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Removing rental listings[edit]

The Sleep section includes a number of rental listings. Per Project:Accommodation_listings#Rental_listings, they don't belong here unless we get a consensus they belong. I've removed them from the article, and listed them below. (WT-en) JimDeLaHunt 22:09, 11 July 2011 (EDT)

  • Angels Rest Vacation Rentals, 305 NE 6th St, 541-476-7400.
  • Hughes Vacation Rentals, 899 SE Gladiola and all around Grants Pass, Tina 541-660-5673, [1]

Sleep, undifferentiated list not so helpful[edit]

The Sleep section now has an exhaustive list of lodgings, with minimal contact info and no guidance about features, quality, and price range. The intro says, "There are many different hotels and motels located through-out Grants Pass, as well as motorhome and RV parks; they have been listed below, for easy accessing. " This gives a traveller very little help making a choice. As the style guide says, "Wikivoyage is a travel guide, not the yellow pages. A long undifferentiated list of hotels is only marginally useful to the traveler." . I'm adding subheads by price range, and putting the current listings under Unclassified for now. I encourage everyone to flesh out these unclassified listings, and move them to the right price section, or to delete them. I'm laving the RV Parks section for now. (WT-en) JimDeLaHunt 22:09, 11 July 2011 (EDT)