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Pages using {{IATA}} template but referencing airport code with no (redirect) page with those 3 letters.

Linking to airports[edit]

Create the page with the three letter code IN CAPITALS.

If there is an airport article then redirect the code to that page
e.g. For FRA IATA, the page FRA contains #REDIRECT[[Frankfurt Airport]]
If there is no airport article the redirect should be to the relevant section of closest city article.
e.g. For STR IATA, the page STR contains #redirect[[Stuttgart#By plane]]

For airports not large enough for their own article

On the city, or district, page closest to the airport create a listing of type=go
Use the IATA template in the alt field
Use the wikidata function in listing editor to connect to Wikipedia and fill in coordinates and possibly image information.
Add other information such as web link and telephone number to listing
Below listing give additional information such as methods of getting to the airport from city centre and flight destinations.
In Sleep section of city list a couple of hotels near the airport.

To concentrate on cleaning up a particular region or country use Petscan. (substitute the first line of the category field for the area you wish to work on).

Disambiguation articles are fine to be in this category, they show airports who's city page does not exist yet.

Although the articles will no longer be categorized this category tends not to update until the articles containing the airport code are saved again (does not need a change but must go into edit and publish).

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