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Fonyód is a small city in Hungary on the southern shore of Lake Balaton.

Get in[edit]

Fonyód marina by Air

By boat[edit]

By bus[edit]

  • 2 Bus Station Fonyód (Autóbuszállomás Fonyód), Ady Endre utca (Next to Fonyód Train Station).

By train[edit]

By car[edit]

Fonyod is less than two hours drive from Budapest via Székesfehérvár and Siófok on the M7. To the North(esat) Coast you can take a ferry at Szántod.

Get around[edit]

The city is very compact all part is within walking distance

  • 4 Tourinform - Fonyód, Vigadó tér 1 (Port), +36 85 560313, fax: +36 85 560313, . Jun-Aug. Information about: accommodation, restaurants, transport, programs, attractions, services.


Fonyod Hill gives a great view of the Balaton and the hills of the northern shore with their volcanic tops.


  • 1 Chapel with bell tower (Kápolna harangtoronnyal), Szent István utca/tér (Bélatelep district). Its form reminiscent of the Hungarian crown. A small, 'summer' chapel
  • 2 Protestant Church (Protestáns templom), József u. 21 (Near to Fonyód football field). Mass: Su 09:30. Similar to the wooden churches in Transylvania. Built in 1936.
  • 3 Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), Templom utca (W 0.5 km of Fonyód Train Station). Mass: Tu F Sa at 18:30; Su 11:00 and 18:30. The church is on the high mountain near to Lakeshore. Delightful views over the lake and the north shore mountains. The church was built in 1902 to replace the old chapel. This is a neo-Romanesque church. It was built with carved stones. When the dome collapsed, it was rebuilt, but instead of carved stone used bricks. Instead tower a so called Hussar turret raised above the dome. The bell placed in a timber belfry in front of the church
  • 4 Reformed Church (Református templom), József u. 21 (Near to Fonyód football field.). Mass: Su 11:00. Protestants and Reformed using same building.


  • 5 [dead link] Crypt-villa (Kripta-villa), József u. 16 (Next to Valkó Lookout). closed (2014). According to the legend of unfulfilled love made the man, who lost his sweetheart, later carved our own shape and form of the deceased love in stone carving wedding bed.
  • 6 Fonyód's Museum (Fonyódi Múzeum, volt Velics-villa), Bélatelep,Bartók Béla út 3, +36 85 560392, +36 20 4654786 (Mobil), . Jun-Sep: Tu-F 10:00-18:00, Sa Su 10:00-14:00. In case of bad weather, the extended opening hours. In a 100-year-old villa, former cinema building. Collections: local history and ethnographic, about Balaton animal and plant life, nature protection. Ft 300.
  • 7 Villa Gallery (Villa Galéria, Nyári Galéria), Fürdő u. 7 (near the port). In a listed building.
  • 8 Mini Gallery (Mini Galéria, Művelődési Ház), Balaton utca 3 (in the community house.), +36 85 560 058, . Temporarly art exhibits.


  • 9 Double nudes sculpture (Kettős Akt Szobor, Emberpár), Fürdő utca (On the waterfront). A symbol of the town. Made by István Kiss sculptor.
  • 10 Pilot Lányi Antal sculpture (Lányi Antal pilot a szobra), On the waterfront. He was the first who flew across the Balaton.
  • 11 Ruins of the Fácános fort (Fácános vár maradványai, Erődvár romjai, Alsóvár- és erődtemplom romjai), Fácános park, Szent István u. 121. (S 1000 m from Fonyód Train Station). Here are a part of the former castle Fácános, the so-called 'Pile-dwelling ' rampart and moat
  • 12 Press house restaurant (Műemlék Présház étterem, Halászcsárda és borozó), Lenke utca 21. Agricultural monument One of the local vernacular architecture remained intact memories (around 200-year-old historic building).
  • 13 Wooden headboards (Kopjafák és a kilátópad), József A. u. (At the Protestant Church). A World War II memorial. Made by Tóth József.
  • 14 Villas (Villasor), Bélatelep, Bartók Béla 22-80 (Northeastern side of the Castle Hill). Significance monuments area in the center of the Historic settlement. 29 villas, with outbuildings in filled with plants gardens . These are protected monuments, built in the 1890s. Here was the holiday destination to the members of genteel middle class.
  • 15 Várhegyi Lookout (formerly Berzsenyi Lookout) (Várhegyi kilátó, korábban Berzsenyi-kilátó). On the 233-meter high Castle hill (Várhegy). Beautiful view.
  • 16 Boros Palace (Boros-kastély), Csisztai út (S 2km from Bus Station), +36 85 360 458, . Now a guesthouse.
  • Sipos Mountain Lookout (Sipos-hegyi kilátó). Stunning picture emerges from Keszthely to Balatonkenese. From this site alone (on the shore of Lake Balaton), you can see the whole Balaton.
  • 17 Valkó Lookout (Valkó-kilátó), József utca.
  • 18 Eötvös Károly Public Library (Eötvös Károly Városi Könyvtár), Szent István u. 29. (300 meters south form the train station, next to the poliklinik.), +36 85 560033. Winter: M W F 09:00-17:30, F 09:00-16:00, Sa 08:30-11:30; summer: M W F 09:00-17.30, Tu 08:30-11:30, Th 09:00-16:00. One of the largest public library (of Lake Balaton Area) with more than 50 thousand volumes of books. Wi-Fi access is available.
  • 19 Boat Station Building (Hajóállomás Műemléképülete), Fürdő u. (Center). An ornate monument building was built in 1913. based on Kaal Nagy Dezso (engineer, port inspector) plans.
  • 20 Pier (móló) (Center). Lake Balaton's longest pier, 464 m. Built in 1898 by designer Scholcz Gyula. Gulács Hill directed perpendicular to the center line. In 1906 it was rebuilt extended with a breakwater.
  • 21 Music pagoda (Zene pagoda), Fűrdő u. (Opposite the row of port's shops). Chimes will entertain you there.
  • 22 Zsolnay Fountain (Zsolnay kút), Dísz tér.
  • 23 Town Hall (Városháza), Fő utca 19, +36 85 562-980, fax: +36 85-562-999, . W 08:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00; F 8:00-12:00. erected in 1939
  • 24 Ripka Ferenc Fountain (Ripka Ferenc kút, 'kútház'), Márffy tér, ( Várhegy, Bartók Béla u.). Ripka Ferenc was a Lord Mayor and spend his vacation here in Bélatelep, forty years long.
  • 25 Gatyás folk restaurant (Gatyás csárda), Fő u. 105.. Still working. A beautiful thatched building.
  • 26 Somogyvár Abbey. Somogyvár Abbey (Q16900323) on Wikidata Somogyvár Abbey on Wikipedia



  • Sister City Park (Testvérvárosi park). Here are Fonyód sister cities (Leipheim, Wine Court, Novi Vinodolski Érsekújvár) coats of arms and flags as well as the spacing and direction of their index table.
  • Panorama walkway (Panoráma sétány).
  • 1 Kossuth Forest (Kossuth-erdő). Here stand the monuments to World War I and World War II. Fallen Fonyód's soldiers (made by György Benedek sculptor).
  • Woodland gymnastics path (Erdei tornapálya) (Sipos hill). Based on tables can move arms and legs.


  • 2 [dead link] Municipal beach (Fonyód Városi Szabad Strand), Vitorlás utca. Free beach, 3,500 m² green surface, playground, buffets and rental suppliers. Free of charge.
  • 3 [dead link] Bélatelep beach (Bélatelepi szabad strand), Vitorlás utca (Bélatelep district). Fonyód most exclusive resort. 9,170 m² of green space, boat dock, dressing cabins, bars, rental, lockers, foot tennis and basketball courts, and playground. Free.
  • [dead link] Árpád beach (Árpád parti szabad strand), Árpád part utca (Fonyódliget district). 8,960 m² of green space, playgrounds, snack bars, rentals, lockers, giant water slide and a badminton court. Free.
  • 4 [dead link] Fürdő utca beach (Fürdő utcai szabad strand), Fürdő utca (Fonyódliget district). 2,650 m² green area, children's playground, football and basketball courts. Familiar character. Free.
  • 5 [dead link] Huszka Jenő utca beach (Huszka Jenő utcai szabad strand), Huszka Jenő utca (Fonyód Alsóbélatelep). 1,400 m² green space, a playground and a snack bar. Familiar character Free.
  • 6 [dead link] Báthori utca beach (Báthori utcai szabad strand), Báthori utca (Fonyód Alsóbélatelep). 6,400 m2 green surface, a playground and a snack bar. Familiar character Free of charge.
  • 7 [dead link] Sándortelep beach (sándortelepi strand), Vigadó tér (Center). 8,900 m² of green space, free beach, snack bar, deposit box, rental suppliers, giant slide, children's playground, beach volleyball, badminton, basketball and beach soccer courts. The water depth is suitable for small children to bathe. Unobstructed beach. Free.
  • [dead link] Tópart utca beach (Tópart utcai fürdőhely), Tópart utca. 2 670 m² green area, maximum capacity 220 people, one beach bar operating


  • Fonyódi Tavaszi Fesztivál
  • Fonyódi Nyári Fesztivál
  • Aug 20 - Szent István-napi rendezvények (St. Stephen's Day events)
  • Kolbászfesztivál (Sausage Festival)
  • Fonyódi Helikon költőtalálkozó (Fonyódi Helicon poet meeting)
  • Triatlon Balaton nagydíj (Lake Balaton Triathlon Grand Prix)
  • Országos strandfoci bajnokság (National beach soccer championship)
  • Országos frizbi bajnokság (Frisbee national championship)



  • 1 K & H Bank (K&H fiók és ATM), Ady Endre utca 7 (Center), +36 85 562960, fax: +36 85 562961. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. A branch and an ATM (max. Ft 100,000 per transaction
  • 2 OTP Bank, Ady Endre utca 25 (Center), +36 1 366 6388.


  • 3 [dead link] Covered market (Fonyódi piac), Gáz u. (Parking is always difficult on market days so come early or be prepared to park in side streets at least 500 m away). W Sa 07:00-12:00. Good buys are artisan made hams and salami, kolbasz sausages and preserves and pickles. There's also a much wider range of fruit and vegetables than in local stores. In the open air area stalls clothes antiques and hardware abound. Much of the clothing on offer is very poor quality and not as cheap as it should be. Haggling is ok, though many of the stalls are manned by students and not the stall owner, so they won't do deals.
  • 4 Line of store (Üzletsor) (Between the port and the beach). The South shore most impressive line of shops
  • 5 SPAR (SPAR - Fonyód #706), Ady Endre utca 9, +36 20 8237706, . M-Sa 06:30-23:00, Su 07:00-20:00. Parking: 54 cars
  • 6 Balatonáruház, Fonyód, Ady Endre utca 5 (E 500 m of Fonyód Railway Station), +36 36 562 075. Technical articles, industrial goods


Lots of cheap and simple food in the new area between the beach and the station.

  • 1 Scone and pancake (Lángos és palacsintázó), Vigadó tér (Port). Fast food Cheap.


  • 2 Aranyhíd Restaurant (Aranyhíd Vendéglő), Szent István u. 42, +36 85 361943. Daily 11:00-23:00. Familiar environment, home-style cuisine, reasonable prices
  • 3 Présház Restaurant (Présház Étterem), Lenke utca 21. (Sándor street corner), +36 30 3853169. W-Sa: 11:00-24:00, M Tu 17:00-24:00 only in the summer. Local specialties. Average.
  • 4 Makkos Tavern (Makkos Vendéglő), Hunyadi János u. 7. (Next to Spar), +36 20 3264965, . mid Apr till mid Oct, daily 11:00-22:00. Lunch: 12 kinds of tourist menu up to Ft 690-1200. Dinner: oven baked specialties, steaks, fish dishes, show kitchen. Cozy, shady garden. Cheap.
  • [dead link] Torony Restaurant (Torony Étterem), Fonyód, Vitorlás u. 25. (On the shore. Close to Fonyód museum), +36 85 363315, +36 20 2210818 (Mobil), . Daily 11:00-23:00. 100 different food specialty, a wide variety of Hungarian dishes, specialties of Lake Balaton and finest beverages. Streaming wines, bottled wine, draft beer, bottled beer, soft drinks, coffee and ice cream.



  • 1 Cafe Balaton (Balaton Kávézó), Hunyadi János u.32?.
  • 2 Barbakán Cafe (Barbakán Kávézó), Ady E.u. 7. (Center, Dísz tér (square)), +36 20 3894014, . All year. Daily 08:00-20:00. Sweet and salty snacks, good coffee, wide assortment of sandwiches, hot and cold drinks. A/c room. WiFi.
  • 3 Fácános Brewery (Fácános Söröző), Kupavezér u. 3. (About one km from the shore), +36 30 2925525. Daily 06:00-22:00. Garden room. Hungarian plates. Draft beers.
  • 4 Nosztalgia Ice cream (Nosztalgia Fagyizó), Fonyód-Bélatelep, József A u. 37. From Pentecost day. Milky and real fruit ice creams, charming garden


  • 1 Balatontourist Napsugár Camping (Balatontourist Napsugár Kemping), Wekerle utca 5 (On the Lakeshore), +36 85 361211, . May-Aug.
  • Juhász Inn and restaurant (Juhász Fogadó Panzió és étterem), Turul u. 44., +36 30 6915116, . 10 rooms.Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, solarium. Bike rental. High season (Jun 21 - Aug 25) Ft 9400/13200 all tax incl., for one night Ft 1000. Dinner menu: Ft 1500 p.p..
  • 2 Hotel Balaton, Szent István utca 1, +36 20 9674511, fax: +36 85 560335, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. 3-star. Sixteen rooms High season (Jun 28-Aug 28) single/double Ft 13 400/20 700-25 700, Apts. Ft 30 800-35 800; mid season 10-15% discount.
  • 3 Torony Holiday Park (VS Liget, Torony Üdülő Park), Fonyódliget district, Thököly u. 75. (200 m of Fonyódliget Railway Station), +36 20 2628515, . Thirty rooms. 2-3-4 beds (different standards of comfort) rooms / TV, refrigerator, umbrella, table, chairs / available. Sports fields and volleyball courts, concrete table tennis tables, playground Ft 2000-2700 p.p., breakfast/dinner: Ft 750/1200 p.p. (less than three nights plus Ft 1000/room, plus Ft 800 bed linen cleaning).
  • 4 Zöldfa Guest House (Zöldfa Vendégház), Bartók B. u. (Center), +36 70 2877009. Four rooms. Low season from Ft 2360 p.p..


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