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This category contains articles that have at least one listing entry where the phone number does not start with a country code.

Not all phone numbers without a country code are incorrect - according to Wikivoyage:Phone numbers, numbers that cannot be dialled from outside the country should not begin with a country code. Some examples of these are unified local emergency numbers (like 1-1-2 or 9-1-1) and national freephone numbers in many countries (e.g. 0800 737-000, the Air New Zealand Freephone number, is valid only within NZ).

To make it easier to find phone numbers that may need a country code added to them, enable the "ErrorHighlighter" gadget from your user preferences. After enabling the gadget, phone numbers without country codes will display followed by a very noticeable "NOCC" warning.

The following number prefixes will not be flagged as having a missing country code: 0508, 0800, 1300, 1800, 01800. Adding a description in brackets after the number of one of the following: "high cost", "extra charge", "premium", "local rate", "in country only", "domestic" or "non-geographic number", will also stop it being flagged.

To identify special numbers see the connect section of the country page on Wikivoyage or read the Wikipedia page on the topic (e.g. w:Telephone numbers in Italy).

To concentrate on cleaning up a particular region or country use Petscan. (substitute the first line of the category field for the area you wish to work on).

Additional information at Wikivoyage:Phone numbers.

See also Category:Listing with phone format issue.

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