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I'm a Spammer? I tried to edit Balaklava, I live there.[edit]

Swept in from the pub

Cool Project! I tried to edit Balaklava in Ukraine and it gave me Spam Filter denial., I made an account, and tried to edit again, maybe some admin can see that? I updated prices to reflect the UAH from 5 to to 8 to one exchange rate, removed a restaurant that hasn't worked in a 1.5 years, added the local favorite, cheburecki, and explained the pirate thing, which is nolonger where the article say it is. it moves every year and is the locals bar for that year.

I live there and work in media for 10 years, and know all these places. How do I actually get unlisted as a spammer? I didn't use any URLs or make any money from these places or anything.

Best, David

Hi David and welcome. Really sorry about that. This will be because there is some spam-filtered content on the page - possibly completely unrelated to your edits. For example, sometimes a dodgy site is blacklisted, but the url remains in some articles. Then when someone else tries to edit that article, the spam filter does its stuff. I will have a look at Balaklava and see if I can find the problem. --(WT-en) Burmesedays 09:43, 19 July 2011 (EDT)
OK got it. Problem was the presence of hostel ukraine dot com. You should now be edit that article without issue.--(WT-en) Burmesedays 09:46, 19 July 2011 (EDT)