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Western Oslo comprises Oslo west of Ring 1, southwest of Highway 168 (Sørkedalsveien) and south of Ring 3. In addition the article contains the western suburbs of Oslo that are administratively part of Akershus county.

Western Oslo includes some of Oslo's top attractions, notably the Viking ships museum in Bygdøy and Vigeland sculptures in the Frogner Park.

This district has Oslo's highest incomes, which are reflected in its architecture and property prices.

Get in[edit]

  • 1 Color Line (Ferry Terminal (Oslo-Kiel, Germany)), Hjortnes (bus 33 to Filipstad, by car: signposted turnoff from the E18), +47 810 00 811. Ferry cruise. Comfortable car ferries (or cruise ships, if you like).
  • The easternmost part of this district (Majorstuen, Frogner) is a 2-3 km stroll from downtown. Otherwise you can take either of the subway lines, or tram 12 or 19.
  • To go further west, take subway number 3 (districts more inland, as far as Kolsås), local trains going west (places along the coast) or tram 13.
  • Bus 30 goes to destinations at the Bygdøy Peninsula, alternatively you can take the ferry [formerly dead link].


Nobel Peace Centre
  • 1 Nobel Peace Centre (Tram 12 to Aker Brygge, bus 70-74 to Vika or walk from T-Nationaltheateret). Includes some confronting exhibitions and an exhibit for every winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Included in the Oslo Pass. See also Nobel tourism. Adult 150 kr, student 100 kr. Nobel Peace Center (Q941120) on Wikidata Nobel Peace Center on Wikipedia
  • 2 Henrik Ibsen Museum (Tram 13-19 or bus 30-31 to Slottsparken, in the crossing between Arbin's gate and Henrik Ibsen's gate). This museum is a treat. Included in the Oslo Pass. Adult 85 kr. Ibsen Museum (Q1519078) on Wikidata Ibsen Museum (Oslo) on Wikipedia
  • 3 Astrup Fearnley Museet (at Tjuvholmen), Strandpromenaden 2 (Tram 12 to Aker Brygge, bus 70-74 to Vika or walk from T-Nationaltheateret). Tu W F 12:00-17:00, Th 12:00-19:00, Sa Su 11:00-17:00, M closed. Astrup Fearnley Museet is a private collection of contemporary art, founded in 1993. The museum was relocated to Tjuvholmen, Aker Brygge in 2012. The building - designed by Renzo Piano - is spectacular in itself, and the museum offers a small green oasis with a beach, very welcome in the concrete surroundings of Aker Brygge. The museum offers temporary exhibitions, and is an established and central institution in Norwegian contemporary art. Adult 120 kr, student 80 kr, children under 18 free; included in Oslo Pass. Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (Q761048) on Wikidata Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art on Wikipedia
  • 4 National Museum, St. Olavs plass (Tram 12 to Akker Brygge or walk from T-Nationaltheatret), +47 21 98 20 00, . Tu-Su 10:00-21:00. This museum opened in 2022 and comprises the collections of the former National Gallery, the Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The second floor houses paintings from the 15th century until today and includes a room exclusively dedicated to works from Edvard Munch while the other exhibits are displayed on the ground floor. Adult 180 kr, seniors and people under 25 110 kr, free for children. National_Museum_of_Art,_Architecture_and_Design on Wikipedia
  • 5 Oslo Transport Museum (Sporveismuseet), Gardeveien 15, Majorstuen (tram to Majorstuen stop). Sa-Tu 11:00-15:00. The museum is in a former tram depot, and still has a track connecting to the Oslo tram system. It features a collection of old trams and buses. On the first Sunday afternoon of each month, the museum operates a historic tram in the streets. Oslo Tramway Museum on Wikipedia


  • 6 Oscarshall, Oscarshallveien 805 (Bygdøy, landmark in the bay Frognerkilen, Bygdøy) Bus No.30 > Kongsgården), +47 95 28 61 55, +47 91 70 23 61, fax: +47 22 04 87 83. Mid-May to mid-Sep: W-Su 11:00 - 17:00. Oscarshall is a royal summer Palace from the mid-19th century, now open to the public. A small palace filled with 19th-century Norwegian art and surrounded by a magnificent park. One of the finest examples of neo-gothic/romantic style in Norway. This small palace was never used as a residence. The Palace sits a hill above Frogner bay and offers fine panorama of the city. The palace was commissioned by Swedish-Norwegian King Oscar I and Queen Joséphine. Guided tours. Adults 70 kr, seniors 60 kr, children 40 kr. Oscarshall (Q1818601) on Wikidata Oscarshall on Wikipedia

Longer out at the peninsula of Bygdøy, you will find two groups of museums within walking distance of each other: In the first group, around 800 metres inland:

Woodstore, Museum of Cultural History
  • 7 The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Museumsveien 10 (Bus No.30 > Folkemuseet), +47 22 12 37 00, fax: +47 22 12 37 77, . 10:00-18:00. A large open air museum featuring typical buildings from various periods in Norwegian history. This includes a city building that shows living conditions from the 1850s to the 1980s. Included in the Oslo Pass. 130 kr adult, 100 kr student. Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Q937521) on Wikidata Norwegian Museum of Cultural History on Wikipedia
  • 8 Viking Ship Museum, Huk aveny 35 (Bus No.30 > Vikingskipene), +47 22 85 19 00, . In addition to two 1100-year-old Viking ships (apparently the best preserved in the world), it also contains various other Viking artefacts and a Viking burial chamber, complete with ancient skeletons. Included in the Oslo Pass. It is closed for a major refurbishment and plans to reopen in 2026. 100 kr adult, 80 kr students and seniors, children under 18: free. Viking Ship Museum (Q961220) on Wikidata Viking Ship Museum (Oslo) on Wikipedia

In the second group, on the outer part of Bygdøy peninsula (the first three museums offer combination tickets):

  • 9 Norwegian Maritime Museum (Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum), Bygdøynesveien 37 (Bus No.30 > Bygdøynes or ferry from Aker Brygge), +47 22 12 37 00, . Houses a huge collection of ships and boats and records the impact of Norway's seafarers on their own country and the world. Included in the Oslo Pass. 100 kr adult, 75 kr over-65s. Norwegian Maritime Museum (Q1334270) on Wikidata Norwegian Maritime Museum on Wikipedia
  • 10 Kon-Tiki Museum, Bygdøynesveien 36 (Bus No.30 > Bygdøynes or ferry from Aker Brygge), +47 23 08 67 67, . Displays Thor Heyerdahl's balsa raft Kon-Tiki, and Ra II, as well as some other artefacts from Easter Island. Included in the Oslo Pass. 100 kr adult. Kon-Tiki Museum (Q1415972) on Wikidata Kon-Tiki Museum on Wikipedia
  • 11 [dead link] Fram-Museum, Bygdøynesveien 39 (Bus No.30 > Bygdøynes or ferry from Aker Brygge), +47 23 28 29 50. Features the vessel Fram, the worlds first ice breaker and the last polar expedition ship made of wood, and presents a history of polar exploration (with a strong Norwegian focus!) Included in the Oslo Pass. 100 kr adult. Fram Museum (Q941250) on Wikidata Fram Museum on Wikipedia
  • 12 The Holocaust Center, Huk Aveny 56 (Bus No.30 > Bygdøhus), +47 22 84 21 00, . Also at Bygdøy, in the former residence of the Norwegian World War II collaborator and nationalist leader, Vidkun Quisling. The Center houses exhibitions and provides research on Holocaust and the plight of religious minorities. Included in the Oslo Pass. 70 kr adult, 30 kr children. Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Q7061042) on Wikidata Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Norway) on Wikipedia


  • 13 Gustav Vigeland Museum, Nobels gate 32 (T-bane 1 to Majorstuen, 20 min walk; Tram 12, direction Majorstuen, to Frogner Plass; Bus no. 20 to Frogner Plass), +47 23 49 37 00, . Closed on Mondays. Situated to the south of the Frognerparken and Halvdan Svartes gate. The museum manages the sculptural works of Gustav Vigeland and offers a permanent exhibition of Gustav Vigelands sculptural works, as well as rolling exhibitions of various spatial art-forms (sculpture, installations and video-art). The museum was designed by Lorentz Ree and built in the 1920s. The striking building in red brick is one of the finest examples of Norwegian neoclassic architecture. The complex also included a studio for the artist. The urn of the artist is kept in the tower. 80 kr adult. Included in the Oslo Pass. Vigeland Museum (Q7928869) on Wikidata Vigeland Museum on Wikipedia
  • 14 Oslo Museum (Oslo Bymuseum), Frognerveien 67 (Neighbor to Frogner Park, T-bane, tram 11-19, bus 22-25-45-46 to Majorstua, tram 12 or bus 20 to Vigelandsparken), +47 23 28 41 70, . Tu-Su 11:00-16:00, closed M. Museum with exhibitions showing the city's cultural and commercial development. Free entry. Oslo Museum (Q6877320) on Wikidata Oslo Museum on Wikipedia
The monolith in the Frogner Park.
  • 15 Frogner and Vigeland park (T-bane, tram 11-19, bus 22-25-45-46 to Majorstua, tram 12 or bus 20 to Vigelandsparken). 24 h. Frogner park including Vigeland Sculpture Park is a large green area about 10 minutes by subway from the city center. In addition to being a nice green recreational area, it is also decorated with hundreds of sculptures by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. There is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere here, although the sculptures are a little depressing. If your children want to climb the statues, nobody will even bother to look twice at you. There is also a cafeteria, and two museums, the City Museum of Oslo and the Vigeland Museum. If you fancy an outdoor swim, Frognerbadet is situated next to the Frognerpark with 3 pools, several diving towers and a water slide. Free. Frogner Park (Q1126911) on Wikidata Frogner Park on Wikipedia
  • 16 Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library), Henrik Ibsens gate 110 (tram 12 - 13 to Solli Plass). Monumental building from 1913 with frescos by Emanuel Vigeland (younger brother of sculptor Gustav Vigeland). The Library holds copies of all published material in Norway. Fine retreat on a rainy day. Cafe and bar within. National Library of Norway (Q924551) on Wikidata National Library of Norway on Wikipedia

Outside Oslo[edit]

  • 17 Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (Henie Onstad art gallery), Høvikodden, at Sandvika (road E18). The Henie Onstad Kunstsenter is an art museum located at Høvikodden (in Bærum municipality) on a fine location at the fjord near Sandvika. Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad created the museum by donating their private art collection and funds for running the museum. Henie was famous figure skater (three-time Olympic champion) and Hollywood film star. Onstad, her husband, was a shipping magnate and art collector. The museum is located just outside the city border in the Bærum suburbs between the abandoned airport Fornebu and Bærum centre at Sandvika. Henie-Onstad Art Centre (Q2561175) on Wikidata Henie Onstad Kunstsenter on Wikipedia


Entrance hall of the National library on Henrik Ibsens gate.
  • 1 Huk beach (Hukodden, Bygdøy) (bus No. 30 >Huk). Beach, partly sandy, popular on warm summer days. free. Huk (Q6977122) on Wikidata Huk, Norway on Wikipedia


Saturday flea market at Vestkanttorget

Bogstadveien-Hegdehaugsveien is the main shopping street and runs between the Royal Palace and Majorstuen (junction and metro station). Independent stores as well as chains such as Zara are located on this street. The small tram runs in the street. The area is locally known simply as "Bogstadveien" even if the lower part is Hegdehaugsveien.

High-end shopping is also in Frogner area (Bygdøy alle and Frognerveien) and at Aker Brygge just off Karl Johan.

  • 1 Vestkanttorget (west end), +47 48 15 47 38. Antiques and second hand market. Every Saturday on the corner of Professor Dahls gate and Neubergsgate at Frogner.
  • 2 Frelsesarmeen (Salvation Army), Kirkeveien 62a and other locations (T-bane to Majorstuen), +47 22 95 57 10, . Salvation Army second-hand store done Norwegian style! Super high quality clothes, some furnishings, and a SA café/Sally Anne (SA's fair-trade concept store) right next door. Great place for inexpensive hats/gloves/socks when the Oslo winter sneaks up on you.
  • 3 Art: Siren Waróe Gallery, Parkveien 64 (Next to the Castle, use busstop at Solli Plass), +47 951 07 656, . W 14:00-20:00 or contact at phone. The Studio Gallery of the Norwegian up-and-coming fine art artist Siren Waróe. Watch her golden art being made live and order your own dream-painting or get a print of one of her paintings.
  • 4 House of Oslo, Ruseløkkveien 26 (Bus 32, 33 or 54 to Dokkveien), +47 23 23 85 60, . A shopping centre focusing on interior designs with around 20 different shops with their own theme. This may be the most exquisite interior design centre in northern Europe. Illum Bolighus is especially worth a visit (this is a subsidiary of a famous Danish department store).

Shopping malls[edit]

  • 5 Aker Brygge (continues over the bridge to Tjuvholmen) (Tram 12, bus 21, 33 or 54 to Aker Brygge/Bryggetorget/Vika Atrium). A seaside shopping and nightlife centre with high prices, but lots of glam and fun. Aker Brygge (Q417409) on Wikidata Aker Brygge on Wikipedia


Lower part of Hegdehaugsveien is pedestrian with several popular cafes and restaurants. Upper part of Hegdehaugsveien joins Bogstadveien to form one of Oslo's most popular shopping streets.


  • 1 Krishna's Cuisine, Sørkedalsveien 10B, Majorstuen (T-bane, tram 11-12-19 or bus 22-25-45-46. New locations next to Colosseum Cinema at Majorstuen.). Everything vegetarian. Daily Indian meal option with choice of side dishes: 100 kr and up..
  • 2 Curry and Ketchup, Kirkeveien 51 (near Majorstuen station). Cheap and popular Indian restaurant, often full during the weekends. Cash only. less than 100 kr for food.


  • 3 [formerly dead link] Beach Club, Bryggetorget 14. Classical diner, opened 1989. Best burgers in town? Relaxed atmosphere, pleasant staff. Busy during summer. Hip, timeless and family friendly, all at the same time.
  • 4 Gate of India, Bogstadveien 66 (next to Majorstuakrysset T-Bahn). Good Indian restaurant.
  • 5 Pizza da Mimmo, Behrens gate 2 (tram 12 to Niels Juhls gt or bus 21 to Lapsetorvet). Vying with Oslo Ladegård and Villa Paradiso to have the best pizza in Oslo.
  • 6 Lanternen, Huk Aveny 2 (First ferry stop on Bygdøy.). Salads, sandwiches. The herring is good. Three kinds of herring with bread: 80kr..
  • 7 Odonata, Forneburingen 1 (take the 31 bus to Snarøya). Enjoy this unique design experience. This was the Oslo airport in the 1950s and is now a café with a great lunch menu and various cakes and treats.
  • 8 Tintin, Lysaker Statsjon. Sushi and Korean dishes.
  • 9 Mares, Skovveien 1, +47 22548980. A French style seafood restaurant.
  • 10 Lorry, Parkveien 12 (walk or tram). 11:00 to 15:30 (Mondays and Sundays until 13:00). Lorry is an institution in Parkveien, near the Palace and at the lower end of Hegdehaugsveien/Bogstadveien shopping street. It is a quirky mix of proper restaurant and bar. Originally a "brown" tavern that has been in operation since 1901. The menu includes hearty food, particularly before Christmas when traditional Norwegian Christmas food is served. Beer on tap and a wide selection of beer in bottles. Lorry is place for anybody: Cabinet ministers, journalists and media celebrities, university professors and artists mingle with the local beer guzzlers and friends for Friday beer. Outdoor seating in the pedestrian street. Lorry (Q19380173) on Wikidata


Inkognito street "behind the Palace" is a posh area.
  • 11 Bølgen & Moi, Løvenskioldsgate 26. Modern restaurant in the Frogner district. There's another Bølgen & Moi on Tjuvholmen island at the waterfront.
  • 12 Feinschmecker, Balchens gate 5 (tram 12 to Elisenberg or bus 30, 31 to Frogner kirke). A feast for everyone involved, except perhaps your wallet. Exquisite dining at corporate prices.
  • 13 Galt, Frognerveien 12 (bus N12, tram 12 to Niels Juels gate), +47 485 14 886. Exclusive food of Norwegian raw materials.
  • 14 Hos Thea, Gabelsgate 11 (tram 13 to Skillebekk). A small place with outstanding food, small seasonal menu.
  • 15 [formerly dead link] Palace Grill, Solligata 2 (just by Solli plass (tram 12,13 or bus 21,30,31,32 to Solli/Lapsetorvet)). Highly recommended gourmet restaurant where the menu changes daily according to the chef's mood and available ingredients. A ten-course meal costs about 850 kr per person. Only 23 seats and no reservations, but a good bar to while away the hours waiting for food.


  • 16 Lofoten fiskerestaurant, Stranden 75 (Aker Brygge). An exclusive fish restaurant serving fish, fish soup and shellfish. Expensive.


Aker Brygge is a popular strolling area with many restaurants and bars
  • 1 Beer Palace, Holmens Gate 3 (Aker Brygge). A popular pub with fair selection of Norwegian and foreign beers. In addition to enjoying good beer it's possible to play darts and get a slice of pizza. Every Monday an international beer course is held here by Ølakademiet.
  • 2 The Pub Majorstuen, Majorstuveien 34 (Not far from Majorstuen metro station), +47 22 46 99 29. The pub for real beer connoisseurs and beer lovers, many types of specialty beer on tap.
  • 3 [formerly dead link] Palace Grill, Solligata 2 (just by Solli plass (tram 12,13 or bus 21,30,31,32 to Solli/Lapsetorvet)). In addition to the gourmet restaurant (see above) the palace also includes a separate bar with nice drinks and concerts every Monday, plus the 3-story outdoor seating area "Skaugum" with lots of concert during summer.
  • 4 Champagneria, Frognerveien 2 (Tram 12-13 or bus 21-30-31 to Solli/Lapsetorvet.). Spanish cava and tapas bar, fairly cheap and enjoyable.
  • 5 Oslo Mikrobryggeri, Bogstadveien 6. 15:00-01:00. the first microbrewery in Scandinavia, over 35 beers on tap.
  • 6 Highbury, Bogstadveien 50. Official Arsenal supporter pub in Norway.
  • 7 Sollihagen & Nox (Solli Plass), Henrik Ibsensgate 100 (tram 12,13 or bus 21,30,31,32 to Solli/Lapsetorvet), +47 22 55 40 00. Sollihagen: This outdoor terrace has heat lamps and a South European party atmosphere. Nox: Exclusive indoor nightclub where you can book a table throughout the night. Age limit 20 on Thursday/Friday and 23 on Saturday.


Frogner bay with sail boats in port and Oscarshall royal summer palace on the hill


  • 1 Cochs Pensjonat, Parkveien 25 (tram 11 to Majorstua and 5 minutes walk or subway to Nationaltheatret and walk 10 minutes). Centrally located, next to the Royal Palace and Slottsparken. Three types of room to meet all budgets. They don't serve breakfast but have agreement with a cafe nearby.


  • 2 Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus, Gabels gt. 16 (tram 13 to Skillebekk), +47 23 27 65 00, . Quiet area. Breakfast, afternoon sweets and an evening meal are allways included.
  • 3 Saga Hotel Oslo, Eilert Sundts gate 39 (Tram 11 and 19 to Briskeby). Considering the hotel's fashionable location and spacious rooms, great value for money. 1200 kr and up.
  • 4 Scandic Sjølyst, Sjølyst Plass 4 (Local train to Skøyen Station, near the Bygdøy peninsula), +47 23 15 51 00, . 5 minutes by train from Oslo S central train station, by the E18 highway to the city. Scenic surroundings.
  • 5 Scandic Solli (KNA-hotellet), Parkveien 68 (Between the Royal Palace and Aker Brygge, not far from Nationaltheateret Station), +47 23 15 57 00. Central west end hotel with gym, sauna and conference facilities.
  • 6 Thon Hotel Gyldenlove, Bogstadveien 20. Renovated hotel, with excellent location in Oslo's west quarter, right in the city's best shopping avenue, Bogstadveien.
  • 7 Thon Hotel Vika Atrium, Munkedamsveien 45 (Close to Aker Brygge), +47 22 83 33 00. Central conference hotel.


  • 8 Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel, Parkveien 78 (near Aker Brygge). 50 rooms, small but good value. Restaurant with Japanese food.
  • 9 The Thief, Landgangen 1 (Nearest station is Nationaltheatret, from there it is a 15 min walk.), +47 24 00 40 00, . On the water front of the Oslo Fjord in the middle of the business and contemporary art district of Oslo. The hotel is surrounded by many nice (and pricey) restaurants. €230. The Thief (hotel) (Q15037522) on Wikidata The Thief (hotel) on Wikipedia


As for the whole of Oslo

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