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Goseong (고성, 固城) is in South Gyeongsang province in South Korea.

Goseong-gun can be traced back to the history of dinosaurs. The history of dinosaurs in Goseong Dinosaur Museum, Korea's first museum specializing in dinosaurs, as well as dinosaur footprints remaining on coastal rocks near Sangjokam Rock, are indispensable. Hakdong Village, which has a nice old stone wall, is good for walking lightly.



Gyeongnam's Goseong is named after 'a hard castle made of iron'. Since iron is stronger than stone in terms of hardness, the so-called impregnable fortress is also compared to iron fortification. Since the original name of Goseong was also called Cheolseong, it is a hard iron castle equivalent to Cheolongseong. In the poem, Yi Cheom said, 'Goeul's castle has been newly built with iron gates, and the drumbeat on top of it is round. When I checked the people, it reached the old level, and the end of the war is in March, so spring change is unfolded.' This is an expression of the solidity of the fortress made of iron gates and a fortress that encourages military activities. Therefore, the name of the land of Goseong, which is continuously used from King Gyeongdeok to today, has the same context as steel in terms of solidity.


Goseong (South Gyeongsang)
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Korea Meteorological Administration
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It represents a warm and rainy oceanic climate on the southern coast, with an average temperature of 2.0℃ in January, 26.5℃ in August, and an annual average temperature of 14.5℃, with a small annual difference. The average annual precipitation is 1,334mm, which is generally large. Therefore, orchid plants such as camellia trees and Sancho trees are growing in the coastal area.

Map of Goseong (South Gyeongsang)

A famous point[edit]

Goseong-gun is famous as a tourist destination related to dinosaurs. Until the early 1990s, it was a place where there were no symbols to put forward. However, since the discovery of dinosaur footprints due to an academic survey in 1982, the name Goseong has become known as it has attracted domestic and international attention. Among them, Sangjokam County Park was a swamp of lakes 150 million years ago, and more than 2,000 of the world's largest dinosaur footprints have been found, making it one of the world's top three dinosaur sites along with Colorado in the U.S. and the western coast of Argentina.

In addition, the Dinosaur Expo is held, and the dinosaur footprint of the Mesozoic Era is a major tourist item. It is said to be quite helpful in the tourism income of Goseong.

Danghangpo in Hwagwa-myeon, famous for Admiral Yi Sun-shin's Battle of Danghangpo, is also famous. It is a wonderful place to see the cool sea and coast. In addition, Danghangpo is the place where the dinosaur expo mentioned above is held. In particular, Danghangpo is a camping site that has recently attracted attention in the camping world. Facilities such as toilets and showers are rated the best among camping sites in the country.

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

1 Goseong Bus Terminal exists in Goseong-eup, the center of Goseong.

In Goseong-gun, buses from farming and fishing villages operate throughout the country. It is a small public transportation and runs in rural areas. However, during the Dinosaur Expo, a route from Changwon to Danghangpo is operated. Goseong Bus is the only operator.

Intercity buses from Goseong Passenger Terminal to other areas are operated. There are the most buses to Tongyeong, followed by buses to Jinju and Masan.

By taxi[edit]

The basic taxi fare is ₩5,000, the basic unit of the street fare is 130 m, the basic unit of the hourly fare is 31 seconds, and the late-night surcharge time is from 22:00 to 04:00 (Oct 2023).

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

  • Bus fares are ₩1,500 (₩1,450 for bus card/T-money, Cashbee, Hararo-card, etc.) for local buses and it allows you to use one free of charge if you transfer within 30 minutes of getting off at any city bus stop (excluding cash) (June 2023).

By taxi[edit]

  • The basic fare for regular taxis is ₩5,000, with a surcharge of ₩130 applied according to time and distance (Oct 2023).

By foot[edit]

  • Goseong is adjacent to the beach, so it would be good to travel with your feet while looking at the natural scenery. However, the entire Goseong area is very large, so I recommend traveling by car.


  • 상족암군립공원
    Sanjokam County Park
    1 Sangjokam County Park (상족암군립공원), 42-23 Deokmyeong 5-gil, Hai-myeon, +82 55-670-4461. Open 24/7. It is a county park located on the coast of Deokmyeong-ri, Ha-myeon. Sangjokam Beach belongs to Hallyeohaesang National Park, and Namildae Beach is nearby. The dinosaur's footprints remain clear, so it's fun to watch while taking a walk. Admission is free.
  • 2 Grace Garden (그레이스가든), 1312-71, Samsang-ro, Sangni-myeon, +82 507-1418-1804. 08:00-19:00. Dongsan Gracejeongwon, opened on June 25, 2020. During 15 years, various kinds of trees were planted. It's a unique beautiful garden. ₩5,000. garden (Q1107656) on Wikidata Garden on Wikipedia
  • 3 Dino Ostrich Land (공룡타조랜드), 102-30, Buram-gil, Goseong-eup, +82 507-1391-3288. F-Su 10:00-18:00. It is Gyeongsang-do's largest dinosaur ostrich experience/tourism ranch. You can spend a healing time relaxing for a while by watching strange dinosaur ostrich, seeing other animals, and feeding them. ₩10,000. Experience on Wikipedia
  • 4 Manhwa Bangcho (만화방초), 82-64, Eunhwang-gil, Georyu-myeon, +82 10-3870-1041. Tu-Su 09:00-18:00. Manhwa Bangcho is a garden where the breath of nature is alive, with a comfortable garden and the necessary amount of human touch. It is a nature-friendly garden that allows you to heal and heal your tired body and mind at any time. ₩4,000. Garden on Wikipedia
Seok-bang-ryum(석방렴) in Donghwa Fishing Village Experience Village
  • 5 Donghwa Fishery Village (동화 어촌체험마을), 203, Donghwa 1-gil, Hail-myeon, +82 10-4022-2122. 09:00-17:00. The tidal flat experience where you can experience digging clams, and the torch experience where you light up a torch to catch octopus and odori. Mongdol Beach, where you can experience various marine life and enjoy the beautiful sea view of Hallyeosudo. And we are welcoming visitors by preparing various experience programs such as "Openingi" and "Raeleum." In the middle of the village, there is Soeul Biposeong Fortress, which served as a supply base for Admiral Yi Sun-shin of Chungmugong during the Imjin War, so you can feel the comfort of Donghwa Village as the name of the village along with the appearance of the old castle site on the beach. You can enjoy fishing on the seashore along the long coastline, and you can board a fishing boat and experience various fishing grounds off the village. ₩10,000. Experience on Wikipedia
  • 6 Goseong Jangsan Forest (고성 장산 숲), 230-2, Jangsan-ri, Maam-myeon. An artificial forest in Jangsan-ri, Maam-myeon. It was designated as a Gyeongsangnam-do Monument on May 19, 1987. At the time of construction (Joseon), the length of the forest was said to have reached more than 1 km, but now it is about 100 m and 60 m wide, and the area is about 5,950 m², including the pond. More than 250 trees make up the forest, including zelkova, seopoeia, pine tree, gumnorinjae, and gumpink tree, and deciduous broad-leaved trees in the southern temperate region of Korea are the main species. This forest was created to compensate for the geographical defects here, and it is a heritage that gives a glimpse of the old ancestors' natural wisdom. Free. Forest on Wikipedia
  • 7 Goseong Museum (고성 박물관), 80, Songhak-ro 135beon-gil, Goseong-eup, +82 55-670-5822. 09:00-18:00. Starting with the Sogaya Antiquities Exhibition Hall, it is named the Goseong Museum, promoting the history and cultural properties of Goseong. It also delivers detailed historical information of Goseong through special exhibitions. Free. Museum on Wikipedia
  • 8 Danghangpo Tourist Site (당항포관광지), 1116, Danghangman-ro, Hoehwa-myeon, +82 507-1359-4505. 09:00-22:00. In 1981, the county residents gathered their will to create the site with donations, and in 1984, it was designated as a national tourist destination and opened in November 1987. Danghangpo Tourist Site, the driving site of Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo, Korea's first natural history expo, is a family-type multi-purpose tourist destination where you can experience marine leisure sports, pensions, and auto camping sites. ₩7,000. theme park on Wikipedia



  • CGV고성
    CGV movie Theater
    CGV movie theater: Goseong-gun operates directly and has signed a consignment with CGV. This social enterprise is the only movie theater in Goseong-gun, where you can enjoy fun movies.


In Goseong, festivals using local specialties and relics are held.  As it is an area where many dinosaur fossils exist, dinosaur-related festivals are held, and the most famous festival is the Dinosaur World Expo. Goseong is an area on the beach where a lot of seafood is produced. In particular, scallops and sea squirts are produced a lot. As more than 70% of Korea's scallop production is handled by Goseong, the scallop festival is also famous.


  • Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo : September & October, In Goseong dinosaur sites. Various dinosaur contents by organizing a variety of dinosaur experiences.
  • Goseong Scallops Seafood Festival: October, In Goseong seaside. Various seafood tasting events, experience events, market events.
  • Goseong Toru Muk Festival: Held in early December, there are various events such as fishing for sandfish, auctions, and watching the cooking sunrise.


As of 2023, there are its own downtown, quite a few cultural facilities such as coin karaoke rooms and general sports facilities, and many convenience stores. However, it is not a place that has been developed for a long time, but at night, you can see people drinking, and middle and high school students walk around.

Also, people are often seen walking around in work clothes, most of which are workers working in special shipbuilding and offshore industrial zones related to offshore plants. Thanks to the special shipbuilding and marine industry zone, there are also foreign workers. If you walk down the street, you may hear the languages of many countries.


Goseong is famous for strawberries. Strawberries, which were eco-friendly in Goseong, are one of the most famous in the country. If you visit Goseong, it would be good to eat strawberries or try strawberry-related foods.

In addition, Goseong is famous for agricultural and fishery products such as zucchini, chwinamul, and sea squirt. Therefore, Korean restaurants made of organic agricultural and fishery products are popular in Goseong. If you visit Goseong, I recommend visiting a Korean restaurant.


  • 1 A very good restaurant (참좋은식당), 17, Seongnae-ro 143beon-gil, Goseong-eup, 1st floor, +82 55-674-0766. Daily 10:00-22:00. You can taste healthy Korean food with a new menu every day. Daily menu: ₩9,000.
Wang-chang-I, briquette-grilled bulgogi
  • 2 Wang-chang-I (왕창이), Wangchangi Restaurant on 1F, 624, Geogyu-ro, Geogyu-myeon, +82 507-1487-7377. Closed on Wednesdays, from 11:00 to 21:00 on other days. Enjoy the taste of gochujang bulgogi from a famous family that has been running since the mid-1990s. You can enjoy the taste and cost-effectiveness at the same time. Hot red pepper paste bulgogi set cooked with briquettes: ₩12,000.
  • 3 Dr. Jajang (짜장박사), 949, Sangjeong-daero, Sangni-myeon, +82 55-674-6555. 10:00-20:30. It is a delicious Chinese restaurant selected as a model restaurant in Korea. Jajangmyeon and jjamppong are the main menus, and kkansho shrimp is a delicacy. Jajangmyeon ₩9,000, Jjambbong ₩11,000, Kkansho Shrimp ₩45,000.
  • 4 Sura Korean table d'hote (수라한정식), 148-13, Dongoe-ro, Goseong-eup, +82 55-674-0118. It's a Korean food restaurant. You can enjoy delicious meals with various side dishes. Korean table d'hote ₩13,000, Sura Korean table d'hote ₩18,000, Sura Special Korean tabel d'hote ₩40,000.


  • 5 A large mainland family (본토대가), 17, Seongnae-ro 144beon-gil, Goseong-eup, +82 507-1428-4224. Daily 11:00-18:00. You can experience dishes made with famous snow crab and scallops in Goseong. Enjoy special dishes that can only be enjoyed in Korea. Soy Sauce Marinated Crab Set Menu ₩27,000, a scallop-jang set ₩17,000.
  • 6 Dino-gogi Shrimp (공룡고기새우), 687, Danghangman-ro, Maam-myeon, +82 507-1386-1960. 11:00-21:30. You can taste special dinosaur shrimp in Goseong. It is also a restaurant where you can taste domestic meat with shrimp and meat. 1 kg Dinosaur Shrimp changes every day, Shrimp 1 kg price changes every day, domestic raw pork belly 150 g ₩11,000 won.


  • 섬진강민물장어
    Seomjin Freshwater Eel
    7 Seomjin Freshwater Eel (섬진강민물장어), 50, Bojeon 2-gil, Maam-myeon, +82 10-9555-8614. You can taste fresh freshwater eel, and you can taste a different taste of eel through grilled salt as well as deodeok seasoning. grilled salted freshwater eel ₩28,000, Freshwater eel with one sauce ₩33,000, Freshwater Eel Deodeok Seasoning Grilled ₩35,000.
a spoonful of sunshine by the sea,pasta
  • 8 a spoonful of sunshine by the sea (바닷가에햇살한스푼), 157, Sinwol-ro, +82 507-1404-6160. It is a restaurant certified by the Naples Pizza Artisan Association. Enjoy luxurious food with the beautiful sea of Goseong. Grilled pork neck for grilled beef steak ₩24,000, Putanesca oil pasta ₩16,000, Basil Pesto Pasta ₩18,000, Sweet pumpkin pizza ₩22,000.


  • 1 Goseong Hansan Marina (고성 한산 마리나), 515 Hwahae-ro, +82 55-673-7997. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Enjoy the exclusive pool villa and luxury resort. There is also an exclusive yacht experience. ₩250,000-600,000 depending on the timing.
  • 2 Ocean Fore (오션포레), 321, Hwahae-ro, +82 55-672-5588. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Enjoy glamping at Gyeongsangnam-do's largest glamping site. Glamping, ₩100,000-200,000 for 2 people.
  • 3 Ocean Spa Hotel (오션스파호텔), 60 Sinwol-ro, Goseong-eup, +82 55-673-7781. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. You can see the sea from all the rooms. Look at the lake-like sea and find peace in your mind. Standard: ₩80,000-120,000, Twin Room: ₩80,000-120,000, Family Twin Room: ₩110,000-160,000, Spa Room : ₩110,000-160,000.
  • 공룡펜션
    Dinosaur Pension
    4 Dinosaur Pension (공룡펜션), 719-4 Jaraman-ro, Ha-myeon, +82 55-854-3030. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Dinosaur Museum and Sangjokam County Park are located in front of the pension, which is good for sightseeing. ₩90,000-170,000.


부경대 수산과학연구소
Pukyong University Fisheries Science Center


Emergency Numbers

  • Police, 112.
  • Fire Department, 119.

Goseong Bus Terminal, +82 1666-0081.

Go next[edit]

Since it is located in the middle of major cities in Gyeongsangnam-do, roads have been developed a lot from early on. Sacheon, Jinju, and Changwon are directly attached to each other.

There are many traffic exchanges with major cities in Gyeongsangnam-do such as Geoje and Tongyeong.

It connects Jinju and Tongyeong by penetrating Goseong southeast-northwest through the Tongyong Daejeon Expressway.

  • Jinju: Jinju is a central city among the regions in the south of Korea. The town is cut in half by the Nam River (Namgang)
  • Changwon: Changwon is the capital city of South Gyeongsang in South Korea, and incorporates the known harbor town of Masan. Changwon is the first of South Korea's few planned cities.
  • Geoje: Dubbing itself the "Blue City", Geoje is more of an island than a city. It is in fact Korea's second largest island (only Jeju is larger) with a loose collection of villages and settlements scattered in coves around the coastline.
  • Tongyeong: Tongyeong is a historical port city in South Gyeongsang. It is known throughout Korea for its picturesque harbor, a coastal city consisting of 192 islands that is full of exotic things to enjoy.
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