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The software we use for Wikivoyage, MediaWiki, supports organizing articles on a wiki into categories. However, unlike Wikipedia, Wikivoyage has made the decision not to use this feature, except in a very limited way.


To indicate that a city is in a region, the Wikivoyage style is not [[Category:Region]]; instead, we use the special template {{isPartOf|Region}} to create a breadcrumb trail. Unlike categories, this creates a handy hierarchical menu for navigation on every page.

For maintenance purposes, various templates carry hidden categories. Do not add articles to these categories manually. If [[Category:Region]] exists, {{isPartOf}} will automatically add the article to it.

Usage of categories[edit]

Currently, the only approved uses of categories are for Project purposes, i.e. for helping out with articles that need attention or getting informed about current policies. These categories are set automatically within the templates, not manually by users.

Currently all categories are hidden categories. To see them, change your Preferences (Appearance) to show hidden categories.

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