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It's already a long set of lists in the Cities section, so I'm removing the redlinked ones and putting them here for the time being. Texugo (talk) 15:07, 15 April 2014 (UTC)

  • Appletreewick - delightful village on Troller's Beck, a tributary of the Wharf. Parceval Hall Gardens are worth a visit [1]
  • Austwick - near Clapham and close to unspoiled limestone pavements.
  • Clapham - one of the points for starting up Ingleborough - passing Ingleborough cavern and Gaping Gill, a deep pothole sometimes open to public visits by a boatswain's chair.
  • Gayle - a small village near Hawes that is home to Wensleydale cheese making and is the site of Gayle Mill. This mill, having come only third in the BBC's 'Restoration' programme, has now raised the necessary funding under its own steam and is now open to the public.
  • Hubberholme - a very small village in Langstrothdale where the church has an unusual rood loft and where the ashes of JB Priestley were scattered.
  • Ingleton - fairly large village on the west side of the Dales with an excellent waterfalls walk - unfortunately subject to a charge!
  • Keld, Muker and Reeth - pleasant villages in lovely Swaledale.
  • Kettlewell - in Wharfedale with good walks to Littondale and over the hills or by the Wharfe to Grassington.
  • Leyburn

It was already a long list, it grew a bit longer when we re-allocated the former Cleveland towns, and there are substantial towns (eg Thirsk and Filey) not mentioned here - there may be more disconnected examples. I'm going to try to group them here (eg towns in the Dales, towns on the coast) but don't believe that "districting" the county would be helpful. Grahamsands (talk) 18:27, 5 August 2018 (UTC)