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Path or track?[edit]

The naming of this designation has always bugged me a little. Where I come from at least, the correct phrase is "Off the beaten track", and path just sounds awkward and unusual to me. I have never ever heard it, and thought that 'track' was used internationally. I also checked my dictionary: off-the-beaten-track was included, while off-the-beaten-path was not. Finally, if you do a quick Google search, OTBT has 24.9mil results, while OTBP has 13.4mil. I know it may seem a big fuss over nothing, but I believe we should get the phrase right if the site is to see a huge increase in viewership. JamesA >talk 13:57, 19 September 2012 (CEST)

Hmm, I'm pretty sure OtBP is the standard American phrase, but I could be overly influenced by working on this project so much. I don't have a strong opinion. I suppose the argument against changing the name would be all the talk page references to OtBP? --Peter Talk 15:30, 19 September 2012 (CEST)
I admit to not knowing the standard American phrase, but as an internationally-focussed site, I presume we'd be looking to cater to the largest number of users, which is why I included the Google stats. The confusion that could arise as a result of two different names floating around is the only negative I feel, but I already see some users confusing it from time to time and using OtBT instead. Either way, I think everyone can easily work out what is being referred to. JamesA >talk 15:43, 19 September 2012 (CEST)

States and provinces[edit]

Recently, states and provinces have been added to the picture labels. Previously, for example, it might simply say "Childs, United States", but now it says "Childs, New York, United States". But this has only been done for American and Canadian destinations. Why only those? Powers (talk) 18:11, 22 January 2015 (UTC)