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Százhalombatta (pronunciation: [ˈsaːzhɒlombɒtːɒ], Croatian: Bata, Serbian: Бата) is a town of 18,000 people (2019) in Pest County. It is 27 km (17 mi) southwest of Budapest, on the west bank of the Danube, in the "corner of Mezőföld".


Map of Százhalombatta

Groups of people had already settled in this area four thousand years ago in the Neolithic Age.

On the plateau stretching over the River Danube in the Old Town, the Bronze Age population built an earthwork, the defence of which was ensured by the river in the northeast, the deep valley in the south and by a rampart in the west. The earthwork was inhabited for almost six hundred years. The layers of the settlements deposited on one another now amount to a depth of up to six meters. This tell settlement is now called Százhalombatta-Földvár. Excavation and management of the site is by the Matrica Museum as part of an international project on Bronze Age Europe.

In the 7th-6th centuries BC it was the eastern branch of the Hallstatt culture that appeared in the region. Significant people from the culture's population are buried in the tumulus graveyard. The six-hectare territory is now an archaeological park.

The name of this town in Hungarian literally means "One hundred tumuli" referring to the tumulus field at the edge of the town.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]


Trains  S40  and  S42  are available hourly from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Pusztaszabolcs, Dunaújváros. The journey from Budapest to Százhalombatta takes 35 minutes and costs 560 Ft.

1 Százhalombatta Train Station, Városkapu utca 1, +36 1 349-4949, . Ticket office: M–F 04:40–16:05, Sa 05:40–17:05, Su 06:40–17:05. The train station is 1 km (0.62 mi) away from the center. Százhalombatta railway station (Q21876970) on Wikidata


Prehistorical pit-house in Archaeological Park of Százhalombatta

Trains  S30  and  Z30  are available in every 30 minutes (weekdays) / hourly (weekends) from Budapest-Déli pályaudvar to Székesfehérvár via Martonvásár and Gárdony. The journey from Budapest takes 24 minutes and costs 465 Ft.

Trains  S36  and  G43  are available in every 30 minutes from Kőbánya-Kispest (Budapest) to Tárnok, Székesfehérvár. The journey from Budapest takes 42 minutes and costs 650 Ft.

2 Tárnok Train Station, Vasút út, Tárnok, +36 1 349-4949, . Ticket office: M–F 06:00–17:40, Sa Su 08:00–13:40. Tárnok railway station (Q21876936) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

From Budapest to Százhalombatta:

  • From Kelenföld vasútállomás  M4 : regional buses are available in every hour. The journey takes 57 minutes and costs 560 Ft.
  • From Népliget  M3 : long-distance buses are available in every hour. The journey takes 43 minutes and costs 560 Ft.

Regional bus line network map of Southwest Pest County.

By ferry[edit]

There is a ferry service available hourly between Százhalombatta and Tököl.

3 Százhalombatta Ferry Station, +36 30 418-8430. 06:00–20:00. 300 Ft per person.

Get around[edit]

Rubik's Cube Sculpture

There is no local public transport service. You can use the regional buses operated by Volánbusz. Public transport map of Százhalombatta.



  • 1 Matrica Museum (Matrica Múzeum), Gesztenyés utca 1-3, +36 23 354-591, . W–Su 11:00–17:00. The museum was named after the Roman settlement of Matrica, which was near present-day Százhalombatta. The museum was established in a former mansion and it is a museum of local history. History is presented by objects found or gathered locally. The permanent exhibition guides visitors through history, from the Ice Age until the 19th century, in a single undivided space. Adult: 1200 Ft; senior, student: 600 Ft.
  • 2 Archaeological Park (Régészeti Park), Poroszlai Ildikó utca 2, +36 23 350-537, . Apr–Oct: W–Su 10:00–18:00. The open-air museum provides an insight into the everyday life of the Bronze and Iron Ages. It shows also the Iron Age burial mounds that preserved the burial practices of the era. Adult: 1200 Ft; senior, student: 600 Ft.
  • 3 Serbian Orthodox Church (Szerb ortodox templom), Alkotmány utca 94. Built in 1750 in Baroque style.
  • 4 Saint Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church (Szent László római katolikus templom), Szent László utca 56. It was built in 1910 in Art Nouveau style.
  • 5 Saint Stephen Church (Szent István-templom), Szent István tér 1, +36 23 951-323. It was built in 1996 according to the plans of Imre Makovecz.
  • 6 Reformed Church (Református templom), Szent István tér 7, +36 23 350-252, . Built in 1999 according to the plans of József Finta.
  • 7 Rubik's Cube Sculpture (Rubik-kocka szobor), Ifjúság útja 2. Designers: Tamás Sándor, Márta Fischer, István Varga. It was created in 2014, was made by plastic and glass. Weight of the cube is 600 kg (1,300 lb).
  • 8 Wonder Deer Legend Fountain (Csodaszarvas legenda díszkút), Szent István tér. Ceramic relief 'wall' and mosaic covered pool made by János Németh and Károly Szerdahelyi in 2000.
  • 9 Statue of Saint Stephen (Szent István-szobor). 4 m (13 ft) high bronze statue made by Péter Szabolcs in 2000. Stands with extended arms and in one hand country sceptre and in another the Globus cruciger, the royal mantle hanging from his shoulders.
  • 10 Ruins of Roman-age Bath (Római kori fürdő romjai). Free to visit.

Further afield[edit]

Matrica Museum

In Tárnok:

  • 11 Queen of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church (Rózsafüzér Királynéja római katolikus templom), Fő utca 59, Tárnok. Built in 1731 in Baroque style.

In Sóskút:

  • 12 Nativity of Mary Roman Catholic Church (Kisboldogasszony római katolikus templom), Fő utca 20, Sóskút, +36 23 348-018. Built by boss of Jesuit order of Komarom in simple provincial Baroque style. The Altarpiece painted by an Austrian imperial court painter, in the second half of the 19th century. Valuable the painting of the Crucified Christ made in Veronese (Italian painter) style. The organ is from the 1900s.
  • 13 Calvary (Kálvária), Sóskút. 14 bronze reliefs and stone cross Stacio remains can be found in the area. Free to visit.

In Pusztazámor:

  • 14 Barcza Mansion (Barcza-kastély), Kossuth Lajos utca 22, Pusztazámor, +36 23 347-744. Built in the 18th century, which substantially transformed in the 19th century. Barcza Mansion, Pusztazámor (Q790373) on Wikidata





Tumulus in Archaeological Park of Százhalombatta



The old town of Százhalombatta with Saint Ladislaus Church
  • 1 Városkapu Mall, Vörösmarty utca 2, +36 88 577-561. M–F 08:00–19:00, Sa 08:00–17:00; Spar supermarket: M–F 06:30–20:00, Sa 06:30–17:00, Su 07:00–13:00. Services: supermarket, furniture store, drug store, book store, clothes store, technical store.
  • 2 Market of Százhalombatta, Piac tér, +36 23 354-449, . M–F 08:00–18:00, Sa 08:00–12:00; Spar supermarket: M–F 06:00–20:00, Sa 06:00–18:00, Su 06:00–14:00. Services: grocery store, butcher, bakery.
  • 3 Príma, Damjanich utca 23, +36 23 540-580, . M–Sa 06:00–21:00, Su 07:00–18:00. Supermarket.
  • 4 Tesco, Damjanich utca 29, . M–Sa 06:00–22:00, Su 07:00–20:00. Hypermarket.
  • 5 CBA, Rákóczi Ferenc út 90, Tárnok. M–Sa 06:00–21:00. Supermarket.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under 1600 Ft
Mid-range 1600 Ft2700 Ft
Splurge Over 2700 Ft


In Százhalombatta:

In the surroundings:


Interior of Saint Stephen Church

In Százhalombatta:

In the surroundings:

  • 9 Pablo Pizza, Hazatérők útja 36, Tárnok, +36 23 781-031. Tu–Th 15:00–21:30, F 15:00–23:30, Sa 11:00–23:30, Su 11:00–21:30. Pizzeria and pub. Pizza: 1690 Ft.
  • 10 Pici Falatozó, Rőzler Endre utca 2, Tárnok, +36 30 635-2654, . M 11:00–15:00, Tu–Th 08:00–16:00, F 08:00–15:00. Food bar. 1390 Ft, lunch menu: 990 Ft.
  • 11 Pizza Marazzi, Szent Flórián tér 10, Sóskút, +36 70 292-3721. M–Sa 11:00–21:00. Pizzeria. 1690 Ft, pizza: 1690 Ft.
  • 12 Pont Jó Pizzeria, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 8, Sóskút, +36 70 309-7535. M–Sa 11:00–22:00, Su 11:00–21:00. Pizzeria. Pizza: 1590 Ft.


In Százhalombatta:

In the surroundings:

  • 19 König Restaurant, Petőfi Sándor utca 50, Sóskút, +36 23 347-747, . Tu–F 13:30–21:00, Sa 16:30–21:00; buffet restaurant: Sa Su 12:00–16:30; lunch menu: Tu–F 12:00–13:30. Traditional and buffet restaurant with local cuisine. 2500 Ft, buffet: 2390 Ft, lunch menu: 1150 Ft.



Statue of Saint Stephen

Pubs and nightclubs[edit]

  • 4 Csúcspont Caffe, Berzsenyi Dániel utca 1, +36 20 431-5542. Tu–Th 15:00–22:00, F 15:00–03:00, Sa 16:00–03:00.
  • 5 Game Over Club, Dunafüredi út 5. Sa 09:00–04:00. Entrance fee: 2000 Ft3500 Ft.
  • 6 Keró Pub, Vörösmarty Mihály utca 12. M–Th Su 10:00–22:00, F Sa 10:00–01:00.
  • 7 Tokaj Borpatika, Olimpia utca 1. M–Th 11:00–00:00, F Sa 11:00–02:00, Su 11:00–23:00.
  • 8 Trend Beer Bar, Ady Endre utca 10/b, +36 20 466-1214. M–Th 12:00–00:00, F Sa 12:00–02:00, Su 12:00–22:00.
  • 9 Spi-Do Pub, Rákóczi utca 24, Tárnok.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under 10,000 Ft
Mid-range 10,000 Ft14,000 Ft
Splurge Over 14,000 Ft



Százhalombatta at the evening from top of a 10-storey house



Százhalombatta's postal code is H-2440, and its telephone area code is 23.

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