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Long Beach Island is not a city, but a region within Ocean County. Some of the info here needs to be broken up and reorganized among individual cities. (WT-en) gamweb 17:57, 10 August 2008 (EDT)

That has been fixed. I am going to work on wikifying it a bit because it looks kind of messy now. I dont think it really needs to be broken down by borough because for tourist purposes, it is all the same place more or less. Although, you could argue there are three regions--north, central, and south.--(WT-en) TrekkingTurtle 13:31, 21 August 2009 (EDT)


I am going to cleanup this article to reflect the island 100% and make it look like a proper Wikivoyage article. (WT-en) TrekkingTurtle 14:43, 25 August 2010 (EDT)