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A category structure has been created to mirror the breadcrumb navigation that is displayed at the top of the article.

The categories can be see starting at Category:Region categories.

Here is current status:-

Why is this being done?[edit]

The breadcrumbs provides a good method of walking up the trail from a locations to larger regions. The only way however to move down the trail is to use links on article pages.

Categories allows the reader to:

  • See other articles in the same region.
  • See all sub-regions of a region. That is walk down the trail.

This allows contributors to the site to check the structure of the breadcrumbs:

  • See what articles have been assigned to a region but not listed (linked to) on that regions article page.
  • Quickly see articles that that have been incorrectly assigned to a region.

The structure also provides contributors with a organisation structure for semi-automatic browsing and editing of articles and for bot runs.

How are articles assigned to region categories?[edit]

The article is automatically added to a category of the same name as the region it was assigned to by the {{isPartOf}} template. Editors should not add their own category assignments manually.

If the isPartOf template parameter is left blank that the article will be placed in Category:Articles needing IsPartOf parameter.

Why do I not see the category name at the bottom of the page?[edit]

  1. Currently all categories are hidden categories, as current policy is not to use this functionally for navigation. To display, change your Preferences (Appearance) to show hidden categories.
  2. The category does not exist. In this case there will be a small link Create category at the bottom left of the page.
  3. There is no {{isPartOf}} in the article.

How are the categories created?[edit]

This is unfortunately a manual process. On clicking on the Create category link you will be taken to an edit box with preloaded text. You need to replace the comment text inside the {{isPartOf}} with the parent region of the category. This is effectively the name identified in the breadcrumb article you came from; two levels up as you are now creating the category one layer up. It is recommended to create category top down.

Why is the article showing it is in a category but the category is not showing the article?[edit]

Basically the category was created since the page was last edited. Either wait a while or you can do a blank edit of the article.