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The Masan-Changwon bridge

Changwon [dead link] (창원시) is the capital city of South Gyeongsang in South Korea, and incorporates the known harbor town of Masan. Changwon is the first of South Korea's few planned cities.


Developed in the 1970s, it was designed to be the new capital for Gyeongsangnam-do and an alternative capital for the country should Seoul be invaded. The city is surrounded by mountains which provides protection. A missile defense station sits on top of the southern mountain range. Changwon boasts of the longest straight road in the nation (Changwon Main Road - Changwondae-no) which is over 12 km long. If necessary the road can be used as a landing runway.

The city is home to many high-technology and machine industries, including LG, Samsung, GM Daewoo, and their employees in a high-quality urban space. Changwon Main Road divides the town with the industries mostly being on the western side and the urban environment mostly being on the eastern side.

The neighboring cities Jinhae and Masan have since 2010 administratively been parts of Changwon.

Changwon is a planned city based on public works and a center of South Gyeongsangnam-do. Among non-capital areas, Changwon has the largest population including capital areas, Changwon followed by Suwon, Goyang and Yongin.

The climate of Changwon has a very similar climate to Busan nearby Changwon. Changwon is very hot in the summer and is also the place where tropical nights are observed very frequently in Korea. On the other hand, it is not very cold in winter and it snows rarely. There is not much snow in Changwon generally, so traffic is often paralyzed if it barely snows in Changwon.

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Source: 2014 Korea Meteorological Administration
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

Get in[edit]

Changwon is to the west of Busan, and most travel to Changwon is via this international hub. Located in the southeastern part of Gyeongsangnam-do, it is located in Gangseo-gu in Busan and Gimhae to the east, bordering Miryang and Changnyeong-gun on the Nakdong River to the north, Haman-gun, Jinju, Goseong-gun to the west, and Geoje City to the south. There is Masan Bay in the center of the city and Jinhae Bay in the south.

The existing three cities of Masan, Changwon, and Jinhae integrated and operated city buses, and today, they have deeply linked and cooperated in transportation, culture, and infrastructure, including Dongmasan IC, the main gateway of Changwon.

By plane[edit]

The nearest airport is Gimhae International Airport. (PUS IATA) in Busan, the neighboring town to the east.

By train[edit]

The Mugunghwa, Saemaeul and KTX (Korea Train Express) trains arrive at the Changwon Train Station in the north part of the urban area of town. There are KTX stops at Changwon Train station, Changwonjungang Train station, and Masan Train station. You can travel directly to Changwon from Seoul Station without any transfers or connections.

  • 1 Changwon station (창원역). Changwon Station (Q626193) on Wikidata Changwon station on Wikipedia

By bus[edit]

Buses connect Changwon to most of the other cities in Gyeongsangnam-do via the Express bus terminal. Some buses connect with Changwon at the Namsan terminal in the south part of town, including buses for Busan. Express buses connect directly to Seoul several times a day.

Buses from Busan mainly depart from the Seobu bus station in Sasang-gu. It's a short walk from the Sasang subway station to Seobu. The fare is about ₩3500.

Masan's intercity bus terminal serves destinations in the vicinity. There are frequent buses to Busan and Jinju (₩4,000 and one hour), as well as longer routes serving Tongyeong and far southern Geoje.

Get around[edit]

There are two types of city buses; express and normal. The express bus costs a little more but have fewer stops. The normal bus stops at every stop and most routes run into neighboring towns Jinhae and Masan. Current cash price is ₩1,300 for a normal bus and ₩1,800 for an express. When using a transportation card (T-money card) for payment, price is ₩1,250 for a normal bus and ₩1,750 for an express. Taxis are also a very common mode of transportation. Taxis can almost always be flagged down within a couple minutes on any semi-major to major road. All taxis (including black) start at ₩3,300 during the day but the starting rate goes up to ₩3,960‬ after midnight. And you can use the bike rental service. One of the best places to ride bicycles in Korea is the old Changwon city area. This is due to bicycle lanes installed on all major roads in the city. Nubiza is a combination of Nubida and Bicycle, which is a public bicycle service that is loaned from Changwon City. It is also South Korea's first public bike that began on October 22, 2004. Nubiza's terminals are located in many places in the city like bus stops, each with kiosks. If you pay a reasonable price, you can rent a bicycle, but if you rent it and don't return it for an hour and a half, you'll get a call to return it quickly. In this case, you can return it and rent it again. The Nubiza bike has a speedometer so you can check the mileage, time, etc. And it has headlights and rear lights, so there's no problem with night driving.


  • dott Island the nation's first marine amusement park. It is operated as a small recreation park.
  • 1 Junam reservoir (주남저수지). Junam Reservoir, called the migratory paradise, is a beautiful migratory bird with an area of 898 hectares and 109 species of migratory birds. It is home to thousands of migratory birds, which are visited every year, where you can meet various aquatic plants and aquatic insects. If you go to the Junam Reservoir Ecology Exhibition Room, you will be able to see the sample frame so that you can feel Junam's ecosystem such as the birds of the Junam Reservoir, the plants that bloom around, and the insects that live in the grass. Opening hours 09: 00 ~ 17: 30, Closed every Monday from April to September. 0₩.
  • 2 Cherry blossom festival(gun-hang-jae) (창원벚꽃축제), In the district of Jinhae (take local bus 151 from Changwon bus terminal to Jinhae). held yearly, in April 1-10. There are possibly more cherry blossom trees to be seen here than in any other location in Korea, and although there are a couple of popular, groomed places for visitors to see them, you can find them strewn throughout the hillsides surrounding the town of Jinhae. During this period, some areas of the designated military navigation system will be opened to the public. Photographing inside the naval base is prohibited in principle, but it is possible to take pictures under the Cherry Blossom Road unless the base building or other military facilities are taken openly. A private car can come in but cannot be parked inside. There are two primary locations that visitors go to see them. One is the train tracks just next to the high school that is a major bus stop. If you wait long enough, trains will come through this spot at a very low speed, making some idyllic photo shots as they roll through the cherry blossom lane. The other location is at Yeo-jwa Stream in the downtown section of Jinhae, located a 30 minute walk north of the bus station. The deck is fully equipped for walking, and you can feel as if you are walking in the air while being hit by a flower petal rain. It is decorated with LED lights, so it is good to see at night. At this location there is a small stream lined with cherry blossom trees on both sides that tourists are sure to be flocking around. The location marked on the map is Yeo-jwa Stream.
  • 3 Masan Fish market (마산 어시장), In the district of Masan. There is a fish market near the bay of Masan. It is a market with a tradition of 230 years. It is the nation's largest fish market, with an average of 3-50,000 people daily. Fish Street (Jin-dong Street) is closed on the third Sunday of every month. The most representative scenery of the fish market is the sushi restaurants lined up along the coastal road. Unlike typical sushi restaurants, the price varies depending on the type of fish. When you choose the fish you want, you can scoop it up and wrap it or eat it at a restaurant. You can eat a lot of sashimi at a reasonable price. In particular, Gizzard shad fish festival is held here in autumn.
  • 4 Yong-ji Lake Park (용지호수공원) (walk in the direction of City Hall in the central square). There are the Changwon Citizen's Charter and Saeyoung Nampo Temple. In addition, the three-story stone pagoda of the Bulmo Mountain Dongsa Temple site excavated from Mt. Bulmo is restored in a circular form, and a music fountain is installed. The music fountain starts at 19:00. It does not occur between December and early March when the lake is prone to freezing. The Changwon Municipal Library is located in the park.
  • 5 Changwon Center Square (창원광장). Anyone can enter. You can enjoy the round and large lawn. Occasionally, various events are held here. It is a lake in the middle of Changwon City's downtown area and is used as a resting place for citizens of Changwon City, and various art festivals, lantern festivals, and concerts are also held here. The music fountain in the lake is pretty. In addition, you can ride an eight-seater boat in the lake, and it is also considered a place with a beautiful night view because there are various sculptures.
  • 6 Gwangsansa Temple (광산사), masanhoewon-gu naeseo-eub singam-li 474, +82 55 231-1601. This temple is said to have been built by Wonhyo, a Buddhist monk from Silla, and Eunshin, a Chinese monk.
  • 7 Jeodo Skywalk (저도 콰이강의 다리), Masanhabpo-gu gusan-myeon haeyang-gwangwang-lo 1872-60. 10:00-21:00. It is a 170-meter-long, three-meter-wide steel bridge. The bridge gained fame when a new bridge was installed in 2004 and was converted into a pedestrian bridge. After turning the bottom of the bridge into glass, it became a walkway. While crossing the sea, you can see the scenery of the sea 13.5 meters below. LED lights glow at night and create beautiful Milky Way roads. Summer season (March to October 10 to 22:00) Winter season (November to February 10 to 21:00), no admission when it rains. Admission free, parking free.
  • 8 Kyungwha Market (경화시장), Jinhae-gu gyeonghwasijang-lo 35. 08:00-22:00. Kyungwha Market is a folk market that is open on 8, 13 and 18 and 23 and 28 every month. It is close to Kyungwha Station, a famous cherry blossom spot in Changwon, so you can look around together. At the Kyungwha Market, you can see everything from fresh seafood from the Jinhae Sea to vegetables grown from home and fried chicken. Public parking lot available (41 in upper area and 86 in lower area).
  • 9 Marine Drama Filming Site (해양드라마세트장), Masanhabpo-gu gusan-myeon haeyang-gwangwang-lo 876-2, +82 55 220-4065. 09:00-17:00. Marine Drama Filming Site is a travel destination dating back to the Gaya era. With Masan's beautiful coast in the background, the building houses 25 wooden structures on the street and three ships. On the Site, you can experience the lifestyle and culture of the old times for yourself. It has been used as a filming location for various dramas and movies since it was created in 2010. 09:00-18:00 Summer Season, 09:00-17:00 Winter Season.
  • 10 Jinhae Marine Park (진해해양공원), Myeongdong-lo 62, Jinhae-gu, +82 55 712-0425. 09:00-18:00/20:00. Summer (March to October) 09:00 to 20:00, Winter (November to February) 09:00 to 18:00. Closed on the last Monday of every month. Marine Solar Park, Fish Ecology Learning Center, Naval Battle History Center, Marine Life Theme Park, and Coast Deckroad. Great place for children. It is located near the bridge of the Kwai River, and although not on a large scale, it is a beautiful place on the beachIn addition to the 136-meter-high Changwon Solar Tower, it is equipped with facilities such as the Fish Ecology Learning Center, the Sea Warrior Experience Center, and a 99-meter zip track. Adult ₩3,500, student ₩2,500, child ₩1,500.
  • 11 Uilimsa Temple (의림사). Uirim is a thousand-year-old temple of tradition. Uirim Mountain, with its quiet forest trails, clear water, and cool shade, is a spiritual haven. Inside, there is a three-story stone pagoda in Uirimsa Temple, designated as a cultural property of South Gyeongsang Province, and a big quince tree that is hundreds of years old.
  • 12 Kyeongnam Masan Robot Land (경남 마산 로봇랜드), 250, Robotland-ro, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, +82 55 214-6000. 10:00 - 18:30 must check the operation hours at website.
  • 13 Seongjusa Temple (성주사), 191 Gomjeol-gil, +82 55 262-0108. Impressive temple complex with many buildings in a picturesque setting. Paved roads the entire way there - no hiking necessary (though hiking trails do lead to and from the temple area). free.
  • 14 House in Changwon, House in Changwon, 59, Sarim-ro 16beon-gil, Uichang-gu, +82 55-284-2600. 200 years ago, it is a traditional hanok of the Joseon Dynasty where Ahn Doo-cheol, the fifth generation of Sunheung An Clan, lived.
  • 15 Metasequoire Garosu-gil, 65 Yongho-ro, Seongsan-gu. Changwon's representative cafe street. It is located near the Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Office.


  • Hiking. Hike around the many mountains that surround the city and catch wonderful views.
  • Sports. Watch and bet on bicycle races, basketball (LG Sakers, based at LG Champion's Park), soccer (Gyeongnam FC, based at Changwon Football Center) or baseball (NC Dinos, based at Changwon NC Park). Play badminton on one of many public courts.
  • 1 Dotseom Island. Take a ferry out to Dotseom Island, which has a carnival and circus in Masan Bay.
  • 2 Muhaksan (무학산). Hike up Muhaksan, a 700-m mountain near Masan's city center. In particular, the Seowongok Valley in the east is a lush tree landscape, making it a favorite resting place for Changwon citizens. Hakbong, at the top, blends azaleas blooming in the mountains, creating a superb view in spring. Muhaksan on Wikipedia
  • 3 Changwon Ziptrek (창원짚트랙), jinhae-gu myeongdong-lo62 jinhaehaeyang-Park 99tower, +82 55 547-2199. 09:00-18:00. If you take Changwon Ziptrek, you can experience a dizzying aerial flight of 1,399 meters from 99 tower to Sokuri island at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, and return to the jet boat. The time required is 30~40 minutes including safety training. ₩40,000.
  • 4 Yongji Moving boat (용지호수 무빙보트), +82 55 262-8100. 10:00-22:00. It is an electric boat that can be easily operated by anyone. Visitors can enjoy the food and beverage they have prepared by driving on their own and enjoying it on the boat, which can be used as a cafe on the lake. Also, at night, the boat is lit with LED lights. 30 minutes, ₩20,000 for 4 people; 60 minutes, ₩30,000 for 4 people (+ extra ₩5,000 per person). Drinking and smoking in boats is prohibited. Children under 18 years of age without carers and drunk are not allowed to board.
  • 5 Wood Culture Experience Center (진해드림파크 목재문화체험관), +82 55 548-2687. 09:00-18:00. Museum of Wood Culture. It is a hands-on experience center where you can see and learn the importance of forest culture and the value of using wood. There is a comprehensive exhibition hall where you can see information about trees such as the history of wooden houses in Korea, the origin of trees, the growth of trees, and the history of the use of wood. There are also wood observation trails, outdoor training grounds and ecological wetlands. You can make various wood products such as crafts and tools using wood.
  • 6 Yangchon Hot Spring (양촌온천). Hot spring water from Yangchon Village is also popular as it is rich in minerals. The gentle nature of water helps promote blood and is effective in cases of neuralgia, rheumatism, neuropathy, insomnia, nervous breakdown, female reproductive cavalry, and skin disease. As there are many beautiful mountains around Yangchon Hot Spring, such as Inseong Mountain, Jeokseok Mountain, you can enjoy the best conditions for a hot spring bath after hiking.
  • 7 Mageumsan Hot Spring (마금산 온천), +82 55 298-4400. 05:00-21:00. Mageumsan Hot Spring is the first health spa in South Gyeongsang Province, offering a combination of treatment, recuperation and relaxation. It is known as the " Fountain of Mystery " as it can not be dried up no matter how much it is pumped through the mineral all-carie multI-salt hot spring that maintains water temperature of 45 ℃ or higher. It contains more than 20 kinds of minerals, which have excellent effects on skin diseases, rheumatism and neuralgia.
  • 8 Kyeongnam Masan Robot Land (경남 마산 로봇랜드), 250, Robotland-ro, Gusan-myeon, +82 55 214-6000. 10:00 - 18:30 must check the operation hours at website.


  • 1 Changwon College (창원국립대학교).
  • 2 Hanil Girl's Highschool (한일 여자 고등학교), 50, Yangdeokseo 8-gil, Masanhoewon-su.
  • 3 woongcheon Highschool (웅천고등학교), 71, Ungcheonjung-ro, Jinhae-gu.
  • 4 Changwon Chung-Ang High School (창원중앙고등학교), 16, Yongho-ro, Seongsan-gu.
  • 5 Changwon Science Highschool (창원과학고등학교), 30, Pyeongsan-ro 159beon-gil, Uichang-gu.
  • 6 Yongwon Highschool (용원고등학교), 8, Yongjae-ro 77beon-gil, Jinhae-gu.
  • 7 Kyungnam University (경남대학교), 7, Gyeongnamdaehak-ro, Masanhappo-gu.
  • 8 Changwon Moonsung University (창원문성대학교).
  • 9 Changwon Gyeongsang High School (창원경상고등학교), 46, Geumgang-ro 379, Uichang-gu, +82 55-255-5501.
  • 10 Changwon Daesan High School (창원대산고등학교), 378, Jinsan-daero, Daesan-myeon, Uichang-gu, +82 55-291-4331.
  • 11 Changwon Sapa High School (창원사파고등학교), 26, Changi-daero 719beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, +82 55-285-9624.
  • 12 Masan High School (마산고등학교), 33, Shimon-gil, Masanhappo-gu, +82 55-240-3500.
  • 13 Yongma High School (용마고등학교), 51, Hedang-ro, Masanhappo-gu, +82 55-245-8071.
  • 14 Masan University (마산대학교), 2640, Hamma-daero, Naeseo-eup, Masanhoewon-gu, +82 55-230-1212.
  • 15 Changshin University (창신대학교), 262, Palyong-ro, Masanhoewon-gu, +82 55-250-3000.
  • 16 Changwon Gyeongil High School (창원경일고등학교), 165, Dudae-ro, Seongsan-gu, +82 55-285-0450.


Most foreign workers hold positions as either engineers or English teachers.


Changwon is known for its watermelons and persimmons. If you're cooking for more than one person, check out the traditional markets for fresh fruits and veggies at great prices.

For the shoppers out there, Changwon has a Lotte Mart, Lotte Dept Store, and an Emart all centrally located by the Rotary across from City Hall. Daedong Dept Store's not too far from the Rotary as well. There's also a Home Plus and New Core Outlet near the bus terminal, and City 7 beside Changwon's Pullman Hotel.

  • 1 LotteMart (롯데마트 진해점), 762 Jinhae-daero, Jinhae-gu, +82 55 541-2500. 10:00-23:00. It is the first large discount store in Jinhae. Fresh food, kitchen, fashion, consumer electronics, stationery, toys, a variety of customer convenience facilities (such as oriental medicine clinics, dental clinics, and animal hospitals), and a cultural center with parking lots.
  • 2 E-Mart (이마트 창원점), Seongsan-gu, Jungang-dong, Won-i-daero, 608. 10:00-23:00. Paid parking: purchase amount less than ₩10,000 = 1 hour free, more than ₩10,000 = 2 hours free, over ₩30,000 = 3 hours free, more than ₩50,000 = 4 hours free. It is closed on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.
  • 3 Lotte Department Store (롯데백화점 창원점), +82 55 279-2500. 10:30-20:00. It is connected to Lotte Mart by underground passage. There is a movie theater called 'Lotte Cinema' on the third floor. Parking is available for a fee and can be used free of charge depending on the purchase price. ₩2,000 for the first 30 minutes and ₩500 for every 10 minutes thereafter.
  • 4 Lotte Mart (롯데마트 창원중앙점), seongsan gu jung-ang dong jung-ang daelo 123, +82 55 240-2500. 10:00-23:00. It is connected to Lotte Department Store by underground passage. Hi-mart, restaurant, fast food, cafe, fashion goods, cosmetics, nail bar, beauty salon, skin care, pharmacy, hospital, car wash, glasses, laundry, photo studio, bicycle shop. Also, There is a large wine shop. It is closed on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.
  • 5 Daedong Department Store (대동백화점), +82 55 212-8000. 10:30-20:30. Amenity: If you go to the information desk on 1F, you can rent baby strollers while you shop. The Sky Park on the fourth floor offers a children's playground and a comfortable rest area.
  • 6 Home Plus (홈플러스 창원점), 415 Changwon-daero, Uichang-gu, +82 55-270-8000. 10AM-23PM.
  • 7 New Core Outlet (뉴코아아울렛 창원점), New Core Outlet, 6, Changwon-daero 397, Uichang-gu, +82 55-270-7000. 10:30-22:00.


  • Various kinds of seafood Because there is a huge fish market, the quality of seafood, including fish, is as good as that of high-end department stores.
  • Benningan's (Located across the street from Canberra Hotel.).
  • Bombay, 98-3 Jugang Dong, Chagwon, +82 55 2634111. 11:00-23:00. Bombay is a nice Indian restaurant. Friendly staff and quick service. Prices are reasonable.
  • Roll's Rice (directly opposite the terminal entrance, in Masan). Colorful dine-in sushi options and fusion dishes (think pastas, pilaf, omu-rice). Mains typically around ₩8,000.
  • Brown Hands, 109, Gaposunhwan-ro, Masanhappo-gu, +82 55-243-0050. 10:00-00:00. This is where the old cafe was reborn as a garage. If you go there, you can see the former garage.
  • peloapelo, 137-1, Synagogi-gil, Masan-gu, +82 55-299-6264. 11:00-22:00 (open all year round, at 15:00 on holiday day). This cafe sells various kinds of pancakes.
  • 1 LimJinGak restaurant, 1st and 2nd floors of 515 KR Imjingak Restaurant, Palyong-ro, Uichang-gu, +82 552563535. M-F 11:00-21:00. You can order delicious small rice soup and grilled meat. ₩20,000-30,000.
  • 2 a mountain and rice restaurant (산미 본점), 1168, Cheonju-ro, Buk-myeon, Uichang-gu, +82 55-298-0089. 10:00-17:20. Peanut noodles - 8000₩,.




  • Nambu Sauna and Jjimjilbang, C:nus building, 4F (Downtown Masan near the bus terminal; walk out to the intersection and it's diagonally opposite McDonalds). A jjimjilbang within 100 m of the Nambu intercity bus terminal. Expect sauna access, cotton pajamas and a pile of blankets to sleep on the heated communal floor. Has an ice room in addition to the usual array of heated rooms with decor a tiny bit more diverse than the usual warm-cube-coated-in-amethysts. ₩7,500.


  • Changwon Hotel.
  • Canberra Hotel.


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  • Busan is the main regional city

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