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Pangyo (판교) is a city in Gyeonggi, administratively part of the city of Seongnam (South of Namhansanseong), just south of Seoul. Pangyo is a planned city surrounding Pangyo-dong, Baekhyeon-dong, Unjung-dong, and Sampyeong-dong of Bundang-gu and Siheung-dong and Sasong-dong of Sujeong-gu (Seongnam city). Since 2010, Pangyo has been a synonym of high-tech district, namely, "Silicon Valley of Korea." Its high concentration of IT and BT companies lured high income class in Korea, turning Pangyo into an emerging innovative and wealthy district of Korea.


The area is surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan (Mount Blue Stream, 618m) and Geumtosan (Mount Gold Soil) to the north, and Mt. Barasan to the south, with Unjungcheon and Geumtocheon, tributaries of Tancheon, flowing through the center of the city.

The etymological origin of Pangyo derives from a Chinese character "Pan (wide wooden piece)" and "Gyo (bridge)". Pangyo was a wooden bridge located at Unjungcheon (Stream Unjung). Unjung derives from the Chinese character "Un (cloud)" and "Jung (In midst)". Based on Feng-Shui Theory, of all the districts (-dong) in Pangyo, Unjung stands out, having a mountain at the back and a stream in front. During spring and fall, when diurnal temperature shift is severe, there is much fog in Unjungdong.


Gyeongbu Expressway (No. 1 Expressway) separates the town into two regions. The region west of Gyeongbu Expressway is refer to as Seo-Pangyo (meaning, West Pangyo) and the region east of Gyeongbu Expressway is refer to as Dong-Pangyo (meaning, East Pangyo).

File:Edge House, Private Residence in Pangyo (South of Seoul), Korea.jpg
Edge House, Private Residence in Pangyo (South of Seoul), Korea
West Pangyo is particularly popular among Koreans due to its large amount of detached housing. More than 1,500 lots were developed for sale in West Pangyo alone. Each lot size is approximately 2,520 sq ft (70 pyung). High income families, hiring famous architects, built houses and moved in. Of the many famous architects, Jaeha Lee, Joongwon Lee & Kyung-A Lee, Sungwook Cho, Jaeheon Jung, Seunghoi Kim particularly designed many houses in West Pangyo.
East Pangyo is famous for its IT and BT related companies. Pangyo Techno Valley is a R&D complex focusing on IT, BT, CT and Fusion Technology. Due to its success in many emerging start-up companies, President Park's government announced in 2015 to expand Pangyo Techno Valley into second phase, referring it as "Pangyo Creative Economy Valley". The new site will be north of No. 100 Expressway.


Pangyo was approved for development in 2001 to alleviate the excessive demand for apartments in Gangnam and central Bundang. The town was developed into an eco-friendly city with the lowest population density among newly developed cities. Pangyo was designed with large green spaces and parks along its streams. Waste facilities, energy plants, and sewage treatment facilities in the community were built to maximize energy efficiency with the use of green technology.

World class medical centers with the latest technologies such as Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, and Hyundai Asan Medical Center are located near Pangyo.

Construction of the town began in 2003, and phase 1 and phase 2 was completed in 2009 and 2010, respectively. However, construction projects such as Pangyo Techno Valley and the Alpha Dome city are still in progress.


  • Pangyo techno valley is sometimes background as the novel book. example, author Jang Ryu-Jin's The Joys and Sorrows of the Work. In the novel, Pangyo is described as a space where many startup companies are gathered.


  • There are many sports teams in Pangyo. Among them, the most famous team is Seongnam FC. Seongnam FC uses a place called Tancheon Sports center as its home stadium. Seongnam FC compete against FC seoul, and Jeonbuk Hyundae motors in the K-League. Seongnam FC is loved by citizens as a citizen club.
  • 1 Tancheon sports center (탄천종합운동장), 215, tancheon-ro, bundang-gu, +82 31-725-7100. This is Seongnam FC home stadium. It houses the soccer stadium, the swimming pool, bowling alley, and table tennis court. This building was built for the citizens of Pangyo, so all facilities are available free of charge. Swimming fees are cheap. This is the place where they gathered under the electric light board to cheer for the 2002 World Cup team. There are swimming pools of 50m and 25m. It has a large bath and a large powder room. Tanchon Sports Complex is next to Tanchon, so you can enjoy various games and walk along Tanchon. As an auxiliary facility in the playground, various programs such as swimming pool and fitness center are operated. There are also ice rink and bowling alley facilities. Parking is pre-paid ₩1000, and there is a simple food and beverage store. free.


Pangyo's climate is very similar to that of nearby Seoul and Suwon.The following table is Seoul's climate. It features continental climate. Pangyo is close to Seoul. Like other Korean provinces, the four seasons are clear and you have to prepare a thick coat if you visit in the winter (from late October to March). The hottest period is between summer, May and September. The temperature is high and very humid.

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Korea Meteorological Administration
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

Get in[edit]

Cities nearby include Gwangju and Yongin to the east, Gwacheon and Ansan to the south, and Suwon to the south. Approximate travel times from other locations are as follows:

By car[edit]

Gyeongbu Expressway, Seoul Ring Expressway, and Yongin-Seoul Expressway pass through Pangyo. These three expressways are accessible through Pangyo IC (Gyeongbu Expressway) and Seopangyo IC (Yongin-Seoul Expressway), and Gyeongbu Expressway and Seoul Ring Expressway intersect at Pangyo JCT, located nearby. Bundang-Naegok City Expressway and Bundang-Suseo City Expressway, which connect the sururbs Bundang and Yongin to Southern Seoul, pass through Dongpangyo.

By subway[edit]

Pangyo Pangyotekeunobaelli Station
Pangyo Pangyotekeunobaelli Station 20140104 083629

Pangyo Station of Shinbundang Line:

  • From Gangnam Station [Seoul]: 20 min
  • From Suwon Station [Suwon]: 1 hr 20 min

Shinbudang Line is served by the following six subway stations, listed from the closest to Seoul: Gangnam, Yangjae, Yangjae Citizen's Forest, Cheonggye san, Pangyo, Jeongja

  • 1 Pangyo Station

By bus[edit]

Seongnam Bus 4000

There are a lot of city express buses. You can use every bus station in Pangyo.

From Incheon International Airport[edit]

  • 5000 express bus 90 min

From Seoul[edit]

  • From Seoul Station: Red bus 1005-1, 1150, 1550, 5500, 550-1, 5500-2, 8100, 9000, 9001, 9003, 9401
  • From Sadang Station : Red bus 1500-2, 1550-3,
  • From Gangnam station : Red bus 1241, 1151, 1005, 1550, 1570, 8101, 9004, 9404
  • From Jamsil : Red bus 500-1, 500-2,1007, 1007-1, 5600, 1117, 9005,
  • From Geondae entrance Station: Red bus 1002

From Gyeonggi[edit]

  • From Anyang : Red bus 1303, 333, 3330
  • From Gunpo : Red bus 3500
  • From Bucheon : Red bus 8106
  • From Ilsan : 8109

By shared electric kick board[edit]

Pangyo has a shared electric kickboard. Pangyo rental the electric kickboard under the name of Kick Going. Electric kick board rental costs will increase by ₩1,000 for the basic five minutes and ₩100 per minute thereafter.

Get around[edit]

By tour bus[edit]

City Tour Bus operates 09:00 to 17:00 every Saturday in July to November but it is flexible participate in over 15 people. You must have a reservation through telephone or homepage. The telephone number is 070-7813-5000. The bus boarding place is located at the City Hall of Seoul Station, Kyodae Station and the City Hall of Seongnam. You can look around whole of seongnam. Especially Pangyo, there are Museum of Pangyo, IQiquarium ect. For more information, visit the website - Seongnam City Tour Bus

By taxi[edit]

Regular taxi[edit]

You can take a taxi at taxi stand. Basic fare of regular taxi is around ₩3,000. The taxi stand is near bus station.

Call taxi[edit]

When you move to another place where is hard to access, you can call a taxi. Basic fare of call taxi is around ₩3,500.


Bundang TanCheon Stream
  • 2 Museum of Pangyo, 191, pangyoro, bundang-gu, +82 31 729-4535. 09:00-18:00. A lot of historical relics of Pangyo and Korean culture are displayed in the buildings of the museum. Pangyo Museum shows the history of Seongnam as a museum possessing nine Hanseong Baekje remains that prove the Northeast Asian interchange of Three Kingdoms Period as the concentration area of Hanseong Baekje chamber tombs 1,600 years ago, and two chamber tombs that prove the southward migration of Goguryeo.; Visitors can find and match pieces of relics hidden in the sand, match quiz puzzles, board games, take pictures in Goryeo and Baekje clothes, and take stamps.; Free and not only for viewing but also for various experiences. Approximately 2 hours of experience for children ages 4 to 7. Students/adults can also get information on Pangyo's history and excavation of relics.It's a museum for children rather than adults. There are quite a few things that children can experience. Parking space is too tight, so use public transportation whenever possible.You can spend one hour doing something with your kids. It is worthy. Especially you can experience finding old remains (sand play). free.
  • 3 [dead link] Pangyo Eco Center, 21,645Daewangpangyoro, Bundang-gu, +82 31 8016-0100. 10:00-17:00. You can learn about the ecology of Pangyo. Pangyo Eco Center is a place to aid in children's understanding of the environment and nature and to teach children the importance of preserving the ecosystem. Free.
  • 4 Park. Hwarang. Park. Hwarang is places where superb natural wonders are protected and bequeathed to future generations so that they too may be likewise inspired. It's a place where you can take a rest with your family. You can play on the grass, rest in the shade, and play various games because the park is big. It'll take about 10 minutes to walk from Pangyo Station. The inline skating rink is large and is used frequently. But there was a break in the floor, so it looked a little bit dangerous for children. And there are too many spiders around the bench and the stadium. But I think the bathroom is too clean, well-maintained and has many advantages in general. There is a small but good lake, and the square is also wide. The interval between buses is very long. The bus arrives about every 28 minutes. Transportation is not very good. Public transportation is used by bus. There is a shortage of parking spaces.
  • 5 Pangyo Clean Tower, +82 31 724-4660. 09:00-18:00. Tyere is a 58-m Observation platform on Pangyo. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the pangyo technovalley from the top of the clean tower.
  • 6 [dead link] Pangyo IQarium, 660 Daewangpangyoro, Bundang-gu, +82 31-628-4880. 10:00-18:00. Pangyo Digital IQuarium is a digital aquarium based on a new concept and it is close to Exit 1, Pangyo Station, Subway Sinbundang Line. The iQarium is well known as ‘an aquarium without water’ and ‘an aquarium with a dugong’ and it has been selected as one of Top 10 Experiences of 2013 by Gyeonggi Tourism Organization giving it a high reputation. ₩16,000₩.
  • 7 Pangyo techno valley (판교 테크노 벨리). Pangyo techno valley, a research and development complex was established in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province.It is a place where businesses research institutes related to ICT (Information Communication Technology), BT (Bio Technology), Content Technology (CT), and Nano Technology (NT) are gathered to seek convergence between technologies.; Pangyo Station after stepping off for 15-20 minutes on foot to techno Belley get there.Parking is available for 2-3 hours when using buildings. The surroundings are neat, pretty and nice, but the traffic is bad, especially during rush hour. It is very quiet on weekends because it is mostly a working place. Pangyo Techno Valley (Q12461893) on Wikidata Pangyo Techno Valley on Wikipedia
  • 8 Moran folk market (모란시장), 68 Dunchun-daero Jungwon-gu, +82 031-721-9905. Open every five days, on days that end in either "4" or "9" of each month. The most popular items on the market are chili peppers and dogs. The most popular and controversial thing in Moran Market is dog meat. It accounted for more than 50 percent of the Korean's dog meat distribution at Moran Market, and there were dog slaughterhouses within the market. Thus, the Moran Folk Market was criticized and protested by the World Association for the Protection of Animals and the World Organization for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and was at the center of heated debate. There are a lot of people on weekends. There are many things to see and eat.
  • 9 Naksaeng high school(Naksaeng myeon office 3.1 Resistance from Japan) (낙생고등학교), 477 daewangpangyoro Bundang-gu, +82 31 780-6314. It now looks like an ordinary high school, but it was the place where on March 1, 1919, people protested against Japanese rule.


  • 1 Sports Center of Pangyo, +82 31 724-4660. 06:00-22:00. There is a swimming pool run by Seongnam City. It has the cleanest and widest facilities. When there are too many visitors, students are given priority.
  • 2 Library of Pangyo, 37 ,225 Unjungro, Bundang-gu (by bus 340 from Pangyo station), +82 31-729-4900. 09:00-22:00. Public library. There are handy for finding information.; Very convenient place to read and study. Well organized and Free internet for Wifi and Lan. You can take rest outside and stroll. Some restaurants and snack bars near library. If you go to, find location to connect which transportation is the best. The current status of reading rooms can be checked through smart phones. free.
  • 3 [dead link] Children's Libraries of Pangyo, 75, Pangyoyeokro, Bundang-gu, +82 31-729-8880. 09:00-18:00 (winter), 09:00-20:00 (summer). Children's Library encourages children to develop a reading habit early in their childhood.
  • 4 Hyundae Child's Book Art Museum, 20,146 Pangyoyeokro, Bundang-gu, +82 31 5170-3700, . 10:00-19:00. Korea's first book-themed children's art museum. ₩6000.
  • 5 CGV Pangyo, 20, 146 Pangyoyeokro, Bungdang-gu, +82 31 1544-1122. 7 theaters with 1432 seats. There are IMAX theaters and 4DX theaters.
  • 6 DadogDadog, Unjungdong 552-2, +82 31-8017-7474. A dog park, cafe, a gallery, shopping mall, nail shop, and pet hotel. However, male puppies that have not been neutered are not allowed in. Admission and beverage prices are calculated separately here. The playground is divided by puppy size. The indoor cafes are also divided apart from other spaces, so it's good to spend time with your dog quietly.
  • 7 Mega Box (bundang) (메가박스 분당점), 332 hawngsaewoolro Bundang-gu, +82-1544-0070. 08:00-. It has six theaters and 790 seats. Parking is free for three hours if you present a movie ticket. If the amount exceeds three hours, you pay ₩1,000 per 30 minutes. The sound is definitely better than other movie theaters and the seats in the movie theater are not narrow
  • 8 koreajobworld (한국잡월드), 501 bundangsuseoro Bundang-gu, +82-1644-1333. Tu-Su 09:00-18:30, closed on Monday. It is a theme park where children can experience various kinds of work. From 4 years old to 4th grade, you can use the 3rd floor Children Experience Center and from 5th to 3rd grade Youth Experience Center Especially, there are lots of activities that are available for preschoolers to experience, so it is good to go out with children on weekends There are various experience facilities such as pizza parlor, police station, cafe, dental clinic, hair salon, etc. and teachers are kind to teach. The amenities and parking facilities are good. Korea Job World is the only national job experience center in the country where teenagers can experience a diverse world of work and explore a more specific career path. National KidZania? It is a public organization under the Ministry of Employment and Labor and is in 501 (Jeongja-dong), Bundang-gu, Seongnam-gu, Gyeonggi Province. Take your lunch box and provide a good place to eat. Children's Experience Center: M-F child ₩16,000, guardians ₩8,000, Sa Su child ₩18,000, guardians ₩9,000; Youth Experience Center: M-F youth ₩8,000, Sa Su youth ₩9,000; Occupational Worldview: child or youth ₩3,000, adult ₩4,000.


Pangyo's Avenue France


  • 1 Saint Augustin, 2F AK Wise Place 16-1 Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, +82 31-717-3100. 11:00-22:00. Thai and Asian fusion food which combines elements of different culinary traditions, brings to you the delicious taste of a Thai and Asian fusion cuisine. Pasta ₩18,000, steak ₩50,000.
  • 2 [dead link] Namabi Bistro, The Shop Starpark, 174-1Jeongja-dong, Bundang, +82 31-8022-5855, . 11:30-22:00. American style fusion Japanese restaurant. Sushi ₩10,000, bento ₩15,000.
  • lunlapang
    Loving Hut, 13 Seohyeon-ro 429beon-gil, Bundang-gu,, +82 31 718 0503. Vegan restaurant chain. Menu includes soy cutlets, rice, stew, sandwiches, soy steak, noodles and a variety of side dishes.
  • 3 Blooming Garden, 150 Bundang naegok-ro, Bundang-gu, +82 31 704 7355. 11:30-22:00. An Italian restaurant created by Korean restaurant Samwon Garden. This popular bistro & wine offers contemporary Italian cuisine. Multiple locations in Seoul Pasta ₩12,000, pizza ₩13,000.
  • 4 Mad for Garlic, 22 Bundang-ro 53bean-gil, Bundang-gu,, +82 31 705 8120. 11:30-22:00. Italian wine bistro. Pizzas, pastas, seafood, and steak entrees. Great place for food and wine lovers. 17 locations nationwide. Pasta ₩23,000, Steak ₩60,000.
  • 5 [dead link] Jinjinbansang, 1A, 670, Sampyeong-dong, +82 31-724-2733. 11:30-22:00. Famous for traditional Korean food.; It is a good crop of food produced on Korean soil, and it serves the right food according to the suit of each ingredient.; Korean taste, Korean tradition, and the dining table of Koreans, Jinjinbansang.; After setting the tabletop, spoon and water cup settings are self-produced. per person ₩25,000.

La vite (라비떼), 17-4 233st unjungro bundang gu, +82-070-4221-8116. 11:00-15:00, 17:30-22:00. Owner's Chef of the 50 Best chefs at 2019 International Mastershelf Korea. A real oven pizza and pasta restaurant made of oak wood. lunch set menu ₩17,000. 2-person steak set menu ₩69,000. pizza set menu ₩53,000.

  • 6 Te soro house (데 조로의 집), 376 Pangyo-ro Bundang-gu, +82 031-8017-8248. 08:30-20:00. Famous for dessert. This is the handmade Bakery Cafe by Lee Jang-kwon. Lee Jang-kwon is the runner-up at the 2015 Baking World Cup.
  • 7 Avenue France in Pangyo, 25 Dongpan Bridge Road, Bundang-gu, Seongnam. It is a theme street with terraced cafes and theme food and beverage facilities.
  • 8 Lune Lapin, 931-4 Unjung dong Bundang gu, +82 31-705-9976. 11:00-22:00. dessert store, made by their own
  • Seonhan Recipe Pangyo Branch Address: 567-5 in Pangyo-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. Closed on Mondays, 11:30-20:30. Contact: 070-8771-8555. It is a Korean restaurant with minimal chemical seasoning. Waiting can be long on weekends.
  • Tu A-O, Address: 14-1 Unjung-ro 225, Pangyo-dong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, daily 11:00-22:00, Contact: 031-8016-1865, Italian restaurant, weekday lunch is crowded so you have to wait. They sell pasta, steak, etc.
  • 9 Gamseongtakko (감성타코 판교점), 25 177st dongpangyoro bundang gu, +82 31-781-8885. 11:30-22:00. It's a Mexican restaurant. They sell beer and ade as drinks. The two-person set menu does not exceed ₩40,000. Especially during weekday lunch, there are many people waiting for the store to open.
  • 10 Chago145 (차고145), 145 Pangyoyeokro bundang gu, +82 31-781-1450. 11:00-15:00, 17:00-22:30. The garage 145 is the next brand run by Hanubino, a Korean beef restaurant in Bundang. Cha Dol-baik Sam-eup and Sook Sung-woo made a slogan of 145 as a delicious meat restaurant and Pangyo Station. Also, you can enjoy wine with wine corkage free.
  • 11 J's pot (제이스팟), 3floor 3dong alphadom 537 baekhyeon dong bundang gu, +82-31-622-7179. 11:00-15:00, 17:00-22:00. It's an American Chinese restaurant called Hotpot. The best meat/ seafood presented at the J's pot in Pangyo is simple (later, kimchi, Mara, Mongolian, tomato, smile and curry), and the clean broth is stronger than the usual shab shabb, and has a weaker taste than Chinese food, so it suits the taste of Koreans. single serving standard. Beef ₩17,000. Lamb ₩19,000. Pork ₩14,000. Boneless Short Rib Beef ₩24,000. Seafood platter ₩18,000.
  • 12 Hikaroohu (히카루후), 25 177st dongpanygyoro bundang gu (In Avenue France), +82-626-0073. 11:30-22:00. The menu is Japanese homefood. It's in Avenue France. This place usually attracts a lot of people during lunchtime. You usually need to wait about 20 minutes.
  • 13 [dead link] Furato restaurant in Pangyo (후라토 식당 아브뉴프랑 판교점), 25 177st dongpangyoro bundang gu, +82-31-607-7090. 11:30-15:00, 17:30-midnight:00-22:00. Three young men decided to recreate the feeling and taste of small restaurants in Tokyo at Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.
  • 14 Tueio (뚜에이오), 14-1 225st Unjungro bundanggu, +82-8016-1865. 11:00-22:00. It's on the Seopangyo. There is a Pangyo library nearby. It is popular as a place to date with a lover. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Christmas. There are always many people on weekdays evenings. It has wood tone's interior. It's an Italian restaurant. The "home-style pasta and steak" presented in the open kitchen by brother owner-shelf is popular, and the instant-grid governance is the signature of the house. The weekday launch will be offered "Salade and Pasta, and National Team Barista Ahn Jae-hyuk’s Coffee." Coupke pasta course food ₩59,000, 4 person family course food ₩120,000.


Pangyo Cafe street is more like a neighborhood and is a beautiful are. It is the newest of the three cafe areas in Bundang. This is by far the best of the three and is becoming more and more popular.

  • 1 Cafe de Matinee, 2F AK Plaza 263 Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, +82 31-705-0183. 10:00-22:00. Selections of coffee, tea, drinks, freddos, desserts and pastries.
  • 2 Coffea Coffee, 1F, 680 Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, +82 31-8018-4104. 08:00-20:00.
  • 3 Coffee Radio, 221 ,1B, 660 Daewangpangyo-ro, +82 31-628-4229, . 08:00-21:00.
  • 4 Mommoth Coffee, 2, 670, Sampyeong-dong, +82 70 4177-2995. 08:00-21:00. If you drink to eat XXXL size coffee, go to Mommoth.
  • 5 Byeol, Cong, An, Tom, 670, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, +82 31 628-6778. 08:00-21:00.
  • 6 RUFXXX (루프엑스), 585-3 Baikhyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, +82 31 8016-2570, +82 31-8016-2570. 12:00-01:00, Sunday closed. A store run by a theater company, recommended beer is delicious. The desk and chair are extremely low.The room connects with the garden and gives a cool feeling.Because of the subtle lighting, anyone can take a selfie and make it pretty.There is a lot of unusual beer here.The friendly beer explanation was great. The atmosphere of day and night is very different here. They have a wide variety of beer selection. The smell of incense and red lights create an exotic vibe. They also have live concerts on weekends. The original purpose is to practice performing. You can use the basement of two buildings and the first floor, and the outer terrace on the first floor, which connects the building. The liquor price is in the mid -₩10,000 range.The sausages are amazing. The staff is very kind.
  • 7 terarosa (테라로사), 3-5 267st unjungro bundanggu. 09:00-21:00. Americano classic ₩4,500, americano authentic ₩5,000won, cafe latte ₩5,000; with ice ₩500 extra..
  • 8 suhadam (suhadampangyo, 樹下談 [수하담]), 190-8 pangyoro bundang gu, +82 31 8016 6170. 09:00-20:00 (Art Space 10:00 - 18:00). Coffee, bakery, brunch, art space, and rooftop. The interior is clean and the interior is pretty. The roof tower is pretty on a nice day. However, due to the lack of parking space, taking your own car is not recommended. Americano or espresso ₩4,500, cafe latte or capuccino ₩5,000, cafe mocha ₩6,000.
  • 9 cachihwabang (까치화방 판교점), 3floor alpha dom tower 152 Pangyoyeokro bundang gu (Kakao - cachiflowercafe,, +82 10 5131 9040. 10:00-22:00. cachihwabang with flowers offers handmade and handmade drinks made from a healthy manufacturing method, as well as warm baking cakes, bouquets, and plants. One of Pangyo's most quiet cafes also has such a difficult access to the bridge between buildings. Prayer meeting is a surprise because many Christians are surprised. There are many plants, so it gives you a comfortable feeling, but it is definitely chilly in winter. Various kinds of meat are decorated with plants, so it is refreshing and drinks are not expensive.
  • 10 ouibakery (위베이커리), 4-2 166st unjungro bundang gu, +82 31 607 2461. 10:00-20:00, closed 2nd and 4th Sunday. The parking space is a little vague, spacious interior and a clean kitchen. There were various kinds of scones and the staff were very kind. There are only two kinds of coffee: Americano and cafe latte. This is run by Patissue, a former chef at a famous steakhouse in Gangnam. There is Pangyo Hot Place with Owner Bakery Impressive Open Kitchen. The coffee tastes good and bread is recommended, especially croissant.


  • 1 Courtyard by Mariott Pangyo, 192, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, +82 31-8060-2000, . Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. The meal here is especially delicious.The road in the parking lot is too narrow. The space is unexpectedly ample. It's too easy to scratch if you make a mistake in moving between floors. The parking lot is a hotel parking lot on the fifth floor, but it doesn't have to be that way. But it's so inconvenient to have to tell the car number at the front every time you come out and go in. There is a 24-hour fitness center. weekday ₩200,000, weekend ₩250,000.
  • 2 Hotel Noblesse, 260-5, SeoHyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, +82 31-702-4591. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Clean and cozy place to stay. Host was very helpful and accommodating. Definitely recommend this place if you have a chance to travel near Seoul/Bundang.
  • 3 [dead link] JS hotel (pangyo) (판교JS호텔), 36, 311st-hawngsaewoolro bundang gu, +82 - 1877-8006. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. JS Hotel Bundang - <Three Stars: Certified by Korea Tourism Organization> - AK Plaza is located on Rodeo Street of Seohyun Station. The nearby attractions include Bundang Central Park, which is about five minutes away by car, and Namhansanseong Fortress, about 30 minutes by car, and Everland about 40 minutes by car. You can come to the hotel by walking for five minutes from Exit 4 of Seohyun Station. It takes about 10 minutes by car at Seongnam Bus Terminal and 70 minutes at Gimpo International Airport. The hotel offers concierge services, shuttle services, and currency exchange services. You can also use parking lots, business centers, conference rooms, fitness centers, laundry rooms, and more in Hortal.The hotel has 206 rooms decorated with modern interior, each with a private safe, refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, and coffee machine. The private bathroom is equipped with a bidet, towel, bathrobe, hair dryer, and shower booth, and a separate bathtub is also provided for the room type. At the hotel’s restaurant The Cara Buffet and Dining, you can enjoy a buffet of top-class chefs and have coffee and bakery menus at the Ducara Lounge. Located on the top floor of the hotel, the Ducara Loop Tower offers night views and drinks such as special dishes and cocktails.
  • 4 ,, SR sweets hotel (에스알호텔 스위츠), 9,319st-hawngsaewoolro Bundang-gu, +82-031-702-6565. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. S.R. Sweets Bundang - 2 Star Class: Certified by the Korea Tourism Organization - E.R. Sweets Bundang is 5 minutes' walk from Seohyun Station Exit 4 of Bundang Line and about 10 minutes' drive from Pangyo Techno Valley. The surrounding tourist attractions include Abneu Frangwa and Jeong-dong Cafe Alley, which is located 10 minutes by car, and Yul-dong Park, which is 15 minutes by car.The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day, and there is a conference zone for convenient use. We also offer currency exchange and paid dry cleaning services.With a total of 66 rooms and a modern and emotional interior, every room is equipped with air conditioning, TV and mini refrigerators. Also, you can conveniently use the high-speed U- and wireless Internet.On B1F, there is a restaurant called Aria that serves breakfast buffet, and on 1F there is a handmade pie restaurant.
  • 5 [dead link] cheonsang (천상), 10- 204st seokunro Bundang-gu, +82-031-713-8475. Here you can stay in 105-year-old hanok. This is a hanok experience room.It is a special guest house where visitors can experience traditional Korean house housing culture. Rooms consist of three types and are available only through advance reservations*Experience special guests. - Use outdoor charcoal barbecue - Experience direct fire extinguishing cauldron- Experience collecting vegetables in a vegetable garden
  • 6 seongnam hotel gallery (성남호텔갤러리), 2-272 seohyeondong Bundang-gu, +82-031-702-8200. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Seongnam Hotel Gallery - <Three-star: Certified by the Korea Tourism Organization 성남 - Seongnam Hotel Gallery is 4 minutes’ walk from Seohyun Station Exit 4 of Bundang Line and about 10 minutes’ drive from Pangyo Techno Valley. The surrounding tourist attractions include Jeong-dong Cafe Alley, which is lined with nice cafes, and Abneu-Fran, a street mall with French designs, which is 10 minutes drive away.The hotel has 99 rooms and all rooms are furnished with all the amenities.


Maebawi of Cheong_gye_

7 Mountain Cheonggye (청계산). Mount Cheonggye in the Gwangju Mountains is known as a typical mud mountain, which lies 220 meters southwest of Mt. 73-14 in Sangjeok-dong, Sangjeok-dong, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province. It is 620 m above sea level. The admission fee is ₩2,000. You can enjoy the coolness of watching the beautiful valley here. The traffic is very convenient because it spans Seoul. Easy access to subway lines and buses. The hiking trail is gentle and easy to walk. You can see the whole view of Gangnam area in Seoul. A range of courses allows you to select a 1-4 hour hiking course. free. 8 Tan street (탄천), Jeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. It is a stream that crosses Bundang and passes through Pangyo. A walkway has been built. free.

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  • Yongin — Yongin is the location of large scale amusement parks and resorts (including Korea's largest, Everland), the Korean Folk Village and a ski resort.
  • Gwacheon — It lies close to Seoul in the heart of the Seoul National Capital Area, and also lies just east of Anyang.
  • Seoul — The capital and largest metropolis of South Korea.
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