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Location of the southern parts of Berlin

The South part of Berlin consists of the districts Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin-Neukölln, Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Steglitz-Zehlendorf.


Steglitz-Zehlendorf is a district in the southwest of Berlin. Zehlendorf and Charlottenburg are the wealthiest parts of Berlin. It has a lot of lakes and forests, lots of culture and the biggest university in Berlin. Most famous is the Wannsee with its Strandbad, where on hot summer weekends all families visit. There are other lakes, where bathing is allowed and is free.

Steglitz was merged with Zehlendorf in 2001 and is an ordinary (but nice) residential and shopping district. Zehlendorf is more interesting for tourists because of its many museums, beautiful nature and some old castles.

Tempelhof-Schöneberg is a district of Berlin. In 2001 these two former boroughs were merged. Both are very different and were merged solely to have a bigger political unit. Tempelhof is an industrial area and in the south is a living area for families. The northern part is mainly occupied by the airport Tempelhof which was closed in October 2008.

Neukölln is a district of Berlin. It consists of four sub-districts (Britz, Buckow, Rudow and Neukölln). Neukölln has a history as a poor working-class district with a large number of migrants. Neukölln offers big contrasts between the densely populated northern part and the more village looking southern parts. Southern neighborhoods Britz, Buckow and Rudow became part of Berlin in the 1930s and kept its structure. In the past few years, the northern part of Neukölln, nicknamed Kreuzkölln, has seen a transformation as a large influx of students and artists are moving into the neighborhood.

Treptow-Köpenick is a district of Berlin. Köpenick is known for its old town, its castle and the many lakes and forests. And for the story of The Captain of Köpenick. Treptow is more a residential district and well known to Berliners for its big park and some beautiful views of River Spree. In some parts you can visit big ex-industrial areas which are now changing to something else (i.e. cultural or shopping areas) or simply fading away.

Get in[edit]

Map of Berlin/South


The center of Steglitz is the U-/S-Bahn station 1 Rathaus Steglitz. (U9, S1) Berlin Rathaus Steglitz station on Wikipedia Berlin Rathaus Steglitz station (Q555492) on Wikidata One of the most popular shopping streets in Berlin is the "Schloßstraße" with a good selection of specialized shops, especially medium and low-priced fashion shops. Additionally there are four small to medium-sized malls where you'll get everything you need.

Zehlendorf is spread quite far and depending on the area, different stations are the best. 2 Wannsee. (S1, S7) Berlin-Wannsee station on Wikipedia Berlin-Wannsee station (Q567336) on Wikidata , 3 Grunewald. (S7) Berlin-Grunewald station on Wikipedia Berlin-Grunewald station (Q457266) on Wikidata or 4 Dahlem-Dorf. (U3) Dahlem-Dorf (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia Dahlem-Dorf (Q668585) on Wikidata are the best stations to stop at for the most interesting areas.


U-Bahn line 6 from station 5 Platz der Luftbrücke. Platz der Luftbrücke (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia Platz der Luftbrücke (Q553146) on Wikidata onwards south is the backbone of the district. The major S-Bahn station 6 Südkreuz (formerly known as "Papestraße"). DB station with national and international rail service Berlin Südkreuz on Wikipedia Berlin Südkreuz (Q376589) on Wikidata and 7 Tempelhof. Berlin-Tempelhof station on Wikipedia Berlin-Tempelhof station (Q571405) on Wikidata also lie within the district.


The U-Bahn line U7 and U8 are the backbone of transportation in Neukölln. All stations from U8 Schönleinstraße to U8 Hermannstraße and U7 Hermannplatz to U7 Grenzallee are northern Neukölln. Starting from Parchimer Allee until the terminal station Rudow you will see the smaller houses, apartment blocks and gardens of Britz, Buckow and Rudow. But with the Gropiusstadt, there is also a housing estate with many mulit-storage buildings and a different social situation. Several bus lines connect the residential areas especially in the southern parts.

The federal motorway 100 (the new city highway) is constructed on the former border line to Treptow-Köpenick. It offers a fast way to the new BBI airport which will in near future be the only airport for Berlin. During rush hour the entry and exit ways might be congested but the main traffic is to come after the airport opening.


Treptow is best accessed by S-Bahn lines S41, S42, S8, S85 and S9. The most important station is 8 Treptower Park. Berlin Treptower Park station on Wikipedia Berlin Treptower Park station (Q559274) on Wikidata

To get into Köpenick take the S47 to 9 Spindlersfeld. Berlin-Spindlersfeld station on Wikipedia Berlin-Spindlersfeld station (Q4892371) on Wikidata or the S3 to 10 Köpenick. Berlin-Köpenick station on Wikipedia Berlin-Köpenick station (Q800479) on Wikidata and consider taking one of the many trams to the old town and the old palace.

To get to the Müggelsee take the S3 to 11 Friedrichshagen. Berlin-Friedrichshagen_station on Wikipedia or to 12 Rahnsdorf. Berlin-Rahnsdorf_station on Wikipedia and if you want to round it you will have to use the Ferry transport. Ferry_transport_in_Berlin on Wikipedia of the BVG and one of the ferry lines F23 or F24. To get to the Langer See lake take the S8,9,45,46 or 85 to 13 Grünau. Berlin-Grünau_station on Wikipedia and then the Tram 68.

By tram[edit]

Perhaps the most picturesque line in the city, known to transit system officials as "the most beloved tram line in Germany" due to its customers' passionate opposition to reducing service, is Line 68. In off-seasons it has more scenery than people, but when hot weather comes its lakeshore meanderings and the tiny, "gemütlich" village of Alt-Schmöckwitz at the line's outer terminal draw so many customers that extra trams are pressed into service. Line 68 may be best accessed at the Berlin-Grünau S-Bahn station, where all types of convenience food and shopping are available.

Beyond the village center and tram terminal, a large forested area of lakefront parkland offers hiking and bicycling possibilities. This was once the home neighborhood for expatriate American, international music and film star Dean Reed. The Line 68 tram had one brief moment of glory, in 1936. In its former incarnation as Line 86 it was the best route to the Olympic rowing events and some structures, street names, etc., still reflect that high point.



Großer Wannsee
  • 1 Wannsee. This is the number-one bathing and recreation spot in western Berlin, with several beaches, the large Strandbad Wannsee open-air lido and several historic landmarks nearby. Wannsee on Wikipedia Wannsee (Q1949) on Wikidata
  • 2 Schloss und Schlosspark Glienicke (Glienicke Palace, Casino and Garden). Apr-Oct: Tu-Su; Mar Nov-Dec: Sa Su holidays. This castle is one of Berlin's oldest castles and where Prince Carl used to reside. Be sure to check out Glienicke Bridge, the bridge that became renowned for the exchange of Western and Eastern secret agents. link for the park single €6, reduced €5, family €12. Glienicke Palace on Wikipedia Glienicke Palace (Q301684) on Wikidata
  • 4 Jagdschloss Grunewald (Grunewald Hunting Lodge), Hüttenweg 100, 14193 Berlin. Nov-Mar: Sa Su holidays 10:00-16:00; Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Built in 1542. An impressive traditional country estate with stately architecture, it is an enclave of untouched regional cultural history and architectonic epochs. The 80-hectare mixed forest also provides a wide network of paths for walking and rambling. Jagdschloss Grunewald (Q531032) on Wikidata
  • 5 Bierpinsel (Turmrestaurant Steglitz), Schloßstraße 17, 12163 Berlin (U-Bahn: U9 Schloßstr., S-Bahn: S1 Rathaus Steglitz, Bus: 186,282,M48,M85). The Bierpinsel ("beer brush") is a building in Steglitz which resembles an observation tower and is famous for its pop-art appearance. The futuristic and recently landmarked building was built from 1972 to 1976 and has since been used as restaurant, night club, bar, radio station and art café. Bierpinsel on Wikipedia
  • 6 Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin (Botanical Garden), Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8 (train: S1 Botanischer Garten, U3 Dahlem Dorf, U9 Rathaus Steglitz), +49 30 838-50100. Jan 09:00-16:00; Feb 09:00-17:00; Mar 09:00-18:00; Apr 09:00-20:00; May-Jul 09:00-21:00; Aug 09:00-20:00; Sep 09:00-19:00; Oct 09:00-18:00; Nov-Dec 09:00-16:00. The garden is part of the Free University of Berlin. Adults €6, reduced €3, family €12. Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum on Wikipedia Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (Q163255) on Wikidata
  • 7 Mexikoplatz (S-Bahn: S1 Mexikoplatz, Bus: 118,622). Heritage listed Art Nouveau railway station and charming surrounding city square. Berlin_Mexikoplatz_station on Wikipedia
  • 8 Strandbad Wannsee, Wannseebadweg 25, 14129 Berlin (S-Bahn: S1,S7 Nikolassee), +49 30 803 5450. This heritage-protected public bathing beach which opened in 1907 is one of the largest inland lidos in Europe and has a 1275 meters long sand beach, a capaciy for up to 30.000 guests and a popular nudist area. Strandbad_Wannsee on Wikipedia
House of the Wannsee Conference: The home of the "Final Solution."


  • 9 Brücke-Museum, Bussardsteig 9, 14195 Berlin, +49 30 8312029. W-M 11:00-17:00. Works from the Dresden art collaborative called "Die Brücke". Brücke Museum on Wikipedia Brücke Museum (Q833759) on Wikidata
  • 10 Museum of European Cultures, Lansstraße 8 / Arnimallee 25, +49 30 266424242. Tu-F 09:00-17:00; Sa Su 11:00-18:00. The biggest of its sort in Europe. At the museum district of Dahlem. Museum Europäischer Kulturen on Wikipedia Museum Europäischer Kulturen (Q318174) on Wikidata
  • 11 Ethnological Museum, Lansstraße 8 / Arnimallee 25, +49 30 266424242. Closed as of August 2017.. Again one of the world's most comprehensive ones. At the museum district of Dahlem. Ethnological Museum of Berlin on Wikipedia Ethnological Museum of Berlin (Q688353) on Wikidata
  • 12 Museum of Asian Art (Museum für Asiatische Kunst), Lansstraße 8 (U Dahlem-Dorf), +49 30 266424242. Closed as of August 2017.. Includes East Asian and Indian sections. Museum of Asian Art on Wikipedia Museum of Asian Art (Q370045) on Wikidata
  • 13 Allied Museum, Clayallee 135, 14195 Berlin (train U3 to Oskar-Helene-Heim, Bus 115 or X83), +49 30 8181990. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. A museum showing the Western side of the Cold War. Free. Allied Museum on Wikipedia Allied Museum (Q316329) on Wikidata
  • 14 House of the Wannsee Conference, Am Großen Wannsee 56-58 (on the shoreline), +49 30 8050010. M-Su 10:00-18:00; closed May 1, Good Friday, Jan 1, Dec 24-Dec 26, Dec 31. This museum explains how this house was used for a meeting of senior Nazis to ensure that they all knew that the SS would industrialize the use of mass-murder in disposing of Jews and "undesirables" and to debate a little the logistics of the Holocaust, for which Hitler had already given the orders. Free. Wannsee Conference on Wikipedia Wannsee Conference (Q152120) on Wikidata
a Max Libermann painting
  • 15 Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee, Colomierstraße 3 (On the Wannsee, 1.5km north of Wannsee S-train station (bus 114 to bus stop "Liberman-Villa")). Oct-Mar: W-M 11:00-17:00; Apr-Sep: W-M 10:00-18:00, Th Su holidays 10:00-19:00; closed Dec 24, Dec 31 off. House museum on Max Liebermann, German painter and printmaker. Has about 15 Lieberman paintings. €7 (€6 in winter). Liebermann Villa on Wikipedia Liebermann Villa (Q876487) on Wikidata


Tempelhof Terminal
  • 16 Tempelhof Airport (Take U6 to "Platz der Luftbrücke", "Paradestraße" or "Tempelhof" to enter the park.). Sunrise to sunset. The "mother of all airports", according to Sir Norman Foster, is a huge relic of the pre-war era. The terminal building is located immediately south of the city center and was the hot spot of the Berlin airlift ("Berliner Luftbrücke") in 1948-49, but closed as an airport on October 30, 2008. In 1951 a monument was added to commemorate the airlifts over the Berlin Blockade. The airport was featured in movies like Billy Wilder's One Two Three. Nowadays, the airfield of Tempelhof is a spacious park with many visitors in summer and fall. The terminal building is still fascinating - the halls and neighbouring buildings, intended to become the gateway to Europe, are still known as the largest built entities worldwide. The terminal building is used as a venue of fashion weeks or fairs. Tempelhof has been subject to a lot of local politics in recent years. First a ballot measure to keep it as an airport failed and a few years later a ballot measure to keep new construction on its outskirts from happening was successful, thus preserving the urban open space at the cost of an exacerbated housing shortage. the park is free; guided tour in the building €15. Berlin Tempelhof Airport on Wikipedia Berlin Tempelhof Airport (Q9686) on Wikidata
  • 17 Schwerbelastungskörper (heavy load body), General-Pape-Str/Loewenhardtdamm. Tu-W 14:00-18:00; Th 10:00-18:00; Su 13:00-16:00. Closed Nov-Mar and Good Friday. From 1941, 12.000 tons of concrete in a 15 metre high and 20 metre-diamater cylinder were built to test the load-bearing capacity of the Berlin soils for Albert Speer's Germania-Buildings. Too massive for later blasting, this is one of the more bizarre remains of the Third Reich. free entry. Schwerbelastungskörper on Wikipedia Schwerbelastungskörper (Q704670) on Wikidata


Neukölln has been known for its high immigrant population, but is now considered to be a highly up-and-coming neighbourhood of Berlin where more and more artists, students, and new homeowners are moving to. Particularly northern Neukölln – also known as Kreuzkölln – has seen a huge influx of money and has become particularly trendy, and this trend is moving steadily further south. Particular areas of note is the part of Neukölln close to the Maybachufer channel that also hosts the famous Turkish market (off of U-Bahn Schönleinstraße), the Schillerkiez (off of U-Bahn Boddinstrasse), and the Richardplatz (off of U-Bahn Karl-Marx-Straße).


Köpenick Palace
Captain of Köpenick
  • 18 Altstadt Köpenick. The old town of Köpenick surrounded by water. Especially noteworthy are the Köpenick Palace which houses a museum of applied art and the Neogothic town hall. Köpenick on Wikipedia
  • 19 Archenhold Observatory, Alt-Treptow 1, +49 30 536 063 719. Museum: W-Su 14:00-16:30. Guided tours: Th 20:00; Sa Su 15:00. The longest moving refracting telescope is 21 meters long with a lens diameter of 68 centimetres. This giant telescope was built in 1896 by Dr. Freidrich Simon Archenhold but is now part of the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin. It was the place where Albert Einstein presented his Theory of Relativity to the public in 1915. Free, guided tour €6. Archenhold Observatory on Wikipedia Archenhold Observatory (Q632629) on Wikidata
  • 20 Berliner Bürgerbräu (S-Bahn: S3 Friedrichshagen, Tram: 60,61 Müggelseedamm/Bölschestr.). The building of one of Berlin’s oldest breweries is a ravishingly beautiful and heritage-protected industrial monument. de:Berliner_Bürgerbräu on Wikipedia
  • 21 FEZ Berlin (Pionierpalast Ernst Thälmann), Strasse zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide (S-Bahn: S3 Wuhlheide, Tram: 27,60,67 Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Berlin, Bus: N67). Mo-Fr 8.30am-4pm, Sa-Su 12am-5pm. While the former Palast der Republik in Berlin-Mitte has been demolished in favor of the reconstruction of the Berliner Schloss, its counterpart for kids, pupils and "young pioneers", the Pionierpalast Ernst Thälmann can still be seen at the Volkspark Wuhlheide. The large building complex which was built from 1976 to 1979 is a contemporary testimony for architecture in the socialist German Democratic Republic and of the 1970s. It included a cosmonaut training center, a large indoor swimming pool, a theater, restaurants, event locations, and a launch site for model rockets. Today it is called FEZ Berlin and the usage as a center for kids, the youth and families remains the same, with most of the original facilities such as the indoor swimming pool and the space flight training center still in place. de:Wuhlheide#FEZ on Wikipedia
  • 22 Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide (Wuhlheide Kindl Stage), Strasse zum FEZ 4 (An der Wuhlheide), 12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide (S-Bahn: S3 Wuhlheide, Tram: 27,60,67 Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Berlin, Bus: N67), +49 30 8871 60770. The Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide is a cultural heritage site and of Berlin's largest and most popular open-air stages for rock, pop and electronic concerts in the shape of an ancient amphitheater. Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide on Wikipedia
  • 23 Müggelsee (S-Bahn: S3 Friedrichshagen or Rahnsdorf, Tram: 61). Berlin's biggest lake and popular resort for bathing and watersports. You can also travel there by tram, which is an experience by itself. Müggelsee on Wikipedia Müggelsee (Q694789) on Wikidata
  • 24 Kleiner Müggelsee, Hinter der Düne 8, 12559 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Rahnsdorf or Wilhelmshagen, Ferry F23 or F24, Bus: 169 Odernheimer Str.). The "Small Müggelsee" is southeast of the "Large Müggelsee". Its sloping sand beach, which is called Strandbad Kleiner Müggelsee is one of the most popular bathing beaches in this southeast corner of Berlin, if not the most popular.
  • 25 Müggelturm, Straße zum Müggelturm 1 (Bus X69 to stop "Rübezahl". Tram line 62 to "Wendenschloss" (end of the line)), +49 30 94380701. 10:00-20:00. An observation tower without an elevator in Southeast Berlin, from which you can see that there is a great deal of forest around Berlin. There is a cafe at the tower. €2. Müggelturm on Wikipedia Müggelturm (Q895969) on Wikidata
  • 26 Neuvenedig. A beautiful landscape of water canals and vegetation with charming little fish restaurants. If you arrive by S-Bahn line S3, get off at the Wilhelmshagen station. (Q885218) on Wikidata
  • 27 Regattastrecke Berlin-Grünau, Regattastraße 211, 12527 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,9,45,46,85 Grünau, Tram 68, Bus 68 Regattatribünen). The 2000 meters long regatta course at the Langer See lake in Grünau was an official site of the Olympic Games 1936. The first rowing regatta took place here on 27 June 1880. de:Regattastrecke_Berlin-Grünau on Wikipedia
  • 28 Schloss Köpenick (Köpenick Palace) (S-Bahn: S3 Köpenick or S47 Spindlersfeld, Tram: 27,60,61,62,63,67,68 Schloßplatz Köpenick, Bus: 68,162,164,165). The charming Baroque water palace of the Hohenzollern electors surrounded by the Dahme river and an English garden. Köpenick_Palace on Wikipedia
  • 29 Soviet War Memorial, Puschkinallee, +49 30 25002333. In Treptower Park, a huge memorial and the surrounding war cemetery for 5,000 of the Red Army soldiers fallen during the Battle of Berlin. Distinctive Soviet realism features, with its iconic statue of a Red Army soldier standing proudly over a broken Nazi swastika. Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park) on Wikipedia Soviet War Memorial (Q48441) on Wikidata
  • 30 Spreepark, Wasserweg, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park or Plänterwald, Bus: 165,166,265,N65 Rathaus Treptow), e-mail: . This abandoned amusement park with its iconic large Ferris wheel openend in the German Democratic Republic in 1969. After its closing in 2002 the rotting theme park and its apocalyptic atmosphere became a target of international media coverage, amongst others by the New York Times. In 2016 it was announced that the venue will be restored an reopen as an art and culture park. Spreepark on Wikipedia
  • 31 Spreetunnel Friedrichshagen, Josef-Nawrocki-Straße, 12587 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Friedrichshagen, Tram: 60 Josef-Nawrocki-Str.). This heritage-protected 120 meters long pedestrian tunnel below the river Spree was the first ferro-concrete tunnel in Germany that has been built using pneumatic caissons. Two beaches can be accessed via the tunnel which are not far from its south entrance. de:Spreetunnel_Friedrichshagen on Wikipedia
  • 32 Strandbad Müggelsee (Strandbad Rahnsdorf), Fürstenwalder Damm 838, 12589 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Rahnsdorf, Tram: 61 Strandbad Müggelsee), +49 30 2217 1647. The history of this heritage-protected public bathing beach at Müggelsee traces back to the 1910s. It has a more than 500 meters long beach and a capacity for 25,000 guests. de:Strandbad_Müggelsee on Wikipedia
  • 33 Seebad Wendenschloss (Strandbad Wendenschloss), Möllhausenufer 30, 12555 Berlin (Tram 62 Wendenschloß, Ferry F12 Wassersportallee), +49 30 651 7171, e-mail: . This public lido at Langer See which opened in 1915 offers a pleasant sand beach, an art exhibition, beach volleyball courts and a fantastic view onto the regatta course on the other shore. de:Seebad_Wendenschloss on Wikipedia
  • 34 Aerodynamic Park, Rudower Chausee/Newtonstraße, 12489 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S45,S46,S85 Adlershof, Tram: 61,63 Magnusstr., Bus: 162,164). Aerodynamic_Park on Wikipedia This aeronautical experimental park on the grounds of Germany's first air field Johannisthal consists of a group of several individual technical monuments such as the walkable 35 Großer Windkanal (High-speed wind channel (1932–34 )). de:Großer_Windkanal on Wikipedia, the 36 Trudelturm (Fatty tower, a vertical wind tunnel for spinning tests (1934–36)). de:Trudelturm on Wikipedia, the 37 Schallgedämpfter Motorenprüfstand (Sound-insulated engine test bed (1933–35)). de:Schallgedämpfter_Motorenprüfstand on Wikipedia and the 38 Isothermische Kugellabore ("Adlershofer Busen", Isothermal spheric laboratories (1959–1961)). de:Isothermische_Kugellabore on Wikipedia which are about 500 metres away from the other monuments.


  • 40 Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Center, Britzer Straße 5, 12439 Berlin (Berlin-Schöneweide S-Bahn station), +49 30 6390 2880, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-18:00; closed Dec 24, 31. The Schöneweide forced labor camp (GBI-Lager 75/76) on Britzer Straße is a complete ensemble, which makes it a rather unusual site in Berlin. Of the original thirteen housing barracks erected between 1943 and 1945, eleven are still standing today. Six barracks on the western part of the former camp grounds belong to the Documentation Center on Nazi Forced Labor. free, guided tours are available on request. (Q1235194) on Wikidata


  • 1 Volkspark Mariendorf. Boasts an open-air cinema and is the perfect activity to do at night.


  • Swim in the pure waters of one of the many lakes, such as Schlachtensee, Krumme Lanke or Wannsee. You should arrive with your bathing suit already on as there are no changing stations readily available.


  • 2 Neuköllner Oper, Karl-Marx-Straße 131 (U-7 station Karl-Marx-Str.), +49 30 6889070, +49 30 68890777 (tickets). Visit a play and be amazed by the creativity, which the opera house has won some awards for. Neuköllner Oper (Q1980823) on Wikidata
  • 3 Britzer Garten. A 90-hectare garden and former national garden show place (1984); public park with great flora and big playgrounds for kids; popular amongst children and seniors on weekends. Britzer Garten on Wikipedia Britzer Garten (Q565659) on Wikidata
  • 4 Stadtbad Neukölln, Ganghoferstraße 3, +49 30 6824980. Built from 1912-14 in Art Nouveau style and carefully renovated in 1984, this swimming pool (actually two in one building), covered in mosaics and domes, is one of Berlin's most beautiful. A must see for architecture fans. Stadtbad Neukölln (Q2326618) on Wikidata
  • 5 Sonnenallee. Became famous from the film named after this street. During the Cold War, the street was split, with one section belonging to East Berlin and one to West Berlin. Sonnenallee (Berlin) on Wikipedia Sonnenallee (Q456397) on Wikidata


Boats on the Spree in Köpenick
  • 6 Badeschiff, Eichenstraße 4. An old cargo ship hull converted to a fresh-water swimming pool, anchored permanently on the river Spree. Provides a nice opportunity to swim on the Spree, without actually swimming in the river itself, which is far too polluted. A bar with disco DJ music is situated just next to the pool. In winter time, the pool is covered against the weather. entrace free, charges for drinks.
  • 7 Union Filmtheater (S-Bahn: S3 Friedrichshagen, Tram: 60,61,88), +49 30 65013141, e-mail: . This is an ancient cinema which opened in 1913 in a former ballroom. After WWII it was repaired improvisationally and only had one cinema hall, but today it has 3 modernized halls and also offers a bar, a bistro and a bookable dance hall for parties. Independent and kid's movies. €7,50.
  • 8 Fähre F24 (Paule III), Ferry Terminal Kruggasse, 12589 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Rahnsdorf, Bus 161 Grünheider Weg). May-October 11am-7pm, drives as often as needed. Make a crossing with the only human-powered ferry run by Berlin's public transport company BVG. The F24 is operated with a rowing boat, and you can use your valid BVG ticket or buy a ticket on site. It needs 12 strokes of an oar to cross the Müggelspree river. Ferry_transport_in_Berlin on Wikipedia
  • Go on the water. Rent a motor boat, rowing boat, canoe or kayak and explore the Müggelspree, Dahme, Müggelsee, Langer See, Seddinsee or Dämeritzsee and the various channels which connect these waters.



The shopping street Schloßstraße (S+U9 "Rathaus Steglitz" Station) is full of great places to shop. You will find many small shops and chain stores.

  • 1 Das Schloss, Schloßstraße 34 (near U-Bahn Station Rathaus Steglitz). An upscale indoor shopping mall with a creative ceiling decoration.
  • 2 [dead link]Das Naturkaufhaus, Schloßstraße 101. The largest natural department store in the city, featuring eco-friendly clothes, paper products and beauty products, among other things. The best part is the basement, which is full of interesting decorations and cool items.
  • 3 Werken, Spielen, Schenken, Schloßstraße 110b (At the Schlossstraße U-Bahn Station). A great place for kids. With a toy store in the front and a craft store in the back, you will find everything you need for playing or crafting.
  • 4 Boulevard Berlin, Schloßstraße 10. Boulevard Berlin is another indoor shopping mall which just opened in 2012. It is still adding to its store directory, so stop by and see what you can find.
  • 5 Karstadt, Schloßstraße 7-10. Karstadt is a nice department store with a grocery store in the basement where you can find some hard to find food items.
  • 6 Peek & Cloppenberg, Schloßstraße 123-125 (across the street from Karstadt). A branch of the department store.
  • 7 Schloss Straßen Center, Walther-Schreiber-Platz 1 (at the Walther-Schreiber-Platz U-Bahn Station). The Schloss Straßen Center, another indoor shopping mall, is often packed with people coming out with brown Primark bags as this is the shopping center which boasts Berlin's first Primark.
  • 8 Forum Steglitz, Schloßstraße 1 (at the Walther-Schreiber-Platz U-Bahn Station). Forum Steglitz, another indoor shopping mall, has much of the same stores that the earlier Das Schloss boasts, although the ice cream shop on one of the upper floors is a great place to take a break. They even have seating out front when the weather is nice. There is a nice, inexpensive make-up shop on the first floor to the left when you enter.


The region boasts many specialty food shops (Asian, Indian, African etc.), which offer an impressive international selection for very competitive prices.

Neukölln is home to many so-called "Spätis" which Berlin has become known for. "Spätis" are kiosks regularly open until 02:00 or 03:00 (some are open 24 hours), offering everything from cigarettes, drinks, and sweets, to necessities (dairy, dry goods, canned food, etc.) Slightly more expensive than grocery chains, but less expensive than gas stations.

  • 9 Karstadt Hermannplatz (U-Bahn Hermannplatz). Built in 1929; large shopping center including clothing, book, and beauty products shops, a post office, and its own high-end supermarket, (probably only second to KaDeWe in the area). The grocery section of Karstadt has fresh meat, seafood, and cheese sections.
  • 10 Kindl-Boulevard Passage, Hermannstrasse 214 - 216, 12053 Berlin (U-Bahn Boddinstraße). Shopping center on Hermanstrasse with many stores, a cinema, and a newly renovated Kaiser's supermarket.
  • 11 Gropiusstadt Passagen, Johannisthaler Chaussee 317, 12351 Berlin, Germania (U-7 station Johannistaler Chaussee), +49 30 67066640. 10:00-20:00. It's the biggest mall in Berlin and offers a wide variety of shops. (Q1413944) on Wikidata
  • 12 Neukölln Arkaden, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin, Germany (U-7 Station Rathaus Neukölln.), +49 30 6273973. 07:00-23:00. An abundance of clothing stores and eateries, a post office, gym, a cinema known as "Karli" (movies in both German and Turkish shown regularly), and a very large supermarket (Kaufland) in the basement. Free wi-fi. Neukölln Arcaden (Q1980816) on Wikidata
  • 13 Turkish Market, Maybachufer (U 8 Schönleinstr.). Every Tuesday and Friday, 11:00-18:30. The “Turk's market” at the Landwehr Canal in the Maybachufer in Berlin Neukölln near Kreuzberg sells vegetables, Turkish specialities and a lot of materials. Subway line U8 station Schönleinstraße.


Bölschestraße in Friedrichshagen (S-Bahn: S3 Friedrichshagen) is a 1,3km long shopping street with many small shops and restaurants in historical Art Nouveau and Gründerzeit buildings.

  • 14 Forum Köpenick, Bahnhofstraße 33–38, 12555 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Berlin-Köpenick, Tram: 27,60,61,62,63,68), +49 30 6566 840. Mo-Sa 07.00-21:00. Large and modern shopping center which houses 140 shops as well as restaurants, dentists and a post office.
  • 15 Kaufland Berlin-Adlershof, Rudower Chaussee 12, 12489 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S45,S46,S85 Adlershof, Tram: 61,63 Walther-Nernst-Str., Bus: 162,164), +49 30 8182990. Mo-Sa 7am–8pm. While Adlershof is no tourist destination per se, you might arrive at Germany's largest science and business compound WISTA when you are a student, visiting researcher or businessman. This large supermarket on two floors is a good place to buy food supplies for your trips and excursions to southern Berlin.
  • 16 Park Center Treptow, Am Treptower Park 14, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park), +49 30 53633900. Mo-Sa 8am–10pm. Shopping center which houses about 50 shops, services and a pharmacy.
  • 17 Treptower Hallentrödelmarkt, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin, +49 172 3035775. Su 10:00-18:00. Huge indoor flea market
  • 18 Zentrum Schöneweide, Schnellerstraße 21, 12439 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S45,S46,S47,S85,RB24 Schöneweide), +49 30 6322 3260, e-mail: . Mo-Sa 7/10am–8/10pm. Shopping center right at the S-Bahn station Schöneweide which houses about 30 shops, services, a pharmacy, a Media Markt consumer electronics discounter and some restaurants and bistros.



  • 1 Loretta am Wannsee, Kronprinzessinenweg 260, +49 30 80105333. One of the most popular beer gardens in Berlin. It's a must visit in summer for eating and drinking in the sun. There is a Loretta restaurant, the Loretta Biergarten and the Loretta Almhütte.
  • 2 Die Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee, Fischerhüttenstraße 136, +49 30 80498310. A cozy, yet elegant high end restaurant with an impressive visible wine collection, located directly at the Schlachtensee. Sit outside in the warmer months for the gorgeous views outside.


  • 3 TanzCafé Britz, Germaniapromenade 24 (U-7 station Grenzallee), +49 30 600 32 09, e-mail: . 12:00-20:00. Hidden away in a residential area. Cute café/restaurant with lots of dancing activities and excellent and really cheap food prepared by a french chef. €3.90 and up, items over €10 are rare..
  • 4 Cafe Rix, Karl-Marx-Straße 141 (U-7 station Karl-Marx-Str), +49 30-686 90 20. Next to the Neukölln Opera house with international cuisine.
  • 5 Café Selig, Herrfurthplatz 14 (U-8 Boddinstr. station), +49 30 84110425. 10:00-22:00. Cute café/restaurant in the Schillerkiez by the church. Good place to people-watch, drink a coffee, and to eat brunch.
  • 6 Britzer Mühle, Buckower Damm 130 (Dachdeckerweg Bus stop.), +49 30 6041819. Classical German cuisine in an old wind mill.
  • 7 Casa Montella, Krokusstraße 80 (bus 171 from U Hermannplatz), +49 30 6620395. Good Italian restaurant in Rudow.
  • 8 Cafe & Restaurant Louis, Richardplatz 5 (600 m. from U-bahn Karl-Marx-Str Station. Line 7), +49 30 6810210. 11:00-23:00 p. Austrian food, giant schnitzels and quality beer on tap.
  • 9 Tabibito, Karl-Marx-Straße 56 (U-7 Rathaus Neukölln Station), +49 30 6241345. 12:00-23:00. Japanese restaurant, family-run, very friendly (sometimes you get a snack for free), since it's little, can be very crowded in the evenings.
  • 10 Café Jacques, Maybachufer 14 (U-8 Schönleinstr. Station), +49 30 6941048. 18:00-03:00. Great French cuisine (especially the fish and the self-made noodles), nice service, very crowded though.
  • 11 Hamy Cafe, Hasenheide 10 (U7 and U8: Hermannplatz.), +49 30 61625959. Delicious Vietnamese cuisine, a main course for €4.90. They have a daily changing menu and great lassis.
  • 12 Kantina von Hugo, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 23, +49 30 61283110. Small cozy Mediterranean mama-style home cooking situated near the Landwehrkanal. The menu is small but changes everyday. Friendly and not too expensive, very nice wines. Fresh pasta is a must.
  • 13 Tang, Karl-Marx-Straße 215 (3 min from Neukölln Station. U-7 line), +49 30-684 33 36. 11:00-23:00. Authentic Hunan Chinese food under €7 for a very filling main course. Ignore the menu, ask for the specials. The spicy pork & aubergine dish is a must, sometimes rarities such as chicken feet are on offer. budget.



  • 15 Blaue Lagune, Sterndamm 65 (Schöneweide S-bahn Station + Tram 63), +49 30 6364729. 10:00-19:00. A coffeeshop/restaurant where you can have great coffee, house-made excellent ice cream and cakes, and great food from a short but just as excellent menu, and all that in a wonderful ambiente. Nestled in a corner of Johannisthal, part of Schoeneweide, which is a subsection of Treptow.
  • 16 Klipper, Bulgarische Str., 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park or Plänterwald, Bus: 165,166,265,N65 Rathaus Treptow), +49 30 53216 490, e-mail: . Mo-Su 10am – 1am. This firmly anchored restaurant ship is certainly one of the most beautiful venues for having dinner in Treptow and Berlin.
  • 17 Luise Restaurant and Bar, Alt-Köpenick 20 (on the Dahme side, across from the City Hall.), +49 30 64329777, fax: +49 30 64 32 8 525, e-mail: . M-F from 09:09, Sa Su from 11:00. Friendly service, delicious German/Italian food and a great view over the Dahme and the Spree both from inside and outside on the big wooden terrace. €12 main, €25 menus.
  • 18 Müggelseefischerei, Dorfstraße 13, 12589 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Rahnsdorf, Bus 161: Grünheider Weg, Ferry F23 and F24, offers wharf for private boats). From Easter to Fall, Fr-Su 10:00 – 18:00. This fishery right next to the ferry terminal offers fresh and smoked fish catched in Müggelsee since more than 35 years.
  • 19 Neu Helgoland, Neuhelgoländer-Weg 1, 12559 Berlin (S-Bahn: S3 Rahnsdorf, Ferry F23 or F24, offers wharf for private boats), +49 30 659 82 47, e-mail: . Mo-Su 11:00 – 21:00 (last kitchen orders). One of Berlin's most beautiful waterside restaurants with over 100 years of tradition. Regular events such as concerts and comedy, often with popular East German bands. Locals usually arrive by boat.
  • 20 Rübezahl, Müggelheimer Damm 143, 12559 Berlin (Bus 169: Rübezahl, Landing pier for tourist steamers and wharf for private boats), +49 30 65661688-0, e-mail: . Wed-Su 11:30 – 21:00 (last kitchen orders). This waterside restaurant with beer garden named after the folklore mountain spirit is one of the best-known and oldest at Müggelsee and offers delicious meals, dinner events, weddings and an ice skating rink in winter.
  • 21 Schmetterlingshorst, Zum Schmetterlingshorst 2, 12559 Berlin (Tram 62 Wendenschloß, Ferry F12 Wassersportallee, Bus 169 Chauseehaus), +49 30 674 9817, e-mail: . Mo-Fr 10am – 5pm, Sa-Su 10am – 7pm. This history of this cozy pub for hikers, sportsmen and day-trippers at Langer See and its butterfly collection can be traced back to the year 1898.
  • 22 Westernrestaurant Richtershorn am See, Sportpromenade 15, 12527 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,9,45,46,85 to Grünau, Tram 68 Richtershorn, offers a wharf for private boats), +49 30 6759924, e-mail: . Tu-Su 12am/4pm – 8/11pm. Old style Western restaurant at the waterside with a log cabin, outdoor terrace, dancehall, wharf, zoo and winter garden as well as a beautiful view over the Langer See lake.



Especially in the northern part of Neukölln (east of Kottbusser Damm, next to the Kreuzberg-border), the bar scene is becoming increasingly established. The rest of Neukölln houses a few student-friendly bars. Nearby Kreuzberg offers more variety.

  • 1 Arcaoda, Karl-Marx Platz 16 (U-Bahn: U-Bahn: U7 Bahnhof Karl-Marx-Straße, Bus: N7 Karl-Marx-Platz), e-mail: . This club which is located in an old bowling alley offers electro club nights as well as live music performances, independent music, art exhibitions and food.
  • 2 Froschkönig Pianobar, Weisestraße 17 (Few min from U-8 Boddinstr. Station). 18:00–00:00. Awesome pianobar with literature nights and occasional jazz concerts. Very relaxed atmosphere, located in the Schillerkiez.
  • 3 Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Berlin (S-Bahn: S41,42,46 Sonnenallee, Bus: M41, N79 Ziegrastr.), +49 30 95606359, e-mail: . 12pm. Griessmühle is one of the latest but already best-known techo clubs in Berlin. It is located within an decommissioned industrial building right at the Teltow channel and also has a large outdoor area with a lot of artfully positioned junk and trash.
  • 4 Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Straße 66 (U-Bahn: U7 Rathaus Neukölln, Bus: 104,166,N7,N94, parking level 6 and 7 of the Neukölln Arcaden), +49 151 2450 4255, e-mail: . Popular rooftop club, beach bar, sundeck or garden on top of a parking garage with a fantastic view over Neukölln, live music and DJs playing electro, funk, disco or jazz.
  • 5 Syndikat, Weisestraße 56, +49 30 6216774. One of the most famous bars in this part of town. It's been around for some 25 years and considered to be one of the best 'kneipen' in Neukölln.
  • 6 Kulturverein Kinski, Friedelstraße 28, +49 30 62409139. Famous for late nights and cultural activities. Frequented by Neukölln film enthusiasts, and occasionally rare films are screened. A nice feature: if you want to organize an artistic event or plan to DJ, just go there and sign up in the list at the bar.
  • 7 Brauhaus Rixdorf, Glasower Straße 27, 12051, +49 30 6268880. M-Th 16:00 - 23:00; F-Sa 12:00 - 23:00; Su 12:00 - 22:00. Traditional brewery with a very nice biergarten, lovely in summer. The food is typical Bavarian fare, and of pretty good quality.


Schillerkiez is close to the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Since the airport closed down the area is becoming increasingly popular. There are several nice bars in the area.

  • 8 Frollein Langner, Weisestraße 34, +49 30 966 020 51. Furnished with several sofas it has a living room atmosphere. They serve Bavarian beer and small snacks. The main room is non-smoking. There is a separate room for smokers.



  • 9 Dresdner Feinbäckerei (Dresdner Café), Bölschestraße 89, +49 30 6452454, e-mail: . Tu–Sa 5.30am–6pm, Su 1–6pm. This tradition-rich confectionery and café which was founded in 1906 offers backed goods, cookies and cakes from Saxony as well as coffee. Regular events such as readings take place at the café.
  • 10 Köpenick Palace Cafe, Schlossinsel 1, +49 30 65018585. Nov-Mar: Th-Su 10:00-18:00; Oct-Apr: Tu-Su 10:00-19:00; May-Sep: Tu-Su 10:00-23:00. Both inside and outside are beautiful places to have a glass of wine or beer or a cup of coffee with a whipped cream cake. Also have menus for lunch and dinner. €4 for drinks.

Clubs & bars[edit]

  • 11 Arena Club, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Heckmannufer), +49 30 533 2030, e-mail: . This techno club is located within a raw and run-down old boiler room of 500 square meters which provides the perfect atmosphere for hard industrial techno. It has one dance floor and two bars and an impressive light installation at the ceiling. Next to the club, the huge Arena Berlin compound also includes a larger multipurpose hall of 6,500 square meters which hosts events such as concerts, fashion shows and conventions, a glass house for further events and a bar. de:Arena_Berlin on Wikipedia
  • 12 Club der Visionäre, Am Flutgraben 1, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Heckmannufer), +49 30 695 18942. Atmospheric club at the waterside well-known for minimal techno, house and techno-house and high-grade DJ bookings. Originally only a summer venue, it now also has an indoor winter location at the MS Hoppetosse excursion ship which is docked nearby. Club_der_Visionaere on Wikipedia
  • 13 Else, An den Treptowers 10 (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, Bus: 104, 165, 166, 194, 265, N65, N94 Elsenstraße/S Treptower Park), +49 030 25041426, e-mail: . Open-air techno club and beer garden right at the Elsenbrücke bridge which is made out of shipping containers and has a wooden floor and stage and a large sound system. Subsidiary of the Wilde Renate club.
  • 14 Freiheit Fünfzehn, Freiheit 15, 12555 Berlin (U-Bahn: S-Bahn: S3 Berlin-Köpenick, S47 Berlin-Spindlersfeld, Tram: 27, 60, 61, 62, 63, 67, 68 Freiheit, Bus: 162, 164, N67, N69, N90 Freiheit), +49 030 65887825. Club location and beautiful beer garden at the waterside in Köpenick. The party area also includes a concert location on a former cargo ship on the water, a dance club called Pop.arty and a bar called Duke bar.
  • 15 Freischwimmer, Schlesischen Tor 2, +49 30-61 07 43 09. Bar directly located at the river on a ponton with good food and drinks, good for chilling.
  • 16 Hoppetosse, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,265,N65 Heckmannufer), +49 30 695 18942. This is a club for minimal techno and house located on a permanently docked excursion ship on the Spree river, the MS Hoppetosse. It is the winter venue for the Club der Visionäre. It has one dance floor and a Martion Bullfrog sound system.
  • 17 Insel Berlin, Alt-Treptow 6. M 14:00-20:00; Tu 16:00-02:00; W 19:30-02:00; Th Su 14:00-02:00; F 21:00-04:00; Sa 22:00-04:00; Winter closed. Club on the Insel der Jugend island on the Spree river with three floors, music varies from reggae to techno to indie to gothic.
  • 18 Haus Zenner (Eierschale 3), Alt-Treptow 14–17, 12435 Berlin (S-Bahn: S8,S9,S41,S42,S46,S47,S85 Treptower Park, U-Bahn: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus: 165,166,265,N65 Alt-Treptow), +49 30 533 7370, e-mail: . Restaurant with beer garden and live music venue where Jazz and Swing bands perform regularly. It is one of the successors of the legendary Eierschale Jazz club which was located in Berlin-Dahlem from 1956 to 2000. de:Eierschale_(Jazzclub) on Wikipedia
  • 19 Rummelsburg (Altes Kraftwerk Rummelsburg), Rummelsburger Landstraße 2–12 (S-Bahn: S3 Karlshorst, Tram: 21 Köpenicker Chaussee/Blockdammweg). Techno festivals, raves and beach bars right at the waterside and the old Rummelsburg power plant.


  • 20 Café Melanie, Rheinstr. 43, 12161 Berlin (U-Bahn: U9 Walther-Schreiber-Platz, S-Bahn: S1 Feuerbachstr., Bus: 181,186,246,M48,M76,M85), +49 30 8516004, e-mail: . 9:00-open end. Have a coffee, long drink or cocktail at this cozy café which is one of the most longstanding in Steglitz and Friedenau. This venue also offers some delicious meals, ice cream, breakfast and brunch.



  • 1 Landhaus Schlachtensee, Bogotastr. 9, Zehlendorf, +49 30-809-9470. Set nearby the Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke lakes, the Landhaus offers a quiet and tranquil location, with the personalized service of a bed and breakfast.
  • 2 Hotel Pension Enzian, Hortensienstr. 28, +49 30-832 50 75. A friendly, family-run hotel with large double bed rooms. Small hotel with a personal atmosphere. Within 1-minute walking distance is a S-Bahn station and a good Spanish restaurant. Serves breakfast, wireless is €4 per day.


Because Neukölln is not really in the city center, most hotels are for coach tours or bigger groups. They are busiest on weekends. If you come with a group (at least 10 people) negotiate a discount.

  • 3 2A-Hostel, Saalestr. 76 (Located next to S Neukölln), +49 30 63226330, fax: +49 30 632263313, e-mail: . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Cheap modern hostel, built in 2011. from €13.
  • 4 Estrel, Sonnenallee 225. Self-proclaimed biggest hotel and entertainment complex in Europe. 1,125 rooms, a convention center and Michael Jackson's father stayed here.


  • 6 Dorint Hotel Berlin Adlershof, Rudower Chaussee 15 (S-Bahn: S8, S9, S45, S46, S85, Tram: 61, 63 Walther-Nernst-Str., Bus: 162,164, N60), +49 30 67822-0, e-mail: . This hotel is recommended for researchers and businessmen visiting the science and business compound WISTA in Adlershof. But note that it usually takes around 45 minutes from here to the inner city (Berlin East) by using public transport. From €70.
  • 7 Hotel Müggelsee Berlin, Müggelheimer Damm 145, 12559 Berlin (Bus 169 Müggelseeperle), +49 30 97 80 88 88, e-mail: . This conference and wellness hotel with 172 rooms at the Müggelsee is embedded by woodland and parks. This hotel is recommended for nature lovers and sports fans who want to discover the Müggelsee and the surrounding lakes and take time out from the trouble of the city. From €59.


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