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Pusztaszabolcs, Dunaújváros. The journey from Budapest to Érd felső takes 25 minutes and costs 370 Ft, to Százhalombatta takes 35 minutes and costs 560 Ft.

By bus[edit]

From Budapest to Érd:

  • From Kelenföld vasútállomás  M4 : regional buses are available in every 10–20 minutes. The journey takes 34–43 minutes and costs 370–465 Ft.
  • From Budapest-Budatétény vasútállomás (Campona): regional buses are available in every two hours. The journey takes 18 minutes and costs 250 Ft.

4 Érd Bus Station, Budai út 13, +36 23 521-832, . Ticket office: M–F 06:00–18:00, Sa Su 06:00–16:00; public toilet: 06:00–19:00.

From Budapest to Százhalombatta:

  • From Kelenföld vasútállomás  M4 : regional buses are available in every hour. The journey takes 57 minutes and costs 560 Ft.
  • From Népliget  M3 : regional buses are available in every hour. The journey takes 43 minutes and costs 560 Ft.

Regional bus line network map of Southwest Pest County.

By ferry[edit]

There is a ferry service available hourly between Százhalombatta and Tököl.

5 Százhalombatta Ferry Station, Százhalombatta, +36 30 418-8430. 06:00–20:00. 300 Ft per person.

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

Volánbusz operates local buses in Érd. Tickets (in 2019): 185 Ft in advance, 225 Ft from driver. Passes (in 2019): 3880 Ft for a month, 2000 Ft for 15 days. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station. Further information: public transport timetable, public transport map.

In Százhalombatta, you can use the regional buses operated by Volánbusz. Public transport map of Százhalombatta.

By taxi[edit]



  • 1 Czabai Garden (Czabai-kert), Érd, Radnai u. 8. A nature conservation area with some kind of nice English oak trees on an area of 0.4ha. Also a forest school located here (Q899842) on Wikidata
Base of the Sapary (Dog) Castle, Érd
  • 2 Berza Garden and Sapary Castle remains (Berza-kert, Szapáry-kastélyrom volt Sina-kastély), Érd, Borostyán utca 9, +36 23 365490. Opening hours: by booking. A nature conservation area of 2600 m² with approximately 150 trees and in the nearby Érd, Kutyavári utca 40-42, is the remains of the Dog Castle this last was a hunting lodge in Érd Admission: free.
Saint Michael Church in Érd
  • 3 Saint Michael Church (Szent Mihály arkangyal templom), Érd, Szent Mihály tér (Ófalu district a half km from Danube River), +36 23 365265, . A Roman Catholic Church. The present Baroque-style church was built between 1702-23 using medieval Gothic church walls. The tower was built later. The religious life has been organized in 1694 by Bosnian Franciscans. Farewell: September 29.
  • 4 Fundoklia Valley (Fundoklia-völgy), Érd-Parkváros, Visegrádi út, Vereckei út, Zapánszki út (South of M7 motorway). the Fundoklia is the most beautiful landscape of Parkváros district. A Palaeolithic site was discovered at end of the valley. Karstic limestone and some rare plant species Free of charge. Fundoklia Valley (Q56045985) on Wikidata
Roman Catholic parish house in Érd
  • 5 Érdi Kakukk Mount Conservation Area (Érdi Kakukk-hegy Természetvédelmi terület), Érd-Ófalu, Hármashatárhegyi utca. 9.3 ha area, only 160-177 m above sea level. Nearly one km long ridge what stretching north-west south-east direction. In fact, it is not mountain but a 40-60 degree slope of Mezőföld Plain. Thanked to a variety of micro-topography and microclimate, evolved a very rich flora
Votive Chapel in Érd
  • 6 Chapel of St. Sebastian, St. Roch and St. Rosalia baroque (Szent Sebestyén, Szent Rókus és Szent Rozália barokk kápolnája), Érd, Külső római út (Close to Minaret). The Votive Chapel in Érd built in baroque style, in 1734, during the great plague. Main façade deorated with arched niche and a damaged statues of the Holy Trinity. The square-shaped chapel is closed with arch apse. Wooden bell tower is decorated with graceful helmet.
  • 7 Minaret, Érd, Mecset u (Take bus #1 from the bus station to arrive.). Advance booking by Mrs Gruber (+3620-234-7681) closed on Monday. is the third largest minaret in the country, after Pécs and Eger, and stands at 23 m. Located in the Ófalu or Old Town south of the train station, it is all that remains from the town's once important place in the Ottoman Empire. Ft200.
  • 8 Hungarian Geographical Museum (Magyar Földrajzi Múzeum), Érd, Budai út 4 (The museum is just west of the Felső and Alsó train stations and easily walked to.), +36 23 363036, fax: +36 23 363036, . Th-Su 10:00-18:00. Housed in the Classicist Wimpffen Mansion at. Here was once famous "Pelican," called the inn. The Hungarian Travellers and Explorers exhibit displays the life and work of the nation's most famous travellers. Whereas the Scientific Explorers of Hungary exhibit features the historic geography and geology of the region, included a room dedicated to the Székely people from Transylvania. Ft800/400, Guide in English, can ordered by phone: +36 23 363036. Ft5000. Hungarian Geographical Museum (Q1161930) on Wikidata
  • Remains of ancient Roman road


  • 9 Százhalombatta (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈsaːzhɒlombɒtːɒ]; Croatian: Bata, Serbian: Bata, Бата Middle Age name: Százhalom) (Direct trains hourly from Budapest Déli Station. The station is ten min walk from the Town center). Population of its is a little over 18,000. Located in Érd Municipality. Sights: Archeological Park- Local History Collection, an open air exhibit shows on the original site preserved 2700-year-old wooden sepulchral structures. Old iron items. There are house modells from Bronze Age and Iron Age (Hu:Matrica Múzeum - Régészeti Park Gesztenyés utca 1-3., Tel: +36 23 354591, F: +36 2 3 540 069, Open Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. Admission: Adults/reduced: Ft600/300 (2014). St.Stephen church, was built in 1995-96 according to the plans of Imre Makovecz. Here is located near several hundred lots of early medieval graves. A huge dome covered the church, in which is located in a Bell. The building made ​​of concrete. The chapel and the parish as a small grass-covered hills join the big dome covered with natural slate. (Hu:Szent István Templom. Loc.: Szent István tér 1., Tel: +36 23 359900, F: +62 33 59900, Opening hours: Mo, We and Fr 17:00-19:00). Earthwork in Érd - Százhalombatta and its vicinity. Special flora and fauna, scenic landscape. There is also a earthen fortress and around its surroundings found burial grounds in the Iron Age. (Hu: Százhalombattai földvár és Érd - Százhalombatta környéki földművek. Loc.: Outskirt west of Arena street. Opening hours: around the whole year. Admission: free.) Saint Ladislaus Church located in the old town. It was built in the Art Nouveau style. A Roman Catholic Church. (Hu:Szent László templom). Serbian church and museum: the city's baroque Serbian Orthodox church located in the main street in the Old Town. (Hu: Szerb templom és múzeum. Alkotmány utca 94). Stay:Hotel Training *** the only hotel in the town. A wellness hotel. Loc: August 20th Street 6. Tel: +36 23 354 688, F: +36 23 354 985, Price: Sgl/Dbl Ft9,400/13,800 all tax incl. 2014), also there are a few guesthouses and a seasonal hostel - To Do: wellness, shopping, conference, fishing, tennis playing (six courts), Summer beach (Százhalombatta Strand), 'Benta' horse riding (Benta Lovasiskola Loc: Franciska Puszta. - Tel +36 23 354184 Leisure Centre. (Hu:Járási Sporttközpont, Loc.: Vasút Street, 41. - Tel.: +36 23 354-050, +36 23 354-800. mail: Events: Batta Days (Hu: Battai Napok. Loc: Municipal Leisure Centre, Vasút Street. Date: the second weekend of Sept). Summerfest International Folklore Festival and Folk Art Fair (Hu: Nyári fesztivál. Loc: Saint Stephen Square, Barátság Culture Centre, Saint Stephen Church, House of Dance- Date: August)


Former Quarry, now a natural monument and excursion place
  • 10 Sóskút (Located 30km southwest to the Budapest center, a village midway between Biatorbágy and Tárnok settlements. Situated at the junction of the Tétényi Plateau and the Etyeki- Hills. Can be approached from two directions: #1 from Budapest on the M7 motorway, and further on the Hwy7 passing Dios and Érd or #2 Biatorbagy on the M1 motorway, or one of the main road by car or by suburban buses (#722, 723, /both from Kelenföldi station, hourly/ 761 and 762 buses)). - Roman Catholic Church, built by boss of Jesuit order of Komarom in simple provincial baroque style. The Altarpiece painted by an Austrian imperial court painter, in the second half of the 19th century. Valuable the painting of the 'Crucified Christ' made in Veronese (Italian painter) style. The organ is from the 1900s. (Hu: Kisboldogasszony Római katolikus templom, Loc: Fő utca 21, close to Post Office.) PAX grove, the letters P-A-X (Latin for peace) a pine-forming group in Pest county east of Sóskút. The letters "height" is about 120m. Established in the 1960s. (Hu: PAX liget. Loc: Can be see from M7 Motorway, cca. 27th km). Sandstone form, natural monument, occurred between 1960-1970, Sandstone Wall is a steep, artificial grooves, visible from the main road. (Hu: Homokkő képződmény ). Willow 'arboretum', a grove which consists of separated tree groups on the banks of the creek (Hu:Fűzfa liget. Loc: Outskirt, Tel: +36 20 2322486). Poplar Grove is a natural monument, and a excursion place, enjoy the beauty spot Benta-creek here. (Hu:Nyárfa liget, Loc: Meder street off). Mine Pi is a natural monument used in the 18-19th century. It is characteristic about its 20-30m high sandrock walls and erosion destructed area. It is a good viewpoint to the landscape. (Hu:Bányagödör. Loc:North of Sóskút. Tel: +36 23 560561). Former Káptalan Estate, is an agricultural monument (Hu:volt Káptalan Major. Loc: Outskirt). Brenta Creek a landscape protection area is characteristic because of its pastures and rare willow groves. Despite the slow desiccation typical plants of the soggy meadows can be found in this area and it is extraordinary rich in various insects. (Hu: Benta-patak. Loc: Petőfi Sándor street, Tel:+36 20 2322486). Calvary Hill, is a nature protection area, also interesting Rock-formations and a peak with lookout-tower.14 bronze reliefs and stone cross Stacio remains can be found in the area (Hu:Kálvária domb. Loc:Kálvária-domb 1.) Do: Equestrian and Adventure Park of Sóskút (Hu:Sóskúti Lovas- és Élménypark). Pipacshon Equestrian Park and Art Colony, offer different accommodations in barn (like hostel), camping, guesthouse, apartment, (Hu:Pipacshon Lovasliget és Művésztelep).Eat: Restaurant Kőnig (Hu:Kőnig Étterem. T: +36 20 3263360, Fax: : +36 23 998181, E-mail:, open Tu-Sa: 12:00-21:00., Su 12:00-17:00., Coord N47.40361°, E18.83472° )


Barcza Palace, Pusztazámor
  • 11 Barcza Palace and Arboretum of Pusztazámor, Pusztazámor, Kossuth Lajos u. 22 (Close to Érd , located between the Hwy100 and the Hwy70 roads. From these two roads and the M7 motorway 'Tordas exit' can you reach well.), +36 23 347421. Opening hours: by booking. Trees, alleys, protected plants. An excellent hiking and hunting area. Barcza Palace, the castle was built in the 18th century, which substantially transformed in the 19th century (Hu:Barcza-kastély) Admission: Free.








  • 1 Market of Érd (Érdi piac), Széles utca 1, + 36 23 365-610, . Tu 07:00–13:00, Sa 06:00–14:00. Traditional market. Services: grocery store, butcher, bakery, clothes store, shoe store.
  • 2 Príma, Kálvin tér 1, +36 23 522-620, . M–Sa 06:00–21:00, Su 07:00–18:00. Supermarket.
  • 3 Stop Shop Érd, Budai út 13. M–F 07:00–21:00, Sa Su 07:00–16:00; Spar supermarket: M–F 06:30–20:00, Sa 07:00–17:00, Su 08:00–15:00. Shopping center. Services: supermarket, fast food bar, clotes store, drug store, shoe store, bank, pharmacy, hair salon.
  • 4 Tesco, Budafoki út 2-4, toll-free: +36 80 734-734, . M–Sa 06:00–22:00, Su 07:00–20:00. Hypermarket.
  • 5 Market of Százhalombatta, Piac tér, Százhalombatta, +36 23 354-449, . M–F 08:00–18:00, Sa 08:00–12:00; Spar supermarket: M–F 06:00–20:00, Sa 06:00–18:00, Su 06:00–14:00. Services: grocery store, butcher, bakery.
  • 6 Príma, Damjanich utca 23, Százhalombatta, +36 23 540-580, . M–Sa 06:00–21:00, Su 07:00–18:00. Supermarket.
  • 7 Tesco, Damjanich utca 29, Százhalombatta, toll-free: +36 80 734-734, . M–Sa 06:00–22:00, Su 07:00–20:00. Hypermarket.


  • Steak House. If you enjoy meat, this is for you. They have all kinds of steaks, the place is nice (all wooden interior), service is okay. Prices are a bit high but you probably won't regret it afterwards (and you definitely won't stay hungry).

In the surroundings:

  • 1 König Restaurant, Petőfi Sándor utca 50, Sóskút, +36 23 347-747, . Tu–F 13:30–21:00, Sa 16:30–21:00; buffet restaurant: Sa Su 12:00–16:30; lunch menu: Tu–F 12:00–13:30. Traditional and buffet restaurant with local cuisine. 2500 Ft, buffet: 2390 Ft, lunch menu: 1150 Ft.
  • 2 Pablo Pizza, Hazatérők útja 36, Tárnok, +36 23 781-031. Tu–Th 15:00–21:30, F 15:00–23:30, Sa 11:00–23:30, Su 11:00–21:30. Pizzeria and pub. Pizza: 1690 Ft.
  • 3 Pici Falatozó, Rőzler Endre utca 2, Tárnok, +36 30 635-2654. M 11:00–15:00, Tu–Th 08:00–16:00, F 08:00–15:00. Food bar. 1390 Ft, lunch menu: 990 Ft.
  • 4 Pizza Marazzi, Szent Flórián tér 10, Sóskút, +36 70 292-3721. M–Sa 11:00–21:00. Pizzeria. 1690 Ft, pizza: 1690 Ft.
  • 5 Tárnoki Falatka, Rákóczi út 83, Tárnok, +36 23 750-362, . M–F 11:00–18:00. Food bar. Lunch menu: 1190 Ft.


In the surroundings:


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under 11000 Ft
Mid-range 11000–14000 Ft
Splurge Over 14000 Ft


  • 1 Flamingo Camping, Fürdő utca 4, +36 23 375-328, . Apr 1–Oct 10. 7500 Ft for two persons.
  • 2 Halom Apartments, Damjanich utca 16, Százhalombatta, +36 20 803-7645, fax: +36 23 540-360, . 8 rooms. Single room: 8000 Ft, double room: 10000 Ft.
  • 3 KlubSirály, Fogoly utca 98-100, Százhalombatta. Restaurant: 10:00–22:00. 24 rooms. Traditional restaurant with local cuisine. Single room: 4000 Ft, double room: 8000 Ft, average meal: 1650 Ft, lunch menu: 810 Ft.



  • 7 Parkland Inn, Nőszirom utca 11, +36 20 327-7224. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. 4 rooms. Single room: 8900 Ft, double room: 14200 Ft.


Érd's postal code is H-2030, and its telephone area code is 23.

  • 1 Érd 1 Post Office, Angyalka utca 1/a, +36 23 521-943, . M–F 08:00–19:00, Sa 08:00–12:00.
  • 2 Zoltán Csuka City's Library (Csuka Zoltán Városi Könyvtár), Hivatalnok utca 14, +36 23 365-470, . M Tu 10:00–19:00, Th F 10:00–18:00, Sa 08:00–13:00. Internet access. Adult: 1800 Ft per year; senior: 1000 Ft per year; student: 900 Ft per year. Internet usage: 100 Ft per 30 minutes (150 Ft for visitors).
  • 3 Béla Hamvas Town's Library (Hamvas Béla Városi Könyvtár), Szent István tér 5, Százhalombatta, +36 23 355-727, . M 12:00–19:00, Tu Th 10:00–17:00, F 12:00–18:00, Sa 09:00–12:00. Internet access. Adult: 1000 Ft per year; senior, student: 500 Ft per year. Internet usage: 200 Ft per hour (first hour is free).
  • 4 Százhalombatta 1 Post Office, Szent István tér 8, Százhalombatta, +36 23 354-360, . M–F 08:00–19:00.

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