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The Strzelecki Track (D96) is an outback track from Lyndhurst to Innamincka in South Australia.



The Strzelecki Track is one of SA's four major tracks along with the Birdsville, Oodnadatta, and Borefield Tracks. Although there are nine major tracks, these four have been proclaimed as more significant. Whilst all of these are unpaved, they still are tracks which must be used to access various different towns across South Australia.

With a total length of 475 kilometres, the Strzelecki Track is not very long as Australian standards go -- however, you will need a 4WD to get from Lyndhurst to Innamincka. But what it lacks is the number of servos along the way: zero.

Map of Strzelecki Track

Additionally, while some maps may have the marker "D96" on it, the route is unsigned, and thus, don't go looking for D96 signs due to the DPTI's policy of unsigning unsealed roads.



This is remote country. People have died from exposure not far from the main track. Take extra food and water. Hire a satellite phone and take an additional spare tyre.

Check the road conditions with the Government of South Australia, and check the local noticeboards at either end or call 1300 361 033. Check the conditions before you start on the track, and again before you set out each day. The road conditions can change rapidly and the track can be closed to 2WD or 4WD traffic at any time of year. If it rains, and you are in a 2WD car, you should wait for the track to dry rather than have the unpleasant experience of battling the track in the wet.

Get in


The Strzelecki Track can be only accessed at either end and at Moomba.

Get around


By car


The only way you will manage to get on this track is by a 4WD. Do not attempt to bring a sedan, caravan or anything that is not a 4WD as it will almost certainly struggle to climb up the high mountains of the Flinders Ranges.

By bus


Buses do not operate on this track and will not operate on this route in the near future due to safety reasons.


A historic map of the Strzelecki Track along with an alternate Northerly Route

The drive will take at least two days with 475kms long distances without fuel.

Lyndhurst to Mt. Hopeless


Along the way

  • 1 Lyndhurst. Start at The Outback Highway here. Lyndhurst (Q1878807) on Wikidata Lyndhurst, South Australia on Wikipedia
  • 2 Mt. Hopeless. Oh poor you, have some hope. Mount Hopeless (Q1306302) on Wikidata Mount Hopeless (South Australia) on Wikipedia

The track starts or finishes here, depending on which side you're coming from. Regardless, if you're starting here Lyndhurst will be your only source of fuel here, as if you forget to fuel up here, you're pretty much screwed, unless you realise it before hitting 50km before where you started.

As the name indicates, most of this route is unpaved, but unlike some other outback tracks, even experienced 4WD drivers will find this tough. It is never a good idea to go without a satellite phone, and if you see anyone stuck... stop and help them. Share your supplies.

This is also where the Flinders Ranges crossing is, and thus, the climb is only for the experienced. It isn't advisable to do this section until you've gone 1000km of unsealed driving.

Here, you'll also find a noticeboard on which sections are open, and which aren't. Carefully take a look, since if one section is closed, then you might be stuck for weeks on end.

Mt. Hopeless to Merty Merty


Along the way

  • 3 Merty Merty. Merty Merty (Q97835564) on Wikidata Merty Merty on Wikipedia

Merty Merty to Moomba


Along the way

  • 4 Moomba. A natural gas extraction and processing plant in the middle of nowhere. Run by Santos, this is a company town strictly closed to non-employees and there are no services of any kind available for travellers. Moomba (Q6907394) on Wikidata Moomba, South Australia on Wikipedia

Moomba to Innamincka


Along the way

  • 5 Innamincka. Welcome to one of the most north-eastern, hottest and driest places of the continent. Innamincka (Q1663872) on Wikidata Innamincka, South Australia on Wikipedia

A shorter route is available via a public access road between Moomba and Innamincka, making the distance 458 km (285 mi) and not 475km.

Although it is the driest part of the continent, that doesn't mean water doesn't exist

Stay safe


Always have at least four 1L water bottles and an esky (to keep the bottles cool) with you at all times. It will get really hot and dry all year around. Additionally, bring some jackets as it can get to freezing temperatures at night. Do not use this track at night and do not proceed without a spare tyre with you. Additionally, bring a tyre pump with you as only 0.2% of the track is paved.



Zero percent of the route is covered by mobile signal. A satellite phone is a must and going without one could mean death.

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