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Ljungby is a town in southern Sweden that lies by the river Lagan. It is in the historical region Finnveden, one of the "small countries" which make up today's Småland. After a fire destroyed much of the town centre in 1953, the centre was rebuilt with buildings and a piazza in the modern International Style.


Ljungby church and main street Storgatan.

Ljungby was first mentioned in 1301 as "iuxta Liongby", but it did not grew into a town until the mid-1800s. It is the second largest city in Kronoberg County, after Växjö. As of 2017 the town has about 16 000 inhabitants, with a total of 28 400 in the municipality.

Tourist office


Get in


By car


Several car routes intersect at Ljungby. The E4 highway connects to Helsingborg and Stockholm in the south, continuing north to Tornio. Route 25 connects to Halmstad in west and Växjö, continuing to Kalmar, in east. An alternative to the E4 is the scenic route Riksettan that pass through Ljungby.

By bus


By bicycle

  • Banvallsleden. A 250-km long-distance cycling route that pass through central Ljungby and connects with Halmstad in the west and Karlshamn in the southeast. Banvallsleden (Q42561407) on Wikidata Banvallsleden on Wikipedia
  • Sverigeleden (29). This route connects Gothenburg with Blädinge and pass through Lagan about 10 km north of Ljungby. Lagan and Ljungby are connected with a bicycle path that takes you straight from Sverigeleden to central Ljungby. Sverigeleden (Q7652201) on Wikidata Sverigeleden on Wikipedia

By train

  • 2 Alvesta Station is in Alvesta, about 40 minutes east of Ljungby, and can be reached by bus or car. There are direct trains from Copenhagen and Kastrup airport in Denmark. Furthermore, there are trains from Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.
  • 3 Halmstad Central Station is in Halmstad, about an hour west of Ljungby and can be reached by bus or car. There are good connections with both Malmö/Copenhagen in the south and Göteborg/Oslo/Stockholm in the northern direction.

By plane


The nearest major international airports are Copenhagen Airport, Malmö Airport, Göteborg Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Get around


Ljungby is a small town, so your feet will be sufficient for the centre of town, the rest of the city can be reached by bicycle. If you want to travel outside Ljungby you might want to consider a car. The rural area around Ljungby is sparsely populated and may thus lack regular public transport and dedicated cycle paths in some places.

Local buses are operated by Länstrafiken Kronoberg and connect Ljungby with the neighbouring towns Växjö, Halmstad, Värnamo, Markaryd, and Älmhult; including several smaller towns and villages on the way. Tickets can be bought directly on the bus (for a small extra fee), via Länstrafiken Kronoberg's mobile-app, or from Willy:s supermarket near the bus station.

Bus tickets are only valid for a short time (around an hour or so depending on distance). And expect an extra fee if you pay with cash instead of card on the bus. Some buses are "direct buses" that go directly to their destination without stops on the way. These buses usually start with an 8 ("845" instead of "145"); you can ask the driver if you are unsure.


  • 1 The Museum of Legends (Sagomuseet), +46 372-148 55, . High season: M closed; Tu-Su 12:00-16:00; low season: Th 12:00-16:00. A museum for oral narration, fairy tales, and folklore. Adult 60 kr; youth 3-18 30 kr; children younger than 3 years free. The Museum of Legends (Q10660094) on Wikidata Sagomuseet on Wikipedia
  • 2 The Ljungberg Museum (Ljungbergmuseet), Strandgatan 5 (hidden behind turn of the century houses, the museum can be hard to find; follow Kungsgatan towards Gängesvägen and a street sign will point you toward a small alley; follow the alley for 50 meters and you will arrive), +46 372 620 36, . Tu-F 12:00-17:00; Sa Su 12:00-16:00. Kronoberg County's museum of visual art with a permanent exhibitions is dedicated to works of Sven Ljungberg and Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg. Adult 100 kr, student 50 kr, under 18 years old free, group (10 persons) 60 kr per person. Ljungbergmuseet (Q10568311) on Wikidata Ljungbergmuseet on Wikipedia
  • 3 Minivärlden, Helsingborgsvägen 9, . Summer: M-Sa 10:00-15:00; low season: varying opening hours, see website. Model railway museum Children 0-4 years free; children 5-11 years 20 kr; children 12-100 years 100 kr.
  • 4 The Burial Museum (Begravningsmuseet), Donationsgatan 2 (behind the Annelund Church at Ljungby cemetery), +46 372-671 00. Varying opening hours, see website. Museum that showcase customs and traditions around death and burial during the 19th and 20th century. 20 kr.
  • 5 Elinge Elk Park (Elinge Älgpark), Jakobsgård 7, Hamneda (from Ljungby: drive Riksettan south from Ljungby about 8 km, make a right turn into the hamlet Bäck, follow the signs for another 4 km; from the E4: leave at Exit 78, drive 100 m east to the village Hamneda; follow the signs for another 2.5 km), +46 70-370 08 22, . Daily 09:00-16:00. Moose park at a family-run farm. Children 0-3 free; children 4-12 80 kr; Adult 13 and older 100 kr.


  • Ljungby Storytelling Festival (Ljungby berättarfestival), +46 372-148 55, . Yearly storytelling festival, just before midsummer, with performances, courses, seminars, walking tours and excursions. 30 kr.
  • Around Lake Bolmen (Bolmen runt) (follow Banvallsleden 13 km west until you reach Angelstad, there it will interweave with Bolmen Runt). A 127-km-long route around Sweden's 10th largest lake, Bolmen. It is up to you whether you want to walk or bicycle. If you want, you can shave off 10 kilometers and take the ferry and shortcut via Bolmen island.
  • 1 Målaskog nature reserve (Målaskogsberg) (drive 17 km east towards Vislanda; turn left at the "Målaskog" sign, drive another 500 m; parking is on the left). M—Su 00:00—24:00. A 38-hectare deciduous nature reserve. Free. Målaskogsberg (Q10593309) on Wikidata Målaskogsberg on Wikipedia



Most stores in Ljungby are concentrated around "Stora Torg", the central square, and nearby streets.There is a retail park at the south-western outskirt of town by the E4.

  • 1 Systembolaget, Eskilsgatan 7, 341 43 (on a small pedestrian street, Eskilsgatan, about 50 m north-east from the central square). M–Th 10:00–18:00; F 10:00–19:00; Sa 10:00–14:00; Su closed. The only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages that contain more than 3.5% alcohol by volume. Systembolaget (Q1476113) on Wikidata Systembolaget on Wikipedia


Gästgivaregården, with roots from the 17th century.

There are many places to eat at in Ljungby, and with a good variation. For the one in a hurry there is Burger King and an abundance of pizzerias, but also sushi and Asian restaurants in central Ljungby. Along the E4 you can find McDonald's, Max, Sibylla, and Old Mike's[dead link]. You can also take a coffee at any of the small cafés and konditoreis; like Espresso House, Lilla Hembageriet, or Café Vildrosen.

  • 1 Gästgivaregården, Gamla Torg (at 'Gamla Torg', the old market square; follow 'Stationsgatan' 500 mwest from the central square), +46 732-127 50, . M-F 11:30-14:00; W-F from 18:00; Sa 11:30-14:30. Table d'hôte restaurant and former inn from the 1820s, but with roots from the 1600s. Lunch: 109 kr.
  • 2 Rosegarden (by 'Stora Torg', the central square), +46 372-27 66 88. Lunch buffet: M-F 11:30-14:30. Grand buffet: M-Th 17:30-21:00, F Sa 17:00-22:00, Su 17:00-20:00. Weekend buffet: Sa 12:00-15:00, Su 13:00-15:00. Pan-Asian buffet style cuisine. Lunch buffet: 100 kr. Grand buffet: 229-259 kr. Weekend buffet: 139 kr.
  • 3 Restaurang Charlie, Hantverkaregatan 13, 34136 (in central Ljungby; from 'Storgatan' and 'Järnvägsparken' follow 'Bergagatan' 280 m), +46 372-123 23, . M 17:00-21:00; Tu-Th 17:00-22:00; F Sa 17:00-22:30; Su 17:00-21:00. Restaurant that serve à la carte and pizzas. Main course: 144-268 kr. Pizza: 108-144 kr.
  • 4 Espresso House, Föreningsgatan 3, 341 30 (by 'Stora Torg', the central square.). M-F 08:00-20:00; Sa 09:00-18:00; Su 10:00-18:00. Northern Europe's largest coffeehouse chain, of Swedish origin.
  • 5 Willy:s Supermarket, Stationsgatan 2, 341 60, +46 372-253 60. M—Sa 08:00—21:00; Su 09:00—21:00. Swedish low- to mid-range supermarket chain. Does also sell bus tickets for Länstrafiken Kronoberg. Willys (Q10720214) on Wikidata
  • 6 ICA Maxi Supermarket, Drottninggatan 34, 34136, +46 372-858 50. Daily 07:00—22:00. Swedish mid- to high-range hypermarket chain. ICA AB (Q1663776) on Wikidata ICA Gruppen on Wikipedia


  • 1 Harrys, Stora Torget 1, 341 30 (by 'Stora Torg', the central square.), +46 372-135 60, . M-Th 17:00—23:00, F 16:00—02:00, Sa 12:00—02:00. Harrys (Q10518326) on Wikidata
  • 2 Tre Torn - Bryggeriet, Storgatan 13, 341 30 (Located 100 meters west from 'Stora Torg', the central square). M closed; Tu W 17:00—22:00; Th 17:00—23:00; F Sa 17:00—01:00; Su closed.
  • 3 Chaplin Pub (neighbour with Restaurang Charlie; from 'Storgatan' and 'Järnvägsparken' follow 'Bergagatan' 280 m), +46 372-123 23. F Sa 22:00—02:00.



Stay safe

  • 2 Police (Polisen), Södra Torggatan 1, 112 (Emergency), 114 14 (Non-emergency). M—W 10:00—15:00; Th 10:00—17:00; F 10:00—15:00. Swedish Police (Q1394177) on Wikidata Swedish Police Authority on Wikipedia

Stay healthy

  • 3 Ljungby Hospital (Lasarettet Ljungby), Kyrkogatan 2 (neighbour with Ljungby Church along Märta Ljungbergsvägen; from 'Stora Torg', the central square, follow Storgatan west until you reach Ljungby Church; turn right and walk 30 m; the hospital is now on your left side), +46 372-58 50 00. Hospital with emergency care. The emergency care entrance is at the back of the main entrance wing. Ljungby hospital (Q56248604) on Wikidata Ljungby Hospital on Wikipedia
  • 4 Clinics Kungshögen and Sländan, Kungshögsgatan 25 (in Ljungby Hospital, on the far side of the hospital from the main entrance; you can use the main entrance and follow the corridor all the way to the opposite side of the complex; or you can walk around the hospital from the outside — from the outside the hospital looks like two separate buildings), +46 372-58 55 80 (Kungshögen), +46 372-58 57 30 (Sländan).
  • 2 Apoteket Hjärtat, Kyrkogatan 2, 341 82 (Located inside Ljungby Hospital, just by the main entrance.), +46 771-405 405. M-F 08:00–18:00; Sa Su closed. Pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat (Q10416114) on Wikidata
  • 3 Apoteket, Eskilsgatan 5, 34130 (by 'Stora Torg', the central square), +46 771-450 450. M–F 08:00–19:00; Sa 09:00–14:00; Su closed. Pharmacy Apoteket (Q1785637) on Wikidata Apoteket on Wikipedia



Ljungby's area code is 0372. Ljungby postal number is 341 00, with 00 being replaced with more specific postal numbers for areas within the town. You can go to Visit Ljungby[dead link] to get a list of places in and around Ljungby that offers free wifi.

  • 5 Ljungby Tourist Center (Ljungby Turistbyrå), Stora torget 6, +46 372-78 92 20, . M-Tu 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:30; W closed; Th 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00; F 12:00-16:30. Offers free wifi
  • 6 Ljungby Library (Ljungby Bibliotek), Södra Järnvägsgatan 8 341 83 Ljungby, +46 372-78 92 00, . M 10:00–20:00, Tu–F 10:00–19:00, Sa 10:00–14:00. Public library that offers computers and printers, but no wi-fi. Ljungby municipal library (Q10568322) on Wikidata Ljungby library on Wikipedia


  • 7 Ljungby Library (Ljungby Bibliotek), Södra Järnvägsgatan 8 341 83, +46 372-78 92 00, . M 10:00–20:00, Tu–F 10:00–19:00, Sa 10:00–14:00. Public library that offers daily newspapers in several languages, copying machines, computers, and printers; but no wi-fi. Ljungby municipal library (Q10568322) on Wikidata Ljungby library on Wikipedia
  • 8 Public toilet (on Stationsgatan 100 m from 'Stora Torg', the central square). 24 hr.

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Routes through Ljungby
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