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Essen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Winding tower of "Zollverein" pit—Essen's most iconic landmark


Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Nearby airports include:

By car[edit]

Essen is located on Autobahn 40.

By bus[edit]

Essen is part of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr bus and train system.See also Mülheimer Verkehrsgesellschaf

By boat[edit]

The Rhine river transportation system can be reached via the Herne Kanal. Weiße Flotte Baldeney operate ships on the Ruhr river.

Get around[edit]

Map of Essen

Essen has a big Stadtbahn (light rail), tram, bus and night bus system. You can find more information about fares and a journey planner at the VRR website. In addition, Hespertalbahn operates historic trains between Haus Scheppen and Kupferdreh.


  • 1 Zeche Zollverein, Arendahls Wiese, +49 201 2 4 6 8 10, e-mail: . Grounds 6AM-4PM; Visitor Center/Museum 10AM-6PM.
    . Called the most beautiful coal mine in the world (in fact, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Zollverein nowadays hosts diverse cultural highlights including an outstanding design center and several museums. It is also famous for its Bauhaus architecture.
    Museum+special exhibits €10. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex on Wikipedia Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex (Q122026) on Wikidata
  • 2 Red Dot Design Museum, Gelsenkirchener Straße 181 (just beside Zeche Zollverein). Collection of 2000 exemplary pieces of product design
  • 3 Museum Folkwang, Goethestraße 41, +49 201-8845000. Known for the exhibits covering the history of photography as well as paintings from all eras.
Aerial view of Villa Hügel
  • 4 Villa Hügel, Hügel 15, +49 201-616290, fax: +49 201-6162911, e-mail: . Krupp family historical chateau, art history museum and concert venue. After visiting the chateau, have an nice stroll or a boat tour across the Baldeney lake Villa Hügel on Wikipedia Villa Hügel (Q674670) on Wikidata
  • Aalto Opera-House Interesting piece of architecture by Alvar Aalto (Finland)
  • Essener Münster Cathedral 14th century cathedral and treasure museum.
  • St. Ludgerus Basilica
  • Kettwig Historical District featuring 17th and 18th century streets and buildings.
  • Synagogue and Jewish Museum
  • The old town of Werden One of the oldest German sites in entire Germany! Highly recommended.
  • 5 Grugapark. Open all year round from 9.00 am until nightfall. Botanical garden (including playgrounds, waterfall, park railroad, look-out tower, various animals, restaurants, ...) 3€ (note that some of the parks attractions may have shorter opening hours and additional fees)..


View of Grugapark botanical garden from a tower inside the park
  • International Christmas Market from late November to early December the streets and historic allies of the city center are filled with over 200 arts and crafts stalls.
  • Enjoy Essen ("Essen genießen", this is a word play since "Essen" translates to "food" as well). Gourment Highlights in autumn.
  • 1 Lake Baldeney (Baldeneysee) (Essen-Hügel and Essen-Kupferdreh stations). Boat rentals, sailing, canoeing, gastronomy.


  • 2 Philharmonie Saalbau. Classic concerts of the Essener Philharmoniker and guest orchestras.
  • Grugahalle. Sport events and concerts of national and international stars.
  • Zeche Carl. Former coalmine, which is now used as a cultural center. Minor arts, rock music, cabaret and more.


Small, but vivid: the art scene in Essen. Galleries allocate on the whole city region, with a concentration around the Museum Folkwang:


  • Behind the shopping centre Limbecker Platz there is a Cinemaxx-Kino, with 5.370 seats the biggest Multiplex-Cinema in Germany.
  • Lichtburg. With 1.250 seats the biggest and oldest cinema hall in Germany.
  • Essener Filmkunsttheater. Group of various smaller cinemas: filmstudio, Eulenspiegel, Astra-Theater, Galerie Cinema, with ambitious programs.

Spa and Massage[edit]


The University of Duisburg-Essen is part of a consortium of three universities in the Ruhr-area (University of Duisburg-Essen, Bochum, and Dortmund) and Germany's largest academic hub. [1]


If you are working for a place that is easy going for digital nomads, have a look at

  • Unperfekthaus, which both has a permanent coworking place and offers day tickets within its house, and
  • 1 KaBü anna Rü, Annastr. 51 (located at one of the liveliest places in Rüttenscheid, Annastraße at Klarastraße). during roughly on working days during daytime. This is a cafe combined with a coworking space, in the nice district of Rüttenscheid.


Many shops are located in the city center pedestrian zone. A big shopping-mall in the western part of the city centre opened in summer 2008. Also pay attention to the "Rüttenscheid"-district.

  • 1 City center pedestrian zone.
  • 2 Rüttenscheid district. Probably Essen's trendiest district, with lots of smaller specialised shops, cafes, restaurants etc. mainly along the main shopping and strolling promenade, Rüttenscheider Straße.



  • Fährmann am See, Lanfermannfähre 118, +49 201-846080, fax: +49 201-8460819. W-M 11:30AM-10PM. Regional home cooking (accepts ECcard).
  • 1 Tablo, Huyssenallee 5, +49 201-8119585. Turkish. Reservations recommended.


  • Mintrops Stadthotel Margarethenhöhe - Restaurant M, Steile Str. 46 (U-17: Laubenweg), +49 201-43860, fax: +49 201-4386100. 12AM-2:30PM and 6:00PM-10:30PM. Asian.
  • Gummersbach, Fürstenbergstr. 2 (Tram 105: Heißener Str), +49 201-676464. W-M 5PM-10:30PM. French; reservations recommended (ECcard accepted).
  • 2 Capobianco, Rottstr. 7, +49 201-226603. Mon-Sat 12AM-3PM and 5:30PM-midnight, Sun 12AM-midnight. Classic/Italian. Vegetarian options. Reservations recommended.
  • 3 Hülsmannshof, Lehnsgrund 14 a (U 17: Laubenweg), +49 201-871250. 11:30AM–2:30PM and 5:30-10PM.. Home cooking.
  • Stop-Club vis à vis, Schmiedestr. 5,, +49 201-235453. Mon-Sat 5-11:30PM.. Reservation recommended. International. Vegetarian options.
  • 4 Lukas, Prinz-Friedrich-Str. 1,, +49 201-848353. Daily 6-11PM. Indian (accepts ECcard).
  • 5 Ange d'Or Junior, Ruhrtalstr. 326 (S6: Kettwig), +49 2054-2307. Wed-Sun 6:30-10:30PM. Italian. Vegetarian options.
  • La Cena, Haumannplatz 32 (Tram 106: Landgericht), +49 201-2790269. Mon-Sat 12AM-3PM, 6-11PM. Italian.
  • 6 Landhaus Schnitzler, Nöckersberg 65, +49 201-848140. W-F 12AM-3PM, 6-10:30PM, Sat 6-10:30PM, Sun 12AM-9PM.. Italian, German, International.
  • L'Opera, Theaterpassage/Hirschlandplatz (U11/17/18: Hirschlandplatz), +49 201-239124. Daily 12AM-11PM. Italian.
  • 7 Mintrops Stadthotel Margarethenhöhe - Restaurant M, Steile Str. 46 (U 17: Laubenweg), +49 201-43860. Daily 12AM-2:30PM, 6-10:30PM. Italian.
  • Oase Due, Rüttenscheider Str. 189 (U11, Tram 101/107: Martinstr), +49 201-790640. Mon-Sat 12AM-2:30PM, 5:30-11:30PM. Italian.
  • Cavallino Rosso, Velberter Str. 126, +49 201-404977. Daily 12AM-2:30PM, 5:30-11PM.. Mediterranean.
  • 8 Gummersbach, Fürstenbergstr. 2 (Tram 105: Heißener Str.), +49 201-676464. W-M 5-10:30PM Reservation recommended.. Mediterranean, accepts ECcard..
  • 9 Hannappel, Dahlhauser Str. 173 (S1: Essen-Eiberg or RE 14 / S 3 / S 9 / Tram 103 / 109: Essen-Steele, then Bus 164: Breloher Steig), +49 201-534506. W-M 5:30-10PM. Mediterranean. accepts ECcard,.
  • 10 Jagdhaus Schellenberg, Heisinger Str. 170a, +49 201-437870. Mediterranean.
  • 11 Casino Zollverein, Gelsenkirchener Str. 181 (Tram 107: Zollverein), +49 201-830240. Tue-Fri 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30-10:30PM, Sat-Sun 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30PM-midnight.. Nouveau cuisine.
  • 12 Mintrops Landhotel - Mumm, Schwarzensteinweg 81 (SB 15: Burgaltendorf Burgruine), +49 201-571710. 12AM-2PM, 6-11PM.. Nouveau/international cuisine. Vegetarian options.
  • 13 Parkhaus Hügel, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 209 (S6: Essen-Hügel), +49 201-471091. 11:30AM–10:30PM. Nouveau/International cuisine.
  • raum.eins, Rüttenscheider Str. 154, +49 201-4553747. Mon-Thu 12AM-2:30PM, 6-10:30PM, Fri 12AM-2:30PM, 6-11PM, Sat 6-11PM.. Nouveau/International cuisine.
  • Résidence - Püree, Auf der Forst 1, +49 2054-95590. Tue-Fri 6:3010PM. Nouveau/International cuisine.
  • 14 Schloss Hugenpoet - Hugenpöttchen, August-Thyssen-Str. 51, +49 2054-12040. 12AM-11:30PM. Nouveau/International cuisine.
  • 15 Kockshusen, Pilgrimsteig 51, +49 201-3601166. W-M 11:30AM-10PM. Regional. Accepts ECcard.
  • Kölner Hof, Duisburger Str. 20, +49 201-763430. Wed-Sun 12AM-2PM, 6-10PM.. Regional, dogs not welcome. accepts ECcard.
  • Landhaus-Knappmann - Frankenheim-Brauhaus, Ringstr. 198, +49 2054-7809. M-F 4-12PM; Sat/Sun 11AM-midnight.. Regional.
  • Schote, Emmastr. 25 (U11, Tram 101/107: Martinstr), +49 201-780107. Tue-Sun 6-11PM.. Regional.
  • Landhaus Schnitzler, Nöckersberg 65, +49 201-848140. Wen-Fri 12AM-3PM, 6-10:30PM; Sat 6-10:30PM; Sun 12AM-9PM. Seasonal.
  • 16 Der Löwe, Kopstadtplatz, 13. Kopstadtplatz. Bavarian-style restaurant.


  • La Grappa, Rellinghauser Str. 4 (Tram 105/106: Aalto Theater), +49 201-231766. M-F 11:30AM–2:30PM; 5:30- 11:30PM; Sa 5:30-11:30PM. Italian/nouveau cuisine.
  • Schloss Hugenpoet, Nesselrode, August-Thyssen-Str. 51, +49 2054-12040. Th-M 6:30-10PM. International food. Dogs not welcome.
  • Résidence, Auf der Forst 1, +49 2054-95590. Tu-Sa 6:30-10PM. Nouveau cuisine.
  • Schloss Hugenpoet-Nesselrode, August-Thyssen-Str. 51, +49 2054-12040. Th-M 6:30-10PM. Nouveau cuisine. Dogs not welcome.


  • Rüttenscheider Hausbrauerei, Girardetstr. 2 (U11, Tram 101/107: Martinstr. or Tram 105: Rellinghausen Rathaus or SB15: Annental or S6: Kettwig, then Bus 142: Girardet Haus), +49 201-790060. Reservation recommended.
  • Daktari, Juliusstraße 2, +49 201-2698595. 7PM-4AM.. Small Cocktail-Bar with big cocktails, located 5 miutes away from main station
  • Isenbergplatz, Isenbergstraße 12. 9AM-2AM.. Five bars around a big playground. Meeting place for students, families, punks and managers. Urban culture center of Essen



Out of the city[edit]

  • Das Park Hotel, Emscherinsel, Bottrop-Ebel (S9 stop Bottrop). Completely automated (i.e. only bookable online) concrete drain tubes with beds inside, you book and you're given a code for the door. Honour based system; contribute as many € as you wish to the project. The project may have been discontinued as their booking webpage is gone. Honour system, contribute as many € as you wish to the project.


  • Europa, Hindenburgstr. 35, +49 201-232041, fax: +49 201-232656. From 70 Euro/night.
  • Jägerhof, Hauptstr. 23 (S6: Kettwig or SB 19: Werdener Markt or Tram 110: Mülheim Wilhelmstr. or Tram 102/104/112/901: Mülheim Stadtmitte or RE1/2/6/11, S1/3, U18: Mülheim Ruhr Hbf or U11: Messe West/Süd / Gruga or Tram 101/107: Martinstr. or Tram 105: Rellinghausen Rathaus or SB15: Annental, then Bus 142/151/190: Kettwiger Markt), +49 2054-84011, fax: +49 2054-80984.
  • Mintrops Stadthotel Margarethenhöhe, Steile Str. 46 (U17: Laubenweg), +49 201-43860, fax: +49 201-4386100.
  • Résidence, Auf der Forst 1, +49 2054-95590, fax: +49 2054-82501, e-mail: . (S6: Kettwig or SB 19: Werdener Markt or Tram 110: Mülheim Wilhelmstr. or Tram 102/104/112/901: Mülheim Stadtmitte or RE1/2/6/11, S1/3, U18: Mülheim Ruhr Hbf or U11: Messe West/Süd / Gruga or Tram 101/107: Martinstr. or Tram 105: Rellinghausen Rathaus or SB15: Annental, then Bus 142/151/190: Ringstr.) No dogs.
  • Ruhr-Hotel, Krawehlstr. 42 (Tram 106: Zweigertstr), +49 201-778053, fax: +49 201-780283.
  • Scandic Hotel, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5 (U11: Messe West/Süd / Gruga or U 17: Margarethenhöhe or Tram 101/107: Bredeney or Tram 101/107: Martinstr. or S6: Essen-Werden or SB19: Werdener Markt or Tram 105: Rellinghausen Rathaus or SB15: Annental or SB66: Velbert Willy-Brandt-Platz, then Bus 142/169: Sommerburgstr), +49 201-7690, fax: +49 201-7691143.
  • Top Rema-Hotel Essen, Viehofer Platz 5 (Tram 101/103/105/109: Rheinischer Platz), +49 201-105610, fax: +49 201-236685.

City Center[edit]

  • 6 Unperfekthotel, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18 (from U/tram Berliner Platz this is located "behind" the big shopping mall), +49 201 47 09 16-0, e-mail: . a hotel run by a creative project, having a nice rooftop terrace
  • Mövenpick Hotel Essen, Am Hauptbahnhof 2 (stop: Essen Hbf), +49 201-17080, fax: +49 201-1708173.

Messe/Gruga area (around trade fair center) and Rüttenscheid[edit]

  • Best Western Hotel Ypsilon, Müller-Breslau-Str. 18-20, +49 201-89690, fax: +49 201-8969100, e-mail: . (U11, Tram 101/107: Martinstr. or Tram 105: Töpferstr. or Tram 106: Cäcilienstr. or SB15: Huttropstr. or Tram 103/109: Schwanenbuschstr. or RE1/2/6/11/14/16, RB40/42, S1/2/3/6/9, U11/17/18, SB16/19: Essen Hbf or U18: Breslauer Str. or Tram 110: Flughafen Essen/Mülheim, then Bus 145/146/160/161: Paulinenstr.)


  • Holiday Inn Essen City Centre, Frohnhauser Str. 6., +49 201-24070, fax: +49 201-2407240.
  • 8 Mercure Plaza, Bismarckstr. 48-50 (U11, Tram 101/107: Philharmonie/Saalbau), +49 201-878580, fax: +49 201-87858700.
  • Schloss Hugenpoet (August-Thyssen-Str. 51, RE1 / RE2 / RE6 / RE11 / S1 / S3 / U18: Mülheim Ruhr Hbf, then Bus 132: Am Biestenkamp, then Taxi which should be reserved in advance.), +49 2054-12040, fax: +49 2054-120450.
  • 9 Sheraton, Huyssenallee 55 (U11, Tram 101/107: Philharmonie/Saalbau), +49 201-10070, fax: +49 201-1007777.


Essen Tourism Office Im Handelshof. Am Hauptbahnhof 2, Tel: +49 201-19433, [2]. Mon-Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-1PM. Closed on Sundays and bank holiday.

Stay safe[edit]

The poor northern suburbs of Essen (especially Altendorf, Altenessen and Karnap) suffer from occasional, potentially armed, robberies at night. Be aware of pickpockets on the Christmas Market and watch your bags in crowded bars.


Religious services

Holy mass in Catholic churches at the centre:

  • Hohe Domkirche, Münster, An St. Quintin 3 (5-10 min north from central station). [3] Sat 6:30PM; Sun 7:30AM*, 10AM, 4PM*, 7PM; (*in the Anbetungskirche: Mon-Fri: 7AM, 10AM, 5:30PM (except Sat)).
  • St. Engelbert, Fischerstraße 12 (10 min south from central station). Sat: 6:15PM; Sun: 9:45AM, 2PM (engl.); Mon 7:30PM; Tue 9AM; Wed 9:15AM; Fri 6PM.
  • St. Ignatius, An Sankt Ignatius 8 (10 min southwest from central station). [4] Sat 9AM, 5PM; Sun 11:15AM, 6PM; Tue/Thu/Fri 7PM.

Index of Catholic churches in the Diocesis of Essen: [5]

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