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Tour operators[edit]

This section was moved from the article, for discussion of whether any of these operators pass the test in Wikivoyage's tour policy.

  • Delgado Travel: Address: García Moreno and 9 de Abril. Tel & Fax: 981719.
  • Cashcaventura: Tours to several destinations in the region such as: Salinas de Guaranda, Chimborazo, and other nature reserves. Address: Convención de 1884 1112 and García Moreno. Tel & Fax: 980725.
  • Tomabelas Tours: Offer tours to Salinas de Bolivar, El Salinerito factories, Ecotourism, Tours to Chimborazo, climbing. Address: Parroquia Salinas. Tel & Fax: 032210059, 0985196031, web:

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