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Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

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Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county is in Northern Hungary.


Map of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

Western part[edit]

  1 Miskolc (Felsőzsolca, Alsózsolca, Nyékládháza, Onga, Emőd, Sajóbábony)
With the unique cave bath in Miskolctapolca, the third largest city in the coutry, near the Bükk hills
  2 Ózd Ózd on Wikipedia (Borsodnádasd)
  3 Kazincbarcika Kazincbarcika on Wikipedia (Sajószentpéter, Rudabánya)
  4 Mezőkövesd (Mezőkeresztes)
Spa with hot mineral water.
  5 Edelény Edelény on Wikipedia (Szendrő)
  6 Putnok Putnok on Wikipedia
  7 Szikszó Szikszó on Wikipedia

Eastern part[edit]

  8 Sátoraljaújhely (Pálháza)
  9 Sárospatak Sárospatak on Wikipedia
  10 Szerencs Szerencs on Wikipedia
  11 Encs Encs on Wikipedia
  12 Tokaj
A famous wine town producing high quality white wines.
  13 Cigánd Cigánd on Wikipedia
  14 Gönc Gönc on Wikipedia (Abaújszántó)

Tiszaújváros and Mezőcsát are described in the Lake Tisza article.

Other destinations[edit]

  • 1 Aggtelek – Beautiful caves with dripstones and stalagmites, part of UNESCO World Heritage List
  • 2 Lillafüred – Palace Hotel with forest train, park and lake - surrounded by romantic hills
  • 3 Mád Mád on Wikipedia – 10 km from Szerencs Town. This is a village with a special atmosphere situated in the heart of the Tokaj wine region, WV-Unesco-icon-small.svg UNESCO World Heritage site. Need to visit: Malonyay house, Rákóczi-Aspremont castle, Foothills Hegyalja Savings Bank building, historic synagogue (Europa Nostra Award-winning) and the Old Jewish Cemetery, Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Reformed Church and Chapel, Wine cellars
  • 4 Tokaj-Hegyalja. Tokaj wine region (Q828125) on Wikidata Tokaj wine region on Wikipedia — historic wine region


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Boldogkőváralja -Castle ruins
  • 1 [dead link] Bodrogkeresztúr. Bodrogzug, Jewish cemetery with Miracle-working rabbi's grave. Visit the Hungarian Motor Museum. For more info: Water and cycling tourism information center. Tours to Tokaj-Bodrogzug Landscape Protection Area (Tokaj-Bodrogzug Tájvédelmi Körzet).
  • 2 Boldogkőváralja (52 km northeast of Miskolc). Castle of Boldogkő (with exhibits of archaeological, military history, tin soldier, coat of arms and flag, prison and torture, chamber, smithy numismatic, mineral, statue). Country House (Tájház) include Collections about: Local History, Presentation of the Zemplén Mountains natural values, Use tools, Blacksmithing. Péchy-Zichy castle with an ancient Landscape Park (Kossuth Lajos u. 2), visited after prior agreement. Visit and taste at Bestillo Palinka House (Bestillo Pálinkaház); onion form helmeted Roman Catholic Church in Baroque style; Greek Orthodox Church in 1766 with icons. Sleep: Three guesthouses, a Pansion, and a tourist house provides accommodation.
  • 3 Bodrogolaszi (6km to Sárospatak). Romanesque Catholic church, Lónyay Mansion. To do: Wine tasting at Fedor Joseph's Winery
  • 4 Boldva (from Miskolc 15 km N). Sights: Reformed Church and the ruins of the monastery, built in the 12th century. It had been built in romanesque style, in basilica form with 3 naves and 2 towers at the eastern sied of the building, Castle of the Szathmáry family (19th century), Roman Catholic Church (1838-39), houses with porch, Szathmary Garden, Village Museum with four collections.
  • 5 Dédestapolcsány (from Miskolc approx. 30 km north-west). Dédes Castle ruins and Lázbérc Reservoir Protected Area in the Uppony Mountains, extends between Uppony and Dédestapolcsány villages. Free to visit; Serényi Castle (1903, eclectic style), House of Crockery collection (Cserépedény-gyűjtemény). Take a tour in Damasa ravine, 170 m deep, even summer some snow could be see here.
Edelény - L'Huillier-Coburg Palace
  • 6 Edelény (N 25 km of Miskolc). Palace of L'Huillier-Coburg, Borsod motte, earths fortress (Borsodi földvár), Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church (Jézus Szíve római katolikus templom). Roman Catholic Church of Finke (Finkei római katolikus templom), Borsodi Reformed Church, Fink-Downtown Presbyterian Church, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church (Szent Kereszt görög katolikus templom) Edelény (Q842925) on Wikidata Edelény on Wikipedia
  • 7 Fáj (NE 50 km of Miskolc). Palace of Fáy an U-shaped, 'cour d'honneur' form mansion with mansard roof.
Füzér – Castle, (13th century)
  • 8 Füzér (NW 25 km of Sátoraljaújhely, a couple daily bus from there). Castle. 15 Mar-25 Oct: 09:00-18:00; 26 Oct-14 Mar: 10:00-15:00. Sleep in one of the dozen guesthouses.(Vendégház)
  • 9 Füzérradvány (NW 15 km of Sátoraljaújhely , a couple daily bus from there). Palace of Károlyi (Károlyi Vadászkastély) and its Arboretum fee: €3, Tu-Su 10:00-18:00 (2014). Sleep.
  • 10 Gönc (NE 65 km of Miskolc). Sights in the village: Hussite house, Palffy Palace, Gaspar Karolyi statue of the Protestant church garden, Old Jewish Cemetery, Karolyi Gaspar Museum, Bible Exhibition in addition to the Reformed Church. Sights in outskirts: Paulines monastery ruins, Ruins of Amadé's Fort.
  • 11 [dead link] Karcsa (90 km NE of Miskolc, Sárospatak only 22 km). Reformed, Árpád-era church, Romanesque building, that monument of national importance.
  • 12 [dead link] Karos (SE 15 km of Sátoraljaújhely, E 16 km of Sárospatak). Conquest era cemetery a historical site, part of the Conquest Medieval archaeological park.
  • 13 Kelemér (51 km NW of Miskolc). Lakes of Mohos, Reformed Church (14th century), Tompa Mihály's House, Folk architecture.
  • 14 Kisrozvágy (NW 25 km of Kisvárda, halfway toward Sátoraljaújhely). Open-air museum about the Conquest era, Protestant church in 1796 with coffered ceiling.
  • 15 Olaszliszka (Near to Sárospatak). Synagogue and Jewish Cemetery; Assumption Roman Catholic church (built in 1332, Gothic-style, rebuilt in the 19th century, Baroque style); Stone Bridge; Kossuth Memorial House; Reformed Church (built between 1784 and 1787); The "Traktér" (a 500-year-old building, originally was the Terebesi Pauline monks monastery, later a residence of the royal tithe picker in 17th century, the royal residence, the 18th century, post office and inn); Eastern Europe Modern Gallery and the International Sculpture Park, Historical and Ethnographic Image Gallery.
  • 16 Ózd (Ouz) (40 km NW of Miskolc). Former Casino (neo-Renaissance style, 1884); City museum, Technical outdoor open-air museum;Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church (1891-1893); St. Simon and St. Jude's Roman Catholic Church in Szentsimon settlement, (13th-century, Romanesque, rebuilt in 14-15th century, Gothic); Queen of the Rosary Church and Parish; Immaculate Conception Church (Gothic, 15th-century, partly 19th, 20th century) St. John the Baptist Church (Hodoscsépány); Protection of Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church (2000); Lutheran Church (1902, Neo-Gothic); Reformed Church (1905).
  • 17 Pácin (96 km E of Miskolc). Has a state border. Sight: Palace of Magochy [dead link] (16th-century).
  • 18 Rakaca (67 km N of Miskolc). Reservoir, anglers paradise and Greek Catholic pilgrimage site.
  • 19 Regéc (64 km NE of Miskolc). Castle ruin, Roman Catholic Church (1904), Greek Catholic Church (1956).
  • 20 Répáshuta (Slovak Répášska Huta) (20 km from Miskolc). Balla Cave, Rejtek Nature Trails. Passed by the Countrywide Blue Tour
Szomolya - Beehive Stone
  • 21 Sajószentpéter (13 km from Miskolc). Reformed Church (14th century), Gedeon family mansion, Country House, Roman Catholic Church (Kossuth u.22), Greek Catholic Church (Vörösmarty u. 12), Outdoor mining museum.
  • 22 Sátoraljaújhely (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈʃaːtorɒjːɒ.uːjhɛj]; German Neustadt am Zeltberg; Slovak Nové Mesto pod Šiatrom; Yiddish: איהעל (Ihel) or אוהעלי (Uhely)) (82 km E from Miskolc). Main sights: Historical downtown (with an atmosphere of 19th-century towns); (Main) Roman Catholic parish church (Széchenyi István tér 10. Founded in 1482, rebuilt in 1860, extended in 1910) and Comitatus Fountain (at the town square); Wine Church, (the only known church in Hungary not owned by any denomination, as it was used to store wine in past centuries); Ferenc Kazinczy Mausoleum; Ferenc Kazinczy Museum; Waldbott-villa (Kossuth Lajos tér 8); Baroque town hall, (a Renaissance building of the former Zemplén comitatus where Ferenc Kazinczy worked); Tomb of Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum; Magas-mountain chairlift - Hungary's longest cable car; Ungvár's cellars, since 2002 part of World Heritage list.
  • 23 Szalonna (50 km N from Miskolc). Arpad Era Painted Church (13th century).
  • 24 Szendrő (40 km N of Miskolc, trains and buses from there). Castles (Lower, Bebek, German) remains, lot of biking, walking tour depart or passed, Blue Painter's House Museum, School History Exhibition, Szendrői Cave.
  • 25 Szerencs (30 km E from Miskolc). Rákóczi Castle (built on the ruins of a Benedictine Abbey, in 1550s); Roman Catholic Church (built in baroque style in 1774); Calvinist Church (built in Gothic style at the end of the 13th century); Greek Catholic Church (Ondi Street, built in 1700s), Sugar Museum, Postcard Museum, Toy Museum, Town Bath.
  • 26 Szomolya (12 km from Mezőkövesd). Beehive Stone, Caveflats.
  • 27 Szögliget (60 km N of Miskolc). Castle of Szádvár remains (2 km away), Derenk village ruins, A monument to Catholic church, István Duber County House (Petofi street); former Vice Admiral Miklós Horthy unified hunting area center (Szelcepuszta); Ménes Lake (outdoor sports facilities); Rejtek-zsomboly (Rejtek Cave) since 1995 part of World Heritage list, Quarries in the village outskirts, Derenk's chariot road between Szögliget and Körtvélyes.
  • 28 Tarcal (trains from Hatvan, Miskolc, Szerencs, Sátoraljaújhely, Nyíregyháza). Palace of Tarcal, Kengyel-Lake, Roman Catholic chapel (17th century, late baroque style). St. Theresa's Chapel (18th century, Baroque style). Synagoge (around 1800). Reformed Church (Late Baroque style, 1797). Roman Catholic parish church (Gothic, 15th century). Mine lake, Királyudvár winery.
  • 29 Taktabáj (Báj) (near Tokaj). Reformed Church (built between 1782-1784, rococo); Former PalacePatay (now a school); Avar archaeological sites.
  • 30 Tállya (45 km E of Miskolc). Roman Catholic Church (Baroque, Gothic partially); Reformed Church (Baroque, 1753); Lutheran Church (late Baroque); Castle Ruins; Rákóczi mansion (17th century); Maillot Castle (1720); Central European Art Collection (the castle Maillot); Balogh Mansion (Louis XVI style, late 18th century, private property); Post House (18th century, the village post office operates since 1567); Encsy collection (minerals, fossils, prehistoric artifacts); Mailloth Palace, 'Center of Europe' (Phoenix) sculpture (indicated by the geometric center of Europe), part of Tokaj wine region World Heritage.
  • 31 Tornaszentandrás (30 km N from Edelény). Take a tour in Esztramos Mount, Explore Rakoczi Caves (No.1 and 2) part of World Heritage list.
  • 32 Vilyvitány (N from Sátoraljaújhely). Calvary hill, Reformed Church, Ősrög Nature Trail, St. Anne's Church.
  • 33 Vizsoly (55 km NE of Miskolc). Gothic Reformed Church, St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish Church (1799). Greek Catholic Church (1901). Granary (Baroque style, the second half of the 18th century). Quarry (a geological exhibitory place). Hernád (a serpentine river, offers bathing, rafting, kayaking, fishing).




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