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Berlin/East Central

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East Central is a trendy, bohemian, artsy area that consists of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg (sometimes called Prenzlberg), Wedding and Gesundbrunnen. The western district Kreuzberg was merged with the eastern district Friedrichshain in 2001. They skew towards a young and alternative, often politically left-oriented crowd. Both districts feature a very heterogeneous architecture, from whole quarters of 19th century apartment houses to functional and not very pleasant 1960s and 70s residential building blocks. You also notice the differences as the districts were separated by the wall. The remaining part of the wall between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg is the longest part still existing in Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg is to the northeast of Friedrichshain and has changed considerably since reunification. It has gentrified similarly to Brooklyn/Williamsburg from deserted apartment houses into a lively area for students, artists and young people – if they or their parents can afford it. Rents have risen sharply in the last few years, and many empty apartments in this area are no longer rented out but sold, refurbished into luxurious lofts or hostel rooms. Wedding and Gesundbrunnen formed the Bezirk of Wedding prior to 2001 when the boundaries were redrawn. Wedding has a long tradition of being home to the working class and accordingly voted "red" for most of the Kaiserreich and Weimar era. During partition it lay on the west side of the wall and attracted an above average number of immigrants, particularly of Turkish descent. Since reunification it has been gentrifying much like Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg albeit not at the same breakneck pace.


Frankfurter Tor in Friedrichshain

The former districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain had few things in common (one thing is nowadays for sure the attraction to students, politically left and young creative people), due to their history on either side of the wall. Since the political decision to merge, these two districts work together politically. The name was made by flipping a coin to decide which name would appear first. The Oberbaumbrücke which was a border crossing point during the era of German partition now serves as the main connection between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg as well as symbol of reunification. Once a year it is the site of a humorous "vegetable battle" (Gemüseschlacht) between the two former districts.

Kreuzberg is one of Berlin's most eclectic districts, home to an unusual mix of left-wing punks, anarchists, gays, creative artists and Turkish immigrants, the last of which make up a third of the population and have earned the area its occasional nickname Little Istanbul. The district has gentrified to a considerable extent in recent years, with dot-coms, marketing agencies, designers, German and international kids from wealthy backgrounds moving into renovated lofts and spacy apartments, but there are still plenty of kebab joints, funky nightclubs, and pictures of Abdullah Öcalan gazing down from Communist Party of Kurdistan propaganda posters.

Kreuzberg itself used to be covered by two post codes (back in the four digit era, post codes would contain two digits for the city and two for the city district, sometimes expressed as "1000 Berlin, Kreuzberg 36" or the likes, but shortened to "1036 Berlin") being 36 for the Southeastern part (hence "SO 36") and 61 for the Southwestern part (SW 61 or more commonly Kreuzberg 61). The two areas had and to some extent still have distinctive characters, in part because SO 36 was surrounded by the wall on three sides and was therefore much more of a center for Berlin's leftist scene than the more bourgeois 61. While the post codes were changed upon reunification, you will still find businesses and locals insisting on the part of Kreuzberg they're in being labeled correctly and caring a lot about the difference.

The areas of Wedding and Gesundbrunnen used to be contained in the Bezirk Wedding until 2001 when they were merged into the Bezirk Mitte but the names and boundaries were retained for the Ortsteile. Wedding used to be known in Weimar times as "der rote Wedding" due to its working class left wing population. In later times, many immigrants, particularly Turks moved to the area. Nowadays Wedding is also increasingly gentrifying.

Gesundbrunnen is named for a fountain that was ascribed beneficial properties for people's health. However said fountain is no longer extant.

Get in[edit]

Map of Berlin/East Central

By urban rail[edit]

Metro station U2 Eberswalder Straße

The main entry point for Kreuzberg 36 is 1 Kottbusser Tor  U1  U8 . The U-Bahn line U1 is the backbone crossing the borough from east to west.

The main entry point for Kreuzberg 61 is 2 Mehringdamm  U6  U7 .

The main gateways for Friedrichshain are the S-Bahn stations 3 Ostkreuz and 4 Warschauer Straße. There are frequent U- and S-Bahn to the main tourist central in Friedrichshain, e.g. the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery close to the "Warschauer Straße" station. Being a borough of the former East, several tram and metro - tram lines also serve Friedrichshain with some slowly but surely expanding westward in what can only be called tram - reconquista. Wedding is also served by tram lines, particularly M10 which also connects to Hauptbahnhof which are slowly but surely inching ever more westward.

The best and fastest way to get into Prenzlauer Berg is either through 5 Eberswalder Straße  U2  or through 6 Schönhauser Allee  S41  S42  S8  S9  U2 .

Anhalter Bahnhof - former railway terminus
  • 7 Leopoldplatz  U6  U9 . the main entry point for Wedding Leopoldplatz (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia Leopoldplatz (Q1960809) on Wikidata
  • 8 Osloer Straße  U8  U9 . Is an entry point for the North of Gesundbrunnen and exchange between lines U8 and U9 Osloer Straße (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia Osloer Straße (Q662217) on Wikidata

By long distance train[edit]

  • 1 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen (in the district Gesundbrunnen). The station would be "Nordkreuz" if it were named with the same logic as Ostkreuz, Westkreuz and Südkreuz. It is served by numerous long distance trains as well as regional trains. Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station on Wikipedia Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station (Q678286) on Wikidata
  • 2 Ostbahnhof. This station has a turbulent history and many name changes. From 1987 (750th "birthday" of Berlin) to 1998 it was even called "Hauptbahnhof" (main station). However, the opening of the new Hauptbahnhof in Moabit in 2006 has relegated this station to a somewhat less prominent role, though unlike its western cousin Bahnhof Zoo, it still sees some ICE service albeit less than Gesundbrunnen or Hauptbahnhof Berlin Ostbahnhof on Wikipedia Berlin Ostbahnhof (Q683239) on Wikidata


There are several monuments and museums in this district as it is a result of marging across the former border of East and West Berlin, something that was done in Mitte, as well but in no other district.


Checkpoint Charlie
  • 1 Checkpoint Charlie. It was the only border crossing between East and West Berlin that permitted foreigners passage. Residents of East and West Berlin were not allowed to use it. This contributed to Checkpoint Charlie's mythological status as a meeting place for spies and other shady individuals. Checkpoint Charlie gained its name from the phonetic alphabet; checkpoints "Alpha" and "Bravo" were at the autobahn checkpoints Helmstedt and Dreilinden respectively. Checkpoint Charlie's atmosphere was not improved at all on 27 Oct 1961 when the two Cold War superpowers chose to face each other down for a day. Soviet and American tanks stood approximately 200 m apart, making an already tense situation worse. Now the remains of the Berlin Wall have been moved to permit building, including construction of the American Business Center and other institutions.
    At the intersection of Zimmerstraße and Friedrichstraße (U-Bahn Kochstraße U6) is the famous "You Are Leaving the American Sector" sign. The actual guardhouse from Checkpoint Charlie is now housed at the Allied Museum on Clayallee. For a more interesting exhibit go to the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. This is a private museum with kitschy memorabilia from the Wall and the devices GDR residents used to escape the East (including a tiny submarine!)
    Checkpoint Charlie on Wikipedia Checkpoint Charlie (Q68689) on Wikidata
  • 2 Oranienstraße (K36) (U1, U8 „Kottbusser Tor“ or U1 „Görlitzer Bahnhof“). A street full of shops, cafes and restaurants de:Oranienstraße on Wikipedia Oranienstraße (Q952727) on Wikidata
  • 3 Bergmannstraße (K61) (U6, U7 „Mehringdamm“). Like Oranienstraße a street full of shops, cafes and restaurants, but in the other, more middle-class part of Kreuzberg. de:Bergmannstraße (Berlin) on Wikipedia Bergmannstraße (Q820025) on Wikidata
  • 4 Görlitzer Park (K36). 150-200 m along the Wiener Straße (bypassing the fire house and the public swimming pool) from U-Bahn Görlitzer Bahnhof, the park is famous for the Turkish families barbecuing on summer weekends, failed contemporary art and relaxed atmosphere of students. It does have a reputation of being full of pickpockets and drug dealers though and the police makes regular visits to this place to check on the situation. Görlitzer Park on Wikipedia Görlitzer Park (Q896816) on Wikidata
  • 5 Landwehrkanal. Take a stroll for a few kilometers along this canal which runs right through the heart of Kreuzberg. It's peaceful and mostly traffic-free, but full of life in summer. Some parts are lined with bars and restaurants with terraces. Sit on a bench or terrace and watch the world go by on a summer evening. Landwehr Canal on Wikipedia Landwehr Canal (Q671428) on Wikidata
  • 6 Viktoriapark. with the Kreuzberg, a hill in Kreuzberg 61 with a Prussian National Monument and a waterfall Viktoriapark on Wikipedia Viktoriapark (Q566495) on Wikidata
  • 7 Meistersaal (Hansa-Studios by the wall), Köthener Str. 38 (near Potsdamer Platz). Though the area has changed a lot, the building with the Meistersaal, an old music hall from the 1900s, has persisted. Later converted into sound studios, music history was written here with David Bowie ("Heroes"), Iggy Pop, and U2 amongst the groups who recorded here at the "Studio by the wall". Guided tours available occasionally. Meistersaal on Wikipedia Meistersaal (Q1372342) on Wikidata

Museums and memorials[edit]

  • 8 Topography of Terror (Topographie des Terrors), Niederkirchnerstraße 8 (Bus M41 „Abgeordnetenhaus“, Bus M29 „Wilhelmstr./Kochstr.“, S+U2 „Potsdamer Platz“ or U6 „Kochstraße“), +49 30 2545090, e-mail: . 10:00-20:00. This outdoor and indoor history museum documents the terror applied by the Nazi regime. It is located on the site of buildings which during the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945 were the headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS, the principal instruments of repression during the Nazi era. Free. Topography of Terror on Wikipedia Topography of Terror (Q819081) on Wikidata
  • 9 Jewish Museum Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin), Lindenstraße 9-14 (U-Bahn U1, U6 Hallesches Tor, U6 Kochstraße, Bus M29, M41, 248), +49 30 2599-3300. M 10:00-22:00, Tu-Su 10:00-20:00. Designed by Daniel Libeskind with an excellent exposition on the Jewish life in Berlin and the impact of the Holocaust. You can easily spend a day here. There is a metal scanner and other security features you'd rather expect at an airport than a museum. Adults €6, concessions €3. Reduced admission if you show a ticket from the nearby Berlinische Galerie. Jewish Museum, Berlin on Wikipedia Jewish Museum (Q157003) on Wikidata
  • 10 Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7 (Bus M41 "Abgeordnetenhaus" or S1, S2, S25, U2 "Potsdamer Platz"), +49 30 254 86 0. W-M 10:00-21:00. It was a museum of applied arts and a listed historical monument since 1966, and it now is a well-known Berlin exhibition hall. Around €10, varies between exhibits. Free for ages 16 and under. Martin-Gropius-Bau on Wikipedia Martin-Gropius-Bau (Q569445) on Wikidata
  • 11 Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, +49 30 78902600, e-mail: . W-M 10:00-18:00. A museum of modern art, photography and architecture. Its collection focuses on art created in Berlin. Adults 8€, concessions 5€, under 18 free. Every first Monday of the month €4. Reduced admission if you show a ticket from the nearby Jewish Museum. Berlinische Galerie on Wikipedia Berlinische Galerie (Q700222) on Wikidata
  • 12 German Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin), Trebbiner Straße 9, +49 30 90 2540, e-mail: . Tu-F 09:00-17:30; Sa Su 10:00-18:00. Huge technical museum, on a former railroad depot, featuring from ancient water and wind mills to computer pioneer Konrad Zuse's inventions, a collection of old to new vehicles of all types -bicycles, boats, trains, etc - and the interactive Spectrum science center with various hands-on experiments. There's an actual C-17 "Candy Bomber" airplane hanging on its façade. The railroad and aeronautical sections are hard to beat. €8, €4 Concession. German Museum of Technology on Wikipedia German Museum of Technology (Q706530) on Wikidata


Decorated house on Kreutzigerstraße in Friedrichshain

What's up with the Reichsbahn?

The German Reich which is usually translated as "German Empire" but could just as well be rendered as "German Realm" last had an emperor in 1918 and collapsed upon the military defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. Why then did the "Reichsbahn" not cease existing until 1994? Well as so often is the case tradition, convoluted legal reasons and German partition, particularly Berlin partition are to blame. When the Allies tried to sort out the post-war order of Germany, many ad hoc arrangements were made which were probably supposed to be replaced by better solutions later but by then circumstances had changed and the status quo stuck. One of those arrangements concerned the Berlin S-Bahn. The Allies agreed that the Berlin S-Bahn was to be run by the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" in all sectors of Berlin. To the western Allies this made sense as it was the most workable temporary arrangement while the Soviets had no objection as the Reichsbahn was incorporated in Berlin. West Germany renamed its railway "Bundesbahn" or federal railway, but the GDR insisted upon the traffic rights and considerable real estate all tied to the name "Reichsbahn". While the S-Bahn itself proved increasingly costly to maintain in the west and the GDR ultimately handed it over to the West Berlin authorities in 1984, by then easterners had grown to love their anachronistially named railway so the name stuck. Upon reunification it was decided to keep both railways under their old names and only merge them after a new corporate structure had been hashed out, which took until 1994 to fully implement with the formation of Deutsche Bahn AG. Thus the Reichsbahn survived the GDR by more than three years and the "Reich" by nearly five decades.

  • 13 East Side Gallery, Mühlenstraße 3-100 (The gallery is near the Ostbahnhof S-Bahn station on the west side and the Warschauer Straße S-Bahn station on the east side.), +49 30 251 71 59, e-mail: . 24/7. The longest stretch of the Berlin Wall still in existence, painted by artists in 1991 and restored in 2009, after years of decay. At Mühlenstraße, next to the river Spree. The murals are painted on the east side of the wall after the fall of Communism; so they are not from the Cold War, during which murals could only be painted on the west side. Make sure not to miss the famous mural of a car seemingly crashing through the wall with Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing above it. It is actually on the back side of the gallery (it is facing away from the street.) It is just inside the entrance of the Eastern Comfort Hostel, near the east end of the gallery. Free. East Side Gallery on Wikipedia East Side Gallery (Q313746) on Wikidata
  • 14 Simon-Dach-Straße (Simon-Dach-Kiez) (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Warschauer Straß3, U-Bahn: U5 Frankfurter Tor, Tram: M10 Grünberger Str./Warschauer Str., M13 Simplonstr.). The heart of Friedrichshain and its nightlife with numerous cafés, bars and restaurants along its entire extent and also in the side streets. de:Simon-Dach-Straße on Wikipedia (Q2287320) on Wikidata
  • 15 Boxhagener Platz and surroundings (Boxhagener Kiez). The area around Boxhagener Platz is filled with bars, cafes and small shops. Boxhagener Platz itself is a small park with a playground and a cafe, and the nearby Simon Dach Straße is filled with cheap bars and restaurants. At the weekend you can find many places that serve the famous, cheap Berliner brunch. On Sundays there is a small flea market worth strolling around de:Boxhagener Platz on Wikipedia (Q895648) on Wikidata
  • 16 Computerspielemuseum, Karl-Marx-Allee 93a (Near the underground station Weberwiese), +49 30 60988577. W-M 10:00-20:00. Exhibition of digital interactive entertainment culture. You can actually play almost all of the exhibits making it a more "hands on" museum than most. €8, reduced €5. Computerspielemuseum Berlin on Wikipedia Computerspielemuseum Berlin (Q825232) on Wikidata
  • 17 Oberbaum Bridge (Oberbaumbrücke). Arguably the most beautiful bridge in Berlin and the only connection between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. As signage on the bridge indicates, it was built twice - once in the 1890s and once in the 1990s. Before reunification the border ran where the bridge now is. Oberbaum Bridge on Wikipedia Oberbaum Bridge (Q695082) on Wikidata
  • 18 Karl-Marx-Allee. The main street of former East Berlin. It is a big avenue, featuring neoclassical East German buildings, fountains and lakes. Karl-Marx-Allee on Wikipedia Karl-Marx-Allee (Q683226) on Wikidata
  • 19 Märchenbrunnen (Fountain of fairy tales). In 1893 the authorities of Berlin issued the artistic entrance to the National Park Friedrichshain. The fountain of fairy tales was commissioned by the National Park and later designed by Ludwig Hoffmann. Märchenbrunnen on Wikipedia Märchenbrunnen (Q871941) on Wikidata
  • 20 RAW Gelände (Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk), Revaler Str. 99 (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Warschauer Straße, U-Bahn: U1, Tram: M10, M13 S Warschauer Straße). The RAW Gelände is one of Berlin's best known and wildest culture and party areas. It is located on the old railway repair premises of the former (East) German State Railway (Reichsbahn) and includes a lot of clubs (such as Suicide Circus, Cassiopeia, Haubentaucher, Der weiße Hase), concert venues (e.g. Astra Kulturhaus), Bars (e.g. Badehaus), the outdoor climbing park Kegel at a former cone-shaped WWII high-rise bunker, the indoor skate park Skatehalle Berlin, art galleries (RAW Art, Urban Spree), flea markets at the weekend and the open-air cinema Inselkino. de:Warschauer_Straße#Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk on Wikipedia

Prenzlauer Berg[edit]

There aren't many museums and only a few minor sights to explore in Prenzlauer Berg, although the (free) Kulturbrauerei Museum is well worth a detour for those interested in everyday life in East Germany. Of some interest is the atmosphere in the streets, sitting down in a nice café and watching the hip crowds go by.

Flea market at the Kollwitzplatz
Gründerzeit buildings in Oderberger Straße
  • 21 Museum in der Kulturbrauerei, Knaackstraße 97, Building 6.2 (U2 Eberswalder Straße). Tu–Su 10:00–18:00, Th until 20:00. Find out how it felt to live in East Germany in this modern and well-presented exhibition. The museum is a good starting point if you only have a few minutes to sneak a quick peek inside an East German family's living room, but you can spend hours diving further into the stories behind each exhibit by flicking through the documents on display or listening to contemporary witnesses' accounts (English translations available). The museum opened in November 2013 and is housed inside a beautifully restored former brewery; make sure to take a stroll through the courtyards! Free. Museum in the Kulturbrauerei on Wikipedia Museum in the Kulturbrauerei (Q19963744) on Wikidata
  • 22 Kollwitzplatz. The Kollwitzplatz, with a small nice park, is one of Berlin's most beautiful Gründerzeit city squares. Together with the Kollwitzstraße which is crossing it, it offers many cafés and restaurants, but is also a well-known symbol in Germany for gentrification since the late 1990s. Its flea market which takes place every Sunday in one of Berlin's best known and focuses on international delicatessen foods. de:Kollwitzplatz on Wikipedia Kollwitzplatz (Q872494) on Wikidata
  • 23 Kastanienallee. Kastanienallee is well known for its numerous cafés and fashion stores, as well as its many cultural venues in the backyards such as alternative cinemas, theaters and beergardens. It is also nicknamed Casting Alley as it has been Berlin's primary catwalk for fashionistas and hipsters for many years. Kastanienallee (Q320413) on Wikidata
  • 24 Oderberger Straße. Oderberger Straße is one of Berlin's best known streets in regard to nightlife, bars and cafés, and hip stores. It is also known for its beautiful and generous Gründerzeit architecture. Since before Germany's reunification the street has been the desired place for alternative folks, hipsters and avant-gardists, but the area has seen continual gentrification since the early 2000s.
  • 25 Wasserturm (at Rykestraße, corner Knaackstraße.). The first (and one of the biggest) water tower of Berlin (built 1877). Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg on Wikipedia Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg (Q32662967) on Wikidata
  • 26 Synagoge Rykestraße, Rykestraße 53. The synagogue in the backyard of an apartment house is one of the biggest in Germany. Rykestrasse Synagogue on Wikipedia Rykestrasse Synagogue (Q246314) on Wikidata
  • 27 Jüdischer Friedhof Schönhauser Allee, Schönhauser Allee 23-25. Jewish cemetery and lapidarium with old tombstones. Schönhauser Allee Jewish Cemetery (Q32651331) on Wikidata
  • 28 Gethsemanekirche. The meeting point of one of the leading oppositions against the GDR regime and is a great Neogothic church. Also the only ecumenical Lord's supper with Protestants and Catholics together took place in the Gethsemanekirche (2003). Gethsemane Church on Wikipedia Gethsemane Church (Q32664282) on Wikidata
  • 29 Museum for Architectural Drawing (Tchoban Foundation), Christinenstraße 18 (former Pfefferberg factory area), +49 30 437 39 0 90. M–F 14:00-19:00, Sa 13:00-17:00. The museum located in a iconic building opened in June 2013, showcases privately owned collection of architectural drawings from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. €5, €3 (discounted). Museum for Architectural Drawing on Wikipedia Museum for Architectural Drawing (Q17353861) on Wikidata
  • 30 Zeiss-Großplanetarium, Prenzlauer Allee 80, +49 30 4218 450. Zeiss Major Planetarium on Wikipedia Zeiss Major Planetarium (Q184985) on Wikidata


  • 31 Berlin from below (Berliner Unterwelten), Brunnenstraße 105 (at Gesundbrunnen station). Several daily tours 10:00-16:00 in different languages. Go on guided tours below Berlin to the World War II bunkers, flak towers, Cold War defence shelters, etc.
  • 32 Humboldthain (Humboldthain S-Bahnhof). A pleasant park, featuring an anti-aircraft gun emplacement ("Flakturm") which offers sweeping views over Berlin de:Volkspark Humboldthain on Wikipedia Humboldthain (Q2532125) on Wikidata


outdoor Bearpit karaoke, at Mauerpark


  • 1 English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstraße 40 (U Platz der Luftbrücke or U Gneißenaustraße), +49 30 6911211 (box office). Theatre that features all plays/music theatre in English. English Theatre Berlin (Q1342860) on Wikidata
  • 2 Kino Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22 (between Kreuzberg and Neukölln), +49 30 6924785. Cinema showing independent and older movies, some in English. It is the oldest cinema in Germany (1907). Moviemento (Q1657924) on Wikidata
  • 3 Babylon Kreuzberg, Dresdener Straße 126, 10999 Berlin (U Kottbusser Tor), +49 30 61609693. Also non-mainstream movies in this small cinema built in the 1950s.
  • 4 Eiszeit Kino, Zeughofstraße 20 (U Schlesisches Tor or U Görlitzer Bahnhof), +49 30 6116016, e-mail: . This non-mainstream cinema was established in 1981. Since its refurbishment in 2016 it has three small screening rooms. Shows some movies in English or with English subtitles. Also has a restaurant and bar.


  • 5 East Side Gallery (The Wall) (Warschauer Straße U-/S-Bahn). The longest stretch of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. It has been painted by street artists and has several famous art pieces. (If you want to see the wall in its original condition, see the Gedenkstatte Berliner Mauer in Wedding.) Free. East Side Gallery on Wikipedia East Side Gallery (Q313746) on Wikidata
  • 6 Der Kegel, Revaler Str. 99 (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Warschauer Straße, U-Bahn: U1, Tram: M10, M13 S Warschauer Straße), +49 30 66766837, e-mail: . Mo–Fr 9am–23pm, Sa,Su 10am–23pm. At this outdoor climbing area which is located on the RAW Gelände you can do rope climbing at a cone-shaped high-rise bunker from World War II, called the Kegel (cone). The venue also offers an indoor and outdoor bouldering area. In the Kegel shop you can rent or buy climbing gear and book rope climbing or bouldering courses. In summer, there is also an open-air cinema and a beergarden right next to the Kegel. Day ticket €7, rope climbing after 3pm €5, kids €4.
  • 7 Spielwiese, Kopernikusstraße 24, Friedrichshain, +4930 28034088. M 16:00-24:00, Th 19:00-24:00, F 16:00-24:00, Sa Su 14:00-24:00. Café with over 1200 high-quality board, card, and dice games, both European and American, available to play. Many have rules in English. Perfect for a rainy day. Food and drinks for sale. €1 per person, per hour; €3 to rent games overnight.
  • 8 Paint Your Style, Simplonstraße 8, +49 30 69548726. Paint your own piece of ceramic and have it glazed and burned. Pick it up after 1--3 days. From €6.
  • 9 Mercedes Benz Arena (known as "O2 world" until 2015). A modern indoor sports and concert venue, it is among other things the permanent home of Alba Berlin, Berlin's premier Basketball team and Eisbären Berlin, the professional Ice Hockey club of Berlin. Mercedes-Benz Arena (Berlin) on Wikipedia Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin (Q265463) on Wikidata

Prenzlauer Berg[edit]

Nearly everywhere the clubs and bars are open till at least 17:00 (on weekends).

KulturBrauerei (Culture Brewery)
  • 10 Mauerpark. At the end of the Eberswalder Straße, it was once a piece of the Berlin wall. Today in the summer it is a nice place to be, especially for young people. There's an interesting flea market going on every weekend. In the summer weekend afternoons, you can witness - or participate in - the Bearpit Karaoke. Mauerpark on Wikipedia Mauerpark (Q639887) on Wikidata
  • 11 Bearpit Karaoke (Karaoke Sundays). The famous open-air karaoke at the amphitheater in Mauerpark where the bravest can show off to the incidental audience.
  • 12 KulturBrauerei (Culture Brewery), Schönhauser Allee 36 (U2 Eberswalder Straße). A complex that was once a brewery. There you can find the Jazz Cafe, the SODA restaurant where you can enjoy a fine meal of insects, and some clubs: Club 23, nbi and frannz. The KulturBrauerei also has several cinemas showing alternative movies, the Kesselhaus concert house, and one of the best shop for instruments in Berlin, the "Sound and Drumland". Kulturbrauerei on Wikipedia Kulturbrauerei (Q467867) on Wikidata
Schönwetter cafe at Mauerpark Fleamarket
  • 13 Kastanienallee and Oderberger Straße. Nice streets with lots of little shops and cafes to sit outside in the summer and watch people pass by. Once a catwalk for fashionistas and hipsters, Kastanienallee had been nicknamed Casting Alley some years ago.
  • 14 Helmholtzplatz. Little park with cafes and restaurants surrounding it. Helmholtzplatz (Q1569157) on Wikidata
  • 15 Kopfgeldjäger, Stargarder Straße 76. Get you hair cut for €20.
  • 16 Max Schmeling Halle. Named after the 1930s boxing great and home of the Berlin Füchse (originally from Reinickendorf) the premier Handball team of Berlin Max-Schmeling-Halle on Wikipedia Max-Schmeling-Halle (Q705353) on Wikidata
  • 17 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark, Cantianstraße 24 (U-Bahn stop Eberswalder Straße). A soccer and American Football stadium with track and field facilities which has been host to several important competitions in the past, including most German Bowls (Finals of the German American Football League) in recent years as well as the 2018 edition to be held in October Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark on Wikipedia Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (Q656063) on Wikidata


Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain[edit]

Department stores[edit]

  • 1 Karstadt Hermannplatz (U-Bahn Hermannplatz). Built in 1929; large shopping center including clothing, book, and beauty products shops, a post office, and its own high-end supermarket, (probably only second to KaDeWe in the area). The grocery section of Karstadt has fresh meat, seafood, and cheese sections.


Boxhagener Market
  • 2 Flea market at Boxhagener Platz, Boxhagener Platz 1. Su 10:00-late afternoon.
  • 3 Marheineke Markthalle, Marheinekeplatz 15 (along Bergmannstraße). Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00, Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun closed. A market hall with different vendors (mostly food and drinks) including butchers, bakeries, delicatessen, fruits and vegetables etc.
  • 4 Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43. Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00, Sun closed. A market hall.

Record stores[edit]

  • 5 Hardwax, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, +49 30 61130111, e-mail: . M-Sa 12:00-20:00. The techno record shop in Berlin; huge back catalogue and weekly news from around the world; also reggae 7" and drum&bass.
  • 6 Heisse Scheiben, Ohlauer Str. 44. M-F 12:00-19:00, Sa 11:00-15:00. Big second-hand record store.
  • 7 SpaceHall, Zossener Straße 33, +49 30 6947463. M-F 11:00-20:00, Sa 11:00-16:00. A large selection of electronic music, from the latest releases to older vinyl.


  • 8 Flaming Squeegee, Gabriel-Max Str. 9, +49 3027589725, e-mail: . Funny, creative selection of rockabilly and punk t-shirts, bar, and band merchandise.
  • 9 Nüx Siebdruckwaren, Gärtnerstraße 29a, Friedrichshain. M-Sa 12:00-19:00. Friedrichshain is full of screenprinted t-shirt stores, but Nüx stands out with their high-quality natural-history-museum designs such as owls, fish, and foxes.

Gifts and home decor[edit]

  • 10 boxoffberlin, Zimmerstraße 11 (U6 Kochstr.). Open daily 11:00-18:00. Only 100 m from Checkpoint Charlie you will find a small but very interesting place for extraordinary souvenirs and gifts made by local designers. The gallery shows changing exhibitions of contemporary art, films and more from Berlin artists and the little Café offers the best Espresso – fairly traded and organically grown, refreshing lemonades without artificial additives, »Berliner Weisse with a shot« ... in summer also outside in the deck chair
  • 11 Modulor, Prinzenstraße 85, Kreuzberg (U Moritzplatz). M-F 09:00-20:00, Sa 10:00-18:00. Berlin's biggest and best art, craft, and design supply store. A must-visit if you are at all artistically inclined.
  • 12 Aufschnitt, Boxhagenerstraße 32, Friedrichshain. Berlin's only 'textile butchery' sells pillows shaped like meat, made 'fresh' on the premises by Silvia – a unique and whimsical Berlin souvenir.
  • 13 Schwesterherz / Küchenliebe, Gärtnerstraße 28, Friedrichshain. M-F 11:00-20:00, Sa 10:30-19:00. Two 'sister' stores next to each other – one is a well-curated papeterie, the other focuses on kitchenwares.

Prenzlauer Berg[edit]

Flea markets[edit]

  • 14 Mauerpark Flea Market (Flohmarkt im Mauerpark), Bernauer Straße 63-64 (next to Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Sportpark in Prenzlauer Berg; tram-station M10 or bus 247 "Wolliner Straße" or U-Bahn: Eberswalder Straße). Su 07:00-17:00. Great Sunday flea market for vintage clothing, furniture, rare vinyl; not many professionals. A typical Berlin experience.
  • 15 Rosenthal Flohmarkt, Kopenhagener Straße 79-81 (S-Bahn Wilhelmsruh). Sa Su 07:00-14:00.

Bookshops and record stores[edit]

  • Dense, Danziger Straße 16. Electronic music.
  • 16 Der Plattenladen (Club Sound Records), Eberswalder Straße 32. Techno
  • Da Capo, Kastanienallee 96. Second-hand, rock, pop.
  • Hip-Hop-Records, Schönhauser Allee 49. Hip hop.
  • 17 OYE Records, Oderberger Str. 4, 10435 Berlin (U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Str., Tram: 12,M1 Schwedter Str. or Eberswalder Str.), +49 30 666 47 820, e-mail: . Mo-Sa 1pm-8pm. When this record store opened in 2002, it mainly specialized in Latin, Brazil and Italo house, disco and nu-jazz tunes. Today it offers vinyl from a wider range of genres including techno, electro and house.
  • 18 Vopo Records, Danziger Straße 31. Punk, rock.
  • Mundo Azul, Choriner Straße 49. International children's and youth literature and music.
  • Jokers Restseller, Schönhauser Allee 113, +49 30 44739573. For a wide variety of cheap secondhand books.


  • 19 Tausche, Raumerstraße 8, +49 30 40301770. Berlin fans from all over the world can be spotted with the television tower, the city map or Berlin’s area code +49 30 on their tausche bags with exchangeable flaps and insets.
  • Princigalli, Stargarder Straße 67. Quality shoes and cosmetics for ladies.
  • 20 Who Killed Bambi?, Eberswalderstraße 26. Colourful tops, bags & things.
  • 21 Sgt. Peppers, Kastanienallee 91-92. 70s secondhand.
  • Pauls Boutique, Oderbergerstraße 47. Sneakers.
  • 22 Eisdieler, Kastanienallee 12. Sneakers.
  • Flagshipstore, Oderberger Straße 53. M-Sa 12:00-20:00.
  • Hit In TV, Oderberger Straße (near Mauer Park). Tu-F 12:00-19:00, Sa 12:00-18:00.


Gesundbrunnen and Wedding[edit]



Known for its innovative and good value restaurants. The variety of immigrants can be witnessed in the corresponding restaurants. The following have been recommended in a fast changing market.


  • 1 BrezelBar, Friesenstraße 2, +49 30 7623 2253. M-Sa 07:00-15:30; Su holidays 09:00-15:30.
  • 2 Burgermeister, Oberbaumstraße 8 (Verkehrsinsel Schlesisches Tor). to 03:00.
  • 3 Curry 36, Mehringdamm 36 (U-Bahn Mehringdamm). Excellent pork sausage (German: Wurst) with curry ketchup and curry powder.
  • Falafel Maroush, Adalbertstraße 93. 11:00-02:00.
  • 4 Hannibal, Wiener Straße 69 (U-Bahn Görlitzer Bahnhof), +49 30 611 5160. Famous for its burgers and weekend buffet breakfast, good cocktails in the evening.
  • 5 Knofi Café, Bergmannstraße 11 and 98 (U6, U7 Mehringdamm), +49 30-695 64 359. M-Sa 07:00-24:00.
  • 6 Morgenland, Skalitzer Straße 35 (U-Bahn Görlitzer Bahnhof), +49 30 611 3291. Asian breakfast buffet on weekends (reservation essential!), restaurant and bar every day with good food for mid-range prices.
  • 7 Mustafas Gemüse Kebap, Mehringdamm 32 (outside the Mehringdamm U-Bahn station, on the western side of the road). Regarded as the best Döner Kebab in Berlin. Mustafas is a local institution and draws crowds of tourists and Berliners day and night. Expect to stand in line for 20-40 minutes to get your kebab, which attests to the reputation that this place has. Drink beer from the convenience store while you wait. Chicken döner with vegetable: €2.90, vegetable kebap: €3.50.
  • 8 Nil, Oppelner Straße 4. 11:00-24:00. Sudanese fast food shop, serves excellent falafel and other Arabic snacks together with its famous peanut sauce.
  • 9 Sarod's Thai Restaurant, Friesenstr. 22 (at the border of the Bergmannkiez, close to Marheineke Markthalle), +493069507333. M-Sa 12:00-24:00, Su 14:00-24:00. This authentic Thai restaurant offers great food made from fresh ingredients. The ambiente and staff are nice and friendly, and they know English (and Thai, for that matter). Most meals are available as a small portion. €9-18.
  • 10 Tiki Heart, Wiener Straße 20., +49 30-61 07 47 03. Innovative and creative Asian, Polynesian and South American breakfast.
  • 11 To Loc, Wiener Straße 61. Indochinese cuisine. Some consider it the best Asian kitchen in the neighborhood.
  • 12 Yellow Sunshine, Wiener Straße 19 (near Görlitzer Bahnhof). Tu-Su 12:00-23:00. Authentic and clean Chinese restaurant with excellent dumplings.
  • 13 Hamy Cafe, Hasenheide 10 (U7 and U8: Hermannplatz.), +49 30 61625959. Delicious Vietnamese cuisine, a main course for €4.90. They have a daily changing menu and great lassis.
  • 14 Kantina von Hugo, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 23, +49 30 61283110. Small cozy Mediterranean mama-style home cooking situated near the Landwehrkanal. The menu is small but changes everyday. Friendly and not too expensive, very nice wines. Fresh pasta is a must.
  • Opposite the U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor is a very good Turkish bakery which offers broad variety of pastries, cakes, bread and other sweet stuff.


  • 15 Angus Restaurant Steak-Haus, Kreuzbergstraße 11-12, +49 30 786 27 42. Pizza, pasta, different steaks etc. Its one of the cheapest restaurants in Kreuzberg and because of this very crowded (which is part of the nice atmosphere). Pizza from €3.
  • 16 Asador Steakhouse, Wilhelmstraße 22 (corner of Hedemannstraße), +49 30 2593 1818. Spanish and Argentinian food. Food is good and portions are not so small, waiters are able to speak English. Have a look at the water and drink prices and the taxes to avoid surprises.
  • 17 Café Sarotti-Höfe, Mehringdamm 57 (U-Bahn U6/U7, Mehringdamm), +49 30 60031680. Located in a former chocolate factory with buffet for €12, brunch on Sunday for €14.90.
  • 18 Hasir, Adalbertstraße 10, +49 30 614 2373. 24/7. The flagship of a chain run by Mehmet Aygun, who has a pretty good claim to inventing the döner kebab as we know it. Main courses still a steal at €6-11..
  • 19 Kuchenkaiser, Oranienplatz 11-13, +49 30 614 02697. Institution for generation 68, breakfast till 4PM and global kitchen highlights every week.
  • 20 KOMA (Kitchen Of Modern Asia).
  • 21 RosaCaleta, Muskauer Straße 9, +49 695 37 859. Tu-Su 11:00-01:00. Jamaican-European fusion food.
  • 22 Si An Restaurant, Rykestraße 36, +49 30 40 50 57 75. daily 12:00-24:00.



  • 23 Burgeramt, Krossener Straße 21-22 (at Boxhagener Platz), +49 30-667 634 53, e-mail: . Take-away: M-Th 11:00-01:00, F-Sa 11:00-03:00, Su 11:00-01:00. Huge selection of gourmet burgers at reasonable prices. Mediterranean, gorgonzola/walnut, vegetarian, etc., with plenty of homemade relishes and dressings. There is a take-away shop in no 22 and a restaurant in no 21, but the benches outside the take-away shop are crowded, especially in summer. €5.
  • Snap, Warschauer Straße 34. Inexpensive cafe selling burgers (€5), salads, breakfast and hot and cold drinks, opens early and closes late. Also offers a wide range of bottled beers (€1.50-3) to take away, .
  • 24 Nil Sudanesische Spezialitäten, Grünberger Straße 52. Unique place with ethnic cuisine from Sudan. Wonderful place for anybody who would like to taste something from Africa, like quark cheese with fenugreek and black cumin or peanut soup - different and original. Prices begin at €2.


  • 25 Cayetano, Simon-Dach-Str. 14 (Frankfurter Tor), +49 30 547 300 42. Mediterranean food. Amazing weekend brunch buffet. Free wireless Internet
  • 26 Fischschuppen, Boxhagener Straße 68, +49 163-987 07 67. Very fresh and good fish. Select your fish and have the chef cook it. €15.
  • 27 Korea Manna, Niederbarnimstraße 11 (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor). Don't let the Heineken sign misguide you, this place serves excellent Korean food. Try the steamed soy beans as starter and have a bottle of Soju, a Korean schnaps similar to wodka. €5-7 for mains.
  • 28 Lisboa Bar am Boxi, Krossener Straße 20, +49 30 936 21978, e-mail: . Tu-Sa 15:00-24:00; Su 11:00-24:00; M 17:00-24:00. Portuguese tapas, bread, wine, beer and coffee. Good place to have a real dinner or just hang our and share a bottle of wine with a couple of tapas €19 for four tapas.
  • 29 Mutzenbacher, Libauer Straße 11 (near S+U-station Warschauer Straße), +49 30 95616788, e-mail: . Tu-F 12:00-late, Sa Su 12:00-late. Austrian restaurant. The best schnitzels in the area. The vegetables are great too. €10.
  • 30 Schneeweiss, Simplonstraße 16 (S+U-station Warschauer Straße), +49 30 29 04 97 04, e-mail: . 11:00-16:00, 17:00-23:00. Very white and clean but still cozy restaurant with knodels, schnitzel and other German food. Very popular, so make a reservation. Has a great Sunday brunch with a buffet of dishes in individual glass jars. €15 for a main.
  • 31 Schoenbrunn Restaurant, Am Schwanenteich im Volkspark Friedrichshain (Volkspark Friedrichshain), +49 30 45 30 565 25, e-mail: . daily 10:00-23:00 (1 Apr-11 Nov). The Schoenbrunn Restaurant is directly located in the Volkspark Friedrichshain next to "Großer Teich". There's also a beergarden where you can sit outside in the sun. meal from €8.90 to €19.90..
  • 32 Spätzle & Knödel, Wühlischstraße 20, +49 30 27571151. M-F 17:00-00:00, Sa Su 15:00-00:00. Simple and informal restaurant but the southern Swabian-Bavarian food is delicious and spot on. And they have good beer to match the food. €10 for mains.
  • 33 Turnhalle, Holteistraße 6-9 (S-Bahn station Ostkreuz), +49 30 29 364 816, fax: +49 30 29 364 836, e-mail: . This big old gym is turned into a spacious restaurant, lounge and cocktail bar. Free wireless internet. €13 for mains.


Prenzlauer Berg[edit]

Prenzelberg is very popular with students and other budget-conscious people but in recent years the area (especially around Kollwitzplatz) has been developed which has attracted more upmarket restaurants. In other words, check the menu before you sit down.

  • 34 Bangkok Treffpunkt, Prenzlauer Allee 46. 12:00-23:00. Thai restaurant. Excellent service. Recommended for value and food quality by many in the tourist scene. Has same prices as in 1996. €6 curries.
  • 35 Berliner Currywurst & Coffeeshop, Knaackstraße 98 (Kulturbrauerei), +49 171-2891768. Finest German food.
  • 36 Butter, Pappelallee 73 (corner of Raumerstraße). Good food, nice salads, reasonable prices.
  • 37 Kleine Eiszeit, Stargarder Straße (opposite of Gethsemane Church). The best ice-cream in Prenzlauer Berg, expect a long queue, closed in winter.
Konnopke's Imbiß
  • 38 Konnopke's Imbiß, Schönhauser Allee 44B (U-Bahn station Eberswalder Straße under the tracks). M-F 10:00-20:00, Sa 12:00-20:00. Famous for their Currywurst and truly does sell the best curry sausage you can find. A local would ask for a "Curry mit 'ner Schrippe" (a Currywurst with a roll). Since 1930.
  • 39 Malzcafe, Knaackstr. 99, +49 30-440 47 227. Good modern German kitchen for budget travellers with some good veggie choices. Famous with locals.
  • 40 Neugrüns Köche, Schönhauser Allee 135a, +49 30-440 12 092. Modern German kitchen with daily changing menus. Opens at 18:00.
  • 41 Pizzeria I Due Forni, Schönhauser Allee 12 (Take U2 to Senefelder Platz). Water (Tafelwasser) is free, a rarity in Germany.
  • 42 Prater, Kastanienallee 7-9. Beergarden: Apr-Sept daily. A beer garden with a restaurant under shady chestnut trees. The oldest beer garden in Berlin.
  • 43 FrischeParadies Bistro (at Storkower S-stattion), +49 30 390815 131. Tu-Sa 11:30-15:30. Small bistro inside upscale supermarket. Sit at the small tables or at the bar, where you can watch the chef prepare your meal from scratch with fresh high quality ingredients. The food is simple and fresh, always excellent cuts of meat or fish. The wine by the glass is a good deal, which you know because you can pick up a bottle from the wine-rack behind you when you leave. €16.
  • 44 Agni, Prenzlauer Allee 145, 10409 Berlin, +49 30 55 06 55 78. M-Th and holidays 16:00-22:00; F Sa 12:00-16:00 and 17:00-23:00; Su 10:00-16:00 and 17:00-23:00. Excellent Indian food.


Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain[edit]

Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are popular areas for a drink and most people enjoy the very laid back atmosphere. Usually people tend to go out later so most bars start to fill up from 10-11PM

  • 1 Astro-Bar, Simon-Dach-Straße 40, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Warschauer Straß3, U-Bahn: U5 Frankfurter Tor, Tram: M10 Grünberger Str./Warschauer Str., M13 Simplonstr.), +49 173 7682625. 7pm–6am. This trashy retro-bar with its futuristic robot decoration and Atari asteroids screens is certainly the most popular and long-established venue in Friedrichshain's Simon-Dach Kiez. Varying DJs play electro sounds from 10pm in the evening. cocktails from €5.
  • Bar 11, Wiener Straße 21 (U-Görlitzer Bahnhof). daily 18:00-07:00. Bar in the heart of Kreuzberg, DJs on the weekend (rock, pop, funk, soul, disco), entrance is free and international audience. Mondays all cocktails half price.
  • Bar Sofia, Wrangelstraße 93 (U Schlesisches Tor). Small café and bar with a bit tacky but very nice interior. Open daily from 09:00. Hot drinks till 20:00, alcoholic drinks from 18:00. Outside sitting permitted only until 00:00.
  • 2 Café Wendel, Schlesische Str. 41, 10997 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Falckensteinstr.), +49 30 61074029, e-mail: . Cozy retro-style bar with a lot a vintage furnishings, graffiti and typographic artworks on the wall, a large selection of beverages including bio drinks and regularly live music.
  • Die Legende von Paula und Ben, Gneisenaustraße 58 (U7 Südstern). Small and cosy bar with a large choice of cocktails, spirits and wine. For those who are hungry this place serves tapas and for those who want to smoke some cigars.
  • 3 Galander Haifischbar, Arndtstr. 25, +49 30-691 13 52. Bar with sushi and excellent cocktail and whiskey selection.
  • 4 Holzmarkt 25, Holzmarktstraße 25 (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Ostbahnhof, U-Bahn: U8 Jannowitzbrücke, Bus: 140,142,147,240,248,347). Sort of a cultural village at the Spree River founded by an alternative cooperative with a restaurant, bar, club, beer garden, an acrobat's hall, music studios and a bakery.
  • 5 Hops and Barley Hausbrauerei, Wühlischstraße 22/23 (East of Simon Dach str.), +49 3029367534, e-mail: . Microbrewery in former butcher shop. They have a good selections on tap, all own production and from other microbreweries.
  • Konrad Tönz , Falkenstein Straße. Retro 70s with live DJs playing old vinyl records. Most comfortable chairs imaginable and the barman, Jens, is a local legend for his friendliness and charm. Open Tuesday-Sunday 20.00 - whenever (usually around 3-5AM).
  • Madame CLAUDE, Lübbener Straße 19, +49 30-84 11 08 61. Gigs 5 days a week (indie-rock, experimental, folk). Crazy decor (everything is upside-down). Open daily from 18:00 till late.
  • Luzia, Oranienstraße 34. Hot brand-new bar.
  • Orient Lounge, Oranienstraße 13, +49 30-69 56 67 62. Relaxing lounge with good drinks.
  • White Trash Fast Food, Am Flutgraben 2, +49 30 55 150 65 87. Chinese decoration in the former location of a big Irish pub makes you feel like you're in a Tarantino movie. Alternative concerts, cowboy hats, beards and '60s to '70s style - if those are your things then you have a new home. It also has a restaurant with great burgers and self-brewed beer.
  • Wild at Heart, Wienerstraße 20. Punkrock Club with live music, great deco.
  • Wiener Blut, Wiener Straße 14..
  • Wirtschaftswunder, Yorkstraße 81. Is synonymous with the expression "economic miracle". The prices are very low and it has a good local Kreuzberg atmosphere.
  • Wuergeengel, Dresdener Straße 122. from 8pm. Great bar for cocktails. Fills up fast even on weekdays and is very crowded on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Zyankali Bar, Großbeerenstraße 64. The most adventurous bar in Berlin. You'll be surprised what kind of drinks they have on their beverage list. They say some people entered the Zyankali and never came out again.


Berghain, one of the world's most famous techno clubs
  • 6 Berghain/Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof (S Ostbahhof'). The world-famous techno, house and hardcore club. It is situated in an old power generation plant near the Ostbahnhof, sports a huge dancefloor and has room for more than 1500 people. Panorama Bar upstairs is open late until Sunday afternoon. Gay friendly, with hidden darkrooms and leatherboys. Be prepared for tough door policy on popular nights. Not for teenagers, no cameras allowed (mobile phones with a camera are now allowed, but holders are expressly warned not to use them). Berghain on Wikipedia Berghain (Q136975) on Wikidata
  • 7 About Blank (://about blank), Markgrafendamm 24c, Berlin, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn: Ostkreuz). 12pm. This techno club founded by a leftist collective is located within a rundown industrial area. The club is known for its endless niches and corners and has two floors and a garden. Guests should know which DJs are playing this night. de:About_Blank on Wikipedia (Q23906461) on Wikidata
  • 8 Burg Schnabel, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Heckmannufer), e-mail: . 11pm. This techno club with two dance floors is a former industrial warehouse which has been tenderly redesigned inside using a lot of wood, and which has a good sound system, a roof terrace and a cozy outdoor area in summer.
  • 9 Cassiopeia, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin (walk off the street, round the back of a bunch of old factories, next to the techno club), +49 30 47385949. Eclectic mix of shows on, most nights of the week. good hip hop, reggae, drum’n’bass and electro events across 3 rooms and a terrace in an old factory. €5-10 entry. Opens about 10 but typically quiet until 00:00-01:00. Good strip of small vegetarian cafes in the same alley if you need to kill some time. Beers €2.50.
  • 10 Farbfernseher, Skalitzer Str. 114, 10999 Berlin (U-Bahn: U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof, Bus: M29 Heinrichplatz), +49 30 95621801, e-mail: . 10pm. This tiny techno club is located within a former TV shop and has two dance floors for only less than 100 party people. Still it became one of the best-known clubs in Berlin.
  • Geburtstagsklub, Am Friedrichshain 33. Best reggae party in town on Mondays, other days vary.
  • 11 IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2, 10997 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Heckmannufer), +49 30 61074309, e-mail: . 12pm. This techno club originally was only a cozy, wild and wooden open-air club at the waterside for the summer season, but now also offers two indoor dancefloors. It is located directly behind the Freischwimme restaurant. The warehouse-like mainfloor has a decent Kirsch audio system.
  • 12 Gretchen, Obentrautstraße 19-21 (U-Bahn: U-Bahn: U6 Mehringdamm, Bus: N6, N7, N42), +49 030 25922702, e-mail: . Drum ’n’ Bass, Latin, hip-hop and Afrobeat club within a vaulted former military horse stable.
  • 13 K17, Pettenkoferstraße 17A. 4 floors of goth, industrial, synthpop, post-punk, wave, metal, hardcore and punk, located in a backstreet of Friedrichshain. Impressive exterior and outdoor bar. Less snobby than some goth clubs, but the unofficial dress code is all black.
  • 14 Kater Blau, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin (S-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, U-Bahn: U8 Jannowitzbrücke, Bus: Lichtenberger Str.), e-mail: . 12pm. This techno club built out of wood is one of the successors of the famous Bar 25 and right at the waterside. DJs from the in-house label Katermukke play here regularly. de:Kater_Blau on Wikipedia (Q2658747) on Wikidata
  • 15 L.U.X. (Leiseste Unterhaltung Xberg), Schlesische Str. 41, 10997 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Falckensteinstr.), e-mail: . 10pm. This club in a decommissioned industrial building pours on the charm with its old pipes and control panels. DJ are playing electro, funk, nu disco or salsa in this often artfully decorated venue. Inexpensive drinks and bio beer available.
  • 16 Matrix, Warschauer Platz 18, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn/U-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75,U1 Warschauer Straße, Tram: M10,M13, Bus: 248,347,N1), +49 30 2936 9990, e-mail: . 10pm. This long-standing dance music club is located within ten claybrick vaults directly beneath the Warschauer Straße U-Bahn station. Once purely electronic, it nowadays offers a wide range of dance music genres. With its sociable atmosphere it attracts a predominantly younger party crowd which is not fixed on a certain genre. de: Matrix_(Club) on Wikipedia Matrix (Q552863) on Wikidata
  • 17 OST, Alt-Stralau 1-2, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn: Ostkreuz or Treptower Park, Bus: 194,347,N94 Markgrafendamm). 12pm. This techno club in a former harbor generating plant is the successor of the noted Magdalena club and has a huge dance floor and an audio system designed by Gary Stewart.
  • 18 Prince Charles, Prinzenstraße 85f, 10969 Berlin (S-Bahn: U8 Moritzplatz, Bus: 140 Lichtenberger Str.), e-mail: . 7/11pm. This is a house and hip-hop club located within the facilities of a former indoor swimming pool. It is decorated with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, a wooden DJ booth and dancefloor and the bar is located within the dry swimming pool. It is known for high-grade house bookings and has a Funktion One sound system.
  • 19 Ritter Butzke, Ritterstraße 26, 10969 Berlin (S-Bahn: U8 Moritzplatz, Bus: 140 Lichtenberger Str.), +49 30 322332232, e-mail: . 12pm. This techno club on three levels with an old commercial building is known for its artful decoration. Recently a new dance floor called Dampfmaschine has been added. de:Ritter_Butzke on Wikipedia (Q21036533) on Wikidata
  • 20 Rosi's, Revalerstraße 29. Rosi's features grungy underground - the best club in town if you are into that. Nice grill outside with lots of chairs for the warm days, has one chill out floor and one main stage almost in front of a very nice bar. 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month: drum'n'bass, 2nd and 4th Saturday: house electro and on other days concerts and rock parties.
  • 21 Salon zur wilden Renate, Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn: Ostkreuz or Treptower Park, Bus: 194,347,N94 Markgrafendamm), +49 30 25041426, e-mail: . 12pm. This techno club behind a wooden fence and with its numerous artfully decorated rooms is one of the most reknowned in Berlin. de:Wilde_Renate on Wikipedia (Q21036513) on Wikidata
  • 22 SO36, Oranienstraße 190. Legendary club whose roots are punk, nowadays plays different alternative and mainstream concerts. Don't miss the Gayhane, the Turkish "homoriental" gay party.
  • 23 Suicide Circus, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn/U-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75,U1 Warschauer Straße, Tram: M10,M13, Bus: 248,347,N1), e-mail: . 12pm. Techno club with an indoor dancefloor within a former railway depot, an outdoor dancefloor and a garden. Located just 100 meters away from the Warschauer Straße S-Bahn station on the former RAW railway compound. High-grade techno, electro and house bookings. de:Suicide_Circus on Wikipedia (Q28873931) on Wikidata
  • 24 Watergate, Falckensteinstraße 49 (U Schlesisches Tor / S Warschauer Straße). Open Wednesday (only one floor), Friday, Saturday.. Big club right on the Spree specializing in house, break-beats and DnB. Split-level layout and fantastic night views of the river. The main room is famous for its LED lighting. Tough door policy.
  • 25 YAAM, An der Schillingbrücke 3 (S-Bahn: S3,S5,S7,S75 Ostbahnhof, U-Bahn: U8 Jannowitzbrücke, Bus: 140,142,147,240,248,347), +49 30 6151354. Large reggae/dancehall, hip-hop and afrobeat club in the factory building which previously housed the clubs Maria am Ostbahnhof and Deli an der Schillingbrücke. A focus on street art and street sports and a beach bar in summer. de:Maria_am_Ostbahnhof on Wikipedia (Q1655799) on Wikidata

Prenzlauer Berg[edit]

Bars and Cafes[edit]

  • 26 Al Hamra, Raumer Straße 16. Relaxed Mediterranean/Arabic style bar cafe serving good food, with occasional music and movies, has a separate smoking section.
  • 27 An einem Sonntag im August (On an August Sunday), Kastanienallee 103 (U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Straße, Tram: M1, M10, 12 Eberswalder Str.), +49 30 44051228, e-mail: . Iconic café-bar in a retro living room style right at the entrance of Kastanienalle from where locals overlook the neighborhood from behind large windows. With regular live DJs, readings and Hollywood swings on the street.
  • 28 August Fengler, Lychener Str. 11 (U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Straße, Tram: M10), +49 30 44356640. Everyday from 19:00 till late. Longstanding and often crowded bar with kickers and small dance floor. DJs play indie, latin, disco or electro.
  • 29 Café Hilde, Metzer Straße 22. large bright corner cafe and bar. Direct fair trade coffee, organic teas & ice cream, home-made cakes. Evenings there is bistro style food including pastas and salads.
  • 30 Intersoup, Schliemannstraße 31. Small bar that fills quickly; serving spicy Indonesian-inspired soups. Often has live DJs.
  • Kakao, Dunckerstraße 10. Popular cafe and bar specializing in chocolate, ran by the chocolate shop next door. Has a great view of Helmholtzplatz and good hot chocolate.
  • 31 Kauf Dich Glücklich Café, Oderberger Str. 44 (U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Straße, Tram: M1, M10, 12 Eberswalder Str.), +49 30 48623292. 11am–23pm, Fr,Sa 10am–0.30am. This iconic café with its diversified collection of colored retro chairs and its wild, overgrown outdoor terrace which is so typical of the hipster-hedonist Kastanienallee-Oderbergerstraße heighborhood offers crêpes, waffles, housemade ice cream, and an excellent breakfast. On crowded weekends, count in some waiting time.
  • 32 Kulturbrauerei (Close to U-Bahn-Station Eberswalder Straße). A former brewery which now houses many bars and restaurant. Most famous is the Soda Club with an excellent bar.
  • Luxus bar, Prenzlauer Allee 197. Great small bar, nice with bricks and an aquarium, looks like an old meat store, can be crowded, excellent music.
  • 33 Morgenrot, Kastanienallee 85, +49 30 44317844. Tu-Th 12:00-02:00; F-Su 11:00-02:00. Alternative cafe serving vegetarian and vegan food, quite a recommended place for people interested in squats and related issues.
  • No Fire No Glory, Rykestr. 45. Third wave coffee place with a beautiful terrace and homemade sweets & savory food. Currently available espresso blends are 'the coffee collective' Copenhagen and 'bonanza coffee heroes' Berlin. Pour over coffee with single origins for a real caffeine high are obtained too.
  • 34 Pfefferberg, Schönhauser Allee 176 (U-Bahn: U2 Senefelderplatz, Bus: N2), +49 30 443 830, e-mail: . This is a large former brewery compound which has been reused as a cultural and nightlife center with changing clubs, bars, theaters, restaurants, a large beer garden, a hostel and artist's studios for decades. It is a bit similar to the Kulturbrauerei but has been wilder and more run-down until its recent renovation. de:Pfefferberg_(Berlin) on Wikipedia Pfefferberg (Q2083439) on Wikidata
  • 35 Schwarz-Sauer, Kastanienallee 13. until 06:00. Very popular bar with a local and international student crowd.
  • 36 Scotch & Sofa, Kollwitzstraße 18 (U-Bahn: U2 Senefelderplatz, Bus: N2), +49 30 68004203, e-mail: . 6pm–2am. Cozy retro-style cocktail and whisky bar right at the entry point to Kollwitzstraße with 1950s furnitures and wallpapers and reasonable prices. This long-standing bar had already been here when the surrounding buildings did not yet exist at all.
  • 37 Wohnzimmer, Lettestraße 6, corner of Schliemannstraße, +49 30 4455458. 09:00-late. The first 'trendy' bar in this part of Prenzlberg and still very popular. Serves breakfasts and is open late. Separate smoking room
  • 38 Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir, Lychener Str. 15 (U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Straße, Tram: M10), +49 176 24412940. Everyday from 19:00 till late. Retro-stlye bar with very relaxed atmosphere, genuine 1970s interior and excellent drinks. The prices are fair and the bartenders are nice. DJs play electro or soul.


  • 39 Dr Pong, Schönhauser Allee 36, e-mail: . 8pm–5am. A typically Berlin style club where you can play table tennis and drink cheap beer, very friendly place.
  • 40 Dunckerclub, Dunckerstr. 64. Alternative, hard rock, indie.
  • 41 frannz, Schönhauser Allee 36. A relaxed pop/rock club in Kulturbrauerei, also with live music.
  • 42 Klub Der Republik, Berliner Str. 80, 13189 Berlin (U-Bahn: U2 Vinetastraße, Tram: 12,50,M1,M2,M13 Schönhauser Allee/Bornholmer Straße, Bus: N2), +49 30 1234567. 9pm. This is the successor of the famous Klub Der Republik at Pappelallee 81. Its legendary decoration, original lamps and sofas from East Berlins demolished Palast der Republik, has moved to the new location. The new dancefloor is located in the cellar of a former brewery, and the bar within a decommissioned transformer station. Varying DJs play electro and house.
  • Knaack, Greifswalder Straße 224. Former communist youth center. Three floors with different music and hosts live concerts.
  • Magnet, Greifswalder Str. 212/213. Alternative. Some indie concerts and club nights. Take care, there is also a FC Magnet Bar in Veteranenstraße, which is a cool place, too.
  • NBI, Schönhauser Allee 36. Nice, small club, not really for dancing, with friendly people and live sets. Usually electro or minimal music, as well as indie pop/rock nights.
  • Bastard, Kastanienallee, next to Prater Garten. Mostly punk, ska and alternative music.




  • 1 BackpackerBerlin, Knorrpromenade 10 (S-Train Station Ostkreuz , walk along Sonntagstraße), +49 30 29369164. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 11:30. Cosy hostel providing room types such as dorms and private accommodations. Bathrooms and rooms are very clean and you´ll be equipped with wifi, internet, free coffee/tea, washing machine, computers, common kitchen. from €9,90 on.
  • 2 Hotel ibis Berlin Ostbahnhof, An der Schillingbrücke 2 (S-bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 30 257600. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Double room €60 if booked in advance.
  • 3 All In Hostel Berlin, Grünberger Straße 54 (Close to Simon-Dach-Str), +49 30 288 768 3, fax: +49 30 288 768 3, e-mail: . Silent back yard, built in 1911, factory loft.
  • 4 A&O, Boxhagener Str. 73 (S-Bahn: Ostkreuz), +49 30 297 7810, fax: +49 30 2900 7366, e-mail: . Double rooms start at €24 per person, dorm starts at €10.
  • 5 Pegasus Hostel Berlin, Straße der Pariser Kommune 35 (U-Bahn: Weberwiese), +49 30 2977 360, fax: +49 30 2977 3610, e-mail: . 2-bed rooms start at €19 per person, dorm starts at €14. One of this independent hostel's main attractions is its large, green courtyard which hosts a beer garden, BBQ, table tennis and comfortable seating areas. They have free internet access, laundry service and multilingual staff. They offer accommodations from single rooms with showers and WC, to beds in dormitory rooms.
  • 6 U Inn Berlin Hostel, Finowstraße 36 (U-Bahn: Samariterstraße and near S-Bahn/U-Bahn: Frankfurter Allee), e-mail: . Another cosy backpacker hostel that offers singles, doubles and dorms.
  • 7 Sunflower Hostel, Helsingforser Str. 17 (S-Bahn: Warschauer Straße), +49 440 44 250, fax: +49 30 577 96 550, e-mail: . Dorms from €10/person, they also have doubles and apartments. The sunny side of Berlin, nicely decorated rooms.





  • 8 Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel Berlin, Skalitzer Straße 104, +49 30 6951-8322, e-mail: . Kreuzberg's first hostel (est. 2000), centrally located just off the main drag. Facilities are well maintained with very clean bathrooms/showers. Young (twenties) and mixed crowd. Beer for sale at all hours!
  • 9 Three Little Pigs Hostel, Stresemannstraße 66, +49 30 26395880, fax: +49 30 263958816. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. The hostel is located in an old nunnery in Kreuzberg next to S Anhalter Bhf. from €13.
  • 10 Grand Hostel Berlin, Tempelhofer Ufer 14 (3 minute walk from subway station Möckernbrücke), +49 30 200 95 45-0. Located within one of Kreuzberg's "Kiez" and a 15min walk away from checkpoint Charlie. It's a renovated 19th-century building and all the interior is new. The service at the reception is also very nice and helpful. Rooms start at €17 (mixed 4-bed room) and go up to €40 for a private one-bed room..
  • 11 Comebackpackers, Adalbertstraße 97, 10999 Berlin (U-Bahn: Kottbusser Tor), +49 30 600 57 52 7, e-mail: . They have a big common room, a full equipped kitchen and free Internet. Dorms for €14 incl. linen.
  • 12 MotelOne Berlin Mitte.
  • 13 Die Fabrik, Schlesische Str. 18 (U-Bahn: Schlesisches Tor), +49 30 611 7116, fax: +49 30 618 2974, e-mail: . An old factory building turned into a hostel. 2-bed rooms start at €49/room, dorm starts at €18.


  • 14 City-Hotel Gotland, Urbanstraße 171, +49 30-69536450. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 11:30. Bed and Breakfast. Staff speaks English. Prices range from €49 per night.
  • 15 Sarotti Höfe, Mehringdamm 57 (U-Bhf Mehringdamm), +49 30-600 3168-0, fax: +49 30-600 3168-68, e-mail: . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. 3-star hotel in a transformed chocolate company. Modernised rooms with good location to Bergmann Kietz. Known for its breakfast/brunch and good service. Popular with mid-aged city tourists in a small and cozy hotel. from €69.


Prenzlauer Berg[edit]






  • Raise a Smile Hostel Berlin, Weidenweg 51 (U-Bahn: Frankfurter Tor; Tram: M10), e-mail: . Double rooms start at €17.90 per person, dorm starts at €8.90. Small & homely independent hostel opened in December 2009. The hostel is decorated in an African style with each room having a different animal theme. 100% of the profit from the hostel is used to support the charity "Raise a Smile" which helps children in Zambia, Africa.
  • 29 Riverside Lodge, Hobrechtstr. 43 (U8 Schönleinstraße), +49 30-69 515 510, e-mail: . Little hostel in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg.
  • Red Rooster Bar and Hostel Odyssee, Grünberger Straße 23 (U-Bahn: Frankfurter Tor; corner of Warschauer St), +49 30-29 0000 81, fax: +49 30-29 0033 11, e-mail: . The Odyssee is independently run by a young crew - a real rock 'n 'roll place with a nice bar. This is a simple hostel which provides internet access, bicycle rental, and a bar (open until dawn). Prices range from €10-54 per night.
  • Bed and Breakfast Ring, +49 30-48496468, e-mail: . Bed and Breakfast. The staff speak English. Prices range from €22-80 per night.
  • Frauenzimmer. Private accommodation for women, from women. Guestrooms and apartments. From €25 per night.


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