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Lake District[edit]

Should this be called the Lake District or Cumbria? Are they one and the same or are they different, with one being bigger or smaller than the other? We currently have two parallel articles that look like they are covering the same place, but I do not know enough about England to make a sensible decision.

While I think Lake District is a well known name around the world, and Cumbria is not, if these two articles are about the same area then I would prefer to see this article become like a disambiguation page or redirection page that describes all the Lake Districts around the world and points to the correctly titled articles for each of them. -- (WT-en) Huttite 19:11, 4 Jan 2005 (EST)

After more information was added, I moved this article to Lake District National Park as that better described the way the article was going. Clarifies (and partly answers) my question above. -- (WT-en) Huttite 16:30, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)
Historical note: This article was called Lake District and looked very much like Cumbria at that time (4 Jan 2005 ). They have now evolved ... differently ... and the above comments are resolved. -- (WT-en) Huttite 16:39, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)
People usually talk about going to the "Lake District" rather than the "Lake District National Park", so I think the article name should be changed back. See also my comment on Wikivoyage_talk:Article_naming_conventions. -- (WT-en) DanielC 12:54, 30 April 2006 (EDT)


Sorry to be a pedant here, but does the Lake District really have 16 lakes?

If you notice, only one is acutally called <something> Lake... All the others are technically Meres, Tarns, etc. WIndermere is often incorrectly refered to as Lake Windermere.

In fact, I quote from that "There is only one official lake - Bassenthwaite Lake. All the others are 'meres' or 'waters'"

Is anyone going to shout at me if I change this? :)