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The districts of Gangseo[dead link] (강서) and Yangcheon (양천) are in the west of the city of Seoul.

The jurisdiction is composed of 18 buildings including Mok 1–5, Sinwol 1-7 and Sinjeong 1–7. It was named Yangcheon in 1310 (Koryo Chungseon King) and changed from the name of a small rock to a beautiful place where the bright sun and stream flow.

In 1914, it was merged into Gimpo-gun, and was divided into Yangdong-myeon and Yangseo-myeon. In 1935, Yangdong-myeon and Yangseo-myeon were incorporated into Seoul in 1963. After being divided into Yeongdeungpo-gu from Gangdeung-gu in 1977, it became a large-scale residential complex. In 1988, Gangseo-gu was divided into three districts: Mok-dong, Sinjeong-dong, and Sinwol-dong.

Gawhwa mountain in the Gangseo district

There are many broadcasting and media companies in Mok-dong, including Broadcasting Hall, SBS and CBS. Commercial activities are centered on 11 general retail markets including Mok-dong Market and Singok Market, and Hyundai Department Store Mok-dong Branch, Home Plus Mok-dong Branch, and E-Mart Mok-dong Branch. In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France, 15 neighborhood parks, including the Paris Park in Mok-dong, are distributed throughout the residence. In Mok-dong, there is the first stadium built in western Seoul.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

More details on airport connections can be read in the main Seoul article

1 Gimpo International Airport (GMP IATA) is the second most important airport in the country after Incheon, and offers flights to Busan, Jeju and other Korean cities. Additionally it offers international flights to Japan and China. There are direct train and bus options to both Incheon airport and Seoul station, as well as subway lines 5 and 9. Also, there's an outdoor observation deck in the domestic terminal.

By train[edit]

If you are flying in via Incheon International Airport, then the A'Rex train will bring you here in a swift 30 minutes, as well as quickly connecting to the central Seoul Station.

By subway[edit]

  • Gangseo is served by subway lines 2, 5 and 9.
  • The 24-km Gimpo Gold Line automated light metro (opened in Sep 2019) runs northwest from Gimpo International Airport in western Seoul via Gimpo City Hall to Yangchon. The Gimpo Gold Line connects with Seoul Metro lines 5 and 9, and the Arex rail link to Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport.


  • 1 Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park (강서습지생태공원), 279-23, Yangcheon-ro 27-gil, Gangseo (방화동) 서울시 강서구 양천로27길 279-23 (Banghwa Station, Metro Line 5, Exit 2), +82 2-3780-0621 (~3). Wetland ecological park on the Hangang river. ₩3,500.
  • 2 Heojun Museum (허준박물관), Gayang 2-dong, Gangseo (Metro line 9, Yancheong Hyanggyo station is the closest), +82 2-3661-8666. Museum dedicated to Heo Jun, a court physician during the Joseon dynasty. He wrote the defining texts on Korean Traditional Medicine, and is highly regarded for all oriental medicine branches throughout east Asia.
  • 3 Hyperion Towers (하이페리온 타워). Three residential skyscrapers. Tower A, the tallest of them, is with 256 meters the second tallest building in Seoul. The bottom floors are made up of the Hyundai department store.
  • 4 Herdsman indoor ice rink (목동 아이스링크장), +82 2 2649-8454. Sa Su public holidays 12:00-18:00 (closed on Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok), M-F 14:00-18:00. Indoor ice arena in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. The main stadium is on the ground, the secondary stadium is a stadium in the basement. Opening on December 1, 1989, the capacity is 5,000 people. ₩4000 adult, ₩3500 student.
  • 5 Mokdong SBS (목동 sbs), +82 2 2061-0006. One of Korea's leading broadcasters. Located in Mok-dong. The clear glass allows you to watch radio broadcasts in real time. Also can see entertainers coming to work.
  • 6 Paris park (파리공원), +82 2 2620-3570. The park was opened on July 1, 1987 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France. Korea established diplomatic relations with France in 1886. In 1986, the Seoul Plaza was set up in Paris, and the Paris Plaza was set up in Seoul. Major facilities include Seoul Plaza, Paris Plaza, Hanbul Madang, Outdoor Stage Plaza, Pond, and Fountain. In addition, there are sports facilities such as a basketball court, gate ball, iron rod, and weights.
  • Anyangcheon (안양천). It is a river that joins the Han River, Seongsan Bridge, passing through Geumcheon-gu and Yeongdeungpo-gu, Guro-gu, Yangcheon-gu. The place name means that the river flows to Anyang. This river is connected to the Han River. The park is long along the river. free.
  • 7 National Aviation Museum of Korea (국립항공박물관), Haneul-gil 177 (Gonghang-dong 1373-5). Gangseo-gu (ride a shuttle bus at the Gimpo Airport Domestic Terminal). Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 – 18:00, closed on Mondays, Lunar New Year, regular new years day and Chuseok. Opened in 2020, this museum shows the history of general and Korean aviation, current and future of the aviation industry. It houses many retired airplanes like F-51 and T-50. Free.
  • 8 LG Arts Center, 812 Magok-dong (Metro line #9, Magoknaru Station), +82 2 1661 0017. Modern, multi-purpose performing arts auditorium opened in 2022, features live musical, theatre and dance performances from Korea and worldwide. Visit website for performance schedule and ticket information. Underground parking is available. This was originally located in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, from 2000 to 2022.

Cultural Heritage[edit]

  • 9 Yangcheon archaeological site in Seoul (서울양천고성지), 8-4, Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu. It was designated Historic Site No. 372 on March 10, 1992. It has a designated area of 29,370 square meters and 762 stone blocks (about 218m). Its existence is also confirmed in the literature such as New Jeungdong Yeoji Seongram, and remains of stone confirming that it is a castle ruins. In addition, it is towering on the Han River field and is one of the strongholds that have defended the Han River since the Three Kingdoms. This is regarded as an important monument to the research of old defense facilities. It is an acid built around the top of Joseon Dynasty. The preservation status of all regions, including the northern part, is good, except that the top is flattened from the Japanese colonial period.
  • 10 Yak-sa-sa Three-storied Pagodal (약사사 삼층석탐), 322-2, Gaehwa-dong, Gangseo-gu. In 1980, it was designated as Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 39. It is a three-story stone tower made of granite. The upper floor fell off into an elongated tower 4 meters high. The podium was woven into a face stone, one sheet per side, on a wide slab of stone. The base is made of four stones. Each layer represented a universe. Various studies show that the pagoda was built in the late Goryeo period, when Buddhist art retreated. The Jungjung Pagoda in the original temple of the stone pagoda shows the transition process of Pagoda architecture since the middle of Goryeo. Also on the grounds of the stone pagoda, there is a stone statue of Buddha (tangible cultural property 40) with a circular stone crest on its head.
  • 11 Seoul Yangcheon Repair Association Drainage Pump Station (서울 구 양천수리조합 배수펌프장), 282, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu. Seoul Yangcheon Repair Association Drainage Pump Station; Built in 1926 on a concrete retaining wall, it is a Japanese-style wooden structure building, which is the only agricultural drainage pump that has been confirmed to date among the modern industrial heritages of the Japanese colonial period. When it is architecturally valuable.
  • 12 Huh-ga rock (허가바위), 1-2, Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu. It was designated as Seoul Monument No. 11 on December 24, 1991. Located in front of the main gate of Yeongdeungpo Highland, there is a natural cave under the rock. The oysters are about 6m wide, 2m long and 5m high, with a large hole for 10 people. It is known as the birthplace of Yangcheonheo according to the story that Yang Sunheo's ancestor, Heo Sunmun, was born in a cave. According to the literature, Heo Sun-moon lived in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, and helped and provided military beauty as the Taejo of Goryeo crossed the river as it passed to conquer the canopy.The first place in Gangseo-gu means rock and is probably derived from the cave.
  • 13 Seong Siheon, Drowning record (성시헌 익사공신록), 406-63, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu. A textbook given to a subordinate in the country, a drowning textbook given to Seong Si-heon, one of the 48 who helped the role of Gwanghae-gun in 513 (1613). Its contents were raised by one class, but also by parents and wives by one class, and the eldest son inherited and did not lose the block, forever. If there are no children, even the son-in-law and even his son-in-law were raised. In addition, six people, three slaves, three soldiers, ten fields of rice fields, five pieces of silver, one piece of cloth, and one horse were given. This memorandum is considered a valuable resource for examining the history of Gwanghae-gun.


  • 1 Mokdong Hyundai Department Store (목동 현대 백화점), Hyundai Department Store Mok-dong Branch, 257 Mokdong-dong, Yangcheon-gu (next to Ohmokgyo Station). Su M 10:30-20:00 (extended 20:30), Tu-Th 10:30-20:00, F Sa 10:30-20:30. Mokdong Hyundai Department Store is the largest shopping mall in Yangcheon-gu. It is in the same building as Mok-dong Hyperion. Completed in 2003, it was the tallest building in Korea between 2002 and 2004. Department stores are located in the 1st to 4th floors. There is an underground parking lot from basement 2 to basement 6 The department store is divided into two buildings. One is where you sell luxury goods. The other is food and clothing sales. Both are connected to each other underground. There is a food code in the basement and a movie theater, CGV.
  • 2 Mokdong Happy Department Store (목동 행복한 세상 백화점), 309, Mokdong-dong, Yangcheon-gu (next to Ohmokgyo Station), +82 2 6678-9000. 10:30-20:00 daily. Happy Department Store is a department store in South Korea and is located at 309, Mokdong-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Sales facilities are available from 1st basement to 4th floor, and parking is possible from 2nd basement to 5th basement. Easy Casual is located on the first basement floor. On the first and third floors, there are fashion goods, women's, and men's clothing. The fourth floor is a sporting goods store. 5F: Restaurant ; 6th ~ 8th floor: Megabox (representative movie theater in Korea such as CGV); 9th floor (roof): Rooftop garden


  • 1 Puoco (푸꼬), 917-9, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 2062-0411. Hours 11:30-22:00; recess 15:00-17:00. A place that sells Italian dishes such as pizza and spaghetti. ₩10,000-20,000.
  • 2 Il Mirak (일미락), 406-126 Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 2642-9292. M-Sa 12:00-00:00, Su 12:00-22:00; last order M-Sa 23:00, Su 21:00. A pork restaurant. You can grill pork in Korean style. Side dishes are provided free of charge. Il Mirak can buy meat and other side menus (noodles, rice, jjigae). Whole pork belly (180g) ₩17,000, Log meat (180g) ₩17,000, Whole Ribs (180g) ₩17,000, Korean Beef Loin (160g) ₩38,000.
  • 3 O-mok-jib (오목집), Paragon B1, 155 Mokdongseo-ro, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 6737-6692. 11:00-23:00. Sell Korean ham hocks.The meat is tender, and it is also a great place to meet. The seafood soup comes out basically. Other menu items include seafood pajeon and various noodles. ₩20,000-30,000.
  • 4 Lim Kkeok-kimchi Stew (임꺽정 김치찌개), 405-178, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 2645-8252. 10:00-22:00. It sells various kinds of jjigae such as kimchi jjigae, a Korean traditional food. The price is relatively cheap. it can also add other side menus such as ham, ramen and vermicelli. ₩10,000-15,000.
  • 5 Manda Store (만담상점), 905-33 Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 2651-2459. Hours 17:30-00:30. Mandam Big Chicken. Thick clothes are thick and steamed. The outside is crispy. The peculiarity is the cabbage coleslaw, not chicken radish. ₩10,000-20,000.


  • Alcohol Tree (알콜트리), 406-227, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu lat=37.5258551, +82 2 2642-3012. Su-Th 19:00-03:00, F Sa 19:00-04:00. ₩20,000-30,000.
  • 1 New York Night Market (뉴욕야시장), 406-180, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 2651-1104. 17:00-03:00; last prder 01:30. ₩10,000-20,000.
  • 2 Shaivana Mokdong 41 Tower (샤이바나 목동41타워점), Mok-dong 917-9 Hyundai 41 Tower 2F 202 Shaivana, +82 2 612-0334. ~22:00. It is said that Madeleine is delicious. ₩5,000.
  • 3 Gil (), 406-205, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 553-6131. It's a nice cocktail bar.
  • 4 Pu cafe (푸 카페), 404-177, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, +82 2 565-1993. M-F 10:00 ~ 22:00. It is easy to get near the department store.



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