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Avenida Paulista at night.

Paulista region (Região da Paulista) is commonly used by people of São Paulo to refer to the area around Avenida Paulista. The term is subjective, as Av. Paulista crosses different neighborhoods, districts, and even different regions. To avoid redundancy with other sections, this guide will refer to the places contained in Av. Paulista and up to 4 blocks from it in transversal direction.


The 2.8-km-long Avenida Paulista is located between the Center (the "old" city) and the west (the "modern" city) and almost predictably, the avenue looks like a perfect blend between the old and modern faces of São Paulo, with historical architecture coexisting with glass skyscrapers.

The avenue is crowded day and night, with people from all ages, social classes, and ethnic backgrounds. On the avenue and in the streets surrounding it, you can find many shopping malls, restaurants, food courts, pubs, cafés, cinemas, theaters and cultural centers, from all price ranges.

But Paulista is much more than just a tourist attraction or an entertainment and shopping area. Paulista remains one of the most important business centers of the city, and it is also home to a number of education institutions. During lunch time, the food courts and restaurants are packed with workers and students from the area, who move to the pubs, cinemas and cafés when released from their daily tasks.

Perhaps Paulista is not a perfect summary of São Paulo, but represents what the city wants to be: a cosmopolitan place, filled with people who are always working hard and rushing, who are different from each other but can forget their differences and feel proud of being Paulistanos.

Get in[edit]

Map of São Paulo/Paulista

By metro and train[edit]

The rail network is the most practical way to get to Avenida Paulista. The avenue contains stations Consolação, Trianon-Masp and Brigadeiro of Line 2-Green of Metrô. Station Paulista of line 4-Yellow (connected underground to Consolação station) and station Paraíso of line 1-Blue are very close the avenue.

By bus[edit]

Many buses pass through Avenida Paulista and nearby streets. Generally, the metro is fastest and more reliable, making buses attractive only if your place of stay is far from a metro or train station. An exception is if you are staying near the dedicated bus corridor Av. Rebouças-Francisco Morato; in this case, you can easily reach Paulista by taking buses in the corridor.

By car[edit]

Going by car to Av. Paulista on weekdays should be avoided. Traffic is intense, often even outside peak hours, and parking can be ridiculously expensive. On weekends, Paulista is often closed for demonstrations and events.


Casa das Rosas
Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP).
  • 1 Conjunto Nacional, Avenida Paulista, 2073. This historical building, from 1953, marks the beginning of the transformation of Av. Paulista from a residential to a business/commercial area. It is a "multi-function" building containing a small shopping mall, services, residences and offices. The highlights are the bookshop, Livraria Cultura, and the cinema that presents both commercial and cult movies. The building's digital clock is one of the symbols of the avenue.

"Old" Av. Paulista[edit]

These are buildings and landmarks constructed before Conjunto Nacional (1953).

  • 2 House of Coronel Joaquim Franco de Mello, Av.Paulista, 1919. Oldest residence of Av. Paulista, dating from 1905 and still belonging to the Franco de Mello family.
  • Colégio São Luís, Rua Haddock Lobo, 400. One of the oldest high schools of São Paulo, founded in 1867 and transferred to São Paulo in 1917. Still considered one of the best schools of the city.
  • 3 Escola Estadual Rodrigues Alves, Av. Paulista 227. The first public school in the region, founded in 1907. The school also has historical importance: it was a refuge for the combatants of the uprising, led by São Paulo, known as Revolução Constitucionalista de 1932.
  • Igreja São Luís Gonzaga, Av. Paulista, 2378. The 1932 church, constructed in Greek-Roman architecture, contrasts with the modern buildings surrounding it.
  • 4 Parque Trianon (Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos), Av. Paulista 1515 (in front of Trianon-Masp station). The 1892 park is the most significant green area of the Paulista region. It combines features of an English garden with preserved Atlantic rainforest, plus contributions of Burle Marx, Clóvis Olga and Victor Brecheret.
  • 5 Casa das Rosas (Espaço Haroldo de Campos de Poesia e Literatura), Av. Paulista, 37 - Bela Vista, +55 11 3285-6986. Former residence from 1935, now a cultural center dedicated to poetry.

"New" Av. Paulista[edit]

These are remarkable buildings and landmarks that were constructed after Conjunto Nacional.

  • 6 Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), Av. Paulista 1578, Bela Vista (Next to Trianon-Masp station). Tu-Su 11:00-18:00. São Paulo Museum of Art is also a symbol of modern Brazilian architecture. Displays a collection of works ranging from the Renaissance to Contemporary Modern. Visitors walk through rows of paintings that are hung from the ceiling. There is a restaurant in the lower ground floor. The ground floor of the museum provides a nice view of the city. R$ 15.
  • 7 Edifício Gazeta (Fundação Casper Líbero), Av. Paulista, 900. The tallest building of the avenue contains Faculdade Cásper Líbero (a high education institution), the Gazeta radio, TV and news agency, Objetivo (a private school), Reserva Cultural (a cinema and a theatre) and a 95-m-high TV antenna (popularly known as Torre da Paulista) that, although not particularly noticeable during the day, becomes the avenue's most imposing landmark during the night.
  • 8 Prédio da FIESP (Edifício Luís Eulálino de Bueno Vidigal FIlho), Av. Paulista, 1313. The pyramid-shaped building is home to the Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo, a powerful union that represents 150,000 companies, or 42% of the Brazilian GDP. It is also hosts cultural expositions and Teatro Popular do SESI, a place where you can watch good quality theatrical performances for free.
  • 9 Itaú Cultural, Avenida Paulista, 149, +55 11 3257-2033. A large cultural center that hosts performances and exhibitions.

Outside Av. Paulista[edit]


Avenida Paulista during Christmas.
  • Walk Avenida Paulista from one end to another. Although the main landmarks and shopping areas are in the avenue, the best restaurants and pubs are in the surrounding streets, so take a peek on them too.
  • Walk Rua Augusta either in direction of the Center or the West, and see how the theme of the street change as you move from one region to another: "decadent/sexual" in the Center, "cultural/bohemian" in Paulista, and "luxurious" in the West.
  • Bicicletada de São Paulo, Praça do Ciclista (Crossing between Av. Paulista and R. Bela Cintra). 18:00. Every last Friday of the month, a large group of cyclists meet at Praça do Ciclista and go around the city, in order to promote the bicycle as a means of transport. The route is typically decided on-the-fly.
  • Watch a cult movie. Movie theaters of non-mainstream movies include:


  • São Paulo Gay Parade. See São Paulo main section.
  • Réveillon na Paulista, the entire Av. Paulista. Starting from 20:00. One of Brazil's largest New Year's Eve parties happens in Av. Paulista. It is celebrated with many fireworks and concerts of famous Brazilian artists. Attracts around 2 million visitors.
  • Christmas celebration, the entire Av. Paulista. Avenida Paulista gets Christmas decorations in early December, but during the days before Christmas there are also special artistic presentations in various points of the avenue.


Shopping malls and areas[edit]

Most shops are concentrated in Avenida Paulista and Rua Augusta. There you can find many shop galleries selling everything you can imagine (clothes, accessories, handcraft, books, natural products, games, electronics of reliable and unreliable origin), as well as stores from major international and Brazilian chains (such as FNAC, Renner, JNE Info and Marisa). Besides, there is a number of shopping malls, typically offering services other than shops (such as food courts, banks, pharmacies and cinemas):

  • Shopping Pátio Paulista (Shopping Paulista), Rua 13 de Maio, 1947. The only large shopping mall in the region. About 235 shops.
  • Top Center, Av. Paulista, 854. Both a shopping mall and a commercial building, a large portion of which occupied by offices related to Japan, like the Japanese Consulate and Fundação Japão. As expected, a large number of Japanese descendants and "natives" can be found in the food court during lunch time. About 59 shops.
  • Shopping Center 3, Av. Paulista, 2064. The Av. Paulista floor is a big "lunch area" for workers in the region, and the actual shops are on the Rua Augusta floor. Not many shops, except on Sundays (see Feira Como Assim? on #Fairs section). Contains a large cinema focused on mainstream movies. About 100 shops.
  • Shopping Cidade São Paulo, Av. Paulista, 1230. Avenida Paulista's newest shopping mall with the usual choices and some upmarket shops. Check the L'Occitane au Brésil shop for unique Brazilian cosmetics. About 160 shops.


  • Feira do MASP (Feira de Antiguidades da Paulista) (Under MASP). Su 10:00-17:00. Traditional marker where it is possible to buy antiques and works of art.
  • Feira Como Assim?, Avenida Paulista 2064, Bela Vista (Inside Center 3). Su 10:00-22:00. Market of handcrafts and handmade clothes, based on popular markets in the Historical Center. About 218 expositors.

Speciality shops[edit]

  • Eco Arte BR (Capim Dourado Brazilian Handicraft), Rua Augusta 2212 store 21 (Galeria Florida between Al. Itu and Al. Franca), +55 11 8083-8626. Store specialized in Brazilian handicraft such as capim dourado ( golden grass). Golden Grass is a Brazilian plant with a natural shine and color similar to that of gold.Wide Range of items: home ornaments, sousplats, bijoux boxes, baskets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags and wallets. Eco-friendly goods handmade by artisans of Jalapão region in Brazil. Creative and delicate handicraft with a unique and natural beauty.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Below R$ 30
Mid-range R$ 30-90
Splurge R$ 90+


  • Black Dog, Al. Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 612. São Paulo's most famous hot dog started in a small corridor in Al. Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, and now is a chain with 8 stores. The central store is now in a nice-looking house just a few meters from its original location. R$ 7-15.
  • Pedaço de Pizza, Rua Augusta, 1463.
  • Bella Paulista, Rua Haddock Lobo, 354, +55 11 3214-3347. open 24/7. A delicatessen/diner-style store and restaurant, with great food, friendly and efficient service, and good atmosphere. Always busy. They have sandwiches, steaks, croissants, soups, yoghurt, coffee, beer. A steak costs R$20.


  • Ça-Va, R. Carlos Comenale, 277 (Near MASP), +55 11 2574-0968. Small and cozy French restaurant. R$ 45-85.
  • L'Open, +55 11 3060-9013. Alameda Itu, 1466. Gay restaurant.
  • Mestiço, Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, 277, +55 11 3256-3165. Consolação.
  • Ráscal, Alameda Santos, 870, +55 11 3141-0692. Mediterranean food with self-service and "eat as much as you want" system. Specialized in salads and pasta's, with impressive quality and variety. R$ 65.
  • Ritz, +55 11 3088-6808. Alameda Franca, 1088,
  • Tandoor, Avenida Doutor Rafael De Barros, 408 - Vila Mariana, +55 11 3885-9470. Reputedly one of the best and most authentic Indian restaurants in the city. Focused on lamb, chicken and vegetarian options. R$ 30-60.
  • Flying Sushi, Al. Jaú, 1.567 - Jardim Paulista (Near Consolação station), +55 11 3588-1613. Believe or not, here, on working days and lunch time, you can eat good quality sushi and sashimi (and other Japanese/Chinese food) as much as you want for only R$ 30. R$ 30-50.
  • Gopala, Rua Antônio Carlos, 413, +55 11 3283-3867. And also at nº 429. Lactovegetarian.
  • [formerly dead link] L'Osteria do Piero, +55 11 3085-1082. Alameda Franca, 1509. Italian restaurant. Oversized dishes.
  • Sujinho. Consolação and Maceió. BBQ till 4AM.
  • Pub Kei, Av. Paulista, 854, lj 69 (At Top Center), +55 11 3145-1741. M-Sa 11:30-14:30, 18:00-21:30. A mix between a restaurant and a Japanese pub, this discrete place is very popular among native Japanese in business trips. A favorite among Brazilian customers is the rice curry.


  • East, +55 11 3081-1160. Alameda Jaú, 1303. Asian cuisine.
  • Spot, +55 11 3283-0946. Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 72. To eat, see and be seen.
  • Tarsila, Alameda Santos 1123, +55 11 3179 2555. The pleasant restaurant of chef Marcelo Pinheiro combines French with Brazilian food. R$ 100.
  • Trebbiano,Alameda Campinas, 266, 11 2183-0500, Lunch and Dinner with glamour and style. ..


  • Dj Club, Alameda Franca, 241, +55 11 3541-1955.
  • Exquisito, Rua Bela Cintra, 532, +55 11 3854-6522. Bar with typical snacks from all over Latin America.
  • O'Malley's, Al. Itu 1529, +55 11 3086-0780. São Paulo's Irish bar is very popular among tourists and Paulistanos alike. Sports on screen and live music everyday.
  • Prainha, Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima x Av. Paulista
  • Espeto de Bambu, Rua Haddock Lobo, 71 (nr corner with Rua Matias Aires), +55 11 3586-5101. Small but pleasant bar near Consolacao metro. Live music on some nights.
  • Hamburguer 133 (R. Manuel da Nobrega 133), +55 11 3285-0139. A small, down to earth bar just off Av. Paulista, clearly aimed at locals. A hamburger purveyor but also a place to get a refreshing and cheap beer compared to other options. R$ 6 for 600 ml bottle of Bohemia.



  • ibis budget São Paulo Paulista, Av. Paulista, 2355 (near metro station Consolação), +55 11 3123-7755, fax: +55 11 3123-7756. Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 12:00. Hotel with a/c and wifi and complimentary breakfast that includes eggs, muffins, and cut up hot dogs for the budget-minded traveler. Triple R$ 149.
  • Pousada Dona Zilah, R. Minas Gerais, 112 - Higienópolis, +55 11 3061-5413. Kind of like a villa with 6 suites. Enjoy breakfast and fruit trees on the property.
  • Royal Jardins Hotel, Alameda Jaú, 729 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP, 01420-001, Brazil, +55 11 4082-0000, toll-free: 1800 102 1122. It has 98 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars and 4-star hotel facility. Located in the most upscale neighborhoods of Jardins, São Paulo, it is within close proximity of airport and Museum of Art of Sao Paulo. Apart from restaurant, spa tub, wireless Internet access and a 24-hour business center, it offers guestrooms, fitness centre, spa, meeting/banquet facilities, and Concierge service.
  • ibis São Paulo Paulista, Av. Paulista, 2355, +55 11 3523-3000. Cosmopolitan hotel with a/c, wifi, and restaurant. R$ 213.



  • L´Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo, Alameda Campinhas, 266, Jardim Paulista, +55 11 2183-0500. L' Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo offers a central location without the bustle of the main avenue. Designed in a European style, the sophistication of this boutique hotel is perfectly complemented by high standards of service and comfort. This eighty room boutique hotel has a restaurant, SPA, indoor pool, gym and offers a very personalised standard of service.
  • Maksoud Plaza, Alameda Campinas, 150, +55 11 3145-8000. Perhaps the most famous luxurious hotel of São Paulo, Maksoud Plaza hosts since 1979 performances of international and Brazilian artists. The hotel has financial problems, threatened by the competition of international hotel chains, but it remains as one of the most beautiful hotels of the city and still provides first-class services. The facade of the hotel, covered with abstract paintings, matches perfectly the cultural vibrance of Av. Paulista and contrasts with the sterile look of modern luxurious hotels.

Stay safe[edit]

Avenida Paulista and some surrounding streets, such as Augusta and Frei Caneca, are generally safer than most parts of São Paulo, due to the ostensive policing and high flux of people. During the night it is better to avoid the empty streets, and be aware of large groups of homeless people, which have been increasing.

The avenue has become known for its frequency of large scale protests, often of political nature. While these are not dangerous per se, things often turn awry and it is better to stay away from them if you have no business with them.


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