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I removed the line about Ryanair, as it was already stated that low-cost companies fly to Pisa.(WT-en) Johann.gambolputty 13:17, 17 September 2006 (EDT)


I removed both names, the former because it is not located in Pisa but in Terricciola, which is a small town 40 km away, and the latter because on their site I could not find any information regarding an address. In addition, both description were taken verbatim from the web sites, infringing copyright. (WT-en) Johann.gambolputty 13:31, 17 September 2006 (EDT)

Torre / Leaning Tower errors[edit]

I type this from Lucca, having visited Pisa and the tower today. The information about tickets to climb the tower is completely incorrect. It is not a requirement to pre-book tickets. Luckily I ignored the information on this page and simply caught the train to Pisa, walked to the tower, entered the ticket office, and asked. It was some time after 11.00 am and there were still about 20 free places for the tower visit at 2.00 pm that day. There were several subsequent tower climbs later that afternoon too (I believe twenty minutes allowed for each group to climb the tower.) They did not ask to see our passports, they did not ask for our passport numbers, and did not even ask our names. Also the information about length of queues and duration of wait is also very wrong. You must deposit bags 10 minutes before you are scheduled to climb the tower (the bag deposit is a quick process), and then you join the short queue for your scheduled climb (marked on your ticket - you can't climb any other time) and when it is time for your climb all the people on that climb enter the tower. There's no real wait and there seems to be fewer than 50 people in each group so it really isn't crowded or slow at all. I bought a comsolidated ticket allowing a tower climb (2.00 pm), entry to duomo (amazing, worth seeing), baptistry, an adjacent building housing several tombs, and two museums. These can be entered any time so I did a few of them while waiting for 2.00 pm and the climb. The cost to climb the tower was 15.00 euro; the cost for all other things combined was 10 euro. (Each of the tickets can be bought separately though I think that to see both museums you have to get the combined ticket. The museums are small, but worth seeing. At first I thought the Sinopre museum wasn't up to much, but it does have original costumes from Zephirelli's Romeo and Juliet on display, so really it is worth getting the combined ticket and seeing all the places. They are all adjacent to the tower so there's no travelling involved. I will update the page properly when I have time to list everything by the proper names with the proper places (I have kept the tickets and have a picture of the price list.) By the way climbing the tower really is amazing much better than I expected and the feeling at the top is incredible (and a little scary!) (WT-en) Melbased 13:22, 31 May 2011 (EDT)

Public Transport[edit]

Regarding the section: Single fare is €1, but if you buy them from the driver on the bus, you pay double that. All convenience and book shops also sell the ticket. You may need two tickets since each ticket is valid for only 30 min.

This information seems to refer to the LAM lines, but is incorrect. I just bought a ticket at the airport for LAM (Price 1.1 EUR), but it is also valid for 70 minutes.


I am in a strong conflict of interest since I have studied at one of these and work at another, but the order in which the universities are listed in the Learn section seems quite unnatural to me. It starts with S. Anna, where it says that it emerged from Scuola Normale, but Scuola Normale is mentioned only later. Also, it would feel more natural to mention the University of Pisa first, because it is the largest, the oldest, the only 'generalist' university, and the one that a casual reader has the most opportunities to attend --- the other two are quite small and difficult to enter. 10:08, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

The 3 universities are listed in alphabetical order. However, these are the guidelines for the optional "Learn" section, from Wikivoyage:Listings#Educational institutions:
A "Learn" section is an option in any article. If you choose to include one, any university, college or other post-secondary institution listed in it must accept students for specific courses lasting 12 months or less and/or accept students attending foreign educational institutions for semesters abroad.
Which if any of the universities does this guideline apply to? Ikan Kekek (talk) 10:17, 5 November 2018 (UTC)