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Caldas Novas is a city in the Brazilian state of Goias. It is popular for its hot springs that attract travellers all year round.


The history of settlement in the area dates back to the eighteenth century. Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva Filho, a.k.a. the bandeirante Anhanguera, discovered thermal springs in the region in 1722. Later, Martin Coelho de Siqueira, another bandeirante, created a movement for the creation of a village in the region. In 1777, Coelho Siqueira found new springs by the River Pirapetinga and the Lavras brook, naming them Caldas de Pirapetinga and Caldas Novas, respectively.

The Fazenda das Caldas, owned by Martin Coelho de Siqueira, where the main house is preserved until today, was passed to his son, Antonio Coelho de Siqueira, after his father's death. In 1818, the farm was visited by French researcher Auguste de Saint-Hillaire.

After the death of Antonio Coelho de Siqueira, the farm was sold to José Domingos Ribeiro. He donated part of the farm for the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Exile. In 1853, the church is elevated to Parish of Caldas Novas, with the vicar Olinta José da Silva. In 1880, Caldas Novas split from Santa Cruz and was annexed to the municipality of Vila Bela de Morrinhos, current Morrinhos. In 1893, it was elevated to a district. On July 5, 1911 the municipality of Caldas Novas was created, and its headquarters was elevated to a village on October 21, 1911, a date that marks the anniversary of the city. On June 21, 1923, Caldas Novas was elevated to the category of City.

New Caldas is the world's largest hydrothermal complex in operation. It receives more tourists than any other city in the Central West, and had the most hotels in the Central West.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • 1 Nelson Ribeiro Guimarães Airport (CLV IATA Aeroporto Carlos Divino de Maria). Receives regular flights from Goiânia and Brasília. Caldas Novas Airport (Q3813543) on Wikidata Caldas Novas Airport on Wikipedia

By car[edit]

  • Starting from Goiânia: The shortest path to Caldas Novas is the BR-352, pass through Bela Vista de Goias and turn right onto the GO-139 after Cristianópolis, follow this road until it reaches GO-490, 6 km from Caldas Novas. This route is 165 km. The "classic" route, following BR 153 and turning left at Morrinhos, measures 190 km.
  • Starting from Brasilia: The path closest to Caldas Novas is to leave in the direction Catetinho / Valparaiso / BR-040 until Luziânia, enter GO-520 there, access GO-139 in Vianópolis and follow this road, turning left 6 km from arrival, of a total of 290 km. You can choose to follow up Goiânia, and from there to Caldas (357 km) or, on the same road, access GO-139 before Abadiânia (310 km).
  • Starting from Belo Horizonte: Exit through the BR 262 going to Araxá, take the direction Patrocínio, follow from there to Araguari, access the BR-050 before this city to get in Goiás, then turn left onto the GO 139 before Catalão, pass by Corumbaíba and Marzagão. Total: 693 km.
  • from São Paulo: The shortest route is to go through Via Anhanguera, pass Ribeirão Preto, Uberaba, Uberlândia, take MG-413 at Araguari to get in Goiás through Corumbaíba, take the GO 139, pass through Marzagão and reach Caldas. Total: 757 km.

Get around[edit]

A rental car is the best way to get around, second best is taxi and/or very inexpensive moto taxi. You will want to visit Hot Park in the sister town of Rio Quente, 31 km from Caldas Novas. An intermunicipal will take you to Hot Park and back for a very low fare. The city itself is better enjoyed by foot.


  • Praça Mestre Orlando (city center). Built in 1911 and reformed in 2007, when luminous fountains were added. Very pleasant, night and day.
  • Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora das Dores (Our Lady of Pains church), Praça Mestre Orlando. Built in 1850, in country goiano traditional style, is reputed to be the city's oldest building. Annual party happens 15 Sep.
  • Monumento às Águas (Hot Waters monument). Daily, 24 hr. Gargantuan stone fountain, inaugurated in 2004 by Thermas diRoma Hotel. It's very photographed, but kind of excessively kitschy. Free.
  • Hot Lagoon (Lagoa Pirapitinga), road to Pires do Rio, km 6. Home to famous "Egg Cooking Spring", bring one to see and believe. Pools and camping.
  • Parque Ecológico Serra de Caldas (PESCAN) (3 km from center), +55 64 3453-5805. Created in 1970 to protect the main point of thermal groundwater recharge in the region, the State Park Serra de Caldas was only structured to receive visitors in 1999. The beauties of flora and fauna of the Brazilian cerrado color the scenery in all its extension, which is 123 km². Two tracks - Cascatinha and Paredão, easy and intermediate levels, respectively - lead to waterfalls and lookouts that unveil beautiful landscapes at 1043 m altitude. The walks, which take between 13:30 and 14:30, can be made only with accompanying guides. Need to schedule by phone.
  • Casarão dos Gonzaga (Gonzaga Manor). Built in 1907 to host the farm of a former mayor, now houses the Craftsman Support Center.
  • Lago de Corumbá. Feeding the dam of the same name. Area of ​​approx. 65 km2. Great for fishing and water sports.
  • Jardim Japonês (Japanese Garden), city entrance. For those interested in Japanese gardening, it's somewhat disappointing; strong candidate to "the biggest tourist trap of the place." R$ 2.
  • [formerly dead link] Museu da Soja (Soybean Museum), R 17, 350, Fazenda Serrinha, +55 64 3455-5457. With the goal of telling the story of soybean cultivation, showing production processes, and making visitors aware of the benefits of this food, Brazil's only Soybean museum was built. Opened in 2007, is open to the public and works during business hours. According to several visitors, it's but a store of products derived from this cereal. The biggest attraction are tastings of various products, such as pizza-, chocolate- and orange-flavored grains, and moisturizers.


There are many other diversions and attractions in the area.


Lots of options at Rio Quente as well.


  • Caldas Country Show. Biggest Brazilian country music event, going for two days every year, average of 150,000 fans attending.
  • Street Carnaval - Caldas Novas is a very famous national carnaval


  • Capricho.
  • Galeria Dominique.
  • Galeria Hot Springs.
  • Gemas do Brasil.
  • Metrópole Collci.
  • Serra Verde Chocolates e Presentes.
  • Shopping Tropical.

Walking around town you will find a lot of locally made beach wear and clothing. Be sure to look around until you find a store that sells bottles of locally produced wildflower honey.


  • Bradesco - R Cel João Batista, Q. 13 s/n lt 10, S Central - +55 64 3453 1137
  • Banco do Brasil- R Cap João Crisóstomo, 325, S Central - +55 64 3453 1666
  • Itaú - R Maj Victor 9999 S Central - +55 64 3453 1138
  • Caixa Econômica Federal - Av Cel Bento de Godoy, Q 15 s/n lt 9, S Central - +55 64 3453 1271
  • HSBC - Av Cel Bento de Godoy, Q 28 s/n lt 11, S Central - +55 64 3453 2220


  • Restaurante Araras, Av. Orcalino Santos, 219 - Centro, +55 64 3453-0815. Self-service and a la carte options.
  • China Station, Av Orcalino Santos, Q 11, 460 lt 12, Centro, +55 64 3453-1339. Chinese food.
  • Colher de Pau, Rua do Balneário, 34 - Quadra 8, Lote 1 - Turistas I, +55 64 3455-4356. Self-service by the kilo. Brazilian northeastern food.
  • Bob's, R Machado de Assis, Qd 6 Lt 1-b, s/n, +55 64 3453-1181. Sandwiches, sodas and milk shakes.
  • Churrascaria Gaúcho da Picanha, Rua Cel João Batista Q 13, 55 lt 12 ap 1004, S Central, +55 64 3453-1375.
  • Churrascaria Picanha na Brasa, Rua Luiz José Pereira, 241, +55 64 3453-7318.
  • Churrascaria Recanto dos Irmãos, Rua Balneário Q 8, 12 lt 16, Turista, +55 64 3455-3253.
  • Cidu's, R. Machado de Assis, 55 (Centro), +55 64 3455-4215. 11:00-15;00. Self service. Diners, Mastercard, Visa (credit), Maestro, Redeshop, Visa Electron (debit) accepted.
  • Dody's, Praça Mestre Orlando (Centro), +55 64 3454-5127. Tu-Su 11:30-16:00, 19:00-00:00. Goiano and international food.
  • Don Vittório Restaurante e Pizzeria, Praça Mestre Orlando Q 17, lt 96B, Centro, +55 64 3455-3362. Italian dishes.
  • Empadão Goiano, R. Antonio Coelho de Godoy, 58 (Centro), +55 64 3453-7895. Daily 10:00-00:00. Their speciality is the very traditional empadão goiano.
  • Niko Niko. Japanese food.
  • Nonna Mia, Av. Orcalino Santos, 95, +55 64 3453-3368. M W-Su 11:30-15:00, 18:30-23:00. Italian food, rodízio de galeto, salada de almeirão, fried polenta and home-made pasta. American Express, Diners, Mastercard, Visa (credit), Maestro, Redeshop, Visa Electron (debit) accepted.
  • Pianos Bar. Codfish and shrimp options.
  • Tucunaré Casa do Peixe, R. Antonio Coelho de Godoy, 105 (Centro), +55 64 3453-0930. Tu-Sa 11:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00; Su 11:00-15:00. Highlights are made with local fishes, such as tambaqui and tucunaré. Accepts Visa, but not checks.


  • Bar Bom Bahiano, R 2 Q 7, s/n Lt 09, S Universitário, +55 64 3455-3064.
  • Choperia Pizzaria e Restaurante Le Baron, Rua Ilídio Lopes Q 11, s/n lt 7 s 401, Centro, +55 64 3453-0039.
  • Farol do Cais, Av Tiradentes Q 11, s/n lt 24, S Bandeirantes, +55 64 3455-4365.



Camping sites[edit]




Go next[edit]

  • Tired of hot springs? Wanna go fishing? Go to Buriti Alegre, 86 km away, close to Marzagão; or maybe Itumbiara, by BR-153, then Cachoeira Dourada (181 km); or even Três Ranchos, 151 km, via Catalão.
  • Brasília (262 km)
  • Goiás City (297 km)
  • Corumbá de Goiás (230 km)
  • Goiânia (169 km)
  • Jataí (428 km)
  • Pirenópolis (242 km)
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