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Inner East is a part of Oslo, comprising the triangle east of Akerselva, south and west of the third ring road and north of the railway. Here you will find an international environment, many different cultures, less expensive food and drinks and a more bohemian atmosphere than in Oslo/Sentrum.


Sofienberg park and typical Grünerløkka residential buidlings.

This part of Oslo consists of many neighborhoods. The neighborhoods' settlements vary greatly from one another. Along the fjord there is the high-rise buildings of Barcode and ruins from the first settlement in Oslo in the Old Town, Gamlebyen. From the Old Town, the green hill leads up to the Ekeberg plains. To the north, you find the neighborhoods of Grønland, Tøyen, Kampen, Grünerløkka and Torshov with remains of urban brick buildings, dating back to the 19th century. These were originally typical working class neighborhoods. Low wooden houses in white and other colors can be found in the neighbourhoods of Vålerenga and Rodeløkka. It is recommended to go for a walk on the park walkways along the east bank of the Akerselva river. There are many remains of Oslo's early industrial history.

The neighborhood of Grünerløkka is well known for its vibrant nightlife. Grünerløkka is a relatively compact area and light traffic and several parks makes the area pedestrian friendly. Despite the nightlife Grünerløkka is mostly a residential area. Otherwise, there are mostly residential areas. The area is characterized by its many different cultures and religious diversity with origins from all over the world. There are many mosques and Lutheran churches as well as two Buddhist temples, a Roman Catholic and an Eastern Orthodox church.

Get in[edit]

Map of Oslo/Inner East

  • Like with Sentrum, it's easy to get in from outside Oslo. The central railway station just across Aker river from the Grønland district and the central bus station actually is in Grønland. Arriving by plane to either of Oslo's airports, you can take bus or train to get here.
  • Many parts of the Inner East interesting to visitors are accessible by foot from Sentrum or the Inner North.
  • All eastbound subway lines stop at the stations of Grønland and Tøyen, the lines 1, 2, 3, 4 at Ensjø and line 5 at Carl Berners plass and Sinsen stations.
  • To get further northeast, take subway line 4 or 5 or a northbound local train.
  • Tram lines 11, 12 and 13 go to Grünerløkka and destinations on the east bank of Aker. Take tram 17 to go to further east to places like Carl Berner.
  • Southeastern Inner Oslo (e.g. Gamlebyen) can be reached by trams 18 and 19. The tram lines continue to Oslo/South.


Munch Museum
  • 1 Kampen. The Kampen neighbourhood is an area with many traditional wooden houses. free. Kampen (Q984650) on Wikidata Kampen, Norway on Wikipedia
  • 2 Barcode (Bjørvika, Dronning Eufemias gate, Located between the Central Station and the Opera). Barcode defines a new waterfront in the Bjørvika area. The plan for the new structures was adopted in 2003, and as of 2015 nine buildings are finished, and two are under construction. Three more are planned. While the buildings contribute to a spectacular waterfront, viewed from the seaside, they also block much of the sea-view from the other side, and therefore their contribution to the concept of "Fjordbyen", the initiative of the Oslo City Council to make the entire waterfront from Frognerstranda (west), to Bekkelaget (south-east) available for public recreation, is disputed. The buildings are mostly inhabited by actors in the financial and consulting business (PWC, KLP, Deloitte, etc.), while the MAD building holds private apartments. The neighborhood is famous from 2019 TV series Beforeigners. Barcode Project (Q3431150) on Wikidata Barcode Project on Wikipedia
  • 3 Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53 (T-bane, bus 20-60-67 to Tøyen), +47 23 49 35 00, . Features paintings by the Norwegian painter Edward Munch. Some of Edvard Munchs more famous pictures may be shown in the National Gallery, so don't complain that "The Scream" is not on display! Included in the Oslo Pass. Munch also produced huge paintings (more than 200 square metres in total) for the grandiose walls of the University of Oslo Aula. Munch's paintings for the Aula are key works within monumental painting and includes iconic paintings The Sun, History and Alma Mater. The Aula is not generally open to the public. NOK 100/adult (under 18's free). Munch Museum (Q844926) on Wikidata Munch Museum on Wikipedia
  • 4 Popsenteret, Trondheimsveien 2, bygg T (Tram 11,12,13 to Schous plass or 10 minutes walk from town centre.), +47 22 46 80 20, . M: Closed; Tu, W, F: 10AM-4PM; Th: 10AM-7PM; Sa-Sun: 11AM-5PM. Popsenteret (Center of Popular Music) is a museum and location for various events and rolling exhibitions, interactions, etc., within the cultural realm of pop music. 100kr/Adult.
  • 5 Rodeløkka wooden houses, Langegata. 24 h. Traditional Norwegian wood architecture, not found downtown anymore. Free. Rodeløkka (Q7356528) on Wikidata Rodeløkka on Wikipedia
Akrobaten bridge with Barcode high rises in Grønland, at night
  • 6 Akrobaten pedestrian bridge (the acrobat), Dronning Eufemias Gate (north side of Opera House). Contemporary 200m-long pedestrian bridge across the tracks of Oslo central station, connecting Grønland, where the Barcode high rises are, and Bjørvika, where the Opera House is. Awarded 1st price (Certificate of Excellence) in ECCS, European Award for Steel Bridges, in 2012. Popular spot for photo shoots, day and night.
  • 7 Torshov (Tram 11, 12 and 13). Torshov is the neighbourhood North of Grünerløkka, uphill from ring road 2. The central parts of Torshov was a large housing project in the city of Oslo in the 1920s. As a residential area, Torshov has a characteristic monumental design with elements of baroque revival and neo-classical style. The layout was inspired by the English garden city movement and the area was basically greenfield in the 1920s. The Torshov bull in the octagonal Hegermann square is the symbol of the area.


Soria Moria in Vogts gate is home to Torshov branch of Nationaltheateret and Torshov branch of Cosmopolite international music venue.
Deichmanske library in central Grünerløkka
  • 1 Walk along the river Akerselva (Eastern riverbank walkways). An eight kilometres long walk totally takes you past forested areas, historical buildings, fishing and swimming spots and several waterfalls.
  • 2 Sunday Market at Birkelunden (east end - near junction of Toftes Gate and Seilduksgata), Birkelunden, +47 93 85 17 81. Antiques and second hand market every Sunday noon until 7PM at Birkelunden park at Grünerløkka.
  • 3 Ekebergmarkedet. Flea market and one of Northern Europe's largest swapmeet/markets for vintage car and bike parts. Takes place early May and mid. September at the north-west part of Ekeberg Park. Arranged by Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb (

Sports facilities[edit]

  • 4 Intility Arena (Home ground for the best football club in Oslo, Vålerenga Fotball), Innspurten 16 A (Metro (T-bane) lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 to Helsfyr), +47 23 24 78 00. Don't miss a home game with Norway's most passionate football fans.The stadium bar/restaurant has good burgers and a selection of craft beer. Intility Arena (Q20078531) on Wikidata Intility Arena on Wikipedia
  • 5 Sørenga, Sørengkaia 69 (Along Oslo's new Harbour Promenade). Fjord pool with seawater from the Oslofjord. Swimming pool, childrens pool, beach and a large recreational area. Crowdy on sunny summer days. If it's not tempting to swim, take a stroll anyway along the scenic waterfront where there are outdoor areas and new cafes and restaurants.
  • 6 Tøyenbadet (Public Bath), Helgesens gate 90 (All metros (T-bane) to Tøyen, bus 20-60-67 to Tøyen), +47 23 48 20 30. Weekdays: 7 AM - 7 PM, weekends: 9AM - 7 PM. Norway's most popular public pool. All-year: two indoor swimming pools, diving board, waterslide, in the summer: two outdoor pools. Tøyenbadet (Q7862390) on Wikidata Tøyenbadet on Wikipedia


Oslo Botanical Garden
  • 7 Botanical Garden (tram 17 or bus 31 to Lakkegata skole or t-bane to Tøyen, walking distance 200 metres), +47 228 55050, . The University botanical gardens is located just south of Tøyen park next door to Munch Museum. A wonderful and relaxing area. Free entrance, opening hours 1 Apr-30 Sep: Sa-Su 10AM-8PM, M-F 7AM-8PM, 1 Oct-31 Mar: Sa-Su 10AM-5PM, M-F 7AM-5PM. University Botanical Garden (Q3116396) on Wikidata University Botanical Garden (Oslo) on Wikipedia
  • 8 Middelalderparken (Medieval Park). Ruins of medieval old town of Oslo, such as church ruins and ruins of the former Royal Estate. Location of the annual rock music festival Øyafestivalen. Middelalderparken (Q6841153) on Wikidata Middelalderparken on Wikipedia
  • 9 Birkelunden. 24 hours. A cool park in eastern Oslo, the uppermost park in Grünerløkka neighborhood, a so-called Greenwich village look-alike area. On Sundays, there is a second-hand market. The name refers to the birch threes there. The park covers one block. free. Birkelunden (Q4916412) on Wikidata Birkelunden on Wikipedia
  • 10 Olaf Ryes plass. 24 hours. A small square park in eastern Oslo, Grünerløkka neighborhood, a so-called Greenwich village look-alike area. The park covers exactly one block in Grünerløkka's grid. free. Olaf Ryes plass (Q4993079) on Wikidata Olaf Ryes plass on Wikipedia
  • 11 Sofienbergparken. (The largest of the parks in Grünerløkka) A lot of activities all day long and especially on weekends; ball-playing, picnics, public barbecues, especially nice area for children. Sofienbergparken (Q12001727) on Wikidata Sofienberg Park on Wikipedia
  • 12 Ekebergparken. At the steep, green hill east of city centre (tram 18 or 19 to Ekebergparken, bus 34 or 74 to Brannfjellveien) is even a sculpture park, with works by Norwegian and international artists such as Salvador Dalí, Lynn Chadwick, Richard Hudson and Per Ung among others. This point is assumed to be the background for 'Scream', Edvard Munch's famous picture. Alongside the idyllic forest paths you can see sculptures, but also find remnants of cultural history from different eras of Norwegian history or enjoy the incredible views over the capital. Small climbing park for children. Ekebergparken Sculpture Park (Q11966924) on Wikidata Ekebergparken Sculpture Park on Wikipedia
  • 13 Torshovparken. 24 hours. A fine park on a hill top in the midle of the classical Torshov neighbourhood. free.
  • 14 Torshovdalen. 24 hours. Big park in a small valley between Torshov and road 4. Popular for skiing in Winter. The city of Oslo maintains cross-country trails when there is enough snow. Skateboard facilities at the lower end. free.


Birkelunden market.

Shopping malls[edit]

  • 1 Grünerløkka (tram line 11, 12 and 13 to Schous plass, Olav Ryes Plass, Birkelunden or Biermans gate). In this area you will find lower prices and more intense nightlife and items for sale than otherwise in Oslo.
  • 2 Sandaker senter (Torshov), Sandakerveien 59 (tram line 11, 12 and 13 to Sandaker senter), +47 468 00 437. Shopping center indoors
  • 3 Storo storsenter, Vitaminveien 7-9 (tram line 11, 12 and 13, metro line 4 and 5 to Storo), +47 22 89 00 20. One of the largest and busiest indoor shopping centers in the city of Oslo.
  • 4 Grønlands Torg, Smalgangen (Just off Grønland metro station, 5 minutes walk from Oslo S (Central train station)). Many cultures and nationalities are represented, both by customers and by those who work there. The mall is especially known for the great selection of fruits and vegetables from Norway and distant countries. There are also shoe, clothing and fabric stores there and several eateries.
  • 5 Grønland Basar, Tøyengata 2-4-6 (by Grønland Torg), +47 22 17 40 10. What you can't find at Grønland Torg, you might find here.

Speciality stores[edit]

  • 6 Neseblod Records, Schweigaards gt 56 (Bus 37, 401, 411 to Oslo gate or trams 18 or 19 to Munkegata.). Black Metal Shop and museum situated in Schweigaards gate in the same building in which Helvete was located in the early 1990s.


Monumental neo-classical style in Torshov-Sandaker residential area.
Vålerenga vertshus is an inn (pub) in one of the surviving wooden houses in Vålerenga area.


  • 1 Punjab Tandoori, Grønlandsleiret (just by Grønland T-bane eastern exit), +47 22 17 20 86, . The friendliest Sikh in the world dishes out cheap, tasty Indian food from the microwave or stove. No real tandoor.
  • 2 Sushi Deluxe, Schweigaards gate 50 (Gamlebyen. Take tram lines 18 or 19 eastwards from Jernbanetorget, get off at the Munkegata stop, or take the metro to Grønland (about 5-10 minutes walk eastwards along Grønlandsleiret)), . Great tasting sushi meals from as little as 79kr. Also have small daily specials for 59kr (fried rice, fried noodles, etc.)
  • 3 Tandoori Curry Corner, Grønlandsleiret 22. The neighbouring restaurant of the Punjab Tandoori is even cheaper, but the helpings are smaller and packs less of a punch.
  • 4 L'Oasis Mazze, Trondheimsveien 14 (Tram 17 or bus 31 to Lakkegata skole, then walk towards the city centre), +47 22 37 31 66. Bedouin-style restaurant run by Palestinians. Falafels, tagine, etc. Good for lunch or dinner. Friendly staff and low prices.
  • 5 [dead link] Tran Sushi & Wok, Sannergata 28. The restaurant offers good sushi for a nice price. Featuring about 10 seats, the place could be considered more a take-away than a restaurant.
  • 6 Noahs Ark, Thorvald Meyers gate 23 (close to Birkelunden (tram 11-12-13)), +47 22 37 69 54. has some excellent Turkish dishes. Burgers, pizza and breakfast are also available from NOK49 and upwards. A cosy place with occasional unexpected classical music played early in the day.
  • 7 Carl Berner-kjelleren, Trondheimsv 113 (20m from the Carl Berner intersection. Bus 20, 21, 31 or 33, tram 17 or T-bane 5 and 6 to Carl Berners plass). Beer hall with cheap and varied food, including classic Norwegian everyday dishes.


  • 8 Oslo Ladegård, Gamlebyen (bus 32 to Ladegården, tram 18-19 or bus 34-70-74 to St. Hallvards plass). Fighting it out with Villa Paradiso and Pizza da Mimmo to provide the city's best Italian pizza.
  • 9 Smia, Opplandgata 12, just by Vålerenga kirke (bus 20,37 to Galgeberg), +47 22 19 59 20. Atmospheric restaurant in an old wooden house area with tons of charm.
  • 10 Kampen Bistro, Bøgata 21 (T-bane 1,2,3,4 to Ensjø or bus 60 to Kampen Park), +47 22 19 77 08. M-F: 3PM-1AM; Sa-Su: 1PM-1AM. Lovely neighbourhood joint with brilliant food and occasional free concerts.
  • 11 Olympen / Lompa, Grønlandsleiret 15 (T-bane to Grønland, or bus 37 to Tøyengata (the stop is on the doorstep)), +47 24 10 19 99, . One of the best known and largest places in east Oslo. Restaurant, beer Hall, nightclub and roof terrace. With classic Norwegian food.
  • 12 Le Benjamin, Søndre gate 6 (Tram to Schous plass), +47 22 35 79 44, . Closed 10 July - 10 August 2017. French bistro at the south part of Grünerløkka with relaxed atmosphere and good food.
  • 13 Villa Paradiso, Olaf Ryes plass 8 (tram 11-12-13), +47 22 35 40 60, . Excellent Italian pizza at Grünerløkka. Children friendly.
  • 14 Mucho Mas, Thorvald Meyers gate 36 (tram 11,12,13 to Olaf Ryes plass), +47 22 37 16 09, . Cal-mex joint offering huge meals, but reports say quality has faded. A new branch near the crossing of Hegdehaugsveien/Sporveisgata in Homansbyen (tram 11-19 to Rosenborg) does little to redeem this.
  • 15 [dead link] The Nighthawk Diner, Seilduksgata 15, . American Diner, slightly more genuine than Empire Diner, Manhattan, at least the illusion is rock solid; Like any other Jan Vardøen venue, The Nighthawk delivers atmosphere and quality. Excellent burgers, steaks, sandwiches, pancakes, etc.
  • 16 Karlsborg Spiseforretning (In a scenic venue, built in 1863), Kongsveien 21 (Ekebergparken Sculpture Park), +47 22 01 90 50. Serving traditional Norwegian dishes, near the entrance to the sculpture park.
  • 17 Villa Paradiso Lilleborg, Ivan Bjørndalsgate 25. Cafe and pizzeria in Lilleborg area at Aker river. In one of the previous factory buildings converted to cafes, theater and residences. Lilleborg was a soap factory established in mid 1800s.


  • 18 Ekebergrestauranten, Ekeberg (tram 18,19 to Ekebergparken). An architectural monument, this place offers gourmet dining and Oslo's best views. Hugely popular but the service can disappoint. Ekebergrestauranten (Q11966927) on Wikidata Ekebergrestauranten on Wikipedia
  • 19 Maaemo, Schweigaards gate 15B, +47 22 17 99 69, . This New Nordic Cuisine restaurant serving organic, local food jumped straight to two stars in Michelin's Guide Rouge at the earliest opportunity after opening, the first Nordic restaurant to do so. They have now advanced to three stars. World class restaurant. 1250kt for 9-course menu, add 1050kr for the drink pairing menu. Maaemo (Q6721016) on Wikidata Maaemo on Wikipedia
  • 20 Nodee, Dronning Eufemias gate 28, +47 22 93 34 50 (Barcode), +47 23 62 40 10 (Sky). Barcode is closed 10 July - 14 August 2017. All-Asian gourmet offering south of downtown, at the waterfront. The best East-Asian restaurant in Northern Europe (competing it out with dinner), with prices to match. There are two restaurants: Barcode, and Sky. Sky is on the thirteenth floor, and is more of a bar/lounge; while Barcode is the main restaurant.


The previous Schous brewery at the lower entrance to Grünerløkka is home to cafes, restaurants and music venues.
Olaf Ryes plass is a fine little park in the middle Grünerløkka. The adjacent streets, notably Thorvald Meyers gate, are lined with bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, making it the most popular hang-out area in Oslo. Some bars are relatively small.
  • 1 Lincoln Gastro Pub (Torshov), Vogts gate 43 (Tram 11-12-13 to Torshov), +47 22 37 71 00. A pleasant English football pub with outdoor seating and smokehouse in the backyard. Also serves food.
  • 2 Zen Spiseri og Cafebar (Torshov), Vogts gate (Tram 11-12-13 to Biermanns gate, then continue for 300 metres), +47 22 38 30 38. A mysteriously stylish interior for a dive bar, dishing out some of Oslo's cheaper beer. Laid-back, relaxing atmosphere, usually draws a somewhat older crowd. Small menu with passable food. 500ml beer: 39kr.
  • 3 Bar Boca (Grünerløkka), Thorvald Meyers Gate 30. The teeny-weeny Bar Boca is the place to go in Oslo if you fancy an innovative and memorable cocktail. Owner Jan Vardøen has become something of a local legend for his mixing skills and his intimate little bar has become a destination for those serious about their drink. This warm cosy bar, with its low-key 1950s décor, may be matchbox sized, with just five tables, but it's the drinks that rule here and they won't let you down.
  • 4 Aku-Aku Tiki Bar (Grünerløkka), Thorvald Meyers Gate 32 (Grünerløkka). Another of Jan Vardøens successful cocktail bars, Easter Island style. Let Voo-Doo-Mary-Lou knock you out surrounded by bamboo, blowfish and Thor Heyerdahl, after a long day at the Kontiki-museum. Cool and cozy atmosphere.
  • 5 Cafe Stolen (Grünerløkka), Helgesens gate 32 (By Sofienberg park at Grünerløkka. Tram 11-12-13 to Olaf Ryes plass). Indian cuisine and cheap beer in an informal setting. No name on the door, just a chair hanging from above the door (hence the name 'the chair').
  • 6 Parktheateret (Grünerløkka), Olaf Ryes Plass 11 (Tram 11, 12, 13 to Olaf Ryes plass), +47 22 35 63 00. Bar with indoor and outdoor seating. Concert hall indoors in a former cinema. Parkteatret (Q7138730) on Wikidata Parkteatret on Wikipedia
  • 7 Grünerløkka Brygghus. Grünerløkka Brygghus has 10+ of their own beers on tap, with some others. They also serve food.
  • 8 Oslo Ocean Bar (Grünerløkka), Trondheimsveien 20 (Grünerløkka). a neighborhood bar customers, mostly returning, at every time of the day (from 08:00). The staff is great! The service is impeccable despite the low prices and the very unpretentious surroundings (and clientele). 500ml beer: 40kr.
  • 9 Schouskjelleren (Grünerløkka), Trondheimsveien 2 (Grünerløkka). Microbrewery located in the basement of the former larger Schous brewery;13 beers on tap; about half are house-made.
  • 10 Südøst (Grünerløkka), Trondheimsveien 5 (Bus 30-31, tram 17 to Heimdalsgata). A short walk from the Anker hostel, this place has become quite fashionable. Lovely outdoor seating, great (but a tad expensive) food and a marvellous dining room. 500ml beer: 52kr.
  • 11 Stargate (Grønland), Grønland 2A, +47 22170215. Meeting place just east of Akerselva river. Relatively reasonable beer prices.
  • 12 Andy's Pub (Grønland), Grønlandsleiret 17, +47 22176703. English style pub. Football matches on big screen.
  • 13 Pigalle (Grønland), Grønlandsleiret 15. Cocktail bar with history dating back to 1965. Orginal interior.
  • 14 Ruinen Bar & Café (Gamlebyen, Oslo's Old Town), St. Halvads plass 2 (tram 18 or 19 to St. Hallvards plass), +47 22 57 02 55. Have a cooling drink or play billiard. Occasionally concerts. Reasonable prices.
  • 15 St. Halvards Pub & Bistro (Gamlebyen). A typical neighborhood pub with a simple menu and occasionally live music in Oslo's Old Town.
  • 16 No. 53 (Gamlebyen), Schweigaards gate 53 (tram 18 and 19 or bus 34 and 74 to Munkegata). Café, pub and cocktail bar, live music.
  • 17 Enga Pub (Vålerenga), Vålerenggata 5, +47 938 94 409. Beautiful Vålerenga is like a village in the city. In this neighborhood, everyone supports the same football team, Vålerenga FK, the best soccer club in Oslo. The pub is the venue for the most eager supporters and the home arena is close to this neighborhood.


Be aware that the accommodations are on the outskirts of the area. For more central accommodation nearby, see the sleep sections of the Oslo/Sentrum or the Oslo/Inner North article.
Ekeberg Camping


  • 1 Ekeberg Camping, Ekebergveien 65 (Bus 34, 46 or 74 to Ekeberg Camping. The trip takes 10 minutes from Central Station.), +47 22 19 85 68, . Check-in: 7:30AM to 11PM. Open 1 Jun–1 Sep. The closest campsite to central Oslo. Beautiful view of the city. No cabins. Owned by the Norwegian Automobile Federation. Mini-golf and horse rental. Fully equipped sanitary facilities: showers with hot and cold water, toilets, kitchen, launderette. 2-person tent: kr 185, 4-person tent with car: kr 270.
  • 2 Oslo Hotel Apartments, Kjølberggata 29, +47 24 07 40 03, . This has a range of room options, from one bed in a 6-person dorm, to hotel style rooms. From 210kr.


  • 3 Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen, Nydalesveien 33 (T Nydalen, 15 minute ride to center), +47-2326-3000, . Choose from funky "Chilli" or more staid "Urban" rooms From 900kr, breakfast included.
  • 4 Thon Hotel Storo, Vitaminveien 23 (metro line 5 and 6, tram 11, 12 and 13 to Storo, bus 30 and 58 to Nycoveien, bus 37 and 51 to Kristoffer Aamots gate), +47 23 40 02 00, . One of the newest hotels in the city of Oslo, Conference facilities and gym. Also offers disabled-friendly rooms 10 minutes travel by metro to the Oslo S central train station, 6 minutes by tram to Grünerløkka. Prices vary by season, see official website.
  • 5 Scandic Helsfyr, Innspurten 7 (Metro lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 to Helsfyr), +47 22 92 22 11, . On the outskirts of the inner city, but still very central.


As for the whole of Oslo

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