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Music in Jhansi[edit]

removed section

The topic "Buy" looks biased. The names of shops like

   * Seth Bandhu, 26 Gopal Neekhra. near manik chowk chudi wali gali ke pass" 
   * Nidhi Textiles associate partners. All types of cloth material wholesale and a fixed price retail shop. 
   * Jhansi is the city who diserve capital of becomming new state Bundelkhand 

are one of the thousands shops in Jhansi, then why have these two been mentioned. Also it seems someone who is close to these shops / shop owners has deiberately added the two shops in here. I have tried to delete these entries but someone continously reuploads them.

"Glossary" from article[edit]

This wouldn't seem to belong in a city article, but I move it here in case someone can get some use out of it:


Foreign tourists may encounter many Hindi words on this page. Such words are given in italics here. It is useful to acquaint with some common words while visiting Jhansi. A brief list of some words is given below with their meaning.

  • alha : a song form narrating the bravery of Bundela heroes.
  • aloo-tikki : vegetable cutlet, made of boiled potato.
  • bagh : garden.
  • chaat : Indian snack.
  • chai : tea, it is pronounced as 'chaay'.
  • chouraha : crossroads, square.
  • chowk : crossroads. Another meaning is- courtyard.
  • dahi : curd, yogurt
  • dhaba : roadside food joint selling local dishes.
  • doodh : milk.
  • kachori : deep-fried, stuffed, spicy pancake.
  • masala : spice, condiment.
  • mehandi : henna.
  • paneer : Indian cottage cheese.
  • paani : water.
  • rai : a folk dance form from Bundelkhand region.
  • rangoli : geometrical pattern drawn in front of the houses, preferably with white powder.
  • samosa : three-dimensinal triangle shaped snack with potato stuffing. Ikan Kekek (talk) 05:03, 21 December 2014 (UTC)